The Best Salt Lake City Food Trucks

Salt Lake City has a delicious restaurant scene, but did you know it also boasts an active food truck community?

You’ll find food trucks selling everything from artisan waffles to fusion cuisine. The variety is endless.

Below is a list of some of the most active and well-known trucks that cater to everyone’s cravings: 


Burgers and Sandwiches

Winner: Black’s Sliders

Black's Sliders Food Truck






















Urban Press Truck
Blake’s Gourmet

Asian Cuisine

Winner: Chow Truck (No Longer In Business)

Chow Truck






















Comfort Bowl
Thieps Eats
Freestyle Foodie
The Ramen Mobile
Yoshi’s Enso Grill
The Curryer

Latin American Cuisine

American Cuisine



Fusion Cuisine

Winner: Cupbop

The Satisfactory
Chop City

Do You Need to Follow Every Salt Lake City Food Truck?

Yes. Every. Single. One.

Okay, maybe not. We know you probably don’t want to follow all of these food trucks right away. There’s nothing more annoying than finding your media feed full of sites and services you don’t remember liking, so we don’t suggest you follow every food truck out there. While there are apps (like Roaming Hunger) with daily updates on food truck locations, they’re not often up to date or comprehensive.

Luckily, because of  the growth of the food truck business in the last few years, food truck gatherings are becoming more common. You can now actually hit up several trucks all at once.

Here’s the strategic way to get more, for less work:

      • SOHO Food Park: This food park is in full swing during most of the year. They have tables and chairs so you can sit down and really dig into your meal.
      • Gallivan Center Food Truck Thursdays: If you want to make a tradition of eating from a food truck every week then this is the place for you. Follow them on Facebook to find out what food trucks will be there.
      • The U Lunch Roundup: If you’re a student at the University of Utah, and even if you’re not, keep your eyes peeled for a food truck or two during lunch time. Trucks usually gather around the Marriott Library Plaza.
      • The Food Truck League: This network of food truck organizers constantly hosts gatherings for vendors and customers to come together to eat and discover new food trucks. Follow them on Facebook or check out their page.
      • Farmers Markets and other community events: Salt Lake City’s Farmers Market has become a popular spot for finding a food truck or two. Plus, many of the festivals and community events throughout the year attract some of the best-known food trucks around.

Whether you have a craving for a sweet treat or a spicy meal, try out Salt Lake City’s wide selection of food trucks. And if you have a Twitter account, be sure to follow our Food Truck List where you can get daily updates from most of the trucks above.

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