What to Expect When You Move with PODS—Erin & Ryan

Asha Kennedy
Jul 20, 2021
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PODS is one of our best moving container companies for a reason. It’s well-known for its exceptional customer service, high-quality containers, and wide availability. It comes as no surprise to us that our moving grant recipients, Erin and Ryan, spoke so highly of PODS when they hired the company for their move from Lehi, Utah to Rogers, Arkansas.

When Erin and Ryan decided on PODS for their move, they hoped for a flexible, convenient, and cost-effective experience. And that’s exactly what they got! The timing of their move was impeccable, the staff was friendly and knowledgeable, and all their stuff was delivered safe and sound. In fact, if Erin and Ryan needed to move again in the future, they would gladly choose PODS to assist.

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Meet Erin & Ryan


Always up for a new experience, Erin and Ryan took a leap of faith and moved from Lehi, Utah to Rogers, Arkansas.

Originally hailing from Lehi, Utah, Erin and Ryan were searching for adventure when they chose to move into their dream home in Rogers, Arkansas with their daughter and fur baby. Although relocating over 1,000 miles to a new city is daunting for some, Erin and Ryan were up for the challenge! So they chose PODS to assist them in the safe and easy transition into their new home.


The PODS driver easily delivered the empty container to Ryan and Erin’s residence for loading.

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Why Erin & Ryan chose PODS

Ultimately, the decision came down to two things for Erin and Ryan when they decided on PODS: high ratings and overall affordability. An online search provided the couple with a few instant quotes from PODS and two other competitors: Zippy Shell and U-Haul. Ultimately, they chose PODS for the company’s convenience, flexibility, and overall affordability—and because they read its many positive customer reviews.

Erin & Ryan’s original quotes:

Moving company
Estimated cost
U-Haul$3,400 (plus the cost of gas & insurance)
Zippy Shell$3,800

Want to read a full review about PODS pricing and services? Check ours out here.

Erin and Ryans pod

Erin and Ryan’s 16 x 8 x 8-foot PODS container was delivered right in front of their garage so they could easily load it with their belongings.

Erin & Ryan’s PODS move at a glance

Moving companyPODS
Move date5/30/2021
Service typeMoving container
Start locationLehi, Utah
End locationRogers, Arkansas
Quoted cost
Actual cost

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What to expect with PODS—Pricing

While PODS does not traditionally offer online quotes exceeding 1,000 miles, Ryan and Erin were able to receive theirs by phone after providing the company with their origin and destination zip codes and contact information. Once they’d received and accepted their overall move estimate of $3,500, the pair chose their move dates and prepared for their container to be delivered.

Timeline of charges

Time Frame
Credit charge
1 week before container delivered to origin
1 day after container delivered to origin
1 day before container delivered to new home

Although the couple did not receive any discounts during the move process, they were happy they weren’t required to put down any initial deposits and didn’t encounter any hidden or surprise fees. Additionally, Erin and Ryan were able to save money by opting out of its Content Protection plan, although the company did offer it. The most satisfying part of the move? Their final costs came in under what was initially quoted:

Estimated vs final costs

Estimated charges
Final charges
Money saved
PODS truck

A PODS professional driver delivered and picked up the couple’s PODS container without any hassle.

How does PODS compare to other moving container companies?

PODS is universally recognized as a leader in customer service. They even received an award by Newsweek in 2019 for delivering the best customer service within the moving services category. This service is in line with what Ryan and Erin experienced.

With its customer-focused approach, PODS offers multiple high-quality container sizes available for pickup and delivery in most states, which guarantees flexibility for individuals and families of all sizes. If you’d like to see how PODS compares to other moving container companies on the market, take a look at our list of the best moving and storage container companies of 2021.

Info Box
Is a moving container the best option for your move?

Moving containers are a great option if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to move mostly on your own and without having to worry about actually transporting your things from point A to point B. You can pack and load the container how you see fit, and then companies like PODS will deliver them to your new home. Check out our list of the Cheapest Moving Pod & Container Companies  to decide which company might be right for your move!

What to expect with PODS—Customer service

Ryan and Erin describe their time with PODS as one of the most efficient and positive moving experiences they could have expected. From initial quote to final delivery, every person the couple encountered thoroughly answered all their questions and provided fast, friendly service.

Drivers communicated clearly and were always on time—and the company was even able to accommodate a last-minute change to the pick-up date when the pair was able to move sooner than originally anticipated.

Erin and Ryan truly felt as though their belongings were in good hands at every step.

What stood out to us the most about PODS

We weren’t shocked to hear that Ryan and Erin received top-notch customer service from PODS, as that is truly what this company is known for. That said, there are a few things that went particularly well for the couple we’d like to highlight:

  • Hassle-free container transportation: PODS’s container delivery system is so hassle-free that only one person was needed to drop off and pick up the couple’s container—that meant no large crews at their home!
  • Truly weather-proof containers: The couple encountered rainy weather throughout the entire week of their move but were happy to see their items dry and unaffected upon delivery.
  • Affordable and flexible pricing: Because PODS could offer a selection of containers and recommend the one that was the right size for their family, Ryan and Erin avoided unnecessary transportation costs.
PODS container delivery

The PODS container was delivered directly to Erin and Ryan’s new home for them to unload.

Our take

Overall, we have nothing negative to say about Ryan and Erin’s PODS experience! PODS was able to deliver clear, quick, and affordable moving services that met the customers’ needs.

In fact, the couple was happy to provide us with a confident 5 out of 5-star rating for their move and plan to leave a recommendation on the company website. Should Ryan and Erin need help moving again, PODS would be their first choice.

If you’d like to learn more about PODS and how it can help you with your upcoming move, click here  for a free quote! You can also check out our full company review  for a more in-depth look at the PODS moving company and all it has to offer.

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