2021 Enterprise Truck Rental Review

Bottom line: Enterprise offers more truck options than any other rental truck company out there. The catch? It does only local moves.
Enterprise Truck Rental
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Julia Campbell
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Published on December 18, 2020
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Thinking about going the DIY route for your next move? You probably know Enterprise best as a big-name rental car company, but it’s also a trustworthy rental truck option for local moves.

With locations in forty-six states and an impressive lineup of moving trucks to choose from, Enterprise makes it easy to find the right rental truck near you. You have to return the truck to the same location you picked it up at, so if your move is more than a few hundred miles, you’ll probably want to get a truck from somewhere else.

Read on to see where Enterprise earns high marks—and where we think it could improve.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Offers 14 rental truck sizes
Pro Bullet Uses diesel engines on some trucks
Con Heading
Con Bullet Doesn’t do long-distance moves
Con Bullet Has so-so customer service

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What features does Enterprise offer?

Enterprise offers fourteen truck sizes. Granted, a few of these sizes are primarily for commercial use, but fourteen is still a whole lot more than the rest of the competition.

We like how transparent Enterprise is about its truck options and locations, too—both are listed in detail on its website. While this may seem customary, you’d be surprised at how few moving companies provide clear information online.

Curious to see which Enterprise features set it apart from the crowd?

Enterprise’s standout features

  • It has a wide variety of truck sizes.
  • It offers diesel engines on certain truck types.

Enterprise’s moving services

  • Local moves
  • Multiple truck sizes
  • Multiple truck types
  • Moving and packing supplies
  • Discounts for Progressive customers
  • Insurance coverage
  • Roadside assistance
  • Online reservations

One downside, however, is that Enterprise doesn’t offer truck rentals for one-way moves, which eliminates a lot of potential customers and bumps it down our rankings.

Another thing that we don’t love: Enterprise seems to offer features on a case-by-case basis.

For instance, some locations cater more to commercial renters than to those moving their households. This means your location might have more large vans than small trucks or vice versa.

We strongly suggest calling your Enterprise location to find out what’s available to you.

Heads Up
How Enterprise is addressing COVID-19

Enterprise is still open for business, though some of its branches have reduced hours. The company is offering curbside rentals and delivery on some vehicles to reduce contact between customers and employees. Plus, if you've already reserved a truck, you may qualify for no-fee cancellation.

We also appreciate that Enterprise is taking extra precautions to clean and sanitize its vehicles and to minimize the number of employees working at open locations during this pandemic.

How much does Enterprise cost?

In general, moving truck rental prices include a daily rate to rent a truck plus a small fee for every mile you drive.

Depending on the Enterprise location, we’ve seen truck rental rates vary anywhere from $89 to $475 per day and price-per-mile range from $0.20 to $0.69.

Because of this, you'll want to factor in the distance you're driving. While some companies include mileage estimates in their quotes, Enterprise doesn’t—you’ll have to pull up your phone’s calculator and calculate the mileage cost yourself.

To get an idea of how much renting a truck with Enterprise would cost, we crunched the numbers on a 60-mile move with a 24-foot box truck over two days. For our quote, we went with the bare minimum plan and didn’t include any insurance.

Here’s what we found:

Enterprise truck rental rates

Rental truck type
2-day rental
Price per mile
Sales tax
Total charge
Estimated total for 60 miles

24’ box truck with lift gate






We’ve seen cheaper prices from some of Enterprise’s competitors, but some of these companies are notorious for slapping last-minute fees on your bill.

Enterprise, on the other hand, doesn’t have a reputation for hidden fees. So even if its rates seem steep, there’s a chance you’ll pay more with another company solely due to surprise fees.

Getting a quote

Enterprise scores major points for not making you call to get a quote. Instead, all you need to do is enter some basic information online:

  • Your move dates (pickup and return)
  • The type of truck you want to rent
  • Your starting location and final destination
  • The renter’s age (must be at least 21)

While you’ll probably need to call your location to nail down your reservation, having online quotes available at the ready is peak convenience—especially if you’re shopping around.

What protection plans does Enterprise offer?

Enterprise offers four types of coverage on its rentals: damage waiver, personal accident insurance, roadside protection, and supplemental liability protection.

The cost is based on set rates per day. So the total cost of your protection plan will depend on the coverage you choose plus the number of days you rent your truck.

There’s really no cut-and-dried price for each protection plan because—like we’ve said before—it’ll all depend on the location you’re working with.

That said, your online quote can give you an idea of how much insurance coverage will cost. For our move, supplemental liability protection was an additional $25.99 per day.

Here’s the breakdown of Enterprise’s protection plans:

Damage waiver

This waives or reduces any loss or damage that happens to the rental truck. The fine print is vague about how much is covered, which is another reason to call your Enterprise location directly.

Personal accident insurance

This option covers any medical expenses that could crop up if the renter is injured while driving the truck (or if there’s an accidental death).

Roadside protection (24/7)

This covers jumpstarts, lockout services, lost key replacement, flat tire changes, and fuel deliveries. So if you’re stranded on the side of the highway in the middle of the night, you won’t have to call your friend with an IOU—Enterprise will send someone your way.

Supplemental liability protection

As the most comprehensive plan on the list, supplemental liability covers up to $1,000,000 for any third-party liability claims (e.g., if you cause an accident and need to cover the other party’s expenses).

Heads Up
Heads up!

Enterprise typically requires renters to be at least 21 years old. There are a couple notable exceptions. First, you only have to be 18 if you live in New York or Michigan (although it costs extra). Second, Enterprise suggests other exceptions can be made if you're under 21 but doesn't go into detail. We recommend you give the company a call to see if your situation applies.

Enterprise offers lots of truck sizes

With a whopping fourteen sizes, Enterprise offers more options than any other rental truck company. And why is this big?

As with any move, you’ll want to find the right truck size for your load. But if a company offers only, say, three sizes, you’d be forced to mix and match sizes until you find the right combination for your load. Or worse: you’ll overpay for space you don’t use.

With a wide array of trucks, the likelihood that you’ll find the right size from Enterprise is pretty high.

Enterprise’s moving trucks

Box trucks
Parcel van
Pickup trucks

Truck sizes

24 ft., 26 ft.

15 ft.

½-ton, ¾-ton, 1 ton

Truck image

Number of rooms




Best for

5+ bedroom house

Studio apartment, 1–2-bedroom apartment

Dorm rooms, single rooms, bulky items

The images used in the table come directly from Enterprise's website.

Enterprise’s specialty trucks

Cargo vans
Cabover van

Truck sizes

Compact cargo, cargo, heavy duty, heavy duty XL, high roof

16 ft.

Truck image

Number of rooms


3–4 rooms

Best for

Studio apartment, 1-bedroom apartment, fragile items, multiple trips

2–3 bedroom apartment, small homes

The images used in the table come directly from Enterprise's website.

The cabover van, parcel van (on select models), and box truck come with a lift gate. Unlike a ramp, where you pull or push your belongings up into the truck, a lift gate lets you stack your things at ground level and then raise them to the right height. This makes loading ten times easier.

Another perk of moving with Enterprise: some trucks have diesel engines (we’ll get into this later).

Need a driving buddy?

You can add a driver to your reservation. They’ll just need to show Enterprise their license before they can take the wheel. (You might want proof of a decent driving playlist, too!)

Enterprise offers trucks with diesel engines

Enterprise is one of only a few rental truck companies that have trucks with diesel engines—a feature that can save you stress and money on your big move.

Diesel trucks can pull more weight and have a higher torque than regular trucks, meaning they have more power when going uphill. So if your load is heavier than normal, or if you live in an area with steep inclines (hello, San Francisco), a diesel truck can save you from driving with a lead foot.

Diesel trucks are also more fuel efficient, so renting one could lower your overall gas price depending on how many miles you drive.

Here are Enterprise’s rental trucks that come with diesel engines:

  • Pickup truck (optional on all sizes)
  • Cab-over truck (16 ft.)
  • Box truck (all sizes)
Light Bulb
Did you know?

At select locations, you can rent tow hitches on ¾- and 1-ton pickup trucks—in case you need to haul those unused Jet Skis to your new crib.

The downside

As we’ve mentioned, Enterprise does only local moves. This means that if you pick up your truck and drive it an hour and a half to your new home, you’ll have to drive it all the way back to the original location after everything is said and done.

This is, of course, a major inconvenience, and it also limits who Enterprise can do business with.

Our conclusion

By offering the most truck sizes of any rental truck company, Enterprise gives you the flexibility to choose a truck that fits your move. This also helps you stay within your budget and prevents you from paying for unused truck space.

Enterprise offers only local moves, though, so you’ll have to return your truck to the same location you picked it up from. Depending on how far you’re moving, the pain of having to return the truck might make or break your decision to rent from Enterprise.

Here’s a recap of when it does (and doesn’t) make sense to rent a moving truck with Enterprise:

We recommend renting a truck from Enterprise if any of the following apply to you:

  • You’re moving locally.
  • You need an odd or uncommon truck size. Enterprise offers fourteen different truck sizes, so your chances of finding the right size for your move are high.

We don’t recommend moving with Enterprise if this applies to you:

  • You’re moving long distance.
  • You want to go the cheapest route possible. Enterprise’s prices aren’t significantly cheaper than other rental truck companies.

Still shopping around? Check out our best rental truck companies list to see which companies we deem the best for DIY moves.

Julia Campbell
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Julia Campbell
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