Best Enclosed Car Shipping Companies of 2021

Best overall
Montway Auto Transport
4.5 out of 5 stars
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    $1,160 avg. enclosed shipping cost
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    Instant online quotes
Best for discounts
3.9 out of 5 stars
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    $1,340 avg. enclosed shipping cost
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    Instant online quotes
Best customer service
Sherpa Auto Transport
3.7 out of 5 stars
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    $1,270 avg. enclosed shipping cost
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    No instant online quotes
Colin Holmes
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Published on July 02, 2021
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The best enclosed car shipping companies offer an additional level of protection you won’t find with open car carriers.

Whether you need to ship your ‘64 Corvette to its first auto show or you simply want to ensure nothing happens to the trusty ol’ family sedan during your big move, choosing the right enclosed car shipping company can make or break your experience.

Take a look at our recommendations to learn which company is best equipped to fit your needs.

The 3 best enclosed auto transport companies

Montway Auto Transport—Best overall

Best overall

Montway Auto Transport is our pick for the best overall enclosed car shipping company. Although its transparent pricing and guaranteed pickup dates pushed it over the top, it has a few other features that make your shipment as easy as possible.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Provides multiple payment options
Pro Bullet Offers a cash payment discount
Pro Bullet Offers guaranteed pickup dates and expedited transport
Pro Bullet Offers immediate online estimates
Pro Bullet Has an online chat to quickly answer questions
Con Heading
Con Bullet Requires an email address to receive a quote

Why we recommend Montway Auto Transport

Reason #1: It offers transparent pricing and multiple payment options

While every company we recommend lets you request a quote online, Montway’s one of only two enclosed car shippers on our list that actually shows you your quote online.

No need to wait for an email or a phone call—you just enter your info and a price pops right up.

While you’ll still receive an email with your estimate, we appreciate that you can see your shipping cost and immediately book your shipment online without leaving Montway’s site.

Montway offers convenient online payments

Montway gives you two distinct ways to pay for your shipment: pay in full online, or pay the bulk of your cost in cash on delivery.

Most car shipping companies require you to pay the balance of your bill in cash when your car is delivered, so we like that Montway gives you the option to pay your entire bill with a card online. Not only does it save you a trip to the ATM, but it also saves you from carrying around that much cash (who carries around cash these days, anyway?)

This level of convenience costs a bit extra, however.

If you’re willing to pay in cash, Montway offers a modest discount. Our discount was about $40 each time we requested a quote, but this might vary based on the specifics of your shipment.

Reason #2: It offers guaranteed pickup dates and expedited shipping

While most enclosed car shipping companies offer “pickup windows” rather than exact pickup dates, Montway lets you select a guaranteed date for your shipment.

A guaranteed pickup date does cost extra, but it can be incredibly useful if you need to meet a deadline and can't wait around days on end for a carrier to pick up your car.

Montway also offers expedited shipping, meaning it can pick up your car in as little as 24–48 hours after booking.

So if you need your car picked up in a hurry or just want it picked up on a particular day, Montway has you covered.

To learn more, read our full Montway review.

AmeriFreight—Best for discounts

Best for discounts

AmeriFreight was founded in 2004 and is yet another solid choice for your enclosed auto shipment. If you’re looking for extra discounts or damage protection beyond the standard level of carrier insurance, AmeriFreight is well worth your consideration.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Offers additional damage coverage beyond standard carrier insurance
Pro Bullet Offers several discounts
Pro Bullet Offers immediate online price estimate
Con Heading
Con Bullet Doesn’t have an easily navigable website
Con Bullet Doesn’t thoroughly explain its services online
Con Bullet Requires an email address to receive a quote

Why we recommend AmeriFreight

Reason #1: It offers great damage coverage plans

You’re likely considering enclosed car transport to make sure nothing happens to your car while it's traveling in the carrier.

Unfortunately, accidents still happen.

While AmeriFreight ensures each of its contracted car carriers has insurance, that insurance often has exclusions the carrier won’t pay for.

Was your car damaged during loading or unloading? You’re out of luck. Was it damaged while in storage? No dice again. Was it damaged by an act of nature? Whip out your checkbook.

Luckily, AmeriFreight bridges this insurance gap with its AF Total Assurance (AFta) plan. The AFta plan functions a lot like gap insurance—it’s a cushion between those insurance exclusions and your bank account.

We like this option because it not only gives you a nice buffer in the (unlikely) event your car carrier refuses to pay for repairs, but it also gives you forty-eight hours to report any scrapes or scratches. This way, you don’t feel pressure to investigate every inch of your car before the carrier takes off.

Reason #2: It offers several discounts

Enclosed car shipping can get pricey, so we appreciate any opportunity to save a bit of money.

AmeriFreight stands out in this regard because it advertises the most discounts of any auto shipper on our list.

Here’s a quick look at the discounts* it has to offer:

  • Senior citizen discount: $25
  • Student discount: $25
  • First responder discount: $35
  • Military discount: $35
  • Early bird discount**: $35
  • Return customer discount: $50
  • Multiple vehicle discount: $50 off every additional vehicle in your shipment

*Discounts valid as of 12/4/19
**You must book within 48 hours of receiving your quote.

To learn more, read our full AmeriFreight review.

Sherpa Auto Transport—Best customer service

Best customer service

Sherpa Auto Transport offers everything you’d expect from an enclosed car shipping company—and just a bit extra. In addition to tailoring your shipment to fit both your timeline and your budget, it also treats you to a car wash so you can make sure your car is clean as a whistle after it’s delivered.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Offers a Price Lock Promise
Pro Bullet Offers a free car wash with its Clean Car Guarantee
Con Heading
Con Bullet Doesn’t thoroughly explain its services online
Con Bullet Delivers quotes via email—not available immediately on its website

Why we recommend Sherpa Auto Transport

Reason #1: It has a Price Lock Promise

One thing you don’t have to worry about with Sherpa Auto Transport: paying way more than what you’re quoted for car shipping services.

Once you’ve received an estimate, Sherpa goes to its network to find a carrier that meets your needs. If there isn’t a company available within your budget, Sherpa will cover the difference (up to $300)—so you get the same quality service at the price you can afford.

Some types of surprises are fun, but sticker shock on your auto transport bill isn’t one of them. We appreciate that Sherpa stands behind its quotes even when individual car carriers won’t.

No one else has anything like this.

Reason #2: It offers a Clean Car Guarantee

Sending your car from one part of the country to another in an enclosed carrier usually ensures it stays pretty clean, but Sherpa Auto Transport wants your vehicle to be spotless.

With Sherpa Auto Transport’s Clean Car Guarantee, every customer gets to treat themselves to a car wash after their delivery arrives.

Here are the details:

  • Get a professional car wash ($20 maximum) within seven days of your car’s delivery.
  • Submit a copy of your car wash receipt and your bill of lading within thirty days of delivery.
  • Sherpa Auto Transport will issue a $20 refund to the card it has on file from your transport.

This is an incredibly unique perk, and we like that Sherpa takes this extra step to make sure you’re happy with your car’s finish after it’s delivered.

Recapping our top car shipping companies

Which enclosed car shipper is right for you?

No matter which enclosed auto transport company you choose, we want to hear about it! Let our readers know about your experience in the comments below so they can find the best carrier for their car shipping needs.

Decided you’d rather ship your car in an open carrier? Check out our best car shipping companies list to see our recommendations.

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