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Living in Bonneville Hills, Salt Lake City

Bonneville Hills is a great choice of neighborhood, especially for families looking for a safe, quiet space. It’s a bit removed from the action, with sleepy, tree-lined streets and low levels of crime. Those looking for a quiet, classic slice of Americana will find they’ve come to the right place.

The Ultimate Survival Guide to Salt Lake City Weather

You’ve probably done your research on the weather in Salt Lake City, so you may already know that winters are cold while summers are hot, hot, hot. If you’ve never lived in the snow or felt the desert heat, you may not know how to handle the polar opposite climate of the Salt Lake City seasons.

Consider this a comprehensive how-to guide to surviving the the sporadic, and at times temperamental, Utah weather.

What You Need to Know About Getting Around Salt Lake City

Knowing the best way to navigate a new city can make all the difference in the world. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about transportation in Salt Lake City.

Is Everyone a Mormon? And Other Questions About Salt Lake City Culture

Moving to a new city raises a slew of questions for newcomers about the culture and lifestyle of their surroundings. Some of these questions arise from stereotypes and myths that typically get attached to most major cities, and Salt Lake City is no exception. Because it’s hard to quantify a city’s culture and lifestyle in a way that fully busts or confirms previously developed stereotypes, we decided to answer a few of the top questions everyone has about moving to the City of the Saints.

Which Salt Lake City Neighborhood Should You Live In?

Congrats on your upcoming move to Salt Lake City! It’s a great town, and far more diverse than many expect. In fact, Salt Lake City is made up of many different neighborhoods, each with its own distinct personality, at least one of which is just right for you.

So if you’re heading to Salt Lake City but don’t know where you should settle in, take our quiz to find out where your love affair with Salt Lake City should begin.

Living in Wasatch Hollow, Salt Lake City

The Wasatch Hollow neighborhood is located in the southeast area of Salt Lake City. It is primarily residential, but is centered around the “15th & 15th” business district, which features local shops and some of Salt Lake City’s favorite restaurants. In fact, Wasatch Hollow is often simply called “15th & 15th”.

Wasatch Hollow is named for the natural space created by Emigration Creek, which flows through the area. The space is now a park open for recreation, events, picnics and nature walks.

Living in Sugar House

Sugar House enjoys such a positive reputation that businesses located outside the (hotly disputed) borders of the neighborhood nevertheless use the Sugar House name in the hopes of garnering more patronage.

Living in Rose Park, Salt Lake City

See why affordability and diversity are key in this residential community made up of small brick cottages on tree-lined streets.

Rose Park sprang up in the ‘40s and ‘50s in response to the post-war demand from employees of the nearby rail yards. Its brick cottages sit on tree-lined streets that were designed by the developer to resemble flowers when viewed from the sky (hence the name of the neighborhood).

Rose Park is a neighborhood with a less-than-stellar reputation that was earned in previous decades but that may now be outdated.

Living in Downtown Salt Lake City

Want to live in downtown Salt Lake City (SLC)? Good pick! Downtown SLC isn’t just the epicenter of happenings in the city, but the entire state—and beyond, in fact.

Adventure, nightlife, the arts: everything you’re looking for is within easy reach.

Living in the Avenues, Salt Lake City

The Avenues is a mostly residential neighborhood and one of Salt Lake City’s oldest districts. It has oodles of charm and very little commercial activity outside of a grocery store and a few cafes.

Diversity is the motto here in the Avenues, in both housing and residents. It’s not uncommon to see mansions next to bungalows or a classic cottage next to an apartment building. Likewise with its contingent of students, professionals, artists, lawyers, businesspeople—you name it, and you’re likely to find it here.