2024 Junk King Review

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Julia Campbell
Feb 14, 2023
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Bottom line: Junk King isn’t one of our favorite junk removal companies, but we do like the way it handles pricing. The company charges by space taken up (rather than per item), offers guaranteed quotes, and matches the estimates of other bona fide junk removal companies. Junk King offers industry standard junk removal and dumpster rental services, but falls short in failing to offer moving help or other hourly labor services, and it's not available in several states.

pro Guaranteed estimates
pro Price matching
pro Recycles up to 60% of your items
pro Convenient quote options
con Limited availability
con No moving services

Junk King is not available in Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Mississippi, West Virginia, Maine, Delaware, Vermont, New Jersey, or New Hampshire.

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What we like about Junk King

It recycles

The people at Junk King are big fans of going green—so much so they’ve made it their mission to recycle up to 60% of every load.

Junk King has local sorting facilities in various locations where they sift through junk then recycle, reuse, or donate whichever items qualify. Whether you’re tossing furniture, dishwashers, or yard debris, Junk King finds it a home that’s not a landfill.

You pay only for space you use

Junk King also has a pay-per-use policy, making it so you pay only for the space you use in the dumpster—not the entire dumpster.

The total cost is determined by the amount of volume in the dumpster. If you hit max capacity, you’ll pay the full amount, but if you fill it only halfway, you’ll shave some money off your dumpster cost.

Even on its own this policy is pretty nice. But if you overestimate on a load or have only a few items, it’s a lifesaver.

Its price match policy

Junk King was the first junk removal company to implement a pay-per-use policy. It guarantees that it will match the price of its competition. The only caveats are that you must obtain a written quote from a licensed, insured, and recycling-based junk removal company. We’re impressed with the combination of Junk King’s guaranteed quotes and price-matching guarantee.

How Junk King compares to the industry

Service type
Donation pickup
Learn more
Full-service junk removal
Icon No  LightNo
Full-service junk removal
Icon Yes  LightYes
Full-service junk removal
Icon Yes  LightYes
Full-service junk removal
Icon Yes  LightYes
Dumpster rental
Icon No  LightNo

How much does Junk King cost?

Junk King prides itself on transparent and fair pricing—and it has every reason to.

Unlike other junk removal companies, Junk King breaks down its rates based on the size of your load. Because of this, you can budget around concrete numbers—instead of ballpark estimates that could be inaccurate.

Plus, Junk King doesn’t make you pay for the space in the dumpster you didn’t use. We’ll dive into that in a minute, but let’s talk figures so you can see what this means for you.

Cost of a MINI dumpster (charged by volume):

  • Minimum amount (for example, if you have only three or four items): $99
  • MINI filled halfway: $178–$275
  • MINI filled to the brim: $275

Also, Junk King offers three-, five-, and seven-day pricing for the MINI dumpster rental so you can work on your timetable.

For full-service hauls, Junk King’s prices are just as transparent.

Four different ways to get a quote

Of all the junk removal services, Junk King offers the most options for getting a quote. While it’s standard to offer two different options—DIY or on-site—Junk King offers a whopping four, so you can find one tailored to your needs and schedule.

  1. On-site estimates
    On-site estimates are the best and most accurate way to get a quote since Junk King’s reps will be able to see everything in sight. Most of the time, Junk King can start the job the same day.
  2. Online estimate
    Online quotes give you ballpark costs when you select specific items or enter a total volume estimate on Junk King’s website. This option is great if you have a small- to medium-sized load, but if your inventory gets any bigger, Junk King will have you do an on-site estimate instead.
  3. Calling a representative
    If your load has four or more items, a Junk King rep can give you an over-the-phone estimate (which can always be adjusted once the crew is on site).
  4. Texting Junk King a photo
    With this option, you can literally text Junk King a picture of something you need removed and someone will ping you back an estimate. Again, this isn’t going to be as foolproof as an on-site estimate, but if you have only a few items, it can save you some time.
Heads up

If your job is over $99, you can save $20 when you book online.

Junk King features and services

Between self-service dumpster rentals and full-service help, Junk King offers a wide range of features and services:

Junk removal services

With Junk King, you can call in a crew for a full-service haul or roll up your sleeves and rent Junk King’s self-service MINI dumpster. Plus, Junk King offers a full-service junk removal option for businesses.

Full-service junk removal

Best for those who want the hauling done for them.

  • Comes with a 480-cubic foot dump truck
  • Handles hauling services, house cleanouts, property cleanouts, trash removals
  • Services properties without dumpster space
  • Offers payment plan at the discretion of the local franchise

Self-service MINI dumpster rental

Best for homeowners.

  • Comes with a 324-cubic foot dumpster
  • Picks up dumpster after you've packed it
  • Is driveway friendly
  • Best for ongoing or small-scale projects

Business-to-business junk removal

Best for construction debris and property management.

  • Comes with a 480-cubic foot dump truck
  • Hauls unwanted items off your business property
  • Offers payment plans

Other services

Junk King earns high marks for its large list of things it’ll discard or recycle. In fact, the only thing Junk King doesn’t dispose of is hazardous waste, but that’s an industry-wide policy.

Here’s Junk King’s full list of services:

  • Junk hauling services
  • Dumpster rental
  • House cleanouts
  • Foreclosure cleanouts
  • Construction waste removal
  • Property cleanout services
  • Estate cleanout
  • Yard waste removal
  • Refrigerator disposal and recycling
  • Mattress disposal, recycling, or donation
  • Television disposal and recycling
  • Garbage removal
  • E-waste disposal
  • Air conditioner removal
  • Dishwasher and trash compactor removal
  • Freezer and refrigerator disposal and recycling
  • Stove, oven, and microwave disposal
  • Washing machine and dryer disposal
  • Water heater disposal and recycling
  • Hot tub disposal
  • Electronic waste
  • Furniture removal

Our recommendation

Junk King doesn't quite make the list of our top companies. While it lacks US locations and doesn’t offer moving services, it’s still a reputable junk removal service whose reviews indicate that its customers leave happy. We especially like its fair and up front pricing, its commitment to being eco-friendly, and how DIY-friendly it is. On the whole, Junk King is a good go-to—especially if you’re looking to rent a dumpster without breaking the bank.

Looking for guaranteed quotes?

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