The Five Types of People Who Will Ask You For Moving Help

Moving season is in full swing and that means all of those friends you haven’t talked to in months will contact you for some moving help. Now, we know you’re not a total Scrooge when it comes to helping others, but if you’ve ever helped someone move then you know things don’t always go as planned.

Here are the five types of people you may run into this moving season:

1. The Truck Seeker

Truck Moocher Graphic

If you have a truck, then you understand the struggle. Every summer, without fail, your popularity bursts through the roof as friends (acquaintances, really) you haven’t talked to since last year remember you have a truck. With truck ownership comes great responsibility, sure, but you didn’t realize it meant other people’s responsibilities. Now wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place your friends could rent a truck for their moving needs? Oh wait…

2. The Nomad

The Nomad

Nomads have moved more times than you can count, and each move is always the last one. That is, until they decide their landlord is the “absolute worst” or that they’re going to try living at home for the fifth (sixth?) time this year. Whatever the reason, you’ve heard it before. If moving were an Olympic sport, this friend would take the gold.

3. The Taker


Whether it’s intentional or from total naivety, the Taker fails to realize how the balance of give and take works. These friends often cancel at the last minute even though they committed to dinner over two weeks ago or they’re always conveniently booked when you need their help. And while you can never count on them to give you a ride from the airport, you can always count on them to ask you for a favor—or two.

4. The Nightmare

The Nightmare Image

As far as nightmares are concerned, this one is the worst. This is the friend who swears there will be a “ton” of people helping and that everything is packed and ready to load, yet when you show up on moving day, nothing is packed, the moving truck fell through, and the “ton” of help is nowhere to be found. But don’t worry, this friend promised to reimburse you for gas by treating you to pizza and a beer—because a tank of gas is totally worth that. Oh, and can you help with deep cleaning the apartment once you’ve packed, loaded, and unloaded everything?

5. The Dream

The Dream Image

This is the friend every move should be modeled after. Did someone say #MovingGoals? No one likes to spend a whole Saturday lugging boxes and furniture for free (Hello, there’s a reason people get paid to do that). Dream friends not only pack everything ahead of time and have a rental truck ready to go, but they’re also aware that your time is precious. When your friends said it would only take an hour, they meant it. Keep this friendship and never let it go.


Did we miss a type? Leave us a comment below and let us know whom to avoid this moving season.

Doride Uvaldo-Nelson

Doridé Uvaldo-Nelson is an Arizonan writing and living out of Utah. She’s moved over ten times in the span of five years and learned something new every time. Check out her local guides on Salt Lake City living on