U-Pack 2022 Review: Pricing & Services

Move.org analyzed over 100 quotes, interviewed customers, and met with industry leaders to determine why U-Pack is the nation’s best moving container company.
Best overall
4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Pros
    Low prices
  • Pros
    Excellent customer reviews
  • Cons
    Long-distance service only
U-Pack average price
Industry average price
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Kurt Manwaring
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Published on December 17, 2021
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Bottom line: U-Pack is our pick for the best moving container company. You can’t find lower prices for long-distance moves, and the customer service is top-notch. U-Pack is also easy to find (it’s in all 50 states). The biggest drawback? U-Pack doesn’t do moves under 150 miles. Consider another top moving container company if you’re traveling only a short distance.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Low prices
Pro Bullet Instant online quotes
Pro Bullet Pay-for-what-you-use policy
Pro Bullet Excellent customer reviews
Con Heading
Con Bullet Long-distance service only
Con Bullet Storage availability at off-site location only

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How much does U-Pack cost?

U-PACK costs approximately $2,610 for the average move. The company provides long-distance services only (over 150 miles), but it has low rates. Costs range from as low as $740 for a one-room apartment to as much as $4,630 for a five-bedroom home. To put that in context, U-Pack is nearly $600 cheaper than the industry average for a long-distance move.

U-Pack ReloCube moving container pricing

Home size
450 miles
1,750 miles
2,050 miles

1-room apartment




2-room home




3-room home




5-room home




Data as of 8/10/2020. Offers and availability may vary and are subject to change. Average cost calculated by comparing moving costs for four home sizes across three distances.

We asked U-Pack for quotes that we could compare with other moving container companies. U-Pack provided us with 20 quotes covering four home sizes (one to five rooms) and five distances (450–2,050 miles).

U-Pack cost factors

U-Pack says several things affect your final cost:

  • Home size. The bigger your home, the more ReloCubes you need.
  • Number of ReloCubes. You pay for each ReloCube, so you can save money by downsizing before you move.
  • Move date. Prices go up and down according to demand (it’s most expensive during the summer).
  • Distance. The farther you travel, the more it costs. You can even save money by loading and unloading at a U-Pack service center instead of your home.
  • Online reservations. U-Pack gives $25 discounts for online reservations. It’s one of the few companies to offer instant online quotes.
Can someone do the heavy lifting for me?

You can hire hourly moving labor services to load your moving containers—or skip the containers and pay for a professional mover to take care of everything from packing to final delivery.

U-Pack coverage options

U-Pack provides two types of insurance coverage for your move: 1

  1. Catastrophic liability. U-Pack has free liability coverage for your belongings worth up to $7,500 per ReloCube. The coverage applies only if your ReloCube catches fire—or someone steals it. If your stuff suffers water damage or gets caught up in a paintball war, you’re out of luck.
  1. Carrier negligence liability. U-Pack provides no-charge insurance of 10 cents per pound per item* to protect against negligence by the carrier transporting your ReloCubes. Let's walk through how this works. If your 32-pound antique rocking chair breaks in transit due to carrier negligence, you can submit a claim. If you opted for the no-charge insurance, you'd get only $3.20 from U-Pack ($0.10 X 32 pounds). If you opted for the most expensive coverage, you could get $96 back for the broken rocking chair ($3 X 32 pounds). You can purchase additional coverage up to $3 per pound per item for a maximum value of $7,500 per ReloCube.

*Sample quotes generated from partner data and are for illustration purposes only. Actual quotes may vary. Data as of 12/1/2020.

U-Pack carrier negligence liability insurance options

Coverage amount (per pound per item)
Max coverage per ReloCube

No charge












Data as of 12/17/2021.1 Individuals should review their rental contract—including addendums—for a complete description of the policy's terms, conditions, and exclusions.

U-Pack is Move.org’s #1 moving container company.

U-Pack features and services

Long-distance moving container services

U-Pack offers long-distance moving container services. Customers can use a moving container called a ReloCube or rent a moving trailer that’s three to four times bigger. Plus, U-Pack is available in all 50 states—so it’s a breeze finding a location near you.

U-Pack ReloCube

U-Pack’s ReloCube is a middle-of-the-road option that combines solid construction and low prices. The metal construction is less sturdy than the industry’s strongest steel containers but more robust than the plywood model used by lower-end companies. The ReloCube is relatively small (each cube fits about one room), but U-Pack also offers a larger moving trailer if you need more space.

U-Pack ReloCube and trailer dimensions

Container name
What fits

U-Pack ReloCube

6 ft. 3 in. x 7 ft. x 8 ft. 4 in.

1 large room

U-Pack Trailer

28 x 8 x 9 ft.

3–4-room home

Data as of 12/14/2021.

Portable storage services

You can store your belongings in U-Pack ReloCubes for a monthly fee. Unlike most container companies that build a month of storage into your initial quote, U-Pack charges for storage only if you request it. Your initial quote includes three days of loading and unloading time at your home. Additional storage costs at a U-Pack warehouse costs a flat fee of $150 per month per container.

Note: U-Pack offers storage only at its warehouses. If you want to store a moving container at your home (on-site storage), U-Pack recommends contacting PODS—another one of our best moving container companies.

Why we recommend U-Pack

U-Pack is our top-rated moving container company

No moving container gets a higher rating from Move.org than U-Pack. We look at everything from prices and discounts to insurance coverage and customer reviews. In each case, U-Pack outshines the competition. It’s a big deal to take our top spot.

U-Pack has low prices

U-Pack wins where it matters most: low prices. While the moving company doesn’t do local moves (less than 150 miles), it has super low prices for longer distances: U-Pack is almost $600 cheaper than the average container company.

U-Pack long-distance moving container costs

Moving company
Average cost
U-Pack savings




Nearest-priced competitor



Industry average



Most expensive competitor



Data as of 8/10/2020. Offers and availability may vary and are subject to change. Average cost calculated by comparing moving costs for four home sizes across five distances of more than 150 miles.

U-Pack has a pay-for-what-you-use policy

U-Pack doesn’t make you pay for containers you don’t use. Picking the right size can be tricky. If you don’t order enough containers, you might need to downsize or postpone your move. If you order too many, you’re stuck with the bill. With U-Pack, you pay only for the ReloCubes you use. It’s hard to beat low prices and a pay-for-what-you-use policy.

U-Pack has excellent customer reviews

U-Pack’s customer reviews are out of this world. Its average customer review of 3.8 out of 5 stars is a half star higher than the 3.3 average of our best moving container companies. Customers often praise the moving service’s low costs, on-time delivery, and professional customer service reps.

Light Bulb
Is U-Pack better than PODS?

See how U-Pack compares to PODS—one of the most well-known container companies.

Our recommendation

U-Pack is the best moving container company out there. It has the lowest prices and the highest customer reviews, not to mention a pay-for-what-you-use policy that can save you even more money. The downside? The U-Pack ReloCube container quality is only so-so, and the company doesn’t offer local moves. If you want an extra-strength container or are going only across town, check with one of our other best moving container companies.

Want the lowest prices out there?

Other moving container picks

U-Pack is our top pick, but it’s not your only option. Read our reviews for other moving container companies:

U-Pack FAQ

What are U-Pack’s storage rates?

U-Pack’s storage rates are $150 per month. While most moving container companies build a month of storage into your quote, you pay U-Pack’s ReloCube storage costs only if you specifically ask for it.

Is there a U-Pack trailer?

Yes, there is a U-Pack trailer. It holds three to four rooms worth of belongings, while the U-Pack ReloCube fits only one room. A U-Pack moving consultant can help you choose between the U-Pack ReloCube and U-Pack trailer.

What is the difference between U-Pack and ABF Freight?

U-Pack sells moving containers, and ABF Freight (a carrier company) transports the containers on its trucks. The two companies have been partners for two decades. ABF hauls both the U-Pack ReloCube and the U-Pack trailer.

What are U-Pack moving reviews like?

U-Pack moving reviews are excellent. The moving company’s average customer review score of 3.8 out of 5 stars is a half star higher than other moving container companies. Positive reviews often mention U-Pack’s stellar customer service, low prices, and timely delivery.

Does U-Pack have a U-Box container?

No, U-Pack doesn’t have a U-Box container (it’s a U-Haul product). While the U-Box is cheap and widely available, the container’s plywood construction is low-quality, and the customer service is consistently poor. U-Pack’s ReloCube has metal construction, and the company provides excellent customer service.

Is a moving container cheaper than a moving truck?

A moving container is generally cheaper than a moving truck for cross-country trips because you don’t have to pay for food and lodging. A moving truck is typically less expensive for local moves, but you do the driving.

Is U-Pack a full-service moving company?

No, U-Pack is not a full-service moving company. U-Pack specializes in moving containers. The U-Pack ReloCube is one of the cheapest containers on the market, and customers routinely give the company positive reviews.

Can U-Pack deliver a ReloCube to my driveway or parking space?

Yes, U-Pack can deliver a ReloCube to your driveway or parking space. The company gives a three-day window to load and unload the storage container. If you need long-term storage, U-Pack charges $150 per container per month to keep the container at one of its warehouses (it doesn’t allow long-term storage at your home).


Move.org follows a five-step process to identify the nation’s best moving container companies:

  1. Compare quotes. We collected over 100 quotes from seven of the nation’s largest moving container companies to identify pricing trends.
  2. Mystery shopping. We do a top-to-bottom analysis of each company’s website and even call posing as customers. It helps us get a feel for what real-life customers experience.
  3. Analyze reviews. We read dozens of reviews for each company to see what most impresses (and turns off) customers. We also ran the numbers for more than 7,000 total reviews to calculate an industry customer review average.
  4. Site visits. We invite industry experts and company executives to visit our headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT. We grill them on everything from pricing and customer reviews to insurance coverage and the latest industry trends.
  5. Annual review. Every year, we repeat the process to ensure that our list of the best moving container companies stays current. That means things like our top recommendations and industry prices may change from year to year.

Kurt Manwaring
Written by
Kurt Manwaring
Kurt Manwaring brings nearly a decade’s worth of research experience as a business consultant to the Move.org team. He specializes in taking complicated issues (like moving) and presenting them in a way that everyone can understand. His writing has been featured in hundreds of publications, including USA Today, Martha Stewart Living, Country Living, Good Housekeeping, Heavy, Slate, and Yahoo! Lifestyle. He brings a BS in sociology and an MPA (masters of public administration) to the Move team. He would love to hear about your moving experiences and questions at kurt@move.org.