Sherpa Auto Transport Review 2020

Bottom line: Sherpa Auto Transport is newer to the car shipping scene—but it already stands out thanks to its attentive customer service, fair pricing policies, and unique perks.

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4.1 / 5

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Sherpa’s Response to COVID-19

Sherpa’s Response to COVID-19

Sherpa remains open for business during the COVID-19 pandemic. To keep carriers and customers are safe as possible, they strongly suggest disinfecting car door handles and interiors before pickup and before delivery.

See where Sherpa Auto Transport ranks among our best car shipping companies and best enclosed car shipping companies.

Whether you’re a snowbird flying south to Florida or a family of four relocating cross country for a new job, you’ll need a trusted company to get your beloved ride from A to B—if you don’t plan to make the drive yourself.

Sherpa Auto Transport already has what we’d want in a seasoned car shipping company: superior customer service, positive online reviews, transparent pricing, and extra perks (free car wash, anyone?).

While Sherpa doesn’t offer instant online quotes, we think its overall value makes it well worth your time and consideration. Read on to learn why we recommend Sherpa Auto Transport.


  • Attentive customer service
  • Car wash included with auto shipment
  • Price Lock Promise
  • Strict carrier vetting process


  • No instant online quotes

Sherpa Auto Transport’s features

Sherpa Auto Transport is a reliable auto shipping broker that offers accurate pricing and impressive customer service. Along with all the basics of any car shipping company, there are a few extra bells and whistles that might be what you’re looking for.

Sherpa Auto Transport’s standout features

  1. It has a Price Lock Promise.
  2. It has standout customer service.
  3. It offers a Clean Car Guarantee.

Sherpa Auto Transport’s services

  • Car shipping
  • Classic and antique car shipping
  • Inoperable vehicle shipping
  • Local and long-distance auto moves
  • Government and military auto shipments
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Open and enclosed transport
  • Free car wash after delivery

How much does Sherpa Auto Transport cost?

Sherpa’s prices may look more expensive than competitors up front, but the reality is that many brokers lowball their quotes to get your business and then either can’t find a carrier at that price or add on extra fees later.


Brokers vs. Carriers

Brokers vs. Carriers

A carrier is the trucker that actually picks up and transports your vehicle—but most carriers cover a pretty small geographic area. That’s where brokers come in. Nationwide brokers like Sherpa pitch your car shipping request to hundreds of carriers across the country to find you the best price, no matter where you’re shipping to and from.

That’s why instant quotes are a double-edged sword: the broker still has to actually negotiate the final cost with the carrier, which means your quote could change.

Sherpa, on the other hand, offers fair and accurate prices up front. They know what prices reliable carriers will agree to, and they don’t underestimate your quote just to get you hooked. So even if Sherpa’s prices seem high, you can trust that your final cost will match your quote. Say goodbye to surprise fees and last-minute price hikes.

Sherpa is so confident about its accurate quotes that it pays the difference if the amount a carrier charges exceeds your quote. The company’s Price Lock Promise ensures that what you see is what you’ll pay—and Sherpa will contribute up to $300 out of its own pocket to cover any gaps.

We received quotes to ship a 2016 compact SUV from Salt Lake City, UT, to Pittsburgh, PA (1,844 miles), using both open and enclosed transport.

Sherpa Auto Transport pricing

Transport typePay with cashPay with card
Transport type
Pay with cash Pay with card
$1,300 $1,400
$1,750 $1,850

Note: Sherpa’s estimates include all taxes and fees. 

Ready to go?

Get your own auto transport quote from Sherpa by calling 877-336-9805 or filling out an online request form covering where, when, and what you’re shipping.

Get a Quote

How to get a Sherpa Auto Transport quote

We may sound like a broken record here, but you can’t just go to Sherpa’s website and get an instant quote. Instead, you’ll have to call the company to find out your price, which only takes a few minutes. Since Sherpa’s prices are so accurate, we don’t mind a quick call to get a reliable quote. But if you absolutely detest talking on the phone, you can also request an email quote on Sherpa’s website.

Short notice, long notice—Sherpa does it all when it comes to auto shipping. But if you’re looking to save (and get your pick of the litter on delivery dates), you’ll want to reserve in advance. When you request your quote, mention if your dates are flexible to get the best rate.

As an auto broker, Sherpa will handle all the transportation details and collect a $150–$300 broker fee once a driver is secured.  (Don’t worry—that fee is already accounted for in your quote.)

Get money



If you cancel before Sherpa finds a driver, you’ll receive a refund minus a $25 cancellation fee. You can still cancel after a driver has been designated, but you forfeit any payments made up to that point.

You must use a debit or credit card to pay for the broker fee, but the remaining carrier fee should be paid via cash or certified check to your driver upon delivery.

What we love about Sherpa Auto Transport

It has transparent pricing and a Price Lock Promise

There are a few big benefits to Sherpa’s quote process. Namely, you’ll never wind up paying way more than what you’re quoted thanks to Sherpa’s Price Lock Promise.

As an auto transport broker, Sherpa contracts with car carriers to relocate your vehicle. When you request a quote, Sherpa gives you a price it believes to be fair for both you and its network of carriers. Carriers then bid on your shipment—if the prices line up, boom, you team up, and your car gets shipped.

If the final price is higher than Sherpa’s estimated rate, the company will pay the difference in price up to $300. Yep, Sherpa willingly takes a cut in its own profits to keep you from having a poor service experience.

This stand-behind-your-quote policy nets Sherpa plenty of loyal, happy customers.

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Get Your Car in Ship-Shape

Get Your Car in Ship-Shape

No clue how to prep your car for shipment? Read Sherpa’s vehicle transport tips to be sure it’s good to go. Don’t forget to remove your EZ-Pass or toll transponder—otherwise you’ll be charged for tolls throughout the journey.

It has standout customer service

Whether you read reviews on Google, Yelp, or the Better Business Bureau, you’ll find one common theme for Sherpa: high rankings and praise. Sherpa customers say that the company goes above and beyond to deliver a positive experience with every auto shipment.

Past customers also rave about Sherpa’s response when things go wrong. Even though its preferred carriers are thoroughly vetted, damage and delays happen. In those cases, Sherpa goes out of the way to make it right. Sherpa also requires carriers to carry extra cargo insurance to cover theft, collisions, and other possible issues while your car is in transit.

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Sherpa vets its carriers

Sherpa vets its carriers

Sherpa invests major time and energy in vetting its carriers by making on-site visits and tracking customer complaints. If a carrier isn’t up to snuff, Sherpa won’t work with them. (We wish we could say that about all car shipping brokers.)

It offers a Clean Car Guarantee

Open transport saves you big, but it can leave your prized ride looking a bit grimy. Sherpa gets this and hooks every customer up with a free car wash within a week of your car’s delivery date. Since no other auto transport company offers this perk, we think it’s a small-yet-sweet bonus of shipping with Sherpa.

So how does it work? Simple:

  1. Take your ride to any professional car wash within seven days of your car’s delivery, and treat yo’self to any wash up to $20.
  2. Provide Sherpa with the car wash receipt and your bill of lading within thirty days of delivery.
  3. Sherpa issues a $20 refund to your card on file.

The result? Your car gets that straight-from-the-dealer shine. (No wonder Sherpa has so many five-star reviews.) Win-win!




Get your car’s location in transit by calling your Sherpa Auto Transport agent. You’ll be able to get real-time updates on where your car is and when it’s expected to arrive.

Our recommendation

Sherpa Auto Transport is a top choice for customers who value service and price protection over on-the-spot estimates.

Sherpa’s Price Lock Promise ensures that the price you see is what you pay. Plus, unique bonuses like free car washes keep its customers happy.

Overall, we think Sherpa Auto Transport is worth a try for your next auto shipment if you’re looking for a company that puts its customers first.

Ship your ride

If Sherpa’s shipping services and extra perks sound like what you’re looking for, get in touch to book your car transport.

Get a Quote

Still undecided about which auto transport company to use? Read our guide to transporting your car cross country and review other options on our best car shipping companies list. If you’re a past or present Sherpa Auto Transport customer, share your experience in the comments section.

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