2019 U-Pack Review

Bottom line: ABF U-Pack offers long-distance container moves with flexible, transparent pricing for those who don’t mind packing and loading their own belongings.

Overall rating

4.0 / 5

ABF U-Pack pairs budget-friendly container moves with the convenience of professional drivers, making it a winning solution for anyone looking to pay less and skip a cross-country trip in a rental truck.

Whether you’re moving for work, the military, or just for fun, U-Pack’s ReloCubes and moving trailers are easy to pack and load yourself. U-Pack’s drivers then transport your containers to your new home (or to temporary storage) in shared truck space to keep costs low.

And the best part? There’s no deposit, fees are all-inclusive, and you’ll only be charged for the cubes you use—so you won’t be surprised by your final bill.

Continue reading to learn more about ABF U-Pack’s perks and prices.


  • Payment for only the cubes you use
  • No deposit or hidden fees
  • Fast, accurate quotes
  • Optional temporary storage


  • No local moves
  • Container locks not included
  • Customer service not available 24/7

U-Pack is our best for tight budgets choice for long-distance movers. Check out our Best Long-Distance Moving Companies list to learn more.

What services does ABF U-Pack offer?

ABF U-Pack has helped over one million families move since 1997,1 which means the company has the experience needed to get your belongings to your new home safely. Thanks to its features and services, U-Pack stands out from other container companies for long-distance moves.

Standout features

  1. It has zero hidden fees.
  2. It operates by a pay-for-what-you-use policy.
  3. It offers optional temporary storage.

Services ABF U-Pack offers

  • Weatherproof metal moving containers
  • Pay-for-what-you-use moving trailers
  • Instant online quotes
  • Online rental discounts
  • Online reservations
  • Online storage size guides
  • Online space estimators
  • Moving and packing supplies
  • Moving checklists and advice
  • Moving forms and documents
  • Container company pricing and service comparisons
  • Transparent pricing
  • Temporary storage
  • Shipment tracking
  • Military, college, and small moves

U-Pack serves all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and parts of Canada. (Expect extra costs for Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico since your belongings will travel by ship.)

This means you can move your belongings from sea to shining sea, across amber waves of grain, or just a few hours away. U-Pack specializes in long-distance moves—so while we were able to get quotes for shorter, intrastate trips, you’ll get more bang for your buck the further you go.

For local moves, U-Pack refers customers to Budget Truck Rental.

U-Pack is owned by ABF, a large national shipping company, meaning they’re experts in shipping your home goods wherever they need to go.

How much does U-Pack cost?

In general, you can expect U-Pack to cost between $70 and $5,500—that’s more than the cost of a rental truck and less than a full-service move. But we should mention that despite U-Pack’s upfront pricing, it’s tough for us to nail down exactly what you’ll pay for your move.

The number of ReloCubes or the amount of trailer space needed to stash your housewares is the biggest factor in pricing. Unlike with a full-service move, weight does not change the cost with U-Pack, so you can cram your containers to the brim.

U-Pack price comparison

Cost factorsMove AMove B
Move distance1,403 mi.736 mi.
Home size3 bedrooms1 bedroom
Cost for trailer space*$2,287$955
Amount of trailer space17 feet7 feet
Cost for ReloCubes*$3,611$847
Number of ReloCubes31
Cost factors
Move distance
Home size
Cost for trailer space*
Amount of trailer space
Cost for ReloCubes*
Number of ReloCubes
Move A Move B
1,403 mi. 736 mi.
3 bedrooms 1 bedroom
$2,287 $955
17 feet 7 feet
$3,611 $847
3 1

*Cost comparisons are for ReloCubes or trailer space, not both.

Getting your U-Pack quote

When you request a quote from U-Pack, you’ll choose between ReloCubes and trailer space. We recommend getting quotes for both to find the best rate.

When you’re ready to get your U-Pack quote, you’ll need to have the following information handy:

  • Current city
  • Destination city
  • When you plan to move
  • Home size
  • Email (if you want the quote sent to you)

You’ll see a final price instantly online—if your move is complex, you can also call a U-Pack agent to discuss your quote.

For moves that require three ReloCubes or more, you’ll likely save money by going with the trailer option instead. For smaller moves, ReloCubes are generally more cost-effective.

Keep in mind, though: ReloCubes work well on crowded streets and small spaces because they fit in a parking spot. You’ll need more room for a trailer.

U-Pack cost factors

U-Pack ReloCube and trailer costs depend on a number of other factors:

  • Where you’re moving from
  • Where you’re moving to
  • Distance traveled
  • Time of year and day of the week
  • Container availability
  • Post-move storage needs

The best way to get accurate pricing—and the best deal—is to request a quote from U-Pack along with a few other container companies.

(But if we were bettin’ folks, we’d put money on U-Pack offering the best rate for long-distance moves.)

U-Pack discounts and cost-saving tips

Looking to cut costs further? Try these tips:

  • Share your status. Mention if you’re a member of the military or a student for extra savings.
  • Move off-peak. Get the biggest savings on mid-week, non-summer dates.
  • Ask for a discount. Call an agent to see how they can lower your rate.
  • Purge unwanted items. U-Pack only charges for the containers you use, so you’ll save by moving less.
  • Reserve online. Gets $25 off your move.

Thinking about choosing U-Pack?
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U-Pack container sizes and features

Some container moving companies offer cubes in various sizes, but U-Pack keeps it simple with its ReloCube, which comes in a single size. You can reserve multiple cubes—or, for larger moves, you can rent space in one of ABF’s moving trailers.

With both options, you have three days to load up your belongings before U-Pack picks up your containers for transport. Delivery to your home takes two to five days. Once your ReloCube or trailer is dropped off at your destination, you have three days to unload.

Other container companies charge from the time your container is dropped off to when it’s picked up, so this free loading and unloading time can help you save big.

U-Pack container sizes

ReloCubeMoving trailer
Dimensions6’3” x 7’ x 8’4”28’ x 8’ x 9’
Capacity (rooms of furniture)14+
Maximum weight (lbs.)2,50022,500
Interior space (cu. ft.)3051,944
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Capacity (rooms of furniture)
Maximum weight (lbs.)
Interior space (cu. ft.)
ReloCube Moving trailer
6’3” x 7’ x 8’4” 28’ x 8’ x 9’
1 4+
2,500 22,500
305 1,944
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ReloCube features

  • Fits a single room of furniture and boxes
  • Made of weatherproof metal
  • Sits low to the ground for easy loading
  • Fits in a standard parking space

Trailer features

  • Fits 5–6 rooms of furniture or a 3–4 bedroom home
  • Made of weatherproof metal
  • Sits 48 inches off the ground
  • Includes loading ramp
  • Must be parked on pavement or hard-packed gravel
  • May require a permit due to its large size
Get money



If you’re moving a three-bedroom home or larger, you’ll get more space at a better rate with a U-Pack trailer. With this option, you rent just the portion of the trailer you fill up—which saves you from paying for the whole shebang. However, we recommend getting quotes for both a trailer and ReloCubes.

Still not sure what size to get? Check out our quick guide to U-Pack moving container sizes.

Insurance options

DIY container moving companies generally offer liability coverage instead of full moving insurance. This is because you are responsible for packing, loading, and unloading, as well as any damage caused as a result.

U-Pack’s prices include two types of liability protection:

  • Catastrophic Liability: If your items are damaged en route or in storage due to fire, theft, or accident (such as an overturned trailer or a collision), this coverage protects the value of your belongings. This insurance covers $3.00 per pound per item up to $60,000 per trailer or $7,500 per ReloCube.
  • Carrier Negligence Liability: If your home goods are damaged due to U-Pack’s negligence after you’ve packed and loaded your container(s), this liability coverage protects them at $0.10 per pound per item.

U-Pack also offers increased carrier negligence coverage options3 at an additional charge:

  • For $75, you’re protected at $1.00 per pound per item up to $20,000 per trailer and $2,500 per ReloCube.
  • For $125, you’re protected at $2.00 per pound per item up to $40,000 per trailer and $5,000 per ReloCube.
  • For $175, you’re protected at $3.00 per pound per item up to $60,000 per trailer and $7,500 per ReloCube.

3 reasons why we love U-Pack

1. U-Pack has zero hidden fees

U-Pack is best known for what it doesn’t have: a lot of extra fees. The number you see on your quote is what you can expect to pay. There are no fuel fees, driver fees, or any other surprise costs added to your final bill (assuming you complete all required paperwork and return all equipment on time and in good condition).

U-Pack does offer add-ons like guaranteed delivery dates and extended storage, but what you see is—generally—what you get.

Plus, U-Pack doesn’t charge an upfront deposit at the time of booking. You’ll only be charged after your shipment is loaded, and pricing is based on how much space you actually use.

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While you might find moving supplies cheaper elsewhere, you’ll score a 10% discount on moving kits at the U-Pack Box Store with your container reservation.

2. U-Pack offers a pay-for-what-you-use policy

With U-Pack, you have the flexibility to order as many ReloCubes as you think you’ll need and pay only for what you fill up. So yes, your final price could differ from your original quote, but it would be for the better.

U-Pack’s moving trailers come with the same flexible packing and pricing policies. If you receive a quote for 18 feet of trailer space and you only use 10 feet, U-Pack will charge for only 10 feet when they pick up your trailer.

Of course, this can go the other way: if you have more to pack than you expected, you can buy additional trailer space based on the cost per linear foot in your original quote.

And since you pay upon pickup of your loaded cubes or trailer, you won’t need to be refunded if you requested too many containers. U-Pack just won’t charge you for them in the first place. Easy peasy.

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Just 11% of Americans moved in 2017—that’s the lowest moving rate since 1948. Among those who did pack up and go, most didn’t move far: only 34% relocated to a different county.4

3. U-Pack has optional temporary storage

Many container companies include 30 days of storage in your estimate, which is great if you need it—and a waste of money if you’re immediately moving into your new home. With U-Pack, storage beyond your three unloading days is always optional.

If you do need temporary storage, there’s no need to unload your ReloCube. The whole thing is safely locked and stashed until you’re ready for delivery. Once your container arrives, you’ll have the standard three days to unload it.

Pricing for storage at U-Pack’s secure facilities is per container per 30-day period. A ballpark estimate for storage of two to three ReloCubes (which fit a two-bedroom home) after a move from Denver to Atlanta is $105 per cube per month.5




From apples to alcohol, not everything in your home is fit to ship in a U-Pack trailer or ReloCube. Check U-Pack’s Do Not Ship list before loading your containers.

What we think

If you’re moving from one state to another and are willing to pack and load your own boxes of dishes and piles of furniture, U-Pack’s long-distance container service is an affordable option. Its deposit-free rentals and “pay for what you use” policy can help you save big.

Plus, U-Pack’s availability (it offers moves in all 50 states) and professional drivers mean you can skip hauling a truck cross-country.

Avoid the phone, get a U-Pack quote online
You don’t need to call in for a U-Pack quote—just enter your move details online to see your estimated cost.

Get a U-Pack Quote

Are you a U-Pack customer? Share your experience in the comments section below. If you’re still not sure whether U-Pack is right for you, check out our best moving container companies to compare your options.

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  • Amanda Jaylene

    This is spot on! I weighed out several options to move my entire one-bedroom from PHX to SLC and I ended up settling on U-Pack. Everything was super easy and as far as moving pods, U-Pack offered the best deal. And if you ask, they can probably offer you a slight discount in some way. I will say that if you’re moving cross-country in the winter time as I did, the pod route was also a much safer option than driving a big moving truck on swirly winter roads.

  • Will Liu

    Warning, think twice before using Upack. It is all good if you do not have any damage, if you do, you are out of luck, because, they do not pay out anything, with the saving using U pack compared full service, the saving may not be good if there are damages. We package all nicely and locked up, 2 trailers, 1 is on time and 2nd one as 3 days late, and with $2500 damage. No explanation, file claim, and come back stated we should check and sign off when it drop off the trailer. How can this be, the whole business model of U-pack is to drop off the pot or trailers, so people can unload and Upack pick it up later.
    bottomline, if you willing to risk without any “insurance” for your stuff, ok, but anything is damaged, they will say not Upack fault, because they did not pack it, and loaded.
    After our experiences with U pack, we will Never recommend anyone to use them, because the saving is not worth the risk to damage $$.

  • Steven Hopkins

    Do not use this company!!! They are awful. They give you a six hour window for drop off and can’t make it on time. Then they show up without the correct equipment to pick up the trailer. This causes it to be late leaving the pick up destination ( by a day ). Next it shows up to their yard and sits for three days until you call them. And now it’s unloaded and has been sitting in front of the house for four days waiting to be picked up. We have been given times for it to be removed and here it still sits. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

  • Beau Branham

    They refuse to pay for any damage and blame everything on the shipper. Not worth the money to use Upack. Missed my delivery window by 10 days and all my belongings were trashed. Run away fast!

    • Michael Wenman

      funny how you say they blame everything on the shipper yet THEY are the shipper

  • Qanber Raza

    U-pack deceived me. They have hidden costs which they don’t mention when you are signing up with them. They charged me almost 1000$ to deliver 2 relocubes to Chicago and stored them for a month. When I asked them to deliver relocubes to my new house, they told me that they will charge me another 450$ which they never mentioned before. If you can, avoid them and go PODS or U-haul.

    • sf4t9rfan

      Isn’t U-Haul and U-Pack the same company?

      • Michael Wenman

        no they are not. U-Haul is U-Haul and U-Pack is ABF Freight (Arkansas Best Freight)

  • CantBePCAnymore

    I was very happy with UPack’s service except that one of the two trailers we used leaked and every box on the bottom front row was wet on the bottom. Fortunately, no damage from it. Other than that, service was great, price was great and the drivers were considerate and expert.

  • Andi

    Incredibly deceptive company. They are customer oriented until you make the reservation, at which point their 24/7 customer service is discontinued and replaced by 8-5 M-F. I was told I could cancel or change the reservation up to 24 hours before without a penalty. Once you serve, it’s seven days or there’s a charge. And don’t forget – they just cut your customer service availability dramatically. Suggestions, if you need to get through to them after you reserve and cannot, call from a different phone number. Miraculously, the 24/7 customer service will be restored if they don’t recognize the phone number.

  • Jaiden Lopez

    How about putting some images on this website, I’d like to know what Im trying to get.

  • Ron



    Wish I read the reviews before I used this company! Everyone on here is spot on. VERY deceptive company. Quotes one price then charges a different price!!!!


  • Ron

    Buyer beware!!!!

    Exceptionally deceptive. Will not work with the customer at all.

    Terrible. Do not use!