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Great choice! The Avenues is a mostly residential neighborhood and one of Salt Lake City’s oldest districts. It has oodles of charm and very little commercial activity outside of a grocery store and a few cafes.

The Avenues gets its name from the strict grid system of its streets, with numbered avenues running east-west and lettered streets running north-south.

Diversity is the motto here in the Avenues, in both housing and residents. It’s not uncommon to see mansions next to bungalows or a classic cottage next to an apartment building. Likewise with its contingent of students, professionals, artists, lawyers, businesspeople—you name it, and you’re likely to find it here.

So come as your are: you’ll fit right in.


  • Great location
  • Ideal for variety of residents
  • Relatively low crime


  • Relatively expensive housing
  • Amenities aren’t often walkable


  • Great location
  • Ideal for variety of residents
  • Relatively low crime


  • Relatively expensive housing
  • Amenities aren’t often walkable


Renting in The Avenues

The Avenues – $1810
Salt Lake City – $1381
Queens NY – $2187

Buying in The Avenues

The Avenues – $385K
Salt Lake City – $231K
Queens NY – $572K

The Avenues are popular with both buyers and renters, with the majority of rental properties in the southern part of the neighborhood, near downtown to the west and the University of Utah to the east.

As of July 2015, the Zillow Home Value Index was $385,000, 40% higher than the city average. The Zillow Rent Index was $1,810, 24% higher than than the city average.

These numbers don’t quite tell the whole story of the neighborhood. It’s so sprawling and diverse that although the pricey homes may outnumber the budget-priced, there’s likely to be something for almost everyone here.


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Cars are the dominant mode of transportation in the Avenues. Downtown is 5-10 minutes away by car, as is the University of Utah. Getting to a freeway to escape the city itself will take about 10 minutes in normal traffic.

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There’s not a lot to walk to in the Avenues: shopping, restaurants, work, and nightlife are mostly located in other neighborhoods. So unless you want to walk for a mile or more, take the car or the bus.

That doesn’t mean you’ll never use your feet though. Being a quiet, friendly neighborhood make the Avenues good for a leisurely stroll, and the strict grid system means you’ll never get lost.

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This is not the Avenues’ strong point. There are a few bus lines that run through the neighborhood, but they come by only every 30 minutes or more. While some are able to avail themselves of this option, you’re probably better off in a car.

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The Avenues is a bike-friendly neighborhood, if you don’t mind some hills. The neighborhood covers a lot of ground, and the further back you go, the more you start to creep up the mountains. So if your quads are up for it, or if you’re not too deep in the neighborhood, a bike may be perfect for you. If not, then stick with the car.


There are very few eateries in the Avenues, with two notable exceptions: Avenues Proper and Avenues Bistro on Third, both of which are city-wide favorites for an evening out. There are a few chains around (Subway, Einstein Bagels, etc.) and a few small cafes, but for the most part, if you want a variety of notable dinner spots, you’ll need to drive a few minutes to one of the other nearby neighborhoods.

Avenues BistroAvenues Proper


The shopping experience in the Avenues is sparse. While there are a few standalone stores here and there, you won’t find any major (or even minor) shopping centers in the neighborhood.

This may be a plus for some home hunters, as it keeps movement and traffic to a minimum.

Note: you won’t have to go far for groceries; there’s a Smith’s Marketplace in the middle of the neighborhood.

Straw MarketSmith's Store


Ensign Elementary

Wasatch Elementary

Madeleine Choir School (Catholic) – Info

Bryant Middle School

Open Classroom (Charter, K-8) – Info

West High School


Violent crime is 16% lower than the national average and 60% lower than the citywide average. Though property crime is slightly higher (about 4%) than the national average, it is 60% lower than the the citywide average. For an urban area, this is a fairly quiet neighborhood.

Violent Crime (per 100K people) In The Avenues vs. Nationwide









Property Crime (per 100K people) In The Avenues vs. Nationwide










Salt Lake City Cemetery

History buffs may enjoy a stroll through the Salt Lake City Cemetery, which is located in the Avenues, with its main entrance at N Street and 4th Avenue. It is the largest city-owned cemetery in the U.S. Many notable people from Salt Lake City’s history are buried on this 120-acre site.

Memory Grove Park

Memory Grove Park straddles the boundary of the Avenues and Capitol Hill neighborhoods. Located at the mouth of City Creek Canyon, the park features off-leash lawns and small ponds popular with dog owners, biking and running trails, and several monuments to Utah’s veterans.

Bonneville Shoreline Trail

The Bonneville Shoreline Trail, or BST, is an ambitious project to create more than 280 miles of trail stretching from the Utah-Idaho border to central Utah. There are a couple of entrances above The Avenues, and the trail is great for hiking and (especially) mountain biking. The trail attempts to follow the shoreline of the prehistoric Lake Bonneville and provides some great views along the way.

Jack Mormon Coffee

Mormons may not drink coffee, but a Jack Mormon (slang for a lapsed or less-than-diligent practitioner) will not only drink it, but may just serve up your new favorite brew. Jack Mormon Coffee, always “in search of the celestial bean,” will take your order of one of their 60 green coffee varieties, then roast it to your specifications on the spot.

The Avenues House

Jack Mormon Coffee

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