Best Moving Truck Rental Companies of 2019’s top 4 moving truck rental companies

Overall ranking1st2nd3rd4th
Company Enterprise Truck Rental
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More than 3 truck sizes
One-way rentals available
Free mileage allowance for local moves
Overall ranking
More than 3 truck sizes
One-way rentals available
Free mileage allowance for local moves
1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Enterprise Truck Rental
U-Haul Budget Penske Enterprise
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Moving trucks might all seem the same, but renting your truck from the right company can make all the difference.

Finding out what each has to offer can take a lot of time, and you have better things to do (like returning that leafblower you “borrowed” from your neighbor) before you move out of the neighborhood for good.

That’s where we come in.

We’ve evaluated and ranked the top moving truck rental companies to help you quickly choose the right fit for your move.

#1: U-Haul

Overall rating

4.5 / 5

U-Haul is the most popular moving truck rental company in the business, and for good reason.
Since it pioneered the concept of one-way trailer rentals, U-Haul has grown to maintain over 20,000 locations and now boasts the largest rental fleet in the nation. No matter the size or location of your move, U-Haul has what you need.

Truck sizes10 foot15 foot17 foot20 foot24 foot26 foot
Internal dimensions9′11″ x 6′4″ x 6′2″15′ x 7′8″ x 7′2″16′9″ x 7′8″ x 7′2″19′6″ x 7′8″ x 7′2″24′1″ x 7′7″ x 8′1″26′5″ x 7′8″ x 8′3″
CapacityStudio to 1-bedroom apartment1-bedroom home to 2-bedroom apartmentUp to 2-bedroom home2-bedroom home to 3-bedroom apartment3- to 4-bedroom home4+-bedroom home
Weight limit (lbs.)2,8106,3855,9305,6056,5009,010
Interior space (cu. ft.)4027638651,0151,4181,611
Fuel tank capacity (gallons)314040406060
Mile per gallon12101010810
Truck sizes
Internal dimensions
Weight limit (lbs.)
Interior space (cu. ft.)
Fuel tank capacity (gallons)
Mile per gallon
10 foot 15 foot 17 foot 20 foot 24 foot 26 foot
9′11″ x 6′4″ x 6′2″ 15′ x 7′8″ x 7′2″ 16′9″ x 7′8″ x 7′2″ 19′6″ x 7′8″ x 7′2″ 24′1″ x 7′7″ x 8′1″ 26′5″ x 7′8″ x 8′3″
Studio to 1-bedroom apartment 1-bedroom home to 2-bedroom apartment Up to 2-bedroom home 2-bedroom home to 3-bedroom apartment 3- to 4-bedroom home 4+-bedroom home
2,810 6,385 5,930 5,605 6,500 9,010
402 763 865 1,015 1,418 1,611
31 40 40 40 60 60
12 10 10 10 8 10


  • Operates 20,000-plus locations
  • Makes reserving online easy
  • Offers 5 different truck sizes
  • Equips trucks with low decks and “EZ-Load” ramps
  • Offers moving trailers in multiple sizes


  • Changes reservation when truck inventory is low

Why U-Haul is the best van rental company

Reason #1: It has the most locations

People often joke that you can find a Starbucks on every corner. Funny enough, U-Haul isn’t too far behind.

U-Haul truck rentals are available in all fifty states, and cities and big suburbs often have several locations to choose from. What does this mean for you?

Regardless of where you live, you can almost always rent from U-Haul.
If your nearest U-Haul location doesn’t have the truck size you need, you can likely rent it from another nearby U-Haul.

We love the level of convenience this offers DIY movers. You’re busy enough trying to plan the logistics of your move. The last thing you need is the rental truck company rescheduling and putting a wrench in your carefully made plans.

Need a hand getting all that heavy furniture into your moving truck? Check out our guide on the best moving equipment you can rent or buy.

Reason #2: It has 8 vehicle sizes

U-Haul has eight moving van and truck sizes to choose from. Although it doesn’t have the largest variety among the truck rental companies on our list (that honor belongs to Enterprise), we think its vehicle choices still satisfy almost any moving situation.

Here’s U-Haul’s full vehicle lineup:

  • 8-foot pickup truck
  • 9-foot cargo van
  • 10-foot truck
  • 15-foot truck
  • 17-foot truck
  • 20-foot truck
  • 24-foot truck
  • 26-foot truck

U-Haul’s range of truck sizes allows you to choose the moving truck that most closely meets your needs. Many companies offer small, medium, and large-sized trucks, but it’s the sizes in between that really set U-Haul apart from most other truck rental companies. You can reserve your U-Haul truck by requesting a quote.

To learn more, read our full U-Haul review.

#2: Budget

Overall rating

4.5 / 5

With a name like Budget Truck Rental, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to learn Budget is one of the most economical truck rental options. Budget offers low up-front pricing and a host of deals and discounts to help you save on your rental reservation.

Truck sizes12 foot 16 foot26 foot
Internal dimensions10′ x 6′3″ x 6′0″16′ x 6′3″ x 6′7″26′ x 8′1″ x 8′1″
CapacityStudio to 1- to 2-bedroom apartment3–4 rooms or 1-bedroom home5–8 rooms or 2- to 3-bedroom home
Weight limit (lbs.)3,6105,5249,180
Interior space (cu. ft.)3808301,698
Fuel tank capacity (gallons)353350
Miles per gallon8–146–108–10
Truck sizes
Internal dimensions
Weight limit (lbs.)
Interior space (cu. ft.)
Fuel tank capacity (gallons)
Miles per gallon
12 foot 16 foot 26 foot
10′ x 6′3″ x 6′0″ 16′ x 6′3″ x 6′7″ 26′ x 8′1″ x 8′1″
Studio to 1- to 2-bedroom apartment 3–4 rooms or 1-bedroom home 5–8 rooms or 2- to 3-bedroom home
3,610 5,524 9,180
380 830 1,698
35 33 50
8–14 6–10 8–10


  • Available across the continental US
  • Keeps costs low for long-distance moves
  • Provides instant online quotes
  • Offers discounts for military members, students, and others


  • Charges more for add-ons than U-Haul
  • Has only 3 truck sizes
  • Has higher loading deck height than U-Haul

Why we recommend Budget Truck Rental

Reason #1: It’s the lowest-priced option

Budget is by far the most affordable moving truck rental company for long-distance moves. In fact, its base rate undercuts both U-Haul and Penske by over $150 (based on an example one-way move using a twenty-six-foot truck).

These cost savings can make a big difference if you’re moving out of state or if you’re moving far enough away that you need to return your truck to a different Budget Truck Rental location.

Local movers, on the other hand, may not notice as steep a discount. Although you still might notice a price difference, Budget’s rate in your area may be only slightly less than or about the same as the competition.

Reason #2: Budget has plenty of discounts

Adding to its reputation of providing affordable moves, Budget offers several discounts to further reduce the price of its already affordable truck rentals.

Here’s a quick rundown of which groups qualify for Budget’s discounts:

  • Military personnel
  • AARP members
  • Police, fire, and EMT personnel
  • Motor Club members
  • Bar Association members
  • Students

Budget also offers discounts if you book a one-way move to select locations. See how much it can save you by requesting a quote.

To learn more, read our full Budget Truck Rental review.

#3: Penske

Overall rating

4.7 / 5

Penske Truck Rental is the third-largest rental truck provider in the nation and also maintains one of the newest truck fleets on our list. Although Budget has more locations than Penske, Penske offers one more truck size, making it a good option if your needs fall somewhere in between Budget’s two largest options and you don’t mind spending more for your rental.

Truck sizes12 foot16 foot22 foot26 foot
Internal dimensions12′ x 6′6″ x 6′1″16′ x 7′7″ x 6′6″21′11″ x 8′1″ x 8′1″25′11″ x 8′1″ x 8′1″
Capacity1–2 rooms2–3 rooms3–5 rooms5–7 rooms
Weight limit (lbs.)3,1004,30010,00010,000
Interior space (cu. ft.)4508001,2001,700
Fuel tank capacity (gallons)33335050
Miles per gallon12121010
Truck sizes
Internal dimensions
Weight limit (lbs.)
Interior space (cu. ft.)
Fuel tank capacity (gallons)
Miles per gallon
12 foot 16 foot 22 foot 26 foot
12′ x 6′6″ x 6′1″ 16′ x 7′7″ x 6′6″ 21′11″ x 8′1″ x 8′1″ 25′11″ x 8′1″ x 8′1″
1–2 rooms 2–3 rooms 3–5 rooms 5–7 rooms
3,100 4,300 10,000 10,000
450 800 1,200 1,700
33 33 50 50
12 12 10 10


  • Available across the continental US and Canada
  • Maintains newer trucks than the competition
  • Has 4 different truck sizes
  • Offers multiple discounts
  • Provides multiple insurance options


  • Costs more than U-Haul and Budget for local moves
  • Doesn’t have trucks with low moving decks like U-Haul

Why we recommend Penske Truck Rental

Reason #1: It maintains newer trucks

When you’re tackling a DIY move, a big component to your success is the reliability of your rental truck—you don’t want to end up on the side of the road, after all.

Penske’s way of ensuring you rent a quality truck is to offer one of the newest truck fleets in the industry. Newer moving trucks often provide more comfort, better gas mileage, and a greater sense of reliability than their older counterparts.

Although we don’t think it’s likely a truck from another rental company on our list will break down, we like the peace of mind and level of comfort driving a newer truck brings to your move (especially if you’re moving long distance).

Not only is Penske’s fleet newer than many other companies’, it also has one more truck option than our number-two pick, giving you a bit of flexibility when making your rental choice.

Here are Penske’s truck rental options:

  • 12-foot truck
  • 16-foot truck
  • 22-foot truck
  • 26-foot truck

If you aren’t sure whether or not your belongings will fit into the sixteen-foot option, it’s nice to know you can choose the twenty-two-foot truck rather than jumping all the way to the twenty-six-foot option with a company like Budget.

Reason #2: It offers multiple discounts

Penske offers a few different ways to save a little extra money on your truck rental. It doesn’t
quite have the number of discounts as Budget, but it outshines every other company on our list in this department (including U-Haul).

Penske offers discounts for the following people:

  • AAA members
  • Military personnel
  • College students

Any effort a company makes to save customers money is a win in our book, so if you land in one of these three groups and don’t think U-Haul or Budget is a good fit for you, we think you’ll be happy with Penske. Get your quote to see how much you can save.

To learn more, read our full Penske Truck Rental review.

#4: Enterprise

Overall rating

2.9 / 5

Moving truck rentals might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Enterprise (Star Trek is, of course), but it actually offers the largest variety of rental trucks and vans on our list. Having a greater number of choices can help you select exactly the right vehicle for your move. But there’s a downside: Enterprise covers only round-trip rentals (with limited exceptions).

Vehicle sizes15-foot parcel van16-foot cabover truck24-foot box truck26-foot box truck
Dimensions* 15′ x 8′ x 7′16′ x 8′ x 7′6″24′ x 8′6″ x 8′6″26′ x 8′6″ x 8′6″
Capacity1–3+ rooms3–4 rooms5+ rooms5+rooms
Weight limit (lbs.)5,0007,50010,00010,000
Interior space (cu. ft.)**8109201,7001,800
Vehicle sizes
Weight limit (lbs.)
Interior space (cu. ft.)**
15-foot parcel van 16-foot cabover truck 24-foot box truck 26-foot box truck
15′ x 8′ x 7′ 16′ x 8′ x 7′6″ 24′ x 8′6″ x 8′6″ 26′ x 8′6″ x 8′6″
1–3+ rooms 3–4 rooms 5+ rooms 5+rooms
5,000 7,500 10,000 10,000
810 920 1,700 1,800

(Specific fuel tank capacity specifications were not available as this varies by the year, make, and model of each vehicle.)

*Interior dimensions were not available. Dimensions shown are of the exterior of the cargo container.
**Interior dimensions were not available. Dimensions shown are only an estimate. Contact your nearest Enterprise Truck Rental location for more precise specifications.


  • Offers largest variety of vehicle types on our list
  • Available across the US and Canada
  • Doesn’t charge mileage fees for moves under 300 miles


  • Doesn’t offer one-way rentals
  • Inconsistent with online pricing
  • Has higher loading deck heights than U-Haul

Why we recommend Enterprise Truck Rental

Reason #1: Enterprise has the largest variety of vehicles for rent

Enterprise Truck Rental offers fourteen different vehicle options—that’s six more options than U-Haul and ten more than Penske.

Enterprise’s inventory ranges from pickup trucks and cargo vans to twenty-six-foot moving trucks, meaning Enterprise can rent you a vehicle to accomplish everything from moving an old loveseat to moving a whole bunch of loveseats (and probably the rest of your belongings too).

Since Enterprise has such a large selection of vans and trucks, we didn’t include all of them in the table above, but you can see a full list of its offerings here:

Box trucks
  • 24-foot truck
  • 26-foot truck
Cabover trucks
  • 16-foot truck
Parcel vans
  • 15-foot van
Stakebed trucks
  • 16-foot stakebed truck
  • 24-foot stakebed truck
Stakebed trucks
  • 16-foot stakebed truck
  • 24-foot stakebed truck
Cargo vans
  • Compact cargo van (123 ft. cu. cargo capacity)
  • Cargo van (260 ft. cu. cargo capacity)
  • Heavy-duty cargo van (224 ft. cu. cargo capacity)
  • Heavy-duty XL cargo van (254 ft. cu. cargo capacity)
  • High roof cargo van (345 ft. cargo cu. capacity)
Pickup trucks
  • ½-ton pickup truck
  • ¾-ton pickup truck
  • 1-ton pickup truck

Although Enterprise has a large variety of rental vehicles, you almost always have to return them to the original location of your reservation.

This rules out Enterprise for long-distance moves, but if your move is keeping you in town, Enterprise has a lot of vehicles to choose from.

Reason #2: It waives mileage fees for the first 300 miles

Cutting down expenses is an important part of any DIY move. That’s why we love the fact that Enterprise includes 300 free miles with your rental.

Most truck rental companies don’t offer free miles unless you’re conducting a long-distance move, so we appreciate this cost-saving perk for local movers or individuals who need to rent a vehicle for another project that keeps them in town.

If your local move extends beyond 300 miles, don’t fret. Enterprise’s mileage fee is one of the most affordable on our list.

Your fee will fluctuate based on the vehicle you select and your rental location, but we found it generally still remains one of the best rates available.

To read more, check out our Enterprise Truck Rental review.

Recapping our top moving truck rental companies

  1. U-Haul
  2. Budget Truck Rental
  3. Penske Truck Rental
  4. Enterprise Truck Rental

What makes a good moving truck rental company

Choosing a rental truck company may seem like a fairly straightforward process, but you should consider a few things when making your final choice.


Whether it’s the number of company locations or the number of trucks and vans in the company’s rental fleet, the higher the number the better. More availability means you have a greater chance of reserving the right truck on the right day.

Truck size options

If you’re moving from a studio apartment, you’ll want to choose a company that has small vans and trucks available (no sense in spending the money for a big truck for such a small job).

Large homes, on the other hand, require large trucks, so you should choose a company with trucks big enough to accommodate your needs.


If you’re looking into renting a moving truck, it’s safe to assume you’re trying to save money. We know it’s tempting to choose the cheapest rental company you can find, but we find movers are more satisfied with companies that have transparent pricing rather than low pricing.

Let us know which moving truck company you choose!

Whether you go with our top pick or choose to rent from another company on our list, let us know in the comments below! We’d love to learn about your experience, and your insights might help another one of our readers make a more informed choice for their upcoming moves.

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  • A Wiggins

    I choose Penske because their trucks are new and nice; You get what you reserved and when you reserved it for ; They are very reliable and have great customer service. I have tried Uhaul with varying success. With Uhaul, your truck pick-up place is not always the same as they say at first. Your specific Uhaul truck may be unavailable when you arrive to pick it up. Big Bummer! The Uhaul trucks are older. One thing good about the Uhaul trucks is the low deck height if you need it.