14 Housewarming Party Favors Guaranteed to Impress Your Guests

A housewarming party is about more than your new home—it’s about celebrating new beginnings and thanking old friends for their continued support. Here are thirteen ideas we definitely think you should consider as you get ready to throw the coolest housewarming party on the block:

Mixed photo of great party favor ideas

1. Popcorn bag: This practical, yet stylish paper bag makes a great addition to any housewarming party. Fill it with popcorn, candy, or chips and write a personal note on the back to give it an even more personal touch.

Picture of cute popcorn bag

2. House Plant We love the idea of giving friends a small plant as a token of gratitude for attending your housewarming shindig. Collect quirky containers from your local thrift shop and use them as pots for your plant of choice.

Tiny potted plant

3. Champagne glasses: If you’re planning on toasting your new home, then these DIY champagne flutes are the way to go. If the gold doesn’t work, use a  different nail polish color to match your new home’s color scheme and place classy name cards by each flute so your friends know it’s their glass to keep.

Spotted gold DIY champagne glasses

4. Paint jar w/ candy: If you’re throwing a housewarming after doing some intense remodeling, these housewarming party favors are a must have. Come up with unique paint colors for each can by using friends’ names as inspiration (i.e Brittany Blues, Matte Matt, Gregory Green). Cheesy? Definitely, but your friends will love it anyway.

Jars filled with colorful candy

5. “Keep warm” blankets: Save yourself from doing a load of laundry when friends come over for an outdoor housewarming and give out fleece blankets to keep everyone warm. If you’re celebrating in the summer, forget the blanket and substitute it for a beach towel, especially if your home has a pool.

Picture of personalized fuzzy blankets

6. Popcorn jar: This popcorn jar is another easy DIY gift that’s both clever and delicious. If you want to simplify it, just use a microwavable popcorn packet and attach a similar decorative tag to achieve the same effect.

Popcorn Jar

7. Cupcake oven: Cupcakes are always a good idea, but they’re even better in this oven-shaped paper box. Write a personal note on the little door flap to make your guests’ hearts melt even more.

Miniature paper ovens filled with cupcake

8. Soda gift: If you’ve recently moved out of the state or city where your friends live, then you may feel discouraged about throwing a housewarming party. Skip the housewarming party and instead create these cute soda-themed favors to get to know your neighbors better.

Soda party favor

9. Thank you mason jar: Mason jar crafts dominate the Pinterest world, and for good reason: they’re easy to make. This mason jar is filled with candy, but you can fill a mason jar with just about anything. Coffee beans, a hot chocolate mix, or baked goods—the possibilities are endless.  

Mason jars filled with white jellybeans

10. Personalized mini whiskey bottles: Let your guests spike their drinks as they please by handing out these mini alcohol bottles as they come through the door. Your party punch is guaranteed to be a guest favorite.

Personalized whiskey bottles

11. DIY paint chip magnets: Magnets are like bobby pins—they disappear at a faster rate than you can buy them. Thank your friends for attending your housewarming party by creating these paint-chip-inspired magnets for their fridges.

DIY paint chip magnets

12. Chocolate paintbrush: Another simple yet effective party favor is these paintbrush- shaped chocolates. But really, any type of chocolate works, so don’t get hung up on giving out these exact ones. You can even use a mold to make these yourself.   

picture of handmade chocolate paintbrush

13. Pinecone firestarter: Giving a party favor that warms the homes of others is the perfect way to celebrate a housewarming party. If you’re not up for the DIY route, you can purchase them online.

pinecone starter

14. Honey stick or spoon for tea: Throw the sweetest housewarming party by giving your guests honey pots with spoons or sticks to dip into their tea. Include a tiny honey sample to make the gift that much tastier.

Honey spoon

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Doride Uvaldo-Nelson

Doridé Uvaldo-Nelson is an Arizonan writing and living out of Utah. She’s moved over ten times in the span of five years and learned something new every time. Check out her local guides on Salt Lake City living on move.org.