Our Guide to Moving with Kids

We’re here to help you understand why moving is so hard for kids, and to help you smooth the transition. Recognizing the effect a move on your child can help you prepare for the adjustments and challenges ahead.

15 Must-Have Songs To Add To Your Moving Playlist

When it’s time for a move, the right songs can make the process of packing up everything you own feel a little less lonely and a lot more fun. With that in mind, we’ve put together a playlist for your next move.

The Only Guide to Packing Your Kitchen You’ll Ever Need

Every kitchen contains a multitude of items that you’ll need to move. You’ll need to use different techniques to keep your cutlery, food, appliances, flatware, and other items safe and secure. Together, we’ll make packing your kitchen quick and easy.

20 Incredibly Useful Packing Tips to Make Moving Much Easier

We’ve put together a useful guide to make planning, preparing, packing, moving, and unpacking simple and easy. A little planning and preparation now will help your moving day go smoothly and get you settled in your new home as quickly as possible. You’ll find lots of practical advice on what to do before you start packing, how to pack effectively, and tips for moving day.

The “Easy Button” Method for Moving Furniture

Now that you’ve settled on a move-in date and are getting everything organized for the big day, make sure you’re not overlooking some important steps when moving furniture from your old place to the new. Whether you’re working with professional movers or taking care of moving yourself, you’ll need a plan to coordinate the move. Take steps to protect your belongings as you head to your new destination.

5 Tips for Moving Your Appliances Without Ruining Your New Home

The most difficult items to move from home to home are your appliances, which is often why many real estate transactions include them as part of the cost of sale. That said, when you want to take your appliances with you, a little planning will go a long way in helping you move while also mitigating stress often associated with the moving your appliances.

How to Move Yourself without Professional Movers

Moving by yourself is a daunting task, especially if you’ve amassed quite a bit of stuff. When the time comes to move, you’re not just moving—you’re purging and reorganizing your entire life.

If hiring professional movers isn’t in your budget, the stress of it all can become overwhelming. Here’s how to break each task down and make moving manageable.

7 Tips to Make Moving With Kids Easier

While you’re busy organizing and getting things packed and ready to go, make sure you take time to help your kids prepare for the big day as well. Use the following tips to help your move go as smoothly as possible for your entire family.

80+ Moving Tips, Tools, and Tutorials

We’ve compiled a list of the best moving tips and tools on the web. Some are from us, many are from others, and all are going to help you make your move enjoyable, the way it should be.