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Between the horses and the single stoplight, those looking to live the rural lifestyle while staying near the city can find everything they need in Westpointe.

In choosing to live in Westpointe, you’ll have quick access to many downtown attractions without having to live the downtown lifestyle.

Westpointe is a large area with few residents surrounding the Salt Lake City International Airport.  While it doesn’t offer many of the traditional amenities of other neighborhoods, there is plenty of community support for activities the whole family can enjoy. This residential community is quite close, hosting an annual Westpointe Night Out, which offers free food, entertainment, and education for all.

The Community Council is dedicated to making Westpointe a safe and enjoyable neighborhood by offering an open forum to address situations that arise and actively looking for ways to make the neighborhood a better place.

Between the horses and the single stoplight, those looking to live the rural lifestyle while staying near the city can find everything they need in Westpointe.

Salt Lake International Airport

For the frequent flyer, Westpointe is the perfect place to settle down, with the  Salt Lake International Airport mere minutes away. As well as access to flights, the airport has a handful of rental car companies, and a variety of restaurants and shops for travelers.

One of the big downsides to living so close to the airport is having to deal with the constant noise of planes coming and going. While the airport does what it can to reduce plane noise, there is still a noticeable amount of noise pollution.


Westpointe is one of the more affordable neighborhoods in Salt Lake City, with a cost of living

4% lower than Salt Lake City’s average. Most residents are here to stay, so you’re much more likely to find a house for sale than an apartment for rent.

Renting in Westpointe

There are a handful of options for renters in Westpointe, and most of them are fairly affordable–especially compared to the cost of apartments downtown.

Apartments range from $700 to $1,395 per month, with most places running around $900.

Buying in Westpointe

If you’re looking to buy a home, you have plenty of affordable options. From townhouses to acre lots—whatever your lifestyle, there’s a house in Westpointe for you. House prices range from $134,900 to $289,000, with a Zillow Home Value Index of $191,600

Getting Around


There’s only one stoplight in the neighborhood, but that doesn’t stop Westpointe from being a driveable neighborhood. In fact, driving is the easiest way to get around. Westpointe has great access to I-15, I-215, and I-80. Traffic is generally worse going the opposite direction from Westpointe commuters, so it’s a great place for people who want to work in the city without having to slog through rush hour traffic.


There isn’t much in the way of transit. What is available in Westpointe only stops at the airport. If you’re willing to brave the bustle of the airport, you’ll have access to the green line and bus routes 453, 454, and 551, which can take you all the way out to Tooele or Grantsville.


This is where Westpointe falls short. There are no walkable amenities within the boundaries, with the exception of one 7-11. Everything here is either residential or industrial.

Those looking to walk for pleasure can access the west end of the Jordan River Trail—a 50-mile trail that runs from Utah Lake to The Great Salt Lake.


There isn’t much traffic to wrestle with, so bikers can use the roads or the sidewalks. However, there are no bike lanes, so keep an eye out for cars.


You won’t find any restaurants within the borders of Westpointe itself, but you won’t have to go far to eat out. Along with a couple of restaurants right outside the boundaries, diners are only a 15-minute drive away from downtown Salt Lake City and dozens of eating options.


Along with a couple of high-achieving elementary schools (North Star Elementary School and Escalante Elementary School) , Westpointe offers two speciality schools. Pacific Heritage Academy is a public charter school that offers education and support aimed at helping students prepare for the workforce needs of the current economic state. Aspire Educational Programs offers a tri-immersion environment for preschool through first grade.

College students have no need to leave the neighborhood, as they can continue their education at the Salt Lake Community College Westpointe Center.


Westpointe is safer than nearby neighborhood Rose Park, notorious for being high in crime, but it ranks much worse than Salt Lake City in general. Be sure to lock your doors at night, as property crime is the most likely to occur.

More Things To Do

When it comes to weekend activities, you have a handful of options within the neighborhood itself. Residents can play soccer at Miami Park or visit Westpointe Park, one of the bigger parks in the Salt Lake Valley at 23 acres. Here, you have your choice of tennis, volleyball, basketball, or baseball. Your little ones can play on the playground or in the sandbox while you talk to your neighbors in the pavilion.

Westpointe is a great option for couples and families looking to settle down close to the action of the valley without living right in the center of it. Close proximity to both downtown and the airport allows residents to live the city life if they so choose, but also have a quieter place to call home. With such affordable housing options and a strong community, Westpointe is an excellent place to call home.

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