The Best Car Shipping Companies for Your Military Move

Biggest discount
Sherpa Auto Transport
4.2 out of 5 stars
  • $100 military discount
  • $1,040 avg. shipping cost
Lowest average price
4 out of 5 stars
  • $50 military discount
  • $850 avg. shipping cost
Most other discounts
4.1 out of 5 stars
  • $35 military discount
  • $1,060 avg. shipping cost
Julia Campbell
Researcher & Writer
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Published on March 02, 2021
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So you’ve been reassigned from a base in Georgia to one in Oregon. Or you’re a military spouse toting your family of five down a few ZIP codes from Virginia to Florida.

At times, it makes sense to drive your car to your new destination and save on moving costs that come with a permanent change of station (PCS). But sometimes it’s logistically impossible because you need to report for duty immediately or your family owns multiple vehicles.

Luckily, car shipping is an option. The only downside? It comes at a cost.

Badge Definition
What's a POV, you ask?

POV is military-speak for privately owned vehicle (meaning your car, not a tank).

If you choose to drive your car yourself, the military will reimburse you for mileage and some travel costs. The military will also cover the cost to ship one car if you’re doing an overseas (OCONUS) move. So if you’re moving to another continent or getting behind the wheel, you won’t have to pull from your own wallet.

But when you’re shipping your vehicle within the lower 48 or sending a second car abroad, it’ll most likely be on your own dime.

This is why we love a good military discount. If you’re moving CONUS to CONUS, there’s a host of car shipping companies that can transport your wheels at a more affordable price—and we found the best ones for the job.

The 3 best car shipping companies for your PCS

How’d we choose these companies? We analyzed the size, cost, and availability of eight different car shipping companies in the US. We got quotes from five of those companies and talked to eight different customer service representatives in the process.

Heads Up
Keep in mind

Car shipping companies aren’t always the best at marketing their services and prices, so be sure to pick up the phone and ask a rep about which discounts you could snag. Some companies don’t even list their military discounts online.

Sherpa Auto Transport

Our Rating
4.2 out of 5 stars

When it comes to military car shippers, Sherpa is our favorite. It offers the best services (hello, Price Lock Promise and Clean Car Guarantee) and the best military discount of any car shipping company.

If you’re active-duty military, Sherpa will knock $100 off your final bill—period. This is—drumroll, please—the highest discount offered by any car shipping company we researched.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Price Lock Promise
Pro Bullet Car wash included with every shipment
Pro Bullet High customer ratings
Pro Bullet Cash discount
Con Heading
Con Bullet No instant quotes

What sets Sherpa Auto Transport apart?

It offers the best bang for your buck on military moves

Between a Price Lock Promise and a Clean Car Guarantee, Sherpa seems like an easy choice for your PCS.

With Sherpa’s Price Lock Promise, you won’t pay a penny over your quote. Sherpa is an auto broker, which means it’ll take your move details and budget and find a car transporter that fits the bill. If Sherpa can’t find a carrier that will ship your car at the rate it quoted you, it’ll make up the difference.

It’s that simple.

Plus, Sherpa’s Clean Car Guarantee gives you a free car wash with your move (within a week of your delivery). You’ll pay for the car wash yourself, and Sherpa will reimburse you up to $20. And trust us, you’ll want it—highway grime is real.

We like that instead of saying, “Hey, we’ll try not to get your ride dirty,” Sherpa says, “we know your ride is likely to get dirty, so here’s a free car wash.” Plus, the last thing you want to do after relocating your entire life is worry about your dirty car.

Sherpa already sounds pretty great—and that’s before you even consider its $100 military discount.


Montway has nationwide availability, so it’ll be able to transport your wheels whether you’re at Fort Bliss in El Paso, TX, or Fort Custer in Augusta, MI.

When it comes to military moves, Montway has a lot to offer. With a $50 discount, the numbers alone should convince you to pick up the phone and give Montway a ring. And its high customer service ratings and slew of services will only confirm your decision to do business with them.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Cash discount
Pro Bullet One piece of luggage allowed
Pro Bullet Helpful customer service
Con Heading
Con Bullet Pickup guaranteed at an extra cost

What sets Montway apart?

It offers guaranteed pickup

Montway is one of only a few car shipping companies that offers guaranteed pickup dates. And when you’re moving on the military’s timeline, exactness is everything.

Montway’s policy comes at an extra cost, but it ensures that your ride will get picked up on the date you request. If your military spouse is overseas and you’re planning a move on your own, or if you need to be at your new base by the first of the month, guaranteed pickup means one less detail is left to chance.

Of course, delays happen, but knowing when your car will be picked up means you’ll have a better idea of when it’ll be delivered at your new base.

Another thing we like: Montway has a military blog to walk you through every step of your PCS.

Dying to know more about Montway? Check out our Montway Review.


Our Rating
4.1 out of 5 stars

AmeriFreight's price-matching policy helps get you the best car shipping service at the right price. The company also offers a $35 military discount in honor of your service.

AmeriFreight’s website may not be the most aesthetically pleasing, but it makes it easy to get online quotes. Plus, it offers a host of resources to help guide you through your move—which is especially helpful if this is your first PCS.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Expedited shipping
Pro Bullet Trailer and RV shipping
Pro Bullet Online quote generator
Pro Bullet Comprehensive coverage plans
Con Heading
Con Bullet Inconsistent information on website

What sets AmeriFreight apart?

It will price-match

When you’re doing a PCS, you’re already pinching pennies. If you were to drive your car yourself, you’d get money back to cover the gas you guzzled on your trip. But when you ship your car, well, you’ll pay for it out of your own pocket.

That’s where AmeriFreight’s price-matching policy comes in: it ensures that you’re getting the best deal on the service you want—or at least that you’re not overpaying.

AmeriFreight pledges to match any quote you receive from any car shipper that has reputable customer service reviews and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

If you do your due diligence and shop around for quotes (pssst: we always recommend getting at least three), you’ll save—or at least come out even—on a move with AmeriFreight.

On top of that, AmeriFreight’s military discount will drop your total down 35 bucks, which means more money back in your pocket.

Recapping our top 4 car shipping companies for military moves

  • Sherpa Auto Transport—$100 discount
  • Montway—$50 discount
  • AmeriFreight—$35 discount

Best of the rest

Not every good car shipper made our cut. Here are a few other companies we’d recommend if our top picks don’t work for you:

Easy Car Shipping: Easy Car Shipping has next-level pricing transparency so you can plan your move to the dollar. Plus, its high customer service ratings prove that it knows how to do the job right. The downside: Easy Car doesn’t offer a military discount.
Get a quote

uShip: Okay, so uShip isn’t technically a car shipper, but it’s a great go-to if you want to compare multiple companies to transport your POV. uShip’s marketplace publishes listings and prices for car shippers in your area. Plus, it helps streamline your search for transport companies that offer the best military discounts.
Get a quote | Read our review

How we made our picks

Unfortunately, car shipping companies don’t offer a ton of perks for military moves beyond discounts. But every penny helps when you're paying for your own move, so we appreciate those that do discount auto transport for military families.

We chose the best car shipping companies with military discounts based on the following additional criteria:

  • Nationwide availability
  • Customer service ratings
  • Service offerings

(Companies that offer online resources and moving checklists for military families got bonus points.)

We want to hear from you
Have you shipped your POV with a company that you think deserves a spot on our list? Leave a comment and let us know!

If you need help with the rest of your PCS, check out who we deem the best for military moves.

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Julia Campbell
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