[Podcast] City Stories Ep. 1 – Salt Lake City (pt. 1)

Our pilot episode gives a brief overview of life in Salt Lake City. To get it, we interviewed employees of Clearlink, an SLC-based digital marketing and sales company. Salt Lake City is one of those places that feels like it’s about to really explode, population-wise, thanks to its strong economy, stunning geography, and varied seasons. Our Salt Lake City podcast series will help potential movers and travelers understand what awaits them at their destination. In this episode:

0:00 – Intro
1:27 – The mountains
3:15 – Least favorite thing about SLC? The inversions
4:45 – The Mormon influence
6:20 – Highlighting Clearlink
8:40 – Clearlink is SLC
9:40 – SLC, the super motivated surfer
10:55 – Wrap-up and quick stories

Liner notes:

SLC Stuff

Google Maps view of Salt Lake Valley from above

SLC’s inversion vs a clear day

Gilgal Garden

Video of locals “shooting the tube”

Clearlink Stuff


Note: City Stories is produced by Move.org, which is owned by Clearlink. The decision to highlight Clearlink for our pilot episode was a cinch, and we thank them for allowing us to do it. We look forward to branching out in the future.

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