How to Take Charge of Your Next Move with these Moving Checklists

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When it comes time to move, wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply press a button for a checklist of everything you need to do? Great news: you can do just that.

We’ve got you covered with a moving checklist for every aspect of your move. You may already have lots of experience with to-do lists, as it turns out that making lists is part of human nature. There is something reassuring about seeing all the steps of a process laid out in simple statements. Crossing items off your moving checklists will remind you that yes, you are getting things done, even when you’re surrounded by moving boxes.

Keep your moving checklists together in a binder. Add some blank sheets for notes and sheet protectors for things like moving company contracts and important records. Don’t pack the binder! Keep it handy through every step of your move.

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Create your Moving Timeline

Let’s begin with a timeline. The Perfect Printable Moving Timeline is a comprehensive moving checklist that begins six weeks before your move and takes you through each week up to Moving Day. This timeline includes tasks—from getting copies of your medical records to having your car tuned up—that will help make your move seamless.

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First Things First: A Deep Cleaning

The best way to kick off the moving process is to thoroughly clean your current home. This will give you the chance to sort which items will come with you on the move and which you’ll donate or sell. The Moving Cleaning Checklist includes areas that are easy to overlook, like kitchen baseboards and the blades of an overhead fan.

There’s no need to buy more cleaning products, which are bulky and messy to pack. With just a few simple ingredients, you can mix up your own DIY natural cleaners for every corner of your home.

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Start Packing, with the Right Supplies

When it comes to moving supplies, the first thing most people think of is boxes—and of course, choosing the right boxes is important for any size move. In terms of supplies, however, there’s more to a move than boxes—like small plastic bags to move furniture hardware. Luckily, Martha Stewart has thought through these supplies, and she’s provided this moving checklist: Essential Packing Supplies.

To make your move even easier, this Printable Moving Kit includes labels for all your boxes, plus customizable pages on which you can create an inventory of everything you’re moving and where it will go in your new home.  

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Moving Checklists for Special Circumstances

All moves are not equal, so we’ve found moving checklists for special circumstances, like long-distance moves and moving with kids or pets.

  • The Long-Distance Moving Checklist takes you through all the steps of a long-distance move, beginning 30 days before the move.
  • Moving with children requires special planning, beginning two months before the actual move. The Moving with Kids Checklist covers all the steps, including how to help kids adjust to their new environment.

For people with pets, considerations for moving include updating Fido’s microchip and making sure that Kitty doesn’t try to run “home” from the new house. This Moving with Pets Checklist covers the elements of a successful move with your four-legged family members.

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After the Move

Binder in hand, you’ll step into your new home more organized than before the move. If you’re renting, we’ve got one more checklist: the Rental Inventory. Before you unpack, take an inventory of the space and any furnishings included in the rental. Be sure to take lots of photos, which you can print and add to your binder.

A rental inventory is a smart first step in renting any space because it gives you and your landlord a baseline reference. This reference will come in handy if you are requesting any repairs and can help you when it’s time to get your deposit back before the next move.

When the pictures are snapped, the boxes unpacked, and everything is checked off your moving checklists, you can happily add two final items: relax, and enjoy your new home.

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