2020 Best Cross Country Movers Review

Bottom line: Between transparent pricing and lots of free services, Best Cross Country Movers offers full-service moves at budget-friendly rates.

Overall rating

3.9 / 5

Best Cross Country Movers is new to the moving scene—but that doesn’t mean it’s not making waves.

With services like free storage and free furniture disassembly and reassembly—and a price-matching policy better than most five-star moving companies—BCCM is already offering things its competitors aren’t.

But since BCCM is newer, we haven’t been able to confirm its big talk. Although it’s owned by Purple Heart Moving Group, its website isn’t particularly helpful and its customer service is about as persistent as those fake “local” robocalls. But beyond that, it’s a waiting game.

Read on to see where we give BCCM praise—and where we think it could do better.


  • Discounts up to 70% on small loads
  • 30 days of free storage on small moves
  • Price-matching policy
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly


  • Limited customer reviews
  • Uninformative website
  • Unfriendly customer service

Best Cross Country Movers’s features

Like we said, if you visit Best Cross Country Movers’s website, don’t expect to find much information. For example, BCCM advertises only about half of its features online.

And, since it’s such a new company, there aren’t many customer reviews to go off either.

We got your back, though: We poked around and got the lowdown on everything this nationwide company offers. As it turns out, the company offers a lot more than it shares up front.

Best Cross Country Movers’s standout features

  1. It offers discounts on small loads.
  2. It offers 30 days of free storage.
  3. It offers a price-matching policy.

Best Cross Country Movers’s services

  • Online quotes
  • Local moves
  • Long-distance moves
  • International moves
  • Government and military moves
  • Business moves
  • Auto shipping
  • Short-term storage (under one month)
  • Long-term storage (over one month)
  • Free tape and moving pad in every move (other supplies available for purchase)
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Custom crating
  • Furniture assembly and disassembly
  • Basic liability coverage
  • Full-value replacement
  • Specialty item transport (e.g., piano, hot tub, etc.)
  • Specialty vehicle/boat transport
  • Shuttle services
  • Moving tips and resources

Best Cross Country Movers costs

This is where BCCM shines. For starters, the company is transparent with its prices—and it offers rates that aren’t so high that they bust your budget or so low they make you suspicious.

BCCM sends a bill of lading, which lists every cost that goes into your total price, with your quote so you know exactly where your money’s going. This level of transparency is uncommon for the moving industry, and it shows that BCCM isn’t interested in getting every last penny out of you.

Put simply, Best Cross Country Movers doesn’t seem to have anything to hide—and we certainly give it credit for that.

Getting a quote

To get an online quote from Best Cross Country Movers, you’ll fill out an itemized inventory, checking off items you have in your home as well as the number of items you’re moving.

BCCM didn’t offer an in-home estimate or even an over-the-phone estimate option for us, so we had to walk ourselves through our home without a representative’s help. This made it difficult to know if we were forgetting items—especially things like paintings and light fixtures, which are less obvious.

If you’re on the ball with budgeting and you want to know exactly how much your move will cost, or if you need help going through your belongings, we recommend doing one of two things:

  1. Ask BCCM if someone from the location closest to you can perform an in-home estimate or if it can offer an over-the-phone option.
  2. Get quotes from other moving companies that do in-home or over-the-phone estimates to compare with BCCM.

When you book your move with BCCM, two things will be due upfront: 60% of your deposit and your binding estimate fee—both of which should be spelled out in your quote. (You’ll be able to pay online or over the phone once you make your reservation.)

To see some numbers in action, we ran a quote for a two-bedroom apartment move from Salt Lake City, UT, to Berkeley, CA. Here’s what we found:

Best Cross Country Movers’s rates

Salt Lake City, UT, to Berkeley, CA
Base rate$2,733.00
Small load discount (58.14%)-$1,589.00
Fuel charge $102.96
Administrative fee* $617.23
Total estimate $1,864.19
Website Request a Moving Quote
Base rate
Small load discount (58.14%)
Fuel charge
Administrative fee*
Total estimate
Salt Lake City, UT, to Berkeley, CA
Request a Moving Quote

*Includes taxes, labor fees, and insurance paperwork processing.

Based on our inventory checklist, we had 286 cubic feet of stuff totaling 2,002 pounds. In the end, we were quoted $4.00 per cubic foot—but this cubic foot cost will vary depending on the specifics of your move.

Since our move was relatively small, we also qualified for a “piggyback” discount, which saved us $1,589. (Don’t worry, we have a whole spiel about that down below.)

Get money



If you’re going for a full-service move, we recommend getting quotes from at least three companies. That way, you can compare costs and see where you could save (and where you might overpay).

Typically, the cheaper a company prices its services, the fewer services available. But BCCM still includes a fair number of services in spite of its reasonable prices.

Here’s a full list of the services BCCM includes in every move—and which are extra.

Included services

  • Packing tape and moving pads
  • Furniture wrapping with moving blankets
  • Disassembly and reassembly of all standard furniture
  • Date change 7 days before
  • Basic valuation coverage

Paid services

  • Packing services for fragile items (e.g., mirrors, art pieces)
  • Moving supplies (e.g., boxes, bubble wrap, etc.)
  • Special item moves (e.g., hot tub, piano)
  • Stair fee*
  • Long carry fee**
  • Shuttle service***
  • Full-value replacement coverage

*Includes first flight of stairs up to ten steps.
**Includes the first fifty feet from the truck to the front door.
***Shuttle service required if a truck can’t get close enough to your home to load/unload ($0.50 per cubic foot).

Best Cross Country Movers’s coverage options

Best Cross Country Movers includes basic valuation in every move—which isn’t anything special. This means that every item you have will be covered at $0.60 per pound (up to $10,000 total).

So, for instance, if one of the drawers in your 120-pound dresser breaks during your move, you’ll only be reimbursed $72.

If your immediate reaction to that is a hard no, you can pony up for full-value protection (FVP), which reimburses the full value of your items.

BCCM doesn’t offer FVP directly—you’ll have to go through a third-party insurance provider to get it.

(Pro tip: if you have homeowners insurance, some policies offer in-transit protection.)

If you have lots of pricey or valuable furniture (we see you, Pottery Barn lovers), we recommend going with FVP for good measure.

It offers a “piggyback” discount

Remember when we said we’d explain more about BCCM’s “piggyback” discount? We didn’t forget.

The “piggyback” discount can save customers with small loads on the overall cost of their move. For our quote above, for example, we would have saved 58% on a two-bedroom apartment move.

Here’s how it works: if your load is small enough to share a truck with another customer’s stuff going to a location nearby, BCCM will hook you up with a discount.

You’ll share fuel, labor, and toll costs with another customer—meaning you save big. The share you pay depends on how much room your stuff takes up.

An apartment or house larger than three or four bedrooms will likely be too big to qualify for the discount, but we suggest you ask about it when you’re booking your reservation. You never know!

It offers 30 days of free storage

Best Cross Country Movers includes 30 days of free storage on small moves, offering an added level of convenience on something lots of customers opt for anyway.

Moving is unpredictable—if your new home isn’t ready in time, or if you get held up and your truck beats you to your destination, storage is one solution for that oh-so-awkward buffer period.

Some moving companies offer 30 days of free storage only on long-distance moves, but based on our convo with BCCM, you’ll get it even if you’re just moving down the street.

It offers a price-matching policy

If you get a quote from a five-star moving company that’s lower than the estimate Best Cross Country Movers gave you, it will match the better price.

We like this for two reasons:

  1. It proves that BCCM isn’t interested in cheating you.
  2. It shows that the company is confident in its prices—so much so that one BCCM rep encouraged us to see if we could find a better deal.

This also reflects well on BCCM’s customer service. Its price-matching policy shows that it’s willing to put the customer first—and that it’s keeping your budget in mind.

Our opinion

Best Cross Country Movers has transparent pricing, which is a good indication that it’s not interested in taking cheap shots at your wallet.

Here’s our only red flag: we don’t know as much as we’d like to about BCCM’s customer service or reputation simply because it hasn’t been in the game long enough to create a name for itself.

(Also, it hasn’t put much effort into creating a useful website for its customers.)

As new companies go, though, BCCM already has good things to offer, and we’ll keep a close eye on it as it grows. With services like furniture disassembly and reassembly, a price-matching policy, and 30 days of free storage, it looks promising.

Have you moved with Best Cross Country Movers? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below!

About Julia Campbell

Julia Campbell
Julia Campbell is a full-time writer who knows the tricks of the trade when it comes to planning a hassle-free move. Having moved seven times in the past five years, she draws from her own experience and industry expertise to help you avoid her biggest mistakes (like that time she thought she could get away with packing her dishes without wrapping them first).
  • Ben Friedman


    Here is the detailed email I sent to Best Interstate explaining my TERRIBLE experience with them and they did absolutely nothing to remedy the situation.


    I don’t think there has been a full appreciation of how terrible my experience with your company has been and I feel my calm approach to all of the poor experiences I have had has jaded your view (and your companies view) of my situation. So I’m going to spell it out below (attached is a PDF version):

    1) Poor Communication: When I booked your service, you could only provide me with a 1-week window for when the movers were coming but told me you would proactively notify/call me then the dates for arrival were finalized. This never happened. I had to call you every day as the window for arrival narrowed until finally (from me having to call you), I was informed you would be coming the next day!

    2) Shady Business Practices: When the movers were moving out my things, they wanted me to sign blank contracts that were going to be filled in after the fact. There is no scenario on Earth where anyone should do this, and I refused. This led to the movers threating to walk out and not move my items. They actually physically exited my apartment and started to pack up the truck, all because I wouldn’t sign a BLANK CONTRACT!!!!! I eventually had to talk them back and gave into signing the contract because you gave me no other choice.

    3) Damaging my property: Upon moving my belongings, they broke a lamp outside my door and tried to hide/fix it using PAPER CLIPS! I can’t even make this stuff up. Below are pictures. The only reason I didn’t bring this up before is because the landlord of the building decided not to charge me. Your movers lucked out.

    4) Poor Communication: When my items were being transported to my end destination, I was told the movers were going to arrive on Tuesday, April 22nd. I had prepared my building manager for this date and made my own work preparations. But on Saturday, April 20th at 3pm, I get a call saying the movers will be arriving the next day, EASTER SUNDAY (April 21st). So instead of spending time with my family, I was waiting for the movers to come. And in true fashion, they were late for the time range they provided.

    5) Damage my property: Once my boxes were unloaded, the condition of the boxes were in rough shape to say the least. The boxes looked so bad, they probably would have arrived in better condition in the back of a broken down, open-aired, flatbed, pick-up truck. Additionally, the movers stained the back of my couch as well. See pictures below.

    6) Damage my property: Due to the truly terrible way my items were handled, my 42” LG Smart TV was broken. See pictures.

    7) Lost my items: And lastly, and worst of all, you lost my one-of-a-kind painting that I PAID YOU EXTRA to box up. You have treated this with a lackluster approach and presented me with a ridiculous “option” that doesn’t even cover the expenses already paid to move the item. WHICH YOU LOST!

    We are officially at the 20-day mark from my move. I have had to spend the time to reach out to you, instead of you reaching out to me. I have basically had to call you every other day (that’s 10 calls) to get any sort of update. Between the poor communication, shady business practices, miscoordination of times, condition of my furniture and items, and losing a very expensive item for which you have offered nothing, I have had it. I have let all of this slide because all I wanted was my painting back and I could have just moved on. But now you are slapping me in the face with what you are presenting and I feel personally offended. Above is a laundry list of egregious actions which if only one of these things happened a customer would be upset, and I have SEVEN.

  • Miranda Bertolini

    Best Cross Country Movers did an excellent job with my move. They arrived on time and were professional and nice the whole time. My husband and I were so satisfied with the move and the care they showed for our belongings and home. We will gladly use our services again. I highly recommend Best Cross Country.

  • Larissa Taylor

    This was great work! The movers were face and super friendly. Honestly they were always smiling and cracking jokes through the whole thing. They made me laugh and made moving feel like fun. They finished much faster than I expected which impressed me. I was so pleased both with the price and the quality of the work. They were so fast. I am very pleased and will be using them again.

  • Norah Sudduth

    I just used Best Cross Country Movers for the second time and I’m happy to say they live up to their name. They impressed me both times. They have excellent prices and their cost estimate was very straight forward. They are so much better than any moving company I have ever used! They are experienced and they use that experience to give their customers they best possible experience. I will definitely call on Best Cross Country Movers again the next time I need to relocate. They don’t disappoint.

  • John Lewis

    I loved these guys! I have moved so many times in the last few years but I have never had such incredible movers. We had some really heavy items on our second floor that I knew would be a headache but they handled it perfectly. We didn’t have a single nick or scratch on anything. There was no damage and they worked very fast. I’m very impressed with them and I highly recommend them. It was great, great service.

  • Bonnie Williams

    I had a fantastic move with best Cross Country Movers last month. The entire experience was exactly what I wanted and went so smoothly. Our call for a quote was immediate and their office staff is highly attentive. They made sure all the bases were covered and they had as much information about our needs as possible. They were on time and got us loaded up in the truck quickly. They even have me some useful pointers on the best way to back up a few of our remaining items. Very nice guys, would use again.

  • Gloria Scroggins

    Really amazing!! Cross Country Movers were the best!! It was such a good experience and they really helped me when a lot of other things about our love had become difficult. They were like a breath of fresh air. I am so grateful for their help. I will be using them again the next time I move because I honestly couldn’t imagine a better moving experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  • Marty Williams

    I used this company at the VERY last minute. I desperately needed a moving company and these guys came through. They provided me with the best moving services I have ever had. Everything was so professional and seamless. I am so happy with our move. It took them much less time than expected and even with our last minute request they were very affordable.

  • Tanya Ruby

    I hate moving. It’s among my list of least favorite things. The whole process is usually complicated and highly stressful. I say usually because I had the opposite experience when I hired Beat Cross Country Movers. They made everything quick and painless. They got my entire apartment loaded in less than 4 hours. I could not recommend them more. Thank you for making this difficult process so much easier.

  • Ed Garcia

    I haven’t had such a great experience in the past with movers but when I hired Best Cross Country Movers that really changed for me. They were very professional and highly skilled. I couldn’t believe how positive the whole thing was. Nothing was broken, scratched, or missing. They did a great job. I didn’t even know movers could manage that but they did and I would work with them again in a heartbeat.

  • Bill Roberts

    Sorry to say, we had an extremely poor experience with Best Cross Country Movers. It seems that they are a brokering company in Tampa, Florida that finds the cheapest, cheesiest people to haul and pack your possessions. Individual workers have no “ownership” in making your move pleasant because you are just one more load brokered to them.

    After getting the initial quote ($7,000 including transporting our old car to Florida), we were scheduled for packing and pick-up on July 29 at 8:30 AM. Our packers never gave the promised 24 and 2 hours before arrival calls. They did not show until 3:30 PM and worked until 10:30 PM. They were all Russian immigrants; only one worker spoke broken English. So, they did not communicate or seek direction. Case in point was when my wife was washing dishes, she took off her wedding ring, engagement diamond, etc. and placed them in a small bowl next to the sink. Without her knowing it, the bowl and jewelry was thrown into a “dishpack” (with BCCM, almost everything is thrown randomly into a “dishpack”). So, for the last 3 weeks, my wife didn’t know whether she had lost $20K of very personal jewelry. Finally, the packers refused to wear any booties or other protective foot ware while going in and out of our home. They left it a real mess… at 10:30 PM!

    Then we tried scheduling delivery. Remember, our packers/movers spoke almost no English. We asked for delivery on or around August 8. At first, the people in Tampa said “September.” We whined and threatened and they moved us up to August 18… but didn’t show up. They did show up on the 19th but would not unload the truck until we gave them the final payment in the form of a cashier’s check (our other checks worked just fine). The check had to be made out to a hauling company in Chicago so we had no assurance that BCCM would get our final payment. We didn’t have a local bank account to meet this new requirement but managed to get a large wire transfer leading to a new bank account and the cashier’s check being demanded. On delivery, we had two immigrants from Kazakhstan… again who spoke very little English. They were fairly accommodating and really worked hard for 8 hours once they got their cashier’s check. Again, I cannot stress enough how the people in Tampa didn’t seem to give a @#$% about how much we waited or our inconvenience. When I asked to speak to a manager, I was constantly told, “I’m the highest ranking employee that will ever come to the phone.”

    As I mentioned above, the initial estimate including the car was $7,000. After packing and pickup, that went up to $10,800+ $800 for the car. That may be justifiable as we probably had more stuff than estimated. However, when the last Russian asked for the final payment, he asked for $500 more than quoted in BCCM’s “your final payment is” letter. Fortunately, I had it on my computer and was able to print it for the drivers. They had to call another Russian (yes, I had to talk to him… very harsh and rude) in Chicago to straighten that out. They could provide no explanation as to “why $500 more” but accepted BCCM’s correspondence as authoritative. What happens with customers who don’t keep correspondence???

    So far, 99% of everything is coming through OK. Aside from the items we packed and labeled, unpacking is very random, almost like a treasure hunt. “Everything is a dishpack!” Sadly, they did allow many of our boxes to get quite wet. Some precious personal documents from my late father are now illegible due to water incursion. It’s just more proof that since few employees work for the same company or team, nobody seems to care.

    Most people (not on this blog I guess) report that moving is a hassle. Personally, I would strongly advise people to avoid Best Cross Country Movers like the plague. They are all friendly and accommodating when they’re making the sale but after that, forget it! They seem to farm their work out to the absolute lowest cost grunt who is in no way incented to treat customers properly. If at all possible, try to get assurances that employees actually work for your carrier and are native American English speakers.

  • Jenny Morgan

    I’m actually sorry that I wasn’t able to write this review sooner because these guys were amazing. There’s really not a lot more to say. They did everything they possibly could to make sure that my family and I were happy. We didn’t have any damage or issues during the entire move. Our move was very long distance and so I sort of expected that there might be some issues that came up but these guys did everything perfectly. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire them again or to recommend them to family and friends.

  • Kimberly Morris Bart

    Absolutely the worst moving company ever. Best Cross Country Movers out of Florida. Lied about price and charged over $2000 more DAY OF MOVE; boxes missing including a flat screen tv; all boxes crushed/damaged; all living room furniture destroyed; they claim to store your items for free for up to 30 days in climate conteolled units…lie. All antiques damaged because they were stored in some warehouse in Maryland. They use an entirely different company to move your items, they are only a shell company and have NO TRUCKS of their own. company used was Hometown Van Lines out of Westminster, MD, they are a nightmare! DO NOT USE EITHER OF THESE COMPANIES. Use the top rated such as Allied or Mayflower.

  • George Hall

    I had an easy and well done move by Best Cross Country Movers. My wife and I didn’t have to lift and finger and the movers themselves worked very hard. I especially appreciate how carefully they wrapped our furniture and handled our boxes. There’s nothing to complain about here. We got exactly what we paid for and it was a great value.

  • Tom Foust

    The team I was given from Best Cross Country Movers did a great job of loading up all of our things. They were highly prepared and made sure they didn’t miss anything. The whole loading up process only took 4 hours which was much less than we expected. We had a rather large sized move too. Thank you for everything you do! If you are considering hiring a moving company you should definitely hire this one.

  • Jeff Engelhardt

    This is the second time I’ve used Best Cross Country Movers and they have yet to disappoint. I once tried to use another moving company but they only made me wish I had used this company. I have a large home and a lot of my items are antiques. They work so hard and they are so careful. Nothing at all got damaged. They are always one time and they always do all they can to be helpful. Will absolutely use them again.

  • Alexandra Hayes

    I really don’t like moving and especially not in the summer. I was really dreading having to do it myself so I called Best Cross Country Movers. They were very well priced so I decided to go ahead and hire them to do my move. They showed up on time and worked very quickly July. They were careful with all of my stuff and everything arrived at my new house safely so I would call this choice a win. I highly recommend them.

  • Spencer Hughes

    Moving with Best Cross Country Movers was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself. They were so good at what they do. The desk staff was attentive and they made sure that we received great service. Their movers were very hardworking and made she our move was finished in the right time frame to get us on our way to our new home. Very pleased with the experience.

  • Elise Robertson

    I had Best Cross Country Movers come and move my daughter when she started college. It was a fantastic experience. They were so fast and very professional. They made a difficult move into something very easy and stress free. The price was also great. So much more reasonable than a lot of the other companies I called in the area. I 100% recommend this company and will be hiring them again next spring when my husband and I move.

  • Beth Cross

    I highly recommend Best Cross Country Movers. I used them last month and they were so efficient. They handled my stuff very carefully. The movers they sent us were kind and understanding. They knew just how to handle my furniture. If you need a long distance moving company you should definitely call Best Cross Country Movers. This was such an excellent move.

  • Joseph Bryant

    Best Cross Country Movers and the crew they sent us were fabulous! They were conscious and careful of all of our things, especially the breakable ones. We were only moving one state over but they still got the move donne in record time and did it without damaging a thing. Everyone, movers and customer service staff included, were responsive and professional. They were a great price and really made my family and I feel taken care of.

  • Joe Stearns

    This is the first time I used these guys and it was an excellent experience. The guys who came to my house were polite and hard working. They didn’t waste any time and really got the job done. I paid exactly what Best Cross Country Movers estimated and other than a little extra for taxes and such, there were no unexpected costs. They were gentle with my things and so far I haven’t seen anything that was damaged in any way. Highly recommend them. Even office staff is friendly!

  • Charles Amen

    I have to give a big shout our to the guys at Best Cross Country Movers. I couldn’t believe how great our move was. They were so patient and very capable of taking care of everything. I have only used a small handful of movers in the past but this company blows them all out of the water. If you’re looking for a mover I recommend this one. All of my things arrived to me in perfect condition and they were very professional.

  • Scarlet Welch

    The team from Best Cross Country Movers was phenomenal! They were even able to schedule us a little earlier than planned because we found our we had to be there to get the keys to our new place earlier than expected. I call that great service! Everyone we encountered was friendly and helpful. I would be happy to use them again. I haven’t moved with professional moving companies in the past but I would wager to say that this is among the best of them.

  • Robert Standish

    Great work! This company made me a priority even when my request for a move was at the last minute. They did eveythjng they could to get me moved on time even if that meant they had to hustle. I have to say the best part was that even though they did hustle they didn’t break a thing. My stuff was in perfect condition. I would and have recommend this company to anyone I know. I am so appreciative of all of their help.

  • Taylor Pryor

    Best Cross Country Movers is exactly what their name says they are. They are the best company I have ever used for moving and I would wager to say they’re the best out there. I couldn’t believe how great my move was with them. They really worked hard for me. If you’re looking for a moving company I completely recommend them. I don’t leave reviews all that often but this place definitely made me want to.

  • Kevin Porter

    These are the most reasonably priced movers I have ever used. Not only that but they were extremely professional. It made all the difference. I had no problems at all. They were on time and handled a very big move very fast. I would recommend these guys over and over again. I’m really thankful I found them.

  • Dianna Tyler

    I can’t say that I’ve used a ton of moving companies in the past but I do know when I’ve received great service and I feel like Beat Cross Country Movers offered me that. They were nice to me the whole time I had dealings with them. They listened to what I wanted, worked very hard, and delivered a great move. I am really happy that we decided to move with them and would advise anyone looking to move to consider their services.

  • Alex McKay

    Best Cross Country Movers was great! They moved my father from Montana out to Missouri to live with us. They were very careful with everything they had and wrapped it up carefully. They were very kind to both my father and to myself and my family when they arrived. I would highly recommend this company. Their price was exactly what they quoted and their quality was very high.

  • Doreen Flores

    These guys were total pros! Nothing at all was broken and everything was handled really well. The movers worked fast and were really friendly. Moving is super stressful especially because I have both young children and pets but they really went out of their way to help me. I have moved many times but this company really stands out to me.

  • Jessica Ison

    I needed to move from New York to North Carolina on short notice. I didn’t want to try to rent a Uhaul and do the move myself so I started looking for movers. This was very last minute and a lot of people told me they wouldn’t be able to get me in. These guys however came through in a HUGE way. They packed up everything and did a full service move. Best of all it was affordable. I would definitely use them again.

  • Ned Curtis

    Moving with Best Cross Country Movers was a great choice. They did a wonderful job on everything and cared for everything we had just like it was their own. I would be happy to use their services again and have no complaints at all about my entire experience. It took me a long time to finally decide on a moving company but I just wanted to say that I’m very happy with my choice. Don’t waste your time hunting around like I did. You definitely want to hire these guys.

  • Ryan West

    They showed up to help me move and were on time and worked fast. They were so friendly and listened very carefully about the items that needed special attention. They turned this into the easiest move I’ve ever had. None of their competitors offered me such a good price or such great customer service. They were the best choice I could have made. They worked so hard for me. If you’re moving this company is the way to go.

  • James Boaz

    These are the best movers I have every used. I’ve moved a ton in the last 10 years and these guys were true professionals. The movers were polite and even funny. They got our whole home loaded up in less than 4 hours. I really recommend them. They were quick and seamless through the whole thing. I will use them again if I have to move. I don’t think I could have had a better experience.

  • Magda McClendon

    We had a difficult family situation that required moving everything out of a family member’s home after they passed. Best Cross Country Movers was able to get us on their schedule right away and they were so genuine and sympathetic to what my family was going through. They were hard working and got everything delivered to us very quickly. The movers were also very friendly and maintained their professionalism through the entire move. I highly recommend them.

  • S Williams

    We move about every two years, and this is by far the worst experience I’ve had with a moving company, domestic or international.
    We’re in the middle of an inter-state move from CO to CA. Since accepting their quote, I haven’t had any proactive communication with Best Cross Country. The salesperson has been MIA since we booked them, and has apparently done a terrible job behind the scenes.
    The local firm with whom BCC is contracting for our move wasn’t aware that they are supposed to pack our 4500 sq ft home- they were only planning on being at our house for a few hours on a single day. They also weren’t aware that the BCC salesperson told me it would take them two days to make the drive from our home in CO to CA (we’ve planned around this, and it was one of the major selling points to using them). I made sure to ask, “are you sure about that time frame?” before accepting the estimate. Now we have no idea how long it will take.
    The real ‘kicker’ is that I told the salesperson that we needed a shuttle- that an 18-wheeler wouldn’t make it up the windy driveway at the destination. He decided we didn’t need it, didn’t add it to the communication with the local firm or to our estimate, and now we’re stuck with paying an additional $2300 over and above our estimate. Which is, of course, about $1500 more expensive than the next estimate we had before opting to use Best Cross Country in the first place. My bad for assuming the sales person actually listened to me and did the right thing.
    I definitely would not have selected these clowns if I’d known what kind of operation they’re running. Perhaps we’ve been lucky in the past with having salespeople who are honest and don’t cut corners or tell tall tales to get a sale. I shudder to think what our goods will look like when they’re delivered to our new home, whenever that actually happens.

  • Dolores Havener

    I had a very smooth, very easy move with Best Cross Country Movers last month. They came to my home on time and treated everything like true professionals would. I had no issues whatsoever with my experience and in fact they made a move that I was dreading pretty enjoyable.

    I also want to mention that their prices were very good. In fact, I don’t think I could have done better for the price. They stayed within the estimate they gave us and I was happy to find that there weren’t any hidden fees or surprises. All and all, this was a great experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to send my friends and family their way.

  • Alisa Rosenberg

    We had an awful, stressful, nightmare of a move using Worst Cross Country Movers. As soon as we singed a deal with Becka, (a complete liar! i was shocked at how she said everything I wanted to hear to seal the deal and then none of it was true!!) our quote disappeared from online and we were unable to access our paperwork. She told me that they were a moving company and would be doing the move themselves! she also told me they overestimate cu. footage so you’re left paying less than the estimate at times, (which they definitely do not!). When we asked to see our contract, we were given a completely different version with a fake “e-signature” on it. When another company that is NOT qualified or BBB accredited came to pick up our stuff on move day, they increased our quote by almost double, making our 700 cubit ft move into 1200, and costing us double. The company wouldn’t load the truck until we signed on the new estimate, and when we called Best cross for help, Becka was “unable to assist us” and “did not handle calls after the sale”. She didn’t speak to us one time during our hell of a move. BCC changed its customer service representatives about 4 times, as one got sick, one was fired (after threatening that they would cancel our move on move day if we didn’t agree to the new estimate amount”, etc. We were forced to sign the new estimate and work with a completely separate and unqualified company, Black Bear Moving and Storage (also really unprofessional and awful, also unrated with the BBB). This experience was awful and Best Cross country was unable and unwilling to help they literally said, “there’s nothing we can do, our hands our tied “on multiple occasions when we wanted to know when we could expect delivery. Delivery of our vehicle and our furniture to NY was a complete mess, wherein we had to go pick up our car at a queens terminal, they charged us extra for a shuttle service of our stuff into manhattan even though they were aware of our move into manhattan from the day of contract, and were completely unavailable and unhelpful throughout. The company that was sent to deliver our stuff came in a budget rental truck with two skinny guys who didn’t speak english and who picked fights with our doormen. our stuff came broken and lost and damaged, and there has still not been any word, offer of peace or help from either company. The “Uzbeck express” brothers who delivered our stuff were extremely lazy and rude and left our furniture piled in the middle of our apartment, refused to put it together, left blankets and plastic on it. At the end of the day we were screwed over $3,000, and ended up with extreme stress, frustration, and broken damaged items. This was a disaster, but I learned never to go with the quote that is curiously low. Trust your stuff to a long standing qualified company (DO NOT USE A BROKER, especially not best cross country), who’s prices are middle line and reasonable. Please head our warning, save yourself and your stuff and make your move worry free. Pass on this company!

  • Dorothy Walker

    Best Cross Country Movers was wonderful. They got back to me right away when I contacted them with a quote and were willing to move us on a very tight schedule. They came to the house right on time and were professional and fast moving. Each of the guys they sent were friendly and easy to talk to. They never slowed down once.

    We moved a lot of things ahead of time and primarily hired them to take care of the furniture. It only took them a couple of hours to get everything wrapped and loaded. I would gladly hire these guys again. They did great work and we never once had a single complaint or issue.

  • Krystal Sharp

    This is the second time I have used Best Cross Country Movers and both experiences have been excellent. The booking process is always very easy and my great experience the first time led me to book them again last month. Our movers absolutely rocked. Every item was wrapped and handled safely. They were patient with us while we decided where we wanted items to go.

    I don’t write a lot of reviews but I just wanted to take the time to say thank you again. The next time we move I will definitely be calling Best Cross Country Movers.

  • Cindy Stoltz

    Best Cross Country Movers exceeded my every expectation. The process was so easy and transparent. I never once felt like they were trying to get more money out of me and in fact their prices are far better than the number of other companies I considered. They really helped me a lot in planning my move, especially considering it was out of state and we had both a townhouse and storage unit that needed to be moved.

    I’m also impressed with the movers they have on staff. They were committed to making sure that my move went smoothly and that everything we trusted them with was handled with care. Items were wrapped carefully and they even took the time to confirm with us which boxes contained fragile items. This company is everything I wanted out of a moving company. They conduct themselves with integrity and I would be happy to trust them with my belongings again

  • Mary Ball

    This was such a positive experience that I’m almost unsure of what to say. I haven’t moved in many years and so I was hesitant about hiring a moving company I knew nothing about however, I didn’t really know anyone that could recommend a company so I had to go with my gut. I called a few places but one thing that really stood out about Best Cross Country Movers was how kind they were and the very reasonable prices they offered. Ultimately I’m happy I went with them because not only was the move as smooth as could be but they saved me a lot of money in the long run. I just wanted to take some time to recommend them here because I used this site to help me find movers when I was looking and I’m hoping that this might help someone else. They get an A+ from me and my family.

  • Scott Wiegand

    I couldn’t be happier! This company was just wonderful to work with. They were careful, efficient, and friendly. They were on time for our appointment and didn’t stop moving until the job was done. I don’t think I’ve every written a review for a moving company before but I was just so impressed with every aspect of our move that I had to take the time to say something.

    They did everything they possibly could for us and I have nothing but positive things to say. Do yourself a favor – if you’re looking for affordable, talented, and dedicated movers who will do whatever it takes to get the job done and get it done right then my recommendation is Best Cross Country Movers.

  • Madeline Bizzell

    This company was great. The customer service person I contacted explained everything to me and gave me a very accurate estimate. The movers were just fantastic. I also thought our driver was really nice. Our stuff arrived on time and when they came to pick it up they also arrived on time. Nothing was lost, broken, or damaged. They even helped me stage everything. I found this company to be processional, kind, and very helpful.

  • Triano Gee

    What a scam! I’m in the real estate industry and I’m absolutely appalled with how disgustingly deceitful this moving company actually is. 100% bait and switch. They quote a great price and then double it after they load their truck and that will typically be once it’s dark out! They don’t deliver furniture on time and the customer service is mind boggling. DO NOT USE THEM! They seem like the best thing since sliced bread until they load your stuff…. then good luck seeing your stuff ever again and expect to pay twice what you were quoted. In addition to all that chaos the actual movers and drivers they sub out are seemingly ex-cons.