Living in Wasatch Hollow, Salt Lake City

Great choice! The Wasatch Hollow neighborhood is located in the southeast area of Salt Lake City. It is primarily residential, but is centered around the “15th & 15th” business district, which features local shops and some of Salt Lake City’s favorite restaurants. In fact, Wasatch Hollow is often simply called “15th & 15th”.

Wasatch Hollow is named for the natural space created by Emigration Creek, which flows through the area. The space is now a park open for recreation, events, picnics and nature walks.

This quiet, family-friendly neighborhood — nestled between some of Salt Lake City’s major arterial streets — is desirable on its own. But its proximity to some of SLC’s other hotspots, like Sugar House and the University of Utah, make Wasatch Hollow even more attractive.

Tip: Want to learn more about your new neighborhood? Check out the Wasatch Hollow Community Oral History Project, a collection of recordings of locals talking about the history and experiences of the Wasatch Hollow neighborhood.


  • Quiet, out of the way
  • Low crime
  • Several of SLC's favorite restaurants


  • Relatively high home prices
  • Accessibility depends on car


Renting in Wasatch Hollow

Wasatch Hollow – $1701
Salt Lake City – $1381
Queens NY – $2187

Buying in Wasatch Hollow

Wasatch Hollow – $327K
Salt Lake City – $231K
Queens NY – $572K

Wasatch Hollow is for buyers. That doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to rent here, but rentals are few and expensive.

Buyers, however, have an abundance of options, for a premium. Because of Wasatch Hollow’s enviable location and attractive, older homes, prices are higher than the average in the city.

The Zillow Home Value Index, a more accurate picture than a simple median home value, is $326,800 (vs. the $231,000 SLC average). The Zillow Rent Index is $1,701 (vs. the $1,381 SLC average).


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Having a car is almost required in Wasatch Hollow. Getting in and out of the neighborhood is, if not difficult, at least time consuming when you rely on public transit or other methods of transportation. But car owners are in a good spot here, because they are able to easily access this small, quiet corner of Salt Lake City.

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Walking is not going to get you to very much when you live in Wasatch Hollow. There are exceptions to that, especially for those who live close to the restaurants at 15th & 15th. The plus side is that this is a relatively quiet neighborhood with plenty of sidewalks, which means that while commuting by foot may be out, an evening stroll can be very nice.

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There are a couple of bus lines that run through Wasatch Hollow, and they’ll get you to either the University of Utah or to the light rail line (which in turn heads downtown). The bus lines are varying in frequency (one runs every 15 minutes, the other every 30 minutes), and except for the occasional student, they’re not likely to be the best form of transportation for Wasatch Hollow residents.

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There is exactly one bike lane in Wasatch Hollow, running north-south on 1500 E for the length of the neighborhood. With most of the streets being very residential, it’s not too dangerous to ride around the area, as long as you’re cautious. But distance from downtown and a lack of dedicated bike lanes mean that bike commuters won’t find Wasatch Hollow too friendly.


In the heart of Wasatch Hollow is the “15th & 15th” business district. A cluster of local restaurants make up a big part of this group of local businesses. An Italian cafe, French and Middle-eastern restaurants, and a traditional deli cater to a variety of tastes. All are well received on Yelp, so let your cravings be your guide.


Clayton Middle School

Uintah Elementary

Bonneville Elementary

Clayton Middle School

East High School

Elementary Schools

Uintah Elementary

Bonneville Elementary

Middle Schools

Clayton Middle School

High Schools

East High School


On average, you’re about as safe from crime here as you would be anywhere in the country. And we’re not just saying that, either. There is virtually no statistical difference in crime between Wasatch Hollow and the national average (in both violent and property crimes). And the numbers here are much lower than the SLC average.

Violent Crime (per 100K people) in Wasatch Hollow vs. Nationwide









Property Crime (per 100K people) in Wasatch Hollow vs. Nationwide










As with any SLC neighborhood, Wasatch Hollow residents have some great options around the entire city for leisure and entertainment. But if you want to stay close to home, there are places to go and things to do right in your own corner.

The obvious choice is to head to Wasatch Hollow Park. If you live in the area, it’s a great spot to familiarize yourself with. A river, paths, boweries, and plenty of open space make this a great spot to go relax with family or friends.

Want some classes that are a true change of pace? Give Irish dance a try. Seriously! The Scariff School of Irish Dance will teach you (or kids, or teens) to cut a rug like a Riverdance pro.

Book lovers will find a wonderful refuge at local favorite The King’s English Bookshop, which not only sells books, but also holds a lot of events, including frequent readings and signings by local authors.

If you love biking, don’t despair at the lack of trails and roads at your doorstep. Just head to Beehive Bicycles and get the equipment and trail recommendations you need to get out and enjoy one of biking’s best cities.

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