2019’s Best Car Shipping Companies

Bottom line: Aside from your home, your car is the most valuable asset you own. Protect your investment with a car shipping company that meets your needs.

Top 5 auto transport companies comparison

CompanyMontway Auto TransportSherpa Auto TransportAmeriFreightuShipShip a Car Direct
Sherpa Auto Transport
Best forA guaranteed pickup dateLocked-in pricesDiscountsComparing quotesA damage-free guarantee
WebsiteGet a QuoteGet a QuoteGet a QuoteGet a QuoteGet a Quote
Best for
Montway Auto Transport Sherpa Auto Transport AmeriFreight uShip Ship a Car Direct
Sherpa Auto Transport
A guaranteed pickup date Locked-in prices Discounts Comparing quotes A damage-free guarantee
Get a Quote Get a Quote Get a Quote Get a Quote Get a Quote

Current as of 5/31/19

Moving your car across the country is a daunting task. Whether you’re hopping behind the wheel yourself or using an auto transport company, there’s a lot to consider.

While we can’t help you plan all the best pit stops if you tackle the journey on your own, we can help you choose the best car shipping company for the job.

Check out our recommendations for the best car shipping companies to see which is the best fit for you.

Need help deciding on a long-distance mover for the rest of your valuables? Learn more about our expert picks in our Best Long-Distance Movers list.

Montway Auto Transport—Best for a guaranteed pickup date

Overall rating

4.3 / 5

Montway Auto Transport is one of the largest auto shippers around. It provides options for everyone from college students to classic car aficionados.

If you’re in the market for auto transport and want to ship your car with a reputable, nationwide company, Montway is worth considering.


  • Offers guaranteed pickup
  • Offers a price-matching policy
  • Provides multiple payment options
  • Ships classic, vintage, and exotic cars


  • Advertises inaccurate, outdated information

Why we recommend Montway Auto Transport

Reason #1: It offers guaranteed pickup

Most car shipping companies don’t allow you to select an exact pickup date. Instead, they give you a pickup window and ask you to list the first day your car will be available.

But Montway is not like other car shipping companies—it’s a cool car shipping company.

If you need more control over your car shipment schedule than a five-day pickup window, Montway has you covered. Simply call and request a guaranteed pickup date and your car will be picked up on the exact day you request.

Certain guaranteed pickup dates may cost extra, but knowing exactly when Montway will pick up your car allows you to move on with your life rather than putting everything on hold while you wait.

Montway also offers expedited pickup. If you want your car gone in a hurry, Montway can pick it up within twenty-four to forty-eight hours of placing your order.

To get more insight into Montway’s guaranteed pickup policy, we asked a Montway customer about his experience working with the company.

He told us that the first carrier Montway brokered his service to didn’t show up on the scheduled delivery day and didn’t return his calls. With most companies, this type of breakdown might delay the delivery process, but when the customer contacted Montway directly, the company selected a second carrier that expedited the shipping process—free of charge—and delivered the car on schedule.

Reason #2: It has multiple payment options

Instead of having you pay your car carrier directly in cash (like, ahem, almost every other car shipping company), Montway gives you a couple of different options.

Option 1: Pay in full online

Once your order is assigned to a carrier, Montway charges you a one-time payment by credit or debit card. This is a great option if you’re uncomfortable carrying that much dough at one time and feel safer using a card.

Option 2: Pay some up front, some on delivery

This is the traditional method most auto transport companies use. Although it involves carrying a huge wad of bills, Montway sometimes offers a discount if you pay in cash.

It’s a fairly straightforward process. Once Montway assigns you a carrier, you pay Montway a partial payment online —then you pay your driver in cash when they deliver your car.

If you don’t mind paying in Benjamins, this option could save you a bit of money on your order.

To learn more, read our full Montway review.

Sherpa Auto Transport—Best for locked-in prices

Overall rating

4.1 / 5

Sherpa Auto Transport checks all the right boxes when it comes to putting the customer first. Between quote transparency and a free car wash included in every move, the people at Sherpa do customer service right.

The biggest example of this? Its generous pricing policy.


  • Includes a car wash in every move
  • Transports inoperable cars
  • Has a clear, informative website


  • No advertised insurance options

Why we recommend Sherpa Auto Transport

Reason #1: It offers a Price Lock Promise

Sherpa commits to its price estimates, which means whatever Sherpa quotes you is what you’ll pay.

So how does this work? Basically, every auto transport broker contracts from the same pool of car carriers.

Sherpa will quote you a price that it thinks is fair to carriers, who in turn will bid on your shipment. If Sherpa can’t find a carrier to do the job at the estimated rate, it will still match you with a high-quality company—regardless of your budget—and pull up to $300 from its own pocket to subsidize the difference.

Instead of having you pay a higher price than you expected or sending you a company with poor service, Sherpa will bend over backward to find you the best match—even if that means paying for part of your move.

If this isn’t customer service done right, well, we don’t know what is.

Reason #2: It offers a Clean Car Guarantee

One thing that’s pretty much inevitable is that your car will get dirty during the move—and Sherpa gets that.

Sherpa will hook you up with a complimentary car wash (up to $20) as long as you do it within a week of your move and provide a receipt. Between dirt, mud, rain, and highway debris hitting your car during transport, you’ll want to take advantage of this perk.

No other car shipping company offers complimentary washes, so this is another feather in Sherpa’s customer service cap.

Curious about other Sherpa perks? Check out our full Sherpa review.

AmeriFreight—Best for discounts

Overall rating

4.0 / 5

Although AmeriFreight’s website isn’t the most polished of the bunch, the company offers all of the services and guarantees you’d expect from a top-tier auto transport provider. Plus, it has the most impressive lineup of discounts compared to others on our list.


  • Offers discounts for service members and other individuals
  • Offers a price-matching policy
  • Offers insurance plan that gives you 48 hours after delivery to inspect your car for damage


  • Doesn’t advertise its insurance options

Why we recommend AmeriFreight

Reason #1: It offers discounts for military members, first responders, and others

AmeriFreight advertises the most discounts of any car shipping company on our list.

Here’s a look at each of its discounts* and how much they’ll shave off your bill:

  • Military discount: $35
  • First responder discount: $35
  • Student discount: $25
  • Senior citizen discount: $25
  • Early bird discount (book within twenty-four hours of receiving your quote): $35
  • Return customer discount: $50
  • Multiple vehicle discount: $50 off every additional vehicle in your shipment

Shipping your car isn’t a cheap endeavor, so we appreciate AmeriFreight’s efforts to trim your costs where it can.

*Discounts valid as of 2/8/19

Reason #2: It offers a great insurance plan

AmeriFreight’s AFta (Allied Fidelity Total Assurance) insurance plan is very similar to Ship a Car Direct’s damage-free guarantee—it basically compensates for damage the car carrier refuses to cover.

However, AmeriFreight’s plan mentions something that Ship a Car Direct’s guarantee doesn’t: time.

If you notice any damage on your car within forty-eight hours of delivery, AmeriFreight’s AFta plan compensates you up to $800 for repairs if the car carrier refuses to cover the damage.

We like how this gives you the option to take your time inspecting your car for damage rather than needing to spot and report any dents or scrapes before the carrier leaves.

Learn more about AmeriFreight’s offerings in our full AmeriFreight review.

Little pin



Your level of insurance coverage will vary based on the pricing tier of the AFta plan you select. Be sure to discuss the different options with your AmeriFreight representative to find out which plan is best for you.

uShip—Best for comparing quotes

Overall rating

3.8 / 5

uShip is no ordinary auto transport company—it’s a shipping marketplace that lets you ship everything from your car to your cat. That saves you the headache of coordinating with several companies just to accomplish a single move, as uShip can help you move Fluffy (and anything else, for that matter) to your new home too.


  • Provides quotes from multiple car carriers
  • Ships more than just cars
  • Helps you create a listing and lets carriers bid on your shipment
  • Offers open and enclosed transport


  • Doesn’t list many carriers for enclosed transport

Why we recommend uShip

Reason #1: It immediately shows you estimates from several carriers

Most auto transporters work with a lot of different car carriers to find you the best deal possible. That’s all well and good, but not many of them tell how those carriers stack up against each other.

This is where uShip shines.

uShip is the only car shipping company on our list that shows you quotes from multiple carriers, putting you back in the driver’s seat to choose the best option for you.

Along with each car carrier’s price, uShip provides you with other points of comparison:

  • Vehicle pickup date
  • Transport type (open vs. enclosed)
  • Customer reviews
  • Company background information

We think this is great if you want to do a bit more research on a particular carrier before booking your auto shipment. After all, the company with the best price doesn’t always have the best service.

Reason #2: It can ship a lot more than just your car

One of the biggest things that sets uShip apart from any other car shipping company is the fact that it doesn’t ship just cars.

What else does it ship? A lot.

Since you came to see the best car shipping companies, let’s start with the vehicles uShip can transport:

  • Cars and light trucks
  • Motorcycles and mopeds
  • Powerboats
  • Sailboats
  • Personal watercraft like Jet Skis
  • RVs
  • ATVs and four-wheelers
  • Commercial trucks
  • Farm equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Vehicle and boat parts
  • Trailers

uShip also connects you with carriers to ship almost anything else you need—which can help if you’re moving your car as part of a larger household move.

Here’s a look at some of the other items uShip can ship for you:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Home electronics
  • Outdoor equipment
  • Pool tables
  • Pianos
  • Heavy farm and construction equipment
  • Dogs, cats, horses, and livestock animals

To learn more, read our full uShip review.

Ship a Car Direct—Best for damage coverage

Overall rating

3.9 / 5

Ship a Car Direct opened its doors in 2008 and has since grown to be one of the highest-rated auto shippers in the business. If the other companies on our list don’t fit your needs, Ship a Car Direct is another great option for both open and enclosed shipments.


  • Doesn’t require personal info for a rough estimate
  • Offers door-to-door delivery
  • Provides a damage-free guarantee
  • Includes extensive informational resources on its website


  • Requires an email address for a more thorough quote

Why we recommend Ship a Car Direct

Reason #1: It offers a damage-free guarantee

When you’re shipping your car across the country, the last thing you want to discover is a new scratch or ding on delivery day. Sure, choosing enclosed transport can greatly reduce the risk of damage, but accidents still happen.

That’s where Ship a Car Direct’s damage-free guarantee comes in.

All of the carriers Ship a Car Direct chooses are licensed and insured (just like every other car shipper on our list), so if your car gets damaged during the journey, the carrier should take care of it.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

If a carrier refuses to cover your car’s damage, Ship a Car Direct steps in to cover the damage instead. We think this really helps alleviate some of the stress of shipping your car.

No matter what, when you ship a car with Ship a Car Direct, the damage is covered.

Reason #2: It doesn’t require personal information to provide a rough estimate

Unlike many other auto transport companies, Ship a Car Direct lets you see a rough price range of your car shipment without requiring an email address.

We really like that Ship a Car Direct gives you this transparent look into its pricing without immediately collecting your personal info.

Although its price listings aren’t as detailed as what uShip offers, we still like how Ship a Car Direct gives you a safe place to do your research without the risk of being sent a bunch of marketing emails.

Top 5 car shipping companies

Other companies we recommend

If the car shippers we’ve discussed here aren’t quite right for you, we recommend checking out one of these other auto transport companies:

Let us know which auto transport company you choose!

Whichever car shipping company you decide is right for your ride, let us know in the comments below! And if you’re shipping your car as a part of a bigger move, be sure to check out our Find-a-Mover tool to find the mover that’s right for you.

About Colin Holmes

Colin Holmes
Colin Holmes is no stranger to moving: he’s done so five times in the last five years, and he’s used his expertise to help over 185,000 readers plan their moves in the last year alone. As a former journalist and documentary interviewer, Colin brings a wealth of research experience to Move.org.
  • jason carmer

    Don’t go with Reliable Carriers. They are very unethical. They rear-ended me and totaled my truck. I wasn’t even moving at the time and they say they aren’t responsible

    • El Captain Dave

      And you didn’t file a police report??? File a claim with your insurance company??? All this just “happened” and it sounds like all you’ve done is post a message on this board. Whats the rest of the story?

  • Kevin Parada

    My name is Kevin Parada and I own an auto transport/car shipping company based in Los Angeles, CA called JP Auto Transport. We help transport vehicles to and from California and all other states in the country for our customers.

    His process can sometimes be confusing and time consuming. My advice to customers is to always check a site called ‘safer web’ to make sure you are dealing with a reputable company. Also, do your research by using Yelp reviews to read other customers’ experiences. This will minimize the likelihood of having a bad experience.

    If I can help answer any questions, I can be reached at (909) 313-2147 by phone call or text.

    Thank you and happy car shopping!

    Kevin Parada

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    It is a very subjective list. Moreover 2019 has just begun. Not one single company can claim it is the best in the industry. Things happen, especially on the road. It is not a good practice to promise services you can deliver, yet many big companies do exactly that.

    However, the more information there is the better. Customers are free to read, ask and choose. We always recommend to our customers to compare quotes, to research and most of all to call and ask questions. This is how you find a reliable company.

    It’s really about doing your part and researching before choosing. Do not just go with the lowest quote received, or the highest for that matter, just because it’s coming from a big company. Shipping a car is similar to household moving in this aspect – you have to be involved and to know how it works and who is doing what.

    Learn how auto transport works and what is a realistic cost before booking a service!


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  • Mario Giscome

    Here’s my Ship A Car Direct experience in a nutshell… Disappointing.

    I believe if I were on Both shipping and receiving ends, my experience may have been better. However, I sold this car to my aunt and arranged for cross country transport because I wanted my aunt to take on as little as possible.

    BUT THE DRIVER… Ship A Car Direct works as the broker & hired Coast to Coast Auto Transport to do the transport. My experience and my aunt’s experience with the driver was equally as distasteful! The driver was very rude and impatient with Both of Us on each end. On my end, the driver rushed me through my picture taking steps (before delivery pics) and would not allow me to finish picture(s) submittal to Ship A Car Direct via their App (on my smartphone) because he said I “was holding him back from his next stop.” So I had to interrupt steps necessary to protect myself (and the car) so I could quickly close transaction so driver could be on his way… While appeasing the driver, the App timed out, so I was never able to submit my pictures to Ship A Car Direct through smartphone App – there’s something wrong with that because my 2018 Toyota is still worth a lot of money and I as the consumer, should feel safe about the transaction. I explained to the driver, I was not going to be on the receiving end… so I am relying on pictures for peace of mind. Driver quickly handed me my copy of “Bill of Lading” and my 2018 Toyota (which had 5 total visible scratches in a couple locations… otherwise in great condition) was listed on the Bill of Lading as an auto that “is in generally poor condition. Damage too numerous to list. Goes as is” … and asked me to initial next to that selection. I immediately objected and the driver proceeded to argue with me that those subtle scratches, qualifies my relatively new car for that description. Then I scanned the Bill of Laden and discovered that there were no “good condition” choices to choose from! The driver stormed off but I’m not sure why he was running behind? Driver initially called me and we agreed to a certain time… then he called 45 minutes before agreed time (I had to run out of work because he was early!) and said he was in the neighborhood for pick up.

    When this driver arrived on the east coast he parked the car in the middle of the street and refused my aunt’s request to park the car in her driveway. I instructed my aunt that when car arrives, quickly run water on the car & inspect for additional scratches/dents. The driver did the same to my aunt and pressured her to hurry up because he was running behind for another delivery. Hence, she was not able to properly inspect the car for her (or my) peace of mind.

    My aunt has since inspected the car and found it relatively the way I described it upon delivery. So we were only able to exhale after driver was long gone.

    This is my second experience shipping a car across country. I must say this experience was no way as pleasant as my first experience with the driver.

    I honestly believe Ship A Car Direct can require companies they broker with to do a better job screening their drivers. This driver may have done a decent job transporting my car safely but his customer service skills were less than desirable and he should be more sensitive considering value of items he is transporting.

  • Global Exchain

    Ship a car is always a tough job for us. For that we need a trusted car shipping company. From your post we get much valuable information about this topic. So, thanks a lot for this post.

  • Victor Tokarev

    Thank you for the review, but it’s very biased. Montway just lists the car on Central Dispatch and someone else delivers it, they are just a middle man. I have shipped with many companies, but I found that going direct with the actual shipping company is the best route hands down. Why? Because there is no broker fees, no middle man, and instant response. Promises are kept and my cars are always on time, because Im actually speaking to the person that made the promise and commitment. As a snow bird, I only ship with one company now. (Massachusetts to Florida and back, twice a year.) I would advise others do the same. To find a company and work with them consistently and direct!

    • Lyudmyla Dembitska

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  • Daphne Lee

    I would not recommend Montway. They forgot about our car at its pick-up location, didn’t know exactly where it was when I called on the day of delivery, took a few days to figure out where it was, neglected to call me with the resolution, then delivered the car nearly two to three weeks late. I had to threaten that they had possibly stolen the car! They would not admit the mistake and would not discount the rate for the poor service. I spent a lot of time on the phone and had to chase them. What a disaster! They are a middle mad with great advertising and poor service.

  • Halie Cousineau

    This was the worst customer experience of my life!
    Not only did the pick the car up late, far past the date they said they would get it. But the driver and Monway did not call me to warn me about being late or when they would show up! I had to repeatedly call to find out if they were coming and then they day the drive showed up ( after 2 days of Montway not being able to find or contact him) he said I needed to be there within the hour or else they would leave! THEN, after I was guaranteed the car would arrive no later than a specific date, ( needed the car a specific date so I prepared for it to arrive early just incase it was late…), however it showed up a week later! But on top of that NO ONE ever called me from Montway. I had to call ever day to get an update on my car, and again they could not find the driver or ever contact him! THEN once they found him and I expressed I was unhappy the supervisor actaully scoffed laughed at me! They simply did not care and said they could do nothing. Then near the day of the drop off they kept telling me it would arrive one day but the car never arrived. THey did this for 3 DAYS! I was an hour away (which I told them) and had a job I couldn’t simply just miss for 3 days waiting for my car. In the end I was the one who ended up communicating with the drive about a delivery date and time. I didn’t even use Montway as the communicator to the driver because they were TERRIBLE!!!!

    They did not take any accountability and they are a middle man so they guarantee nothing and do not care about your experience. Montway did not offer any discount or even sympathy regarding my experience.

    There one 1 employee that was nice and called me back the day he was working but couldn’t help me at all (this was the last day when the car arrived the following morning at 7am due to my communication with the driver).

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    I agree with some of the below posters. It is your job to find out who can offer you the best service. If you want to be able to reach someone after hours, a big company with fancy call menu’s, hold times, and closing hours, etc.. may not be for you. I opened my own company, Goliath Auto Transport after working for many of the “big” companies so to speak. Now I specialize in SUPERIOR customer service. Every company listed above as a 2019 BEST SHIPPER has loads and loads of customer complaints. All you have to do is look at their profile page on transport reviews and click “customer complaints”. You will be surprised. Common theme in most of the reviews is, gave a low price price in the beginning. Then billed a deposit. Then asked for more money, then stopped answering their phone. Typical bait-n-switch.
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