Dwayne Hogan, Author at Move.org

Why Americans are Moving to Southern and Western States

The three biggest cities in America—New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago—are cultural and economic epicenters in their respective regions. But none are especially popular with Americans seeking a better life.

Despite the regions’ sizable populations and influence, migration to Northeast and Midwest America remains in deficit, as it has been for the last 40 years, according to U.S. moving patterns.

So where are people moving?

5 Ways to Insulate Your Apartment Windows for Winter

Did you know that a single pane of glass can lose nearly ten times as much heat as the same area of an insulated wall? And with that cold air goes a lot of your cash. So insulating those windows can really pay off. Choose from the list below based on what will work (and look) best for your apartment.

How Renters Can Watch TV, Sports and Movies Without A Cable Subscription

With cable costs on the rise, moving may be the perfect time to make the switch to entertainment streaming services. The easy setup and use of streaming services allows you to cut both the expense and stress of installing and maintaining cable. Consider these nine cable TV alternatives to simplify your life.

10 Ridiculously Easy Tricks to Secure Your Rental Home

The best security measures for a rental home or apartment are portable, don’t require any permanent or severe changes to the home itself, and are fast and easy to install. Take a look at your new home’s doors, windows, and surroundings and consider investing in one or more of these rental home security options.

8 Ways to Make Your Apartment More Energy Efficient

Taking steps to make your apartment more energy efficient will help the environment — and save money on your monthly utility bills at the same time. Here are a few easy ways that you can make your apartment more energy efficient without a drastic lifestyle change.

Avoid Being Scammed by Online Moving Quotes

Moving companies seem pretty straightforward. You tell them what needs to be moved and they give you a quote you can count on. That’s not always how it works, though, particularly when you get an online moving quote.

Which Salt Lake City Neighborhood Should You Live In?

Congrats on your upcoming move to Salt Lake City! It’s a great town, and far more diverse than many expect. In fact, Salt Lake City is made up of many different neighborhoods, each with its own distinct personality, at least one of which is just right for you.

So if you’re heading to Salt Lake City but don’t know where you should settle in, take our quiz to find out where your love affair with Salt Lake City should begin.