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Want help paying for a big move? Apply for a moving grant for a chance to get financial assistance for your moving services.

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What’s a moving grant?

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A moving grant is a one-time stipend offers to people preparing to move. With our moving grants, we help people like you pay for full-service moves, moving container rentals, truck rentals, car shipping, and more.

Who should apply?

Anyone planning a move in the next six months can apply. We currently have funding for the following types of moves with these moving companies:


Container movers

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Full-Service movers

Moving Truck Rentals

Car Shipping Moving Grant Application

It’s easy and free to apply for one of our moving grants. We just need some details about you and your move:

Tell us more about your move!

And that’s it. All it takes is a few minutes of your time. After you apply, sit tight and we’ll contact you in a few days.

To learn more, check out the terms and conditions.

What’s in it for you?

We’ll reimburse you up to $500 of the cost of your moving services. This reimbursement will come in the form of a one-time payment after you have finished your move.

Since the cost of moving varies depending on factors like distance, type of service you buy, and time of year, the exact reimbursement amount will vary.

What’s in it for us?

Throughout the moving process, we’ll gather information about your experience in the following ways:

  • Pre-move survey
  • Photos of your move
  • Post-move survey
  • Copies of your emails and paperwork with the moving company
  • Follow-up phone calls

In the moving surveys and phone interview, we’ll ask you some questions like the ones below:

  • How much did your move cost?
  • How was the moving company’s customer service?
  • Did everything go as planned?
  • Were there any unpleasant surprises?
  • Did the moving company safely deliver all of your furniture and belongings?

The information you give us will help us add to our moving company reviews, which in turn will help our readers know which moving companies they can trust. We’re tackling this initiative so we can continue to be one of the most accurate and fair resources in the moving industry.

Past moving grant recipients

If you’re interested in a moving grant, but you want to learn a little more before applying, check out these reviews we wrote using information past recipients gave us:

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