2021 Budget Truck Rental Review

Bottom line: Budget Truck Rental offers simple, reliable moving van rentals at no-frills prices. Plus, it’s available almost everywhere and has discounts to suit nearly every customer.

Overall rating

4.5 / 5

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Just as its name suggests, Budget Truck Rental’s strength is its affordability—specifically, its low base rates. Budget speaks to self-movers on a mission to move without spending an arm and a leg. And with nearly 2,600 US locations and 30,000 trucks, Budget makes this happen for a whole bunch of people.

It’s also the most affordable company for local moves. Read more about how Budget’s pricing compares to its competitors on our list of the cheapest truck rental companies.


  • Tons of discounts
  • Low one-way costs
  • Lots of locations


  • No guaranteed reservations
  • Only 3 truck sizes

See where Budget ranked on our Best Moving Truck Companies list.

How much does Budget Truck Rental cost?

The average cost to move with Budget Truck Rental is $1,520, and it’s especially affordable for local moves, which cost just $80 on average.

While Budget’s base rates are cheaper than its competitors—especially for local moves—it’s not necessarily the cheapest rental truck company for every situation. Budget is no stranger to last-minute fees, so you may end up paying more than your original quote suggested.

We break down what you need to know about pricing in our guide to moving truck rental costs.

Get money



Budget Truck Rental is offering a 20% discount on its base rates. Use the code 20DIS when booking to lock in your savings.

Budget Truck Rental cost factors

Here’s the full breakdown of the cost factors to rent a truck from Budget:

  • Deposit. There’s a $150 deposit for local moves.
  • Gas. Fuel costs add up fast.
  • Liability coverage. Insurance is optional.
  • Mileage. Expect to pay a per-mile fee for local moves.
  • Taxes and fees. Average taxes and fees are about $100.
  • Timeline. It’s cheaper to book between Sunday and Thursday (weekends are the most expensive).
  • Truck rental. There’s a daily charge for the truck.

The $150 deposit is fully refundable as long as you don’t bring the truck back dirty, with less gas than you started with, or past your allotted time. Plan accordingly, though: Sometimes the deposit can take weeks to hit your bank account.

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One of the most common Budget customer complaints is that the company doesn’t guarantee reservations—a trade-off for Budget’s cheap rates.

If you’re flexible, this can be worth the cost savings. But if you want to be sure that you’ll get what you ordered at the date and time you need it, Penske offers guaranteed reservations.

Budget Truck Rental fees

Although Budget’s base rates are low, it has a thing for hitting customers with last-minute fees. This could add a couple hundred bucks to your overall bill.

Here are some of those hidden fees.

Per-mile fee

For local moves, you’ll pay a rate per mile, which we’ve seen as low as $0.60 and as high as $1.00. Our recommendation? Talk with your location to see if a little negotiation is possible—some customers in the past have been able to talk down higher rates.

Gas fee

The total cost of gas isn’t included in your truck rental rate since it’ll depend on how far you travel. Most people don’t think of this when they’re shopping around—we suggest keeping it top of mind while you’re browsing. (Pssst: Depending on how far you’re moving, gas fees can hit the hundreds.)

No-show fee

Heads up: You can cancel your reservation up to 48 hours before your pickup time. After that, it’ll cost you up to $75.

Late-return fee

Every day you extend past your drop-off date, Budget will charge you your truck’s daily rate. For long-distance moves, you’ll pay $85.00 for each additional day, plus $0.85 per mile.

Budget Truck Rental coverage options

Budget offers three different rental protection packages: value, choice, and complete. The availability of each plan, the specific benefits offered, and the cost may vary depending on the location you’re doing business with.

Budget’s customer service is pretty on point, though, so the representative you’re working with should be able to tell you your options.

Compare Budget's protection plans

Plan featuresValue protection packageChoice protection packageComplete protection package
Physical damage waiver✔ Yes✔ Yes✔ Yes
Roadside assistance✔ Yes✔ Yes✔ Yes
Supplemental liabilityNo✔ Yes✔ Yes
Personal accident and cargoNoNo✔ Yes
Plan features
Physical damage waiver
Roadside assistance
Supplemental liability
Personal accident and cargo
Value protection package Choice protection package Complete protection package
✔ Yes ✔ Yes ✔ Yes
✔ Yes ✔ Yes ✔ Yes
No ✔ Yes ✔ Yes
No No ✔ Yes

Data as of 11/16/2020.

Here’s a breakdown of Budget’s coverage options:*

  • Physical damage waiver – Waives all renter responsibility for any loss or damage, excluding tire damage as a result of driver error.
  • Roadside assistance – Provides everything from key replacement, tire changes, windshield repairs, jumpstarts, and lockout services to non-collision towing and emergency fuel delivery.
  • Supplemental liability – Protects the renter against injury and property damage claims made by a third party involved in an accident.
  • Personal accident and cargo – Covers injured renters or passengers, as well as any damaged household cargo.

* Individuals should review their rental contract—including addendums—for a complete description of the policy’s terms, conditions, and exclusions.


Auto tow protection

Auto tow protection

Auto tow protection covers up to $15,000 of damage to your personal vehicle being towed by a Budget car carrier or dolly. It covers things like floods, fires, and hail, and is treated as an add-on to the other protection plans.

Budget Truck Rental features and services

Budget rents three different sizes of moving trucks (i.e., vans) for three different types of moves: local, one-way, and business moves (a.k.a. office relocations).

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Watch that clearance!

Watch that clearance!

No matter which size you pick, pay attention to your truck’s clearance, and avoid low bridges, drive-thru windows, and parking garages! You wouldn’t want to get stuck under your apartment building’s covered parking or mow down an awning.

We dug up the specs on each truck size so you can determine which is best for your move.

Compare Budget's moving truck rental sizes

Truck sizes12-foot truck16-foot truck26-foot truck
Best for1–2 rooms or studio apartment3–4 rooms or 1-bedroom home5–8 rooms or 2–3 bedroom home
Weight capacity3,610 lbs.4,460 lbs.10,000 lbs.
Fuel typeGasGasDiesel
Miles per gallon8–146–108–10
Vehicle clearance9 ft. 11 ft.13 ft.
Truck accessoriesNoneLoading ramp and towingLoading ramp and towing
Truck sizes
Best for
Weight capacity
Fuel type
Miles per gallon
Vehicle clearance
Truck accessories
12-foot truck 16-foot truck 26-foot truck
1–2 rooms or studio apartment 3–4 rooms or 1-bedroom home 5–8 rooms or 2–3 bedroom home
3,610 lbs. 4,460 lbs. 10,000 lbs.
Gas Gas Diesel
8–14 6–10 8–10
9 ft. 11 ft. 13 ft.
2 2 3
None Loading ramp and towing Loading ramp and towing

Data as of 11/16/2020.

The main difference between truck sizes is how much stuff each can hold, but there are a few other unique features to consider before you rent. For instance, the 12-foot and 16-foot trucks comfortably seats two passengers, while the 26-foot truck fits three. 

Also, the 26-foot truck uses diesel fuel, while the 12-foot and 16-foot trucks take good ol’ gasoline. You’ll save on fuel on long journeys with the diesel engine—and have more torque if you’re tackling any San Francisco-style hills—but we don’t recommend choosing a larger size than you need just for this reason. 

Add-on features for Budget truck rentals

From moving pads to hand trucks, Budget’s add-on features can help make your move a lot easier (plus they’re decently priced).

Just keep in mind that Budget’s accessory rentals are on a first come, first served basis, so it’s not guaranteed your location will have what you need right at that second.

You can add the following to your rental:

  • Furniture and moving pads: Includes a dozen 3-foot by 5-foot quilted pads
  • Hand truck: Carries appliances or up to seven boxes
  • PlatePass: Allows you to use all-electronic toll lanes

Budget also rents car trailers and tow dollies for towing your car behind your moving truck.


Rent a pickup truck for smaller moves

Rent a pickup truck for smaller moves

If you’re working on a landscaping project, a minor home renovation, or even moving a dorm room-sized load, you can rent a Ford F-150 pickup truck from Budget Car Rental.

Why we recommend Budget Truck Rental

It offers great discounts

Budget’s base rates are competitive—especially compared to other rental truck companies—but its plethora of discounts is the real reason it stands out from the crowd.

Budget Truck Rental discounts

Eligible customersDiscount rate
US military personnel20% off all orders
AARP membersUp to 20% off all orders
Police, fire, and EMT20% off local moves and 15% off one-way moves
Motor Club members20% off local moves and 15% off one-way moves
Students20% off local moves and 15% off one-way moves
Bar Association members20% off local moves and 15% off one-way moves
Eligible customers
US military personnel
AARP members
Police, fire, and EMT
Motor Club members
Bar Association members
Discount rate
20% off all orders
Up to 20% off all orders
20% off local moves and 15% off one-way moves
20% off local moves and 15% off one-way moves
20% off local moves and 15% off one-way moves
20% off local moves and 15% off one-way moves

Data as of 11/16/2020.

It has locations nationwide

Minus Hawaii and Alaska, Budget has locations all over the United States—which makes it automatic royalty in the moving world. Not all moving companies have their fleets planted in all the major US cities, much less the entire continental US.

And while Budget offers only three rental truck sizes, it makes up for it by having such a wide reach.

One potential downside: Customer service quality might differ depending on the franchise you’re working with. Giving your location a quick Google search and reading up on its reviews will usually give you a good sense of what to expect.

It offers a simple quote generator

Budget’s quote generator is painless and time-saving when you’re shopping around. To get your quote, plug in the basics of your move and see the numbers crunch for yourself. It’s just four steps:

  1. Pick your Budget moving truck
  2. Find a location
  3. Choose add-ons
  4. Provide personal information if you want to book
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Research made easy

Research made easy

Budget’s quote generator provides a list of possible pickup locations and business hours. Plus, it’ll show which locations do drop-offs and car rentals after hours.

FAQ about Budget Truck Rental

Does Budget Truck Rental guarantee reservations?

No, Budget Truck Rental doesn’t guarantee reservations. The company says that your truck size, pickup date, and location are preferences, and that it reserves the right to make changes. However, Budget Truck Rental does honor your original rate if you make a deposit using a credit card.

Does Budget Truck Rental have unlimited mileage?

Budget does not offer unlimited miles. With a local rental, you’ll pay a per-mile fee. On a long-distance, one-way rental, mileage is included, but there’s a mileage cap based on your specific move—and you’ll pay for any additional distance you drive.

Does Budget Truck Rental offer loading/unloading help?

Budget itself will not send its employees to help you load and unload your truck or pack and unpack your boxes. Instead, it’ll direct you to HireAHelper, which offers hourly moving labor. Read our review of HireAHelper to learn more about what services are available.

Does Budget Truck Rental rent moving trailers?

Budget does not have moving trailers available for rent. It offers only car trailers and tow dollies for your vehicle. If you need a trailer to tow behind your car, check out our list of the best places to rent moving trailers.

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Budget Truck Rental is still open for business. The company is taking extra precautions to sanitize its vehicles. Budget has also relaxed its cancellation policies, so if your plans change, you may be able to avoid fees.

Our recommendation

Budget’s moving vans are some of the lowest-priced rentals we’ve seen on the market. Even for DIY moves, its prices are pretty hard to beat—as are its discounts.

Another thing that’s hard to beat? Budget’s nationwide availability. (And by nationwide availability we mean the entire continental US.)

Our main complaints about Budget are that it tends to tack on fees and does not guarantee reservations, both of which can be inconvenient (at best) and costly (at worst). If those things bother you, it may be worth checking out one of our other top truck rental companies. But if you have a small, flexible load and your dates have some wiggle room, we say go for it—especially if you qualify for a discount.

Other truck rental picks

If Budget isn’t quite what you’re looking for, here are a few other moving truck rental companies we recommend:

You can also compare companies’ pricing and services on our Best Truck Rental Companies list or our Cheapest Truck Rental Companies list. 

About Julia Campbell

Julia Campbell
Julia Campbell is a full-time writer who knows the tricks of the trade when it comes to planning a hassle-free move. Having moved seven times in the past five years, she draws from her own experience and industry expertise to help you avoid her biggest mistakes (like that time she thought she could get away with packing her dishes without wrapping them first).
  • Joel Rhustaller

    DO NOT USE BUDGET RENTAL TRUCKS. I showed up on Saturday morning with my reservation in hand, two $100/hr movers in tow and was told “sorry, it’s a really busy weekend. I doubt we will be able to get you anything.” Sort of makes you wonder what the value of a reservation is with Budget Truck Rentals.

  • Liz Flyntz

    I agree with the below commenter. I reserved a truck a month in advance and Budget cancelled our reservation after we cabbed to the pickup location claiming the previous renters decided to keep their truck longer. Because we’d already scheduled movers, we were forced to cab back, call around to rent another truck for twice as much money, and delay our move. Meanwhile Budget claimed they’d call us back in 20 minutes with another truck pickup location. No call. We called them an hour later and they offered to “escalate” our complaint and give us a discount and call us back with a truck within two hours. No call. Two hours later we called and got another offer to “escalate” our complaint.I guess use Budget if you don’t actually need a truck and just enjoy arguing about the definition of the word “reservation” with some dude at a call center.

  • Wayne Schwisow

    This review is for the Budget Truck Rental located at 5124 74th Street W., Lakewood, Wa 98499. Can you give 0 stars? Too bad. Worst rental experience EVER! And I’m 55! Showed at 10 for our reservation and no truck. “Sorry, not here yet. It will be here in 45 minutes”. We went back 90 minutes later and no truck. Finally got it at 3:30 on a Wednesday. I said I hoped we wouldn’t get charged for that day because it was shot. It was scheduled to be returned at 10am Sunday. He said we could have it till 3:30 on Sunday. I explained I don’t want it on Sunday till 3:30. I could have it back when they opened, I just don’t want to be charged for the day that I didn’t have the truck. He said if we got it at 3:30 we had till 3:30 to return it Sunday. Nothing he could do. We returned it at 2 since we had no rush at that point. They were closed. They close at 1 on Sunday. He didn’t mention that, ever. Brought it back the next day and he charged an extra day, plus a late fee! What a douche! He was practically laughing at the situation. My daughter tried asking him a question and he said “I don’t need to listen to your question, you’re wasting my time.” We asked to speak to the manager and he smiled and handed us his card. “I am the owner” he smugly said. I think he was enjoying it. I hope they go under by the end of the year. ABSOLUTE WORST EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!! Beware!!

  • Dominic Sebastian Xavier Gassm

    Budget Truck and Rental should be out of business. I implore those reading this review to never use Budget. You are INFINITELY better off using Penske (for a cheaper option) or using the reliable UHaul. Let me go into a little bit of detail..

    I booked a truck through Budget to move from one half of the country to the other. The drive was 20+ hours. Unfortunately, my move was due to a recent cancer diagnosis, as I was moving home to be closer to treatment and family. While I do not believe that necessarily entitles me to special treatment, I do think it warrants a little bit of empathy.

    Fast forward to when I have the truck… the smell in the truck is BEYOND awful. I firmly believe it is the worst thing I have ever smelled. It was like a mix of mildew, diapers and a dead animal. The odor attached itself to EVERYTHING in the back of the truck, as well as the cab, which I was driving in for about 25 hours! One can imagine how frustrating this was, especially considering my circumstances.

    I alerted Budget’s Customer Service division as soon as the smell become too much to bear, and they put a note into the account. When I arrived at my destination, the smell was too potent on some of my items (especially clothing) and I had to throw several things out, which is a clear loss of money due to Budget not maintaining their equipment.

    On top of all this, I returned the truck a DAY EARLY in my destination city, and was told there would be an extra charge for that of about $100. I did not understand and they said they were adding the fee for the last minute change. I explained that doesn’t make sense, as my initially planned drop off location was not open on the day I returned the truck (Saturday) and wouldn’t be open until Monday. I did not want to leave the key in a drop box, as I needed to explain to an employee the smell and show them.

    I called customer service immediately after drop-off to get compensation. I was unable to until “the reservation was closed”. I called seven more times and they said everytime that the reservation was not closed. When my reservation was FINALLY closed on Wednesday (four days after dropoff), I was able to discuss compensation options with Customer Service. I expected at least 50% considering the terrible conditions and loss of property.

    They offered $25. That amount doesn’t even pay for 2 hours worth of gas. It was less than 5% of my total cost for the truck. I politely asked several times to multiple levels within customer service for a refund of the bogus $100 fee they stuck on me and ideally a little bit of money to replace my lost property. Their customer service managers were EXTREMELY curt and even after explaining my diagnosis, were extremely apathetic. At one point they said “After giving your situation extreme consideration, we do not believe any compensation over $50 is legitimate”. They said that. To a cancer patient whose life they made miserable and whose property they ruined.

    I am writing this review to hopefully persuade everyone reading to NEVER use Budget. I don’t want to grandstand, but no one deserves that level of apathy and rudeness, let alone one going through cancer treatment. Budget will never see another cent from me, and with the way they treat their customers, I can only pray they go out of business.

  • Suzanne Grizzard Brown

    I’m scared right now as I write this. Negative stars!!!! My husband has been stuck on the side of I-95 (4 1/2 hours away from home) in a Budget Truck Rental since 8:30 am. It is now 6:30 pm and dark . No water, no food, no bathroom. I don’t know why on earth he is STILL WAITING for a tow truck. The only reason that I’m not dialing the customer service number to the right of this box is that I’m afraid he will get in trouble with the company he’s delivering for if I call or that my complaining will delay the tow truck even more. Budget first sent out someone to see if they could fix it. That was at 11:00 am. The guy left to get a part and came back at 2:30 pm. He then figured out that it could not be fixed. I guess at that point dialogue must have been going on between my husband’s boss and Budget about sending another truck or having it towed or whatever. I think they finally came to some agreement about sending a tow truck. NO THOUGHT WHATSOEVER about the fact that someone is stranded in a truck on a busy highway. A road service vehicle has finally stopped behind my husband with lights on and is waiting with him. A person that he was supposed to deliver to this morning (someone he has never met before) is kind enough to offer and is bringing him a jacket and some food. It does not take four hours to get a tow truck. You call, you give your information, and you give your credit card number. That simple. I’m sure this was back and forth nonsense about payment. NO THOUGHT WHATSOEVER regarding customer service. If I knew this was going to happen when I found out about on on my lunch break (I’m a teacher), I would have left work and driven there myself. I never believed that I would call my husband after school to find that he’s still waiting. I’m going to call him again now. Just called my husband and he’s still there. He’s very upset-but eating Mc Donald’s and thankful for the road service guy who’s been there for two hours. The story is that when the tow truck gets there they will take him to get another truck (which he will have to transfer the load) . It is a 16 ft. box truck. My husband is 52 and getting over being very sick. Well, I have PLENTY of teacher work to keep me busy this Friday night while I wait for my husband to get back home to me. Pray please for his safe return home to me tonight. He is my world.

  • Fulton Foto

    I was lured into Budget Truck Rental by an advertised rental rate of $19.95 per day.
    Before leaving the office I had paid $127.81, which included insurance and an appliance dolly.
    About a month later, I received a bill from Budget for an additional $425.00 in damages to the truck.
    First of all, I had the truck for six hours and returned it in exactly the same condition I received it, except cleaner. Secondly, I purchased insurance, which I tend to think is specifically for covering damage, which again, there was none.

    I’m deeply disappointed in Budget’s mode of operandi. It is truly sad when a business resorts to deception and then attempts to pilfer their customers.

    You’d be much better off renting from a reputable company that discloses all costs up-front.

  • Jamie Stocker

    After reading reviews here, My experience is like many others, although I do feel lucky we had enough time to make other reservations. We scheduled a reservation for two large trucks to move across state about a month before the move. I suppose we should have seen the flags when the representative could not get our confirmation city drop off correct for about 10 minutes while arguing with me when I would tell him no, that is incorrect. Ok, it was finally settled. We received confirmation of the reservation four days before the move. Yea! The next day, three days before our five hour (400 mile) move, we receive a call from the station (not affiliated with Budget) that not only did they do not have the trucks on location but that Budget told them they did not have any available! Agh! we have family flying in and movers hired! We called Enterprise and luckily were able to reserve with them at a comparable price. I called Budget and spoke to a very nice gentleman, Mike I believe, who urgently sent my concern to his supervisor. Ten minutes later the supervisor, Tim, phoned back to say he “might” have some trucks available by the date of reservation and that I lived “way out there (Montana like it is in another country) so it was hard to find availability close by.” I responded that was not sufficient, availability should have been confirmed during the reservation and that we have already hired new company. It is an obvious need to have the vehicle to move stuff since I can’t hold a couch on my back! His reply, “Ok, I will cancel your reservation,” like it was no big deal. I had a better response with his subordinate!! I will not recommend Budget rental. My only wish is I could post a review directly on their website. I give credit to the location manager who has to be the one to tell people when Budget falls short which apparently by the reviews is frequent.

  • Brandy

    Budget Truck Rental disaster! Never again will I use that company! First truck leaked diesel fuel and the second was filthy!!! Thanks Uhaul for saving my day and my move!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/af01a2401371e64153131693e781018c4fb05f23f048c9a975ce2c210fd0557c.jpg :

    • lady cee Melvin


  • Kahina I

    I would give it a zero star it this was possible. I rented a 12′ truck on February 17 for a move on March 30 to pick up at 8am in Rockville, MD. I got a call on March 29 4pm informing that the truck is unavailable at this location. Only truck is a 26′. Stuck on the phone to try to find another location with a truck available (told them 5-10 miles from original pick up location was ok). I received a call back from customer service (very rude and unprofessional woman) with a 12′ truck available in Arlington, VA, 17 miles from the Rockville location. I said ok as long as I could drop it at the original location because it’s much closer to the new apartment. They said I would be charged extra but I refused, and they finally agreed to no extra charge. I made them repeat it to be sure I would not be charged more than the $38 I had booked the truck for. I receive an email confirmation of the pick up in Arlington at 10pm showing a fee of $160 to drop it in Rockville! I call them but they tell me it’s after hours and I should call back at 8:30am (I was supposed to pick the truck at 8am that same day). When I call customer service at 8:30, another very unhelpful person told me that I have two choices: 1) cancel the reservation, and they can’t help me get another truck because those are in high demand, or 2) go to Arlington and ask for a local where I would drop it back there for $60. I needed a truck so I went with the second option, even though it meant a waste of about an hour to drop it back. I checked with them to make sure that the Arlington did, indeed, have a 12′ truck available. Once again, they confirm that they do. I arrive there and the location tells me they didn’t have a truck – and the gentleman explained that customer service made the booking after hours and he only saw it that morning and tried to reach me (precisely when I was ON THE PHONE with customer service!). So, in the end, not only did I not get a truck (which I had planned 6 weeks in advance to avoid that type or issue), but I also wasted 2 hours that morning going to pick up a truck which did not exist. Not to mention the fact that I had booked the elevator at my new place from 9 am to 12 and had to deal with that! So, the move, which should have taken me a couple hours with one truck took me and my friends over 10 hours with all the back and forth and loading of cars!!! I had used them for car rental and never had an issue, but it is the first and last time I ever use Budget after this terrible experience which was made worse by customer service.

  • curtis cecil

    I am not one to write reviews… but I feel compelled on this one.
    I have used the Rental Car portion many times. In my move I decided to give the rental truck a chance. It saved about $300 from Uhaul. I am sorry I did.
    We picked up the trucks and they were filthy. Beer cartons in the back, containers of food in the cab.
    We loaded and were on the road. At one stop we locked the cabs (we had two trucks) and when finished with lunch went back only to find the key given to us wouldn’t open the cab.
    Called the 800 # and were told they would call us back, which didn’t happen. They did dispatch someone we found out later. After 4 hours a trucker finally opened the cab for us with a jimmy stick.

    They then tried to bill me for not returning furniture pads (We put them all in one truck). As well for the call to come unlock the door because they stated we locked the keys in the cab.
    This was just untrue. Not at all what we told the 800 #.
    So now we are having to fight the payment of almost $300 to cover the roadside call which wouldn’t have been needed if they had informed us the key wouldn’t open the cab (Something they should have known based on the marks on the door where you can see it has been jimmied open before.)

    So don’t try to save money. They will get it all back when they charge you for additional drivers (unless you use the CC of the actual driver). And will get you afterwards if you even try to contact their so called customer service.
    Just don’t do it.

  • Todd Tracy

    We just used a Budget Truck Rental between Seattle and Portland. I went to pick up the truck but they did not have the size I wanted and ended up with a much larger truck. I had also reserved moving blankets but was told that there weren’t any. The truck was absolute no frills and the passenger side mirrors would not stay in place. From a safety perspective when trying to change lanes in a large box truck is pretty $*(# essential. The biggest problem came when I went to return the vehicle. I had specifically selected a location that had after hours dropoff. I stopped on the way to fill the gas tank and it took 30 minutes because the gas nozzle(s — we tried several) would not work in the gasline. We showed up at the drop off location and it was locked up tight. All gates closed and padlocked. I called customer service and they kept telling me that the place had after hours drop off. I kept telling them it didn’t. The national customer service line actually told me to leave the truck somewhere nearby and leave the keys in a wheel well. When I called back again, the next person was horrified that we had been told to do that. They also suggested I try another location in Portland that had after hours drop off. I asked how I would know if they actually took trucks since this location said it took after hours but didn’t. So, I decided to try the other location (20 miles away). NOPE, locked up tight as well. At this point, my only option was to rent a hotel room and drop the truck off next morning. When I dropped it off, the guy said that no one in Portland has after hours dropoff any longer (at least a year he said) and that the dealers have been asking corporate to change that information on the website but it never happens.

    Customer service sucks and the website is full of lies. DO NOT RENT FROM BUDGET

  • Mipenrai Mipenrai

    Crappy trucks. Crappy service. Won’t be coming back again.

  • Andy Rhein

    I have to entirely disagree with this review! This last move for my family and I has been the worst moving experience all thanks to Budget. We had our truck and trailer hitch reserved months in advance for an across country move. The morning we went to pick our truck and trailer up there was a truck with no trailer. When we contacted Budget they saw that we had a trailer booked but gave us no explanation for why it was not there. We were told we could not take the truck and begin loading a grab a trailer elsewhere and that we would have to wait while they found us a truck that came with a trailer.

    After 4 hours of waiting and calling, nothing was resolved, Budget was incredibly rude, and we ended up having to go get the same truck we tried to pick up 4 hours earlier then drive another hour out of the way to get a trailer! They would not even give us a little compensation or discount even though they caused us an incredible amount of stress and a total of 6 hours delay in our trip! Other truck companies were all booked or we would have canceled with Budget. They took advantage of this situation. Then to make matters worse our truck was dirty when we picked it up. While we were driving we went through a storm where we discovered the roof was leaking. The gas line was broken and would stop fueling every ten cents so it delayed our trip and extra 20-30 minutes every time we had to stop. And when we called to let Budget know about this I sat on hold for over 40 minutes and nothing was resolved yet again. After further research I am finding the terrible customer service and incorrect reservations are not uncommon. I wish I would have researched further. Budget may be less expensive but it is not even worth what you pay. Do not ever use this company!

  • Zac Kahan

    This shouldnt be a part of anyones moving experience. Budget truck rentals doesnt guarantee your reservation, in other words the definition of reservation is lost on them. If you cant “guarantee” that the truck will be there when I RESERVED it then its not a reservation is it? Thats more like a lotto. Heres my story, posting it everyplace I can find.

    I reserved a truck with budget truck 6/27

    Its 6/29 at 3PM. I’m in my wetsuit walking out the door to take advantage of the waves my last day living across the street from the beach. I move 6/30. I find a voicemail left at 237PM, from a guy that sounds like he has no idea what hes doing. Voicemail says, in a nutshell, the truck you reserved wont be here. bye.

    So now I’m having a panic attack trying to find a new truck because they dont understand the definition of reservation.

    Called him back, he had nothing for me. No bigger trucks and offered no help. Just gave me customer service number. Called, lady tells me an inventory manager will call me back to help find a truck….tomorrow morning! Hung up on her after sarcastically thanking her for her help.

    Now I guess she understood how upset I was and passed it on, because I got a call about 14 minutes after we got off the phone from a guy. Told me hell call me back when he finds something…so I guess I’m supposed to wait for him all day. I just cant believe this. You’re just was well off if you called them the day before to check if they have trucks. I just read the contract at the bottom of the confirmation email and it states they dont guarantee anything, which totally defeats the purpose of a reservation. Totally ruined my day. And it was clear customer service and everyone involved doesn’t care, and by extension the company.

    • Patricia Gayle

      They tried for you at least. They cancelled my truck for 9AM tomorrow at 2:15 PM today via email. Lied when they called my bf and said theyd emailed hours prior and I hadnt responded to the cancellation yet. Idiot in inventory didnt give a crap and simply spouted off that reservations werent guaranteed. I had a 16′ truck 6 hours from my move location for 4xx and they offered 250 off wherever I could find a rental truck. No1 not even budget typically has trucks near the rate Id received and most places are sold out. $250 off 900+ for other locations was a spit in the face.

  • Diana Cooper

    I had a reservationist sweet as can be on the phone I explained that I was in a time sensitive move and I was able to get my reservation scheduled for the Sunday coming which was two days. I explined my situation with financial hardship, I only have a income from Social security and I dont have any room for error. I found workers who were available for Sunday morning since they did not have to work, was going to work for free. Well lunch and a beer. I turned in the keys to the old apartment building on Saturday night. Sunday morning on the way to pick up the truck I call the location of the rental and the manager said Diana I called you this morning and I dont have any trucks here and I don’t know what they were thinking but I don’t have any trucks. I will give you a number of the inventory service guy and I have already sent a email to inventory dept so they can track down a truck for you. Needless to say I was devastated I had to pay for the hotel for the night . I had nolonger had volunteer help I was late meeting my deadline. I was spending money I did not have . I contacted the company and I sent records of the move I still have not heard anything and this was June 5th. 800.00 later. Still trying to recover. This is not a BUDGRT COMPANY it is hell. They never called to apologize They did offer another truck on another day and for 2 hr drive to pickup location and then back to the apartment. I too was broke down on the side of the road for 5 hrs waiting for a tow truck

  • lady cee Melvin

    I was suppose to a truck yesterday and the guy called me and said he didnt have any and that he would call me back when one comes in never heard back from them. So I am good off them waste a whole day dealing with them. Never again will i ever deal with budget rental

  • info info

    ABSOLUTELY DO NOT GO WITH THESE GUYS! Your truck is not guaranteed until like 14 hours before you are supposed to pick it up and then they switch the pickup location to like 45 minutes away. Customer service is completely unapologetic and adds no value. THEN they tried to tell me there was going to be a cancelation fee! This is clearly a bait and switch or at best take your chances!

  • Denise

    MONEY HOGS!!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY THEY WILL TAKE AND KEEP YOUR MONEY…. If you request a truck and dont use it for your full time and return it early due to circumstances, they will NOT refund you the extra days you didnt use that you paid in advance. I returned the vehicle 4 days earlier, which is about $100, Im not talking just a day or a few hours. Totally ridiculous, MONEY HOGS and dont worry – UHAUL will be getting my business….

  • Ashley Johnson

    I liked that you said that one thing to consider when you are needing a truck to rent is to find one that will fit your budget. I have been thinking about starting my own business but I have been worried about the cost. I will be sure to research different truck rentals so that I can find one that is in my budget and will benefit my business.

  • Kaci A.

    Where does this idiot writer get her info? This company is beyond horrible. One of their dealers verbally harrassed me sexually and touched me inappropriately! Budget could have cared less. Instead of taking the complaint seriously, they told me that I should have called the police. They had no intentions of investigating or removing this dealer. Disgusting. The dealer shop is disgusting and dirty and he was sleazy as hell.

    • Kim Bergeron

      Why didn’t you take legal action against that slim bag?? I certainly wouldn’t be writing about it because I would have had the place shut down and I would have been owner of it and taken it to better levels and great quality service and lowered the price like that name says Budget rentals. Lady you should have made the fella or creep squirm in his britches and get a apology from him or slapped the hell out of him and kick him in his little onions down under.

  • Patricia Gayle

    How is this a hassle free moving writer if she is giving a high review for a company that cancels your truck less than 24 hrs in advance and no alternatives to keep their customers plans in effect? I’m pretty sure that makes them a hassle. What is an unguaranteed reservation? Nothing.

  • Kim Bergeron

    I was going to go with Budget Truck Rental but after reading these horrible stories about them I would never ever think about it again. My heart goes out to each and every person who has been through a awful nightmare with this company. I am so glad I read the reviews and I definitely will be checking out U-haul and I will let them know that this other company will never get a dime from me. I don’t understand why you would pay that company for extra fees and returning truck late when you had no choice. I simply would have let them know I would go head to head in court if they were likely to try. I would not blink an eye at the awful people who took advantage of you people. I see plenty reviews that are not happy and I think that this company should go to court with the lawsuits that I am looking at myself and that is what they should do, get sued by you all for pain and suffering and humiliation and dishonesty and failing to comply with the rules that they were advertised plus false advertisements. You crummy low life liars. Go to the gutter.

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