Sherpa Auto Transport Review 2021

Bottom line: Sherpa Auto Transport’s guaranteed pricing is hard to beat.
Kurt Manwaring
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Published on February 15, 2021
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Sherpa Auto Transport got started because its owner had a bad experience shipping his car. The company’s goal is to provide customers with everything he never had—and it gets near-perfect reviews as a result.

The company’s prices are both its weakness and its strength. Sherpa Auto Transport’s quotes are about 10% higher than most other companies. But unlike the other guys, Sherpa Auto Transport guarantees your quote. That’s a big deal in an industry known for bait-and-switch tactics.

Customers love the mix of top-notch service and transparent pricing—and so do we.

How Sherpa Auto Transport compares to the car shipping industry

Sherpa Auto Transport
Industry averages

Company pricing (out of 5)



Age of company (years)



Vehicles shipped in 2019

Declined to provide


Compare Sherpa Auto Transport to its competitors on our Best Car Shipping Companies list.

How much does Sherpa Auto Transport cost?

Sherpa Auto Transport has above-average prices. Its average cost of $1,040 per transport is about $130 more expensive than the average car shipping company.

The average cost per 100 miles to ship a car with Sherpa Auto Transport is $140, although prices vary depending on factors such as route, distance, and vehicle type.

We asked Sherpa Auto Transport to give us quotes for three vehicles across five distances on both open and enclosed carriers.

Sherpa Auto Transport car shipping prices

2008 Dodge Charger
2011 Toyota Highlander
2012 Chevrolet Silverado

Open transport




Enclosed transport




Data as of 4/16/2020. Average cost calculated by comparing costs for three car sizes across five distances. Offers and availability may vary and are subject to change.

How Sherpa Auto Transport pricing compares

We asked Sherpa Auto Transport to provide 30 quotes to ship three vehicles to five locations. We compared its responses to 270 quotes from nine other car auto transport companies and found its quotes are about 10% more expensive than the average.

Sherpa Auto Transport has low prices for short distances

Sherpa Auto Transport has lower-than-average enclosed shipping prices for short distances. Its average cost of $480 to transport a car 150 miles is $100 cheaper than other companies.

Sherpa Auto Transport enclosed shipping prices

Sherpa Auto Transport
Industry average













Data as of 4/16/2020. Average cost calculated by comparing costs for three car sizes over a distance of 150 miles. Offers and availability may vary and are subject to change.

Sherpa Auto Transport saves you money with guaranteed quotes

Sherpa Auto Transport’s final prices always match its initial quote—and that’s not usually the case with car shipping companies. It’s not uncommon for customers to complain that other car shipping companies add hundreds of dollars to the final price tag.

If you were to add an extra $200 to the quotes of other car shipping companies, Sherpa Auto Transport would be about 10% less expensive than the average. We explain more below.

Want a guaranteed quote?

Sherpa Auto Transport cost factors

The stock market goes up and down throughout the day. Auto shipping prices work the same way. The amount you pay can change from day to day depending on a lengthy list of factors:

  • Carrier bidding process
  • Distance
  • Extra services
  • Number of vehicles
  • Region
  • Route
  • Seasonality
  • Transport type
  • Vehicle type and condition

Sherpa Auto Transport coverage options

Sherpa Auto Transport uses only carriers with a minimum of $1,000,000 in liability insurance and $100,000 in cargo insurance. The auto transport broker also requires its truckers to list Sherpa Auto Transport as a certificate holder on the insurance policy.

Protect against fraud

We recommend you check customer reviews before choosing a car shipper (Sherpa Auto Transport’s reviews are nearly perfect). See how else you can protect against fraud in our guide to car shipping insurance.

Sherpa Auto Transport at a glance

Company information

MC #




Broker or carrier


Carries basic insurance

Icon Yes  DarkYes

Average customer service rating


Years in business


Cars shipped in 2019

Declined to provide

Sherpa Auto Transport features and services

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Guaranteed quotes
Pro Bullet Excellent customer service
Pro Bullet Useful perks
Con Heading
Con Bullet No instant online quotes
Con Bullet Frustrating website

Sherpa Auto Transport is a relatively new company that prides itself on giving the best possible customer experience. The transport company offers a variety of top-notch car shipping services:

  • Car transport
  • Corporate relocation transport
  • Enclosed transport
  • Interstate transport
  • Intrastate transport
  • Military transport
  • Open transport
  • Pickup truck transport
  • Snowbird transport
  • SUV transport
  • Van transport

Why we recommend Sherpa Auto Transport

Sherpa Auto Transport has guaranteed prices

Sherpa Auto Transport guarantees its quotes. That’s a big deal because many car shipping companies suck you in with a low quote and then jack up the price. Sherpa Auto Transport hates the bait-and-switch routine and guarantees its final price will match your quote.

Your initial Sherpa Auto Transport quote may be a bit higher than other companies, but chances are you’ll pay less in the end.

Light Bulb
What's up with car shipping prices?

Sherpa Auto Transport is one of the only companies that guarantees your quotes. Learn more about how pricing works in How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car?

Sherpa Auto Transport gets near-perfect customer reviews

Sherpa Auto Transport has an average customer review rating of 4.8/5—almost a half-star higher than most car shipping companies.

The company goes out of its way to make sure customers have the best possible experience—and it gets the job done. Nothing says “mission accomplished” quite like near-perfect customer reviews.

Want a company with awesome reviews?

Sherpa Auto Transport keeps your car clean

Sherpa Auto Transport’s Clean Car Guarantee means every customer gets a free car wash. Cars get dirty in transit—especially if you use an open car carrier. Sherpa Auto Transport takes the edge off by reimbursing each customer up to $20 for a car wash.

It’s a small thing—and that’s why we like it. Sherpa Auto Transport pays attention to the details.

FAQ about Sherpa Auto Transport

What are Sherpa Auto Transport prices like?

Sherpa Auto Transport’s prices are about 10% higher than average—but it has accurate pricing and transparent pricing. The company’s Price Lock Promise means your initial quote is guaranteed (that’s not always the case with other companies). In other words: no hidden fees.

What is Sherpa Auto Transport’s customer service like?

Sherpa Auto Transport’s customer service is among the best in the auto transport business. Its average customer review rating of 4.8 means that of the multiple companies you might consider, Sherpa Auto Transport would be one of the best. Customers especially like its Price Lock Promise and Clean Car Guarantee.

Do I need an open carrier or enclosed carrier?

Around 90% of all vehicles ship on an open carrier. A more expensive enclosed carrier is for specialty vehicles like a luxury car or custom vehicle. Learn more in’s Do I Really Need an Enclosed Car Carrier?

Our recommendation

Sherpa Auto Transport offers an impressive combo of excellent service and guaranteed prices. The car shipping company gets near-perfect customer reviews and gives everyone a free car wash.

One downside to Sherpa Auto Transport: You can’t get instant online quotes, and the chat feature is just a bot that connects you with a rep. If your top priority is to do all your shopping online, you may want to consider another service provider from our best car shipping companies.

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