U-Haul’s U-Box Moving Container Review

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Are you a student who’s moving because of COVID-19?

Are you a student who’s moving because of COVID-19?

If you have to move away from your college campus because of COVID-19, then you can get 30 days of free self-storage from U-Haul. Keep in mind that this is for self-storage at one of U-Haul’s storage facilities, not for U-Box rentals.

Moving is always a headache, and the conventional methods (renting a truck or hiring full-service movers) can also be expensive, time-consuming, or both—especially if you have a lot of stuff to move.

However, if you’re willing to put in the extra effort to pack and load your stuff yourself, you can save thousands of dollars (and the stress of driving a big truck) by renting U-Box containers for your next big move.

U-Box is U-Haul’s moving and storage container service. When you rent a U-Box, U-Haul delivers your container(s) to your home for you to pack yourself. If you’re moving, the company ships and delivers the full container to your destination. If you’re using the container for storage, U-Haul takes the container to one of its secure facilities or lets you keep the container on your property for a monthly fee.

U-Box isn’t the cheapest moving container company around, and it isn’t our highest-rated, but we think that three key features make it a solid option for moving and storage customers:

  • Nationwide availability
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Long- and short-term storage

You can see how U-Box stacks up against other moving container options by reading our full list of the Best Moving and Storage Container Companies. Keep reading for more information on U-Box’s pricing and services.


  • Commitment-free online quotes
  • Two dozen furniture pads per container
  • Weatherproof covers


  • Wood construction instead of steel
  • No locks provided

U-Box services

  • Local, interstate, and international moves
  • Storage
  • Optional packing help
  • Container pickup and delivery
  • Moving insurance

Guaranteed delivery date

Guaranteed delivery date

When you schedule your U-Box service, the company guarantees the date on which your boxes will arrive at their final destination. For every day your boxes are late, the company will refund you $50.

How much does U-Box Cost?

When you rent a U-Box, you pay for a month of use (per container), the cost of shipping (including fuel charges), and the price of initial delivery (when the company first delivers the empty container to your home).

U-Box rates range from less than $1,000 to move one container locally to nearly $2,000 to move one container across the country. Each container you add to your order will increase your total price by a few hundred dollars or more depending on how far you’re moving. If you use U-Box for storage, you can expect to pay $50–$60 per month for each container.

U-Box rates vary depending on seasonality, availability, and location, so the prices we’ve listed may not match what U-Haul will charge you.

U-Box container rental rates

Distance (miles)# of containersQuoted price
Distance (miles)
# of containers Quoted price
1 $1,811.95
3 $4,424.85
1 $1,030.95
3 $2,129.85
1 $989.95
3 $2,030.85

U-Box will never charge you for containers you don’t use. If you order more containers than you need, U-Box will pick up the unused containers and refund you for each one (minus the initial delivery cost). With that in mind, play it safe and feel free to order an extra container or two if you don’t know exactly how many you’ll need.

U-Box on-site storage rates

# of boxesPrice per month
# of boxes
Price per month

These prices are for storing U-Box containers on your property. U-Box doesn’t list the prices for facility storage on its website—you’ll have to ask a customer service representative at your local U-Haul franchise for that information.

Get money

Cover your assets

Cover your assets

Whether you’re shipping your belongings across the country or across town, you want to make sure they’re as safe as possible. U-Box containers are shipped on trucks with gentle-ride suspension, and each box comes with furniture pads to cushion your stuff. However, accidents happen, which is why U-Haul offers Safestor® mobile storage insurance.

With Safestor, you can insure your belongings for thousands of dollars for a relatively inexpensive monthly rate.

Getting a U-Box quote online

Unlike some moving companies, U-Box offers online quotes. This convenience is partly due to the fact that, when you work with U-Box, you pay for the number of containers you’re renting instead of the weight of your shipment—so there’s no need to inventory your home to get a quote.

Plus, since you pack your belongings into your container yourself, the company doesn’t need to assess how much time and how many boxes movers will need to pack up your home (unless you opt for full-service packing—more on that later).

Both of these factors make prices much easier to predict.

How big is a U-Box?

The inside of a U-Box container is roughly 4 ft. 8 in. wide x 7 ft. 11 in. long x 6 ft.11 in. high, so the total interior capacity is about 257 cubic feet.

What does that mean for you? That’s enough space to hold about a typical room’s worth of furniture, but keep in mind that bulky items like bookshelves, sectional sofas, and king-size bed frames can take up most of that space by themselves. If you have a lot of large items, plan accordingly and order extra containers.

Blue Chat Boxes

Not sure how many U-Box containers you need?

Not sure how many U-Box containers you need?

It can be hard to accurately predict how much space you’ll need for all of your stuff. To help you figure out how many containers it’ll take to pack up your home, U-Box has a handy estimator tool that can get you started.

Like we said earlier, ordering more boxes than necessary isn’t a big deal since U-Box will give you a refund for any unused containers.

Why we recommend U-Box

Nationwide availability

Because it’s owned by U-Haul, U-Box is available in all 50 US states as well as Puerto Rico. This makes it one of the very few moving container companies that you can use for storage as well as local, long-distance, and international moves starting in every state.

U-Box might not be your first choice, either because of its good-but-not-great prices or its relatively basic list of services, but its availability makes it a reliable fallback if your preferred company is all booked out or isn’t available where you live.

Flexible delivery options

U-Box lets you pick how your containers are delivered, allowing you to make your service more convenient or a little bit cheaper than the standard delivery option.

Option 1: U-Haul delivers (standard option)

A U-Haul driver brings your U-Box containers to your home and leaves them on your property so you can pack them up. Once the containers are full, a U-Haul driver returns to pick them up and ship them to your destination.

Option 2: You deliver

If you have a vehicle that can tow 3,000+ lbs, you can drive to your local U-Haul facility and pick up your containers with a trailer. You take them home, fill them, and then drive them back to the U-Haul facility, where they will be prepared for shipping to your destination. This option can save you the cost of the initial delivery.

Option 3: No delivery

Instead of filling your containers at your house, you bring everything you want stored or shipped to your neighborhood U-Haul and pack the containers there. Once you’re finished packing, U-Haul then ships or stores the containers. This is the cheapest option, but also the least convenient for you.

Option 4: U-Haul delivers and packs

U-Haul delivers the containers to your house (just like option one), and then professional U-Haul movers pack up your belongings for you. After they’re finished, the movers take the full containers back to the U-Haul facility for shipping or storage. This is essentially a full-service move, so while it’s the most convenient option, it’s also the most expensive.

Long- and short-term storage

Whether you keep your U-Box containers on your property or store them at a U-Haul storage facility, you can use them for short-term storage while you’re staging your home, renovating, or hosting guests for the holidays. Short-term storage can also come in handy if you’re moving and you sold your old house before closing on your new one.

For more permanent storage needs, you can also use your U-Box containers for long-term storage at the monthly rental rate.

Bottom line

Though its services are run-of-the-mill and its prices are middle-of-the-road, U-Box is a reliable moving and storage container company. And, since U-Box is available in every state, it’s an excellent plan B if your first option isn’t available or falls through.

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