Zippy Shell 2021 Review: Pricing & Services

Bottom line: Zippy Shell is the cheapest moving container company for a midsize home, but it’s available in only 28 states.

Overall rating

4.2 / 5

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Zippy Shell is one of the best moving and storage companies around. It specializes in local and long-distance moving containers. Not to mention, it’s well known for keeping customers’ stuff safe and for having the lowest prices around for midsize homes.

If you can’t find any Zippy Shell locations near you (it’s available in only 28 states), you can check with one of our best moving container companies.


  • Lowest prices for midsize homes
  • Content protection ($10K–$50K)
  • Local and long-distance service
  • Steel cage containers


  • No instant online quotes
  • Limited availability (28 states)
  • Rental fees not included in quote

How much does Zippy Shell cost?

Zippy Shell costs approximately $3,260 for the average move. Prices vary from about $1,700 for a one-bedroom apartment across 460 miles to $5,790 for a five-bedroom home over 2,060 miles. The moving company’s prices are about 10% higher than the industry average.

Zippy Shell moving container pricing

460 miles1,760 miles2,060 miles
1-room apartment$1,700$2,660$3,010
2-room home$1,700$2,660$3,010
3-room home$1,700$2,660$3,010
5-room home$3,290$5,180$5,790
1-room apartment
2-room home
3-room home
5-room home
460 miles 1,760 miles 2,060 miles
$1,700 $2,660 $3,010
$1,700 $2,660 $3,010
$1,700 $2,660 $3,010
$3,290 $5,180 $5,790

Data as of 8/10/2020. Offers and availability may vary and are subject to change. Average cost calculated by comparing moving costs for four home sizes across three distances. compared Zippy Shell prices with five other moving container companies. We collected 154 quotes to see how much it costs to move various home sizes over six distances. Our findings show that Zippy Shell’s average price of $3,260 is about 10% more expensive than other moving container companies, but that the company has some of the lowest rates for midsize homes and long distances.

As always, you should compare quotes from multiple companies to find the best price for your move. Be aware that Zippy Shell doesn’t offer instant online quotes, so you’ll need to call or fill out a form with your basic info (name, moving date, new and old address) to get one via email.

Zippy Shell cost factors

Zippy Shell moving container prices depend on a few factors:

  • Home size. The bigger your home, the more containers you may need.
  • Distance. It generally costs more to travel longer distances.
  • Storage time. There are monthly storage fees if you need to use a Zippy Shell warehouse.

Zippy Shell coverage options

Zippy Shell includes $10,000 of content protection for $49.95 per container. Customers can purchase up to $50,000 for a per container fee of $119.95. That means if your vintage record collection gets damaged while in transit, Zippy Shell can help cover the costs.

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Zippy Shell offers premium loading services if you need help from a professional mover. You can also check out one of’s Best Moving Labor Companies for assistance with your moving needs.

Zippy Shell features and services

Zippy Shell containers are ideal for shipping

While some companies use a storage container as a moving container, Zippy Shell uses a caged interior so customers can tie down their belongings to the walls every three to four inches. This keeps your stuff from shifting during transit. A common problem with moving containers is that the container doors jam when things move around. Zippy Shell doesn’t have that problem because the doors open outward.

In the rare event something comes loose, Zippy Shell uses barn-style doors so you can still open the container.

The only drawback is Zippy Shell has only one container size: 15 x 7 x 7 ft. A smaller 10-foot container is available for some local moves, but the reps we spoke with said Zippy Shell rarely uses the smaller containers, and there’s only a $30–$40 price difference.

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Zippy Shell has local and long-distance service

Not every moving container company offers both local and long-distance service, but Zippy Shell does. The downside? It’s available in only about half of the country (28 states), and it’s not easy to get quotes for local moves (we tried several times, and the company’s few local reps were never available).

Zippy Shell offers monthly storage

If your new place isn’t ready when your belongings arrive, Zippy Shell will let you keep your moving containers at one of its warehouses. Storage is included as part of your $159 per month per container rental fee.

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Zippy Shell is still open for business. The company is also offering 30 days of free storage for college students with the promo code “COLLEGE.”

Things to know about Zippy Shell

Zippy Shell has the lowest prices for midsize homes

You won’t find a cheaper company than Zippy Shell if you need to move a three-bedroom home. The moving company’s average price of $2,640 is nearly $500 less expensive than the average moving container and storage company—and $330 cheaper than PODS.

Zippy Shell vs. PODS cost

Zippy ShellPODSIndustry average
1 room$2,640$1,960$2,100
2 rooms$2,640$2,970$3,130
5 rooms$5,110$5,060$4,610
1 room
2 rooms
5 rooms
Zippy Shell PODS Industry average
$2,640 $1,960 $2,100
$2,640 $2,970 $3,130
$5,110 $5,060 $4,610

Data as of 8/10/2020. Offers and availability may vary and are subject to change. Average cost calculated by comparing moving costs for three home sizes across six distances.

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Zippy Shell has flexible loading/unloading options

Zippy Shell has a couple of flexible loading and unloading options that can save you money:

  • Staggered delivery. Not sure if you need one or two containers? Zippy Shell will deliver one container at a time, so you pay for only what you need.
  • Warehouse loading/unloading. You can save hundreds of dollars if you load and unload your containers at a Zippy Shell warehouse instead of your home. It might be a pain to transport your belongings from the destination warehouse to your new pad, but the savings could be worth it. In one test case, Zippy Shell said we’d save $800 loading and unloading at its warehouses.
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Each Zippy Shell storage facility is known as a warehouse—or a terminal. You can rent storage space at a Zippy Shell terminal for a monthly fee (starting at $159 per container).

Zippy Shell is available in 28 states

Zippy Shell offers local and long-distance moving services—but only if you live near a Zippy Shell location. The company has Zippy Shell locations in 28 states, so there’s more than a 50% chance of finding one in your state.

Container rental costs not included

Zippy Shell doesn’t include the cost of container rentals in its quotes. While the company does include tax (many moving container companies don’t), it can be a surprise to get an extra charge of $159 per container (which covers rental and storage costs).




Did you know moving containers can sometimes be less expensive than rental trucks?

Zippy Shell FAQ

What is the average cost of Zippy Shell moving containers?

The average cost of Zippy Shell moving containers is approximately $3,260—or about 10% higher than the industry average.

What are Zippy Shell moving reviews like?

Zippy Shell’s moving reviews are middle of the pack. The average Zippy Shell review has a customer rating of 3.2 out of 5 stars—about a half star below companies like PODS and U-Pack, and a half star above companies like U-Box and SMARTBOX.

Is Zippy Shell more expensive than 1-800-PACK-RAT?

No, Zippy Shell is not more expensive than 1-800-PACK-RAT. Zippy Shell’s average cost of $3,260 is about $25 cheaper than 1-800-PACK-RAT.

What is the Zippy Shell vs. PODS price difference?

The Zippy Shell vs. PODS price difference is about $100 (in favor of PODS) for the average move. Zippy Shell has lower prices than PODS for three-bedroom homes and distances of approximately 500 miles.

Zippy Shell vs. PODS cost

Zippy ShellPODS
Average price$3,260$3,160
3-room homes$2,640$2,970
460 miles average$2,100$2,930
Average price
3-room homes
460 miles average
Zippy Shell PODS
$3,260 $3,160
$2,640 $2,970
$2,100 $2,930

Data as of 8/10/2020. Offers and availability may vary and are subject to change. Average cost calculated by comparing moving costs for four home sizes across six distances.

Does Zippy Shell offer storage services?

Yes, Zippy Shell offers storage services. Your initial fee of $159 per container includes one month of storage.

Does Zippy Shell do long-distance moves?

Yes, Zippy Shell does long-distance moves. For distances of 1,850 miles or more, Zippy Shell’s average price of $3,580 is about $100 lower than the average container moving service.

Our recommendation

Zippy Shell has moving containers specifically designed for transport. The caged interior allows you to tie down your belongings to the walls every few inches, meaning your stuff won’t shift during transit. Zippy Shell has rock-bottom prices for midsize homes, and you won’t find a better company if you have a three-room home.

Remember, the company is available in only 28 states. If you can’t find a Zippy location near you, consider checking with one of our other best moving container companies.

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  • Dan Taylor

    Zippy Shell is the absolute worst moving company you could ever pick!!!!!! I can’t say it enough. My daughter just had them move them across country and from the start they promised things that they never did. My daughters family was put on hold for several months, over charged, found broken and damaged furniture and the people at Zippy Shell were very rude to deal with. I would never ever use this company to move even a grain of sand 20 feet, they would find a way to ruin your life and charge you for doing it. Terrible company and I can’t say that enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beware and steer clear of Zippy Shell, the only thing you’ll get from these guys is your life Zipped up and all full of grief.

  • Briana

    This is by far the worst moving company I’ve ever had to deal with – just as the previous review, much of my furniture arrived broken and damaged, many of the other goods arrived broken. To top it off, the driver hit several cars on my block when he came to deliver my shell. Do not use this company!

  • Sumitsingh72

    This is a full blog post on this topic. Thank you for sharing this information with us all.

  • Scratchie

    I just called for a quote… the woman on the phone was very unprofessional when she first picked up and couldn’t hang up fast enough when I heard the details and told her I wasn’t interested. She was literally hanging up before I could say “Thanks and have a nice day.” Not a deal-breaker but a big red flag if they’re that rude while they’re trying to win your business.

  • Brandon

    I just used Zippy Shell to move and I deeply regret it! The company does NOT care about its customer, and has the worst customer “service” of any company I’ve had to deal with. We were told our items couldn’t be delivered on the date we requested (which was a Saturday mind you) unless we paid an extra $900! What moving company can’t deliver your items on a weekend? So we didn’t pay their extortion fee to get our items back, but in the interim they charged us an additional $477 to store our items. So, they refused to deliver our items on a weekend, and then charged our credit card without any communication or notice. When we called customer “service” we were basically told tough, you signed a contract so deal with it. I was disappointed in how we were treated after spending over $5000 to move with Zippy Shell. I can’t discourage people enough from using them. Any convenience you think you’ll get from using them will be made up in the hassle in dealing with them. Also, don’t believe the sales pitch when you call for a quote. You shells won’t be delivered shortly after you request them. My neighbor used them to move and they had his stuff for a month! In short, I can say that I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone, and that they shouldn’t be in business with the way they treat people.

  • Kim Bouse

    Zippy Shell is NOT 7X7, it’s only 6’4″ x 6’4″, so your 7 ft furniture will not fit standing up in the cage (not a truck). Moving blankets are NOT included. Responsiveness top these issues is non existant.

  • Logan Rodgers

    How they get 1 star is beyond me. The worse moving experience I’ve ever had. We have to move every 3 years for work… this company is a disaster. I will be reaching out to an attorney for multiple breaches of their contract. Like that’s what I really want to spend my time doing SMH…. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get yourself a POD

  • Colby Allison

    My wife and I recently used zippy shell to move across the country and it is honestly one of the worst experiences I have ever had moving. First of all they lied to us about when our pod would giving us one date so we arranged our whole lives around that date just to have them call us later and say it was a “glitch” in the system and our pod was still 4 days out after we talked to 4 diffrent employees who confirmed the original date. So we had to send back our family and friends who traveled out of their way to help us and live in an empty house for a week without our stuff. Next on the list of terrible that is zippy shell all of our stuff was basically ruined with skid Mark’s and scratches even though we secured everything down. Finally after they delayed our order by 4 days they offered 100 dollars compensation and where confused about why we where still upset. To clarify, dont use zippy shell unless you don’t care about your things and want to deal with the most abysmal customer service available on god green earth. 0 stars