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Bottom line: U-Haul Moving Help® is an online marketplace that connects you with local workers to help with individual moving tasks like packing boxes, loading trucks, or moving pianos. Its average price of $45 per hour is among the best in the help-for-hire business.
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Published on December 22, 2020
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Through its online marketplace, U-Haul Moving Help offers a handful of hourly moving labor services in more than 1,750 cities.

Its average hourly price of $44.60 for loading and unloading is the lowest we’ve seen among similar help-for-hire marketplaces. However, U-Haul Moving Help is limited in the number of services it provides and does not guarantee workers listed on its site are licensed or insured.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Low prices
Pro Bullet Instant online quotes
Pro Bullet Lots of locations
Pro Bullet User-friendly mobile app
Pro Bullet Packing services
Con Heading
Con Bullet Limited services
Con Bullet Unlicensed and uninsured workers
Con Bullet Glitchy website
Con Bullet No customer service

How much does U-Haul Moving Help cost?

U-Haul Moving Help costs about $45 per hour for most services with a two-hour minimum. The average price for other help-for-hire companies is nearly $85 per hour—a savings of $40 per hour per worker.

That’s a lot!

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U-Haul Moving Help pricing
Average cost per hour

Loading and unloading


Packing and unpacking


Home cleaning


Heavy furniture moving


Data as of 01/29/2020. Offers and availability may vary and are subject to change.

We compared 1,369 quotes for moving labor services from five different companies in three cities and received rates starting at about $35 per hour.

Moves with heavy furniture like pianos were always the most expensive.

The average cost for all other services like loading, packing, and cleaning came out to almost exactly $45 per hour.

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U-Haul Moving Help cost factors

Several factors affect how much you’ll pay for U-Haul Moving Help services:

  • Number of hours. U-Haul Moving Help charges by the hour and has a two-hour minimum for all services.
  • Number of workers. You also pay by the number of workers you need. If one worker costs $90 for two hours, then the total for two workers for two hours is double: $180.
  • Type of service. When it comes to pricing, services generally break down into two categories: (1) heavy furniture and (2) everything else. Moving a piano or safe is the most expensive service, while all other options like packing, loading, and cleaning have similar prices.
  • Booking method. You can book your quote online or via the U-Haul Moving Help mobile app. In two of the three cities we researched, quotes were about 10% more expensive when using the mobile app to book for heavy moving services. Note: This trend applied only to heavy moving services.
  • Location. In general, the bigger the city, the less you pay.

U-Haul Moving Help prices by city

Average cost per hour*

San Antonio, TX



Denver, CO



Lakewood, NJ



Data as of 01/29/2020. Offers and availability may vary and are subject to change.
*Average of all services except heavy moving. Rounded to the nearest dollar.
**Rounded to the nearest ten thousand.

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U-Haul movers: morning, afternoon, or evening?

You choose one of three time frames for your U-Haul Moving Help quote: (1) morning, (2) afternoon, or (3) evening. Prices don’t significantly change based upon your choice, but there are typically fewer workers available in the evening hours.

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U-Haul Moving Help coverage options

U-Haul Moving Help doesn’t offer insurance or require workers to be insured. It recommends you carefully examine reviews of specific workers on the marketplace before choosing your moving help. Be sure to browse reviews to see if your providers are insured or have a history of damaging items.

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U-Haul Moving Help features and services

U-Haul Moving Help offers five moving services:

  • Loading and unloading
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Home cleaning
  • Heavy furniture and specialty moves
  • U-Box pickup and delivery

U-Haul Moving Help offers competitive prices for its services—but it provides only about half the services of other help-for-hire companies. Check out some of the other services available in our review of the best moving labor companies.

Average U-Haul Moving Help prices by service

Loading and unloading
Packing and unpacking
Home cleaning
Heavy furniture moving

Average hourly rate






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*Data as of 01/29/2020. Offers and availability may vary and are subject to change.

Why we recommend U-Haul Moving Help

U-Haul Moving Help is in so many locations, it couldn’t tell us how many cities it services—so we went the extra mile for you and counted . . . every . . . single . . . one.

U-Haul Moving Help offers services in 1,788 cities from Aberdeen, WA, to Zephyrhills, FL.

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Movers near me

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It has the lowest rates for loading and unloading

What could you do with an extra $40? We ask because that’s how much you’ll save using U-Haul Moving Help (instead of a competitor) for two hours of loading and unloading your rental truck, moving pod, or double-decker bus.

Most companies charge $65 or more per hour for loading and unloading services. A notable exception is TaskRabbit, an online marketplace similar to U-Haul Moving Help, which offers the service at just over $45 per hour.

U-Haul comes in even lower at slightly under $45 per hour. If the price isn’t impressive enough, U-Haul Moving Help also has thousands more locations than TaskRabbit.

Hands down, loading and unloading is U-Haul Moving Help’s most impressive service.

It offers packing services (not everyone does)

U-Haul Moving Help is one of the few help-for-hire companies that offers packing services—meaning it packs and unpacks your boxes for you. Its packing service rates aren’t the least expensive, but they aren’t the most expensive either.

TaskRabbit is about $10 cheaper per hour, but it has locations in only 31 states.

U-Haul Moving Help is in all 50 states, so if you can’t find a TaskRabbit helper where you live, check for U-Haul Moving Help’s availability. You could save almost $20 per hour over the next nearest-priced competitor.

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It has payment safeguards

When you book moving services, you pay U-Haul Moving Help up front for the total projected cost. But U-Haul Moving Help won’t pay the workers until you give the approval to use your assigned payment code when the job is done.

So if your hired help doesn’t show or leaves early, you can refuse to give U-Haul Moving Help your payment code, and your money will stay safe.

At that point, you can try to work things out with the moving service provider, use your payment code to hire other people, or request a refund. You can process refunds via your customer account (on the website only) and expect your money to be returned within five business days.

It does U-Box pickup and delivery

U-Haul (the moving company) rents moving containers in addition to moving trucks. U-Haul’s U-Box containers are like a moving truck without wheels. A container is dropped off at your home, you fill it with your belongings, and then it is transported to your new home for you to unload.

U-Haul Moving Help workers can pick up and deliver your U-Box containers in addition to loading and unloading them.

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FAQs about U-Haul Moving Help

What is the U-Haul phone number?

U-Haul Moving Help doesn’t have a customer service phone number. It encourages customers to contact local service providers directly and lists contact info for them on the U-Haul Moving Help marketplace.

If you run into problems communicating with your providers, U-Haul Moving Help won’t help, so it’s important to select helpers with high customer reviews.

Does U-Haul Moving Help offer local and long-distance services?

U-Haul Moving Help offers local services only, but it is available in more than 1,750 cities. For long-distance services, you can rent a truck from U-Haul (the rental truck company, not U-Haul Moving Help).

Check out our U-Haul Review to learn more.

Does U-Haul Moving Help offer portable storage?

No, but U-Haul Moving Help can connect you with local labor to pick up, load, drop off, and unload your U-Box moving containers.

Check out our U-Box Review to see if moving containers could save you time, money, or both on your move.

Does U-Haul Moving Help use professional movers?

Sometimes, but not always. While you might find professional movers on its marketplace, U-Haul Moving Help makes no guarantee that the moving help services listed use professional workers that are licensed and insured.

Our recommendation

U-Haul Moving Help is one of your most affordable and accessible options for hourly labor in several cases:

  • You want loading and unloading services at a low price.
  • You can’t find packing services from other companies in your area.
  • You feel uncomfortable paying local labor you’ve never met before the job is done.

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