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How to Find Free Packing Supplies

From oversized cardboard boxes to bubble wrap, you can find several resources for free packing supplies right in your neighborhood. Here’s how to get some of your moving and packing supplies without paying a cent.

How to Take Charge of Your Next Move with these Moving Checklists

You may already have lots of experience with to-do lists, as it turns out that making lists is part of human nature. There is something reassuring about seeing all the steps of a process laid out in simple statements. We’ve got you covered with a moving checklist for every aspect of your move.

How to Break Your Lease and 4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t

What happens when you need to break your lease? Are there ways to break it without ruining your credit or facing a lawsuit? It is possible to break a lease without penalty under special circumstances, including if the apartment is uninhabitable and your landlord refuses to make repairs (you’ll need evidence of this), if you become seriously ill, or if you are deployed or relocated by the military? Depending on your reasons for breaking your lease, your landlord may choose not to penalize you, but breaking a rental agreement can come with serious consequences.

5 Ways to Move on a Budget

When you’re moving on a budget and moving day is a few short months or weeks away, there isn’t much time to save extra money. After taking care of closing costs and furniture purchases for the new home, you’re likely working with a tight budget. The cost of a move doesn’t have to put more strain on your finances if you take advantage of free resources and use the right approach. With a little planning, there are several ways to pare down moving costs and look forward to a smooth transition to the new place. Here are five ways you can move frugally.

10 Ways to Simplify Your Apartment Move

Are you getting ready to make an apartment move? Preparing for a move can be exciting as you think about how you’ll set up your new place and the things you’ll discover in your new neighborhood. However, as moving day approaches and your “to-do” list gets longer, you may be feeling a bit stressed. The secret to a successful apartment move is to have a plan for what to do and when. We’ve got you covered with 10 ways to simplify your apartment move.

Your Car Shipping Questions Answered: An Interview with Gabe from

If you’re planning a big move, then you are most likely asking yourself the question of, “how am I going to move my car?” Moving is already a stressful task, and moving cross-country will add an immense amount of stress to this already daunting task.

With the help of Gabe, Marketing Manager at, we are going to uncover these 6 important questions people ask when they are considering to ship their car cross-country.

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