The 5 Best Companies to Ship a Motorcycle with in 2021 collected 120 quotes and compared five auto transporters’ features to find the most reliable motorcycle shipping companies. We also looked at things like population, traffic congestion, weather, and motorcycle laws to identify the top 10 cities for motorcyclists.

  • Best quote comparison


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    • Available in 50 states
    • Enclosed transport
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  • Best for discounts


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    • Available in 50 states
    • Enclosed transport
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  • Best for convenience

    Motorcycle Shippers

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    • Available in 50 states
    • Enclosed transport
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  • Best for bike safety

    Haul Bikes

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  • Best for price matching


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Our top pick: uShip’s online marketplace gives you the most flexibility for choosing a motorcycle transport carrier. While most companies give you one quote, uShip lets you choose from hundreds of providers to pick the price that’s best for you.

Best motorcycle shipping companies of 2021

Compare motorcycle shipping companies

Motorcycle shipping companyMotorcycle
Enclosed transport✔ Yes✔ Yes✔ Yes✔ Yes✔ Yes
Additional coverage✔ Yes✔ Yes✔ Yes✔ Yes✔ Yes
Specializes in motorcycle transportNoNo✔ Yes✔ YesNo
Online quote✔ Yes✔ Yes✔ YesNoNo
Availability50 states50 states50 states48 states50 states
Motorcycle shipping company
Enclosed transport
Additional coverage
Specializes in motorcycle transport
Online quote
Motorcycle Shippers
✔ Yes ✔ Yes ✔ Yes ✔ Yes ✔ Yes
✔ Yes ✔ Yes ✔ Yes ✔ Yes ✔ Yes
No No ✔ Yes ✔ Yes No
✔ Yes ✔ Yes ✔ Yes No No
50 states 50 states 50 states 48 states 50 states

What should you look for in a motorcycle shipping company?

There are several things you should look for in a motorcycle shipping company:

  1. Motorcycle expertise. Choose a company that specializes in motorcycle shipping. If you don’t see a reference to motorcycles on the company’s main website, you should probably move on to someone else.
  1. Cost. Look to see if the company fits within your budget. You can also make things more convenient by finding a company that gives online quotes.
  1. Availability. Make sure the auto transportation company provides services in both your departure and destination states. Most companies provide services in the continental US, but it can be trickier to find options in Alaska and Hawaii.
  1. Transport type. Open transport is less expensive, but enclosed transport is ideal for motorcycles because it protects bikes from the weather.
  1. Company reputation. Your motorcycle is your baby. Don’t hand it over to just anyone. Make sure the company has a solid reputation in online reviews before committing.
  1. Insurance coverage. All auto transport companies must carry insurance, but there are some that go above and beyond. Chances are your bike is valuable, so look for a company that offers additional insurance options.

uShip—Best for comparing quotes

Overall rating

4.8 / 5

uShip is to the auto transport world as Angie’s List is to the average consumer. In short, it’s an online hub for shipping services. You post things you need moved and uShip funnels competing bids for those moves, then links you with the companies you’re interested in.

uShip is the smart, streamlined way to see all your motorcycle transport service options in one place, making the process of finding a motorcycle move specific to your needs easy as pie.


  • Convenience
  • Provider star ratings
  • GPS tracking
  • Damage-free guarantee


  • High prices
  • No provider vetting

Why we recommend using uShip to ship your motorcycle

It lets you see all your options

The reason uShip floats straight to the top is simple: you can find the best motorcycle move for your budget here more easily than anywhere else. With uShip, you can search the parameters of your move, and it’ll pull a bunch of quotes from various companies for you to peruse.

Plus, uShip has a state-of-the-art graph that shows the low, medium, and high bids of your shipment and then aligns various companies’ bids on the spectrum so you can visually compare the costs.

But uShip doesn’t stop there. If you’re interested in a specific company and want to look into it more, uShip has a whole section of company reviews so you can make an even more informed decision.

You can set your own price

On uShip, you take the driver’s seat (or in this case, the throttle) by naming your price on a shipment. If you don’t want to sift through your options after you’ve listed the details of your shipment, you can narrow your search by price and let companies that fit the bill come to you to talk business.

Not only does this help you stay within budget, it speeds up the shopping process if you already know what you want in a move.

Get money

Payments made easy

Payments made easy

Once you’ve found a company you’re down to do business with, uShip helps you securely and simply book your shipment right on its website.

Feel free to give our uShip review a read if you want to know more.

Montway—Best for discounts

Overall rating

4.6 / 5

Montway is another favorite in the auto transport world, but just as Montway provides superior car shipping services, it’s no different when it comes to motorcycle transport.


  • Low prices
  • Guaranteed pick-up dates
  • Additional insurance coverage
  • Service to/from Alaska and Hawaii
  • Online customer service chat


  • Lower-than-average customer reviews
  • No GPS tracking

Why we recommend using Montway for motorcycle shipping

No size limit on vehicle

Since shipping reservations are based on open car-sized slots in a truck, Montway treats every motorcycle move the same as the move of a small sedan or coupe. Because of this, there are zero limitations on the size, weight, and height of your motorcycle—a perk that is not easy to come by.

Also, Montway ships every motorcycle with enclosed transport, so you can be sure your ride is getting top-notch protection on the road. Your motorcycle will ride comfortably with a car-sized spot to itself and stay safe from debris, dirt, or anything else that could scuff its custom paint job up.

So although the cost of moving your motorcycle is the same as moving a small car, if your biggest worry is having your motorcycle damaged during transport, it might be worth the extra dough to know your hog is safe.

Discounts galore

Montway offers the most discounts of any company in the industry—and they’re discounts that make a real difference on the final bill.

From rewarding its returning customers to saluting the armed forces, here’s a full list of discounts Montway offers:

  • Military
  • First responders
  • Students
  • Senior citizens
  • Early bird
  • Return customer
  • Multiple vehicle

Montway also offers a cash discount on every move, since most truck drivers prefer to be paid in stacks anyway.




Reviews are nice, but sometimes you need hands-on experience. paid for someone to ship their car with Montway Auto Transport to see what the experience was like.

If you want to know more about our number-one company, check out our Montway review.

Motorcycle Shippers—Best for convenience

Overall rating

4.5 / 5

With a name dedicated to the craft, Motorcycle Shippers prides itself on doing the job right.

There are lots of things to like about Motorcycle Shippers: The company offers quick motorcycle delivery service, generous valuation coverage, and a quote generator as painless as we’ve ever used.


  • Instant quotes that don't require an email address
  • VIP express premium shopping
  • $7,000 of additional valuation coverage included
  • Transparent costs


  • Size restrictions on bikes over 108 in. x 46 in.

Why we recommend using Motorcycle Shippers

Instant quotes—that are actually instant

Motorcycle Shippers offers transparent and up-front prices, and its user-friendly quote generator makes it easy to figure out what these are.

Without requiring you to give any personal information beyond the basics of your move, Motorcycle Shippers’s quote generator can spit out a quote within seconds.

With most quotes, the price increases based on added features such as premium service. But with Motorcycle Shippers, there are no added fuel charges, no added costs to ship straight to your home, and no lift gate costs or other hidden fees.

So unless you tack on extra services after you get a quote, the price will be pretty spot on—allowing you to budget to the penny.

VIP express shipping available

One of the biggest reasons Motorcycle Shippers stands out from the crowd is its premium shipping service. With express shipping, you can set your own pickup and delivery dates in certain areas for $200 extra.

A standard motorcycle shipment will take three to four weeks, but with VIP shipping, Motorcycle Shippers will prioritize your shipment by sending the first truck available for pick up and delivery—which could significantly shorten your shipment time.

Paying more in premium shipping costs means the difference between scheduling your life around a potential pickup date and getting your bike in time for the next motorcycle rally.


You should know

You should know

VIP services aren’t available in every zip code. To found out if it’s available in your area, simply give Motorcycle Shippers a ring.

HAULBIKES—Best for bike safety

Overall rating

4.3 / 5

No matter the brand of bike you ride, motorcyclists alike can agree that the folks at HAULBIKES know what they’re doing—in part because all HAULBIKES professionals are motorcycle pros themselves. HAULBIKES’s bread and butter is motorcycle transport, so its equipment and shipping methods are tailored to accommodate any motorcycle-shipping scenario.

While HAULBIKES isn’t as widely available as some national brands, its experience makes up for it if you’re in its service area.


  • Specialization in motorcycles
  • Straightforward costs and delivery dates


  • Service limited to certain states
  • Limitations on shipping bikes taller than 58 in.

Why we recommend using HAULBIKES when shipping your motorcycle

Expertise transport in motorcycle-only trucks

Because HAULBIKES specializes in motorcycle transport (versus general auto transport), shipping with the company means your bike will get special treatment—treatment that other companies might not know how to provide.

With each transport, HAULBIKES uses lift gates and ramp systems to pull the bikes in before strapping them down nose to tail. And the motorcycle fanatics at HAULBIKES know the unique needs of each bike make and model, whether it’s antique, luxury, or just in need of a little TLC.

Insurance up to $15,000

HAULBIKES understands that your bikes are valuable, both to you and your wallet. Because of this, it includes $15,000 of insurance in your quoted price—the highest valuation offered by any company on this list. You can also purchase additional coverage.

Plus, if you pay $50, you can wave that potential $500 damage claim deductible fee goodbye.


HAULBIKES gets specific

HAULBIKES gets specific

HAULBIKES’s prices are as transparent as shipping estimates come. The company openly states it hates hidden fees, so it breaks down all the additional fees you might incur in different circumstances (like an extra toll fee for deliveries in Long Island and Maine). HAULBIKES makes sure you’re never surprised by your final bill.

AmeriFreight—Best for price matching

Overall rating

4.2 / 5

Between a slew of decent discounts and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, AmeriFreight is a top-tier motorcycle shipping company competitive with the others on our list—even if it’s number five.

Although its services and prices are up there based on industry standards, its outdated, counterintuitive website stopped it from gaining another star. If you have specific questions, you’ll have to pick up the phone and call since its website gives vague answers.


  • Positive customer reviews
  • Extra coverage
  • Numerous discounts
  • Availability (all 50 states)


  • No instant online quotes
  • No GPS tracking

Why we recommend using AmeriFreight to ship your motorcycle

Top-notch insurance options are available

Because no motorcycle transport is immune to accidents, and since no auto shipping company offers foolproof insurance, AmeriFreight created the AF Total Assurance Plan. It ensures you don’t have to pay out of pocket for the things your carrier insurance doesn’t cover, like flying pebbles or other road debris dinging your car.

The AF Total Assurance Plan offers three tiers, adding more features and coverage at the higher tiers. Here’s the breakdown:

  • $40 plan
    • $600 insurance for minor damages (like pebbles, rocks, oil spills, etc.)
    • 48-hour grace period to inspect motorcycle before filing a claim
  • $78 plan
    • Up to $2,000 deductible
    • $800 insurance for minor damages (like pebbles, rocks, oil spills, etc.)
    • $350 coverage if motorcycle keys are lost or damaged in transit
    • Rental car if motorcycle delivery is more than 15 days late
    • 48-hour grace period to inspect motorcycle before filing a claim
  • $98 plan
    • Up to $2,000 deductible
    • $800 insurance for minor damages (like pebbles, rocks, oil spills, etc)
    • $350 coverage if motorcycle keys are lost or damaged in transit
    • Rental car if motorcycle delivery is more than 15 days late
    • 48-hour grace period to inspect motorcycle before filing a claim
      Waived cancellation fee

We love that every plan comes with a forty-eight-hour grace period for inspecting your bike after delivery. Rather than feeling rushed or on the spot, you can take your time inspecting your vehicle.




The only difference between the $78 plan and the $98 is a waived cancellation fee.

It offers a price match policy

AmeriFreight gets right down to business with its price match policy. It will price match any other company with an A+ Better Business Bureau ranking and above-average customer reviews on

Since motorcycle moves can be pricey endeavors to begin with, we appreciate how budget-minded AmeriFreight is.

Recapping our best motorcycle shipping companies of 2021

What makes a good motorcycle shipping company?

Most motorcycle shipping services live under the umbrella of companies that focus on auto transport as a whole, rather than just motorcycle moves.

This can mean two things: auto transport companies might not provide as much expertise as a motorcycle-only transport company would, or they can service more areas while still providing solid service.

Regardless, each company brings something to the table the other doesn’t, and each is going to appeal to riders who have different needs for their move. You know your bike best and you know what you need in a move, but here’s what we think each company excels at:

Motorcycle shipping companiesStandout features
uShipBest if you want multiple options and easy bookings.
MontwayBest if you want a full-service mover or if you live in a remote area that other companies might not service.
HAULBIKEBest if you have an antique bike or one that requires special care.
Motorcycle ShippersBest for round trips or fast service.
AmeriFreightBest if you want extensive coverage.
Motorcycle shipping companies
Motorcycle Shippers
Standout features
Best if you want multiple options and easy bookings.
Best if you want a full-service mover or if you live in a remote area that other companies might not service.
Best if you have an antique bike or one that requires special care.
Best for round trips or fast service.
Best if you want extensive coverage.

Did this list help you decide which motorcycle transport company you want to ship with? Let us know in the comments section below!

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First time you’re shipping a motorcycle? We’ve got your back. Check out our guide on How to Ship a Motorcycle to make sure you don’t forget any crucial steps.

The best and worst cities for motorcyclists in the US

Map of best and worst cities for motorcyclists

Now that we’ve talked about the best motorcycle shipping companies, let’s talk about the best and worst cities for motorcycle enthusiasts to live in. If you’re looking for a place where you can enjoy more quality time on your bike in safety, then you’ll love the top 10 cities on our list.

The 10 best cities for motorcyclists

1Bakersfield, CA71.7
2Stockton, CA68.2
3San Diego, CA66.5
4Madison, WI66.1
5Fresno, CA65.4
6Milwaukee, WI65.3
7Fort Wayne, IN63.5
8Las Vegas, NV61.5
9Lincoln, NE61.1
10Sacramento, CA61.1
City Score
Bakersfield, CA 71.7
Stockton, CA 68.2
San Diego, CA 66.5
Madison, WI 66.1
Fresno, CA 65.4
Milwaukee, WI 65.3
Fort Wayne, IN 63.5
Las Vegas, NV 61.5
Lincoln, NE 61.1
Sacramento, CA 61.1

1. Bakersfield, CA

With a temperate climate, few rainy days, and comprehensive motorcycle laws, Bakersfield, California, tops our list of the best cities for motorcyclists. The city also offers a local Harley Davidson outlet, several motorcycle repair shops, and even an apparel store called Bikersfield, making it a veritable utopia for avid motorcyclists.

2. Stockton, CA

Stockton is just a four-hour drive (or ride) from Bakersfield, so it has similar climate and weather statistics, though it does get slightly more rain. It also has all of the same California state laws that protect motorcyclists.

3. San Diego, CA

San Diego is known for a lot of things, but what you may not know is that the City in Motion sits right at the heart of several scenic motorcycle roads. These roads combined with San Diego’s top-tier climate make it an excellent place to live for motorcyclists who don’t mind a fair amount of commuter traffic on major highways.

4. Madison, WI

Wisconsin’s capital is the first non-Californian city in our top 10. Unfortunately, Wisconsin doesn’t allow split lanes, so its bike laws aren’t as good for motorcyclists as California’s, but the state is still home to more registered motorcyclists than almost any other.

5. Fresno, CA

Fresno County has some of the most productive farmland in the world,1 and Fresno (the city) is right in the middle of all this pastoral beauty. It’s also less than two hours away from Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Park, and Kings Canyon National Park, making it a first-rate home for motorcyclists who love riding through nature.

6. Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee brands itself as “The City That Beer Built,” and it’s home to various craft breweries as well as the Miller Brewing Company corporate headquarters. This healthy beer culture, paired with Wisconsin’s large number of motorcyclists, results in a long list of biker bars where local motorcyclists can stop in for a pint at Miller Time.

7. Fort Wayne, IN

Fort Wayne sees 132 days of precipitation on average per year, making it the rainiest city in our top 10. Fort Wayne makes up for its bad weather with a hefty assortment of motorcycle roads and some of the lowest commuter traffic of any city on our list.

8. Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas has world-class entertainment for just about everyone, and motorcycle enthusiasts are no exception. Whether you’re a Las Vegas local or a tourist passing through on your Harley, you can enjoy the city’s nearby motorcycle roads. The only downside is all the traffic you’ll experience riding through the Strip itself.

9. Lincoln, NE

Nebraska’s capital city has relatively tame traffic and good motorcycle laws, so it’s a great place for motorcyclists to live. We’ve actually written about the city before, praising it for its low cost of living. Maybe if you move there, you could afford another motorcycle or two.

10. Sacramento, CA

We started this top 10 list in California, and we’re ending it there too. This is really no surprise: the state’s famously sunny weather and unbeatable motorcycle laws make it better than most for avid riders. The biggest problem that Sacramento poses to motorcyclists is its heavy traffic, which is almost as bad as San Diego’s.

The 10 worst cities for motorcyclists

69Washington, DC30.0
68Newark, NJ35.7
67New York, NY38.7
66Chicago, IL39.6
65Buffalo, NY42.4
64Houston, TX42.9
63Boston, MA42.9
62Baltimore, MD44.3
61Detroit, MI44.7
60Atlanta, GA45.8
City Score
Washington, DC 30.0
Newark, NJ 35.7
New York, NY 38.7
Chicago, IL 39.6
Buffalo, NY 42.4
Houston, TX 42.9
Boston, MA 42.9
Baltimore, MD 44.3
Detroit, MI 44.7
Atlanta, GA 45.8

69. Washington, DC

With infamously bad traffic, plenty of rain, and relatively harsh winters, the nation’s capital sits firmly at the very bottom of our list of the best cities for motorcyclists. One thing the city did have to offer motorcyclists was its annual Rolling Thunder Ride, but that event is being discontinued due to cost. If you love to ride, we recommend just visiting DC instead of living there.

68. Newark, NJ

Lots of precipitation, cold winters, and moderately heavy traffic make Newark another sub-par city for motorcyclists. And we think motorcyclists got the message since New Jersey has one of the smallest populations of registered motorcyclists per capita.

67. New York, NY

Unsurprisingly, The Big Apple is one of the worst cities on our list for traffic. Of the cities we looked at, only Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, DC had worse gridlock. So unless you love riding your motorcycle through crowded streets, The City That Never Sleeps is another one you may want to visit instead of live in.

66. Chicago, IL

Illinois is one of the three US states that doesn’t require motorcyclists to wear a helmet, the other two being Iowa and Alaska (though Alaska does require them for riders under 18 years old and for passengers). This fact alone puts Chicago pretty low on our list, and the city’s dense traffic and dreary weather cemented its place in our bottom 10.

65. Buffalo, NY

Buffalo is the second-largest city in New York, so it might be surprising that its traffic is actually much more manageable than New York City’s. That said, Buffalo’s frequent precipitation and chilly winters still make it a bad place to live for motorcyclists.

64. Houston, TX

On average, Houston sees temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit 104 days a year, making it by far the hottest city in our bottom 10. If you love the heat, then you might like the sound of that—but the city also gets a lot of rain and frequent traffic jams, which make it less than ideal for riding a motorcycle.

63. Boston, MA

Boston is another city with lots of traffic and dangerous weather for riding. Despite this, the city actually has plenty of great motorcycle roads nearby, so if you’re already planning on moving to Boston and you want to take your bike, don’t despair!

62. Baltimore, MD

Like many of the other cities in our bottom ten, Baltimore is a historic northeastern city with weather that often turns too cold and rainy for safe riding. And while the city’s traffic isn’t near the worst we’ve seen, it would still make riding through downtown Baltimore during rush hour a little dicey.

61. Detroit, MI

Famous musician and self-proclaimed “motorcycle buff” Bob Seger was born in Detroit, so it’s a little surprising that the city isn’t a great place for motorcyclists to live. The numbers don’t lie, though, and ours show that Detroit has terminally bad traffic and weather that is often dangerous for riding.

60. Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is the first southeastern city on our list, and it suffers from the muggy summers and frequent rainfall typical of the region (neither of which are ideal for riding). Also, as the largest city in Georgia, Atlanta’s traffic can get too congested to make riding a motorcycle safe or enjoyable.


To begin our research, we looked at the 100 most populous cities in the US and omitted any cities that didn’t have the information we needed.

We then ranked the remaining 69 cities according to these factors:

  • Motorcycle registrations per 1,000 state residents2
    Cities in states with more registered motorcycle owners scored higher.
    Weight: 25%
  • Average annual hours of congestion (traffic) per auto commuter3
    Cities with fewer heavy traffic hours scored higher.
    Weight: 30%
  • Average annual number of days with more than 0.01 inches of precipitation4
    Cities with fewer precipitation days scored higher.
    Weight: 15%
  • Average annual days where maximum temperatures are over 90 degrees Fahrenheit5
    Cities where temperatures rose over 90 degrees Fahrenheit less often scored higher.
    Weight: 10%
  • Average annual days where minimum temperatures are under 32 degrees Fahrenheit6
    Cities where average temperatures dipped below 32 degrees Fahrenheit less often scored higher.
    Weight: 15%
  • Total number of motorcycle safety laws7,8
    Cities with helmet laws, daytime headlights laws, and legal lane-splitting laws scored higher.
    Weight: 5%

Complete data set

RankCity, stateScoreMotorcycle registrations per 1,000 state residentsAvg. annual precipitation daysAvg. annual days with max temperatures over 90 degrees FahrenheitAvg. annual days with minimum temperatures under 32 degrees FahrenheitHelmet lawsDaytime headlight lawsLegal lane-splitting laws
1Bakersfield, CA71.6721.33711013YesYesYes
2Stockton, CA68.2421.3558322YesYesYes
3San Diego, CA66.4721.34130YesYesYes
4Madison, WI66.095612112154YesYesNo
5Fresno, CA65.3921.34510820YesYesYes
6Milwaukee, WI65.265612510135YesYesNo
7Fort Wayne, IN63.5137.613216129YesYesNo
8Las Vegas, NV61.5425.42613526YesYesNo
9Lincoln, NE61.11299342143YesYesNo
10Sacramento, CA61.0621.3577418YesYesYes
11Tulsa, OK60.2734.6917376YesYesNo
12Wichita, KS60.0132.98664108YesYesNo
13Oklahoma City, OK59.8134.6827176YesYesNo
14Tampa, FL59.7227.9107872YesYesNo
15Jacksonville, FL59.0627.91148215YesYesNo
16Boise, ID58.936.99048119YesYesNo
17Reno, NV58.2925.45155161YesYesNo
18Tucson, AZ58.0423.45114716YesYesNo
19Lubbock, TX57.7112.9638490YesYesNo
20Albuquerque, NM57.6227.65964109YesYesNo
21Corpus Christi, TX57.1212.9761126YesYesNo
22Honolulu, HI57.124.993240YesNoNo
23Indianapolis, IN56.5337.612719114YesYesNo
24Richmond, VA56.5322.91144382YesYesNo
25Orlando, FL56.0927.9117982YesYesNo
26Phoenix, AZ56.0223.4351698YesYesNo
27Norfolk, VA55.9722.91173349YesYesNo
28Colorado Springs, CO55.9533.98919161YesYesNo
29Toledo, OH55.5635.213416134YesYesNo
30Minneapolis, MN55.0543.311515153YesYesNo
31Omaha, NE55.042910034138YesYesNo
32El Paso, TX55.0112.94810754YesYesNo
33Memphis, TN5524.71086853YesYesNo
34Portland, OR54.6434.51531238YesYesNo
35New Orleans, LA54.5824.31147510YesYesNo
36Spokane, WA54.531.211220128YesYesNo
37Cincinnati, OH54.2635.213223104YesYesNo
38Columbus, OH53.7935.213819113YesYesNo
39Greensboro, NC53.2318.41163481YesYesNo
40Baton Rouge, LA53.2324.31138920YesYesNo
41Lexington, KY53.1522.71332493YesYesNo
42Raleigh, NC52.7818.41134473YesYesNo
43Miami, FL52.7727.9133680YesYesNo
44Cleveland, OH52.6735.215613119YesYesNo
45San Francisco, CA52.1121.36720YesYesYes
46Louisville, KY51.8722.71243884YesYesNo
47Philadelphia, PA51.7129.51182588YesYesNo
48St. Louis, MO51.4122.61104595YesYesNo
49San Antonio, TX51.2212.98111620YesYesNo
50Kansas City, MO51.1722.610437108YesYesNo
51Long Beach, CA50.5121.334211YesYesYes
52Los Angeles, CA50.4921.335210YesYesYes
53Denver, CO50.4833.98736155YesYesNo
54Pittsburgh, PA50.1929.51549118YesYesNo
55Seattle, WA50.1431.2156332YesYesNo
56Nashville, TN49.5124.71205273YesYesNo
57Charlotte, NC49.4918.41124663YesYesNo
58Austin, TX47.2412.98411417YesYesNo
59Dallas, TX46.6712.97910331YesYesNo
60Atlanta, GA45.8319.61154444YesYesNo
61Detroit, MI44.6625.913512129YesYesNo
62Baltimore, MD44.3119.51163194YesNoNo
63Boston, MA42.9424.61271397YesYesNo
64Houston, TX42.8712.910310415YesYesNo
65Buffalo, NY42.4419.81674130YesYesNo
66Chicago, IL39.5926.112617128NoYesNo
67New York, NY38.6519.81211582YesYesNo
68Newark, NJ35.75171222392YesYesNo
69Washington, DC29.996.21143667YesYesNo
City, state Score Motorcycle registrations per 1,000 state residents Avg. annual precipitation days Avg. annual days with max temperatures over 90 degrees Fahrenheit Avg. annual days with minimum temperatures under 32 degrees Fahrenheit Helmet laws Daytime headlight laws Legal lane-splitting laws
Bakersfield, CA 71.67 21.3 37 110 13 Yes Yes Yes
Stockton, CA 68.24 21.3 55 83 22 Yes Yes Yes
San Diego, CA 66.47 21.3 41 3 0 Yes Yes Yes
Madison, WI 66.09 56 121 12 154 Yes Yes No
Fresno, CA 65.39 21.3 45 108 20 Yes Yes Yes
Milwaukee, WI 65.26 56 125 10 135 Yes Yes No
Fort Wayne, IN 63.51 37.6 132 16 129 Yes Yes No
Las Vegas, NV 61.54 25.4 26 135 26 Yes Yes No
Lincoln, NE 61.11 29 93 42 143 Yes Yes No
Sacramento, CA 61.06 21.3 57 74 18 Yes Yes Yes
Tulsa, OK 60.27 34.6 91 73 76 Yes Yes No
Wichita, KS 60.01 32.9 86 64 108 Yes Yes No
Oklahoma City, OK 59.81 34.6 82 71 76 Yes Yes No
Tampa, FL 59.72 27.9 107 87 2 Yes Yes No
Jacksonville, FL 59.06 27.9 114 82 15 Yes Yes No
Boise, ID 58.9 36.9 90 48 119 Yes Yes No
Reno, NV 58.29 25.4 51 55 161 Yes Yes No
Tucson, AZ 58.04 23.4 51 147 16 Yes Yes No
Lubbock, TX 57.71 12.9 63 84 90 Yes Yes No
Albuquerque, NM 57.62 27.6 59 64 109 Yes Yes No
Corpus Christi, TX 57.12 12.9 76 112 6 Yes Yes No
Honolulu, HI 57.1 24.9 93 24 0 Yes No No
Indianapolis, IN 56.53 37.6 127 19 114 Yes Yes No
Richmond, VA 56.53 22.9 114 43 82 Yes Yes No
Orlando, FL 56.09 27.9 117 98 2 Yes Yes No
Phoenix, AZ 56.02 23.4 35 169 8 Yes Yes No
Norfolk, VA 55.97 22.9 117 33 49 Yes Yes No
Colorado Springs, CO 55.95 33.9 89 19 161 Yes Yes No
Toledo, OH 55.56 35.2 134 16 134 Yes Yes No
Minneapolis, MN 55.05 43.3 115 15 153 Yes Yes No
Omaha, NE 55.04 29 100 34 138 Yes Yes No
El Paso, TX 55.01 12.9 48 107 54 Yes Yes No
Memphis, TN 55 24.7 108 68 53 Yes Yes No
Portland, OR 54.64 34.5 153 12 38 Yes Yes No
New Orleans, LA 54.58 24.3 114 75 10 Yes Yes No
Spokane, WA 54.5 31.2 112 20 128 Yes Yes No
Cincinnati, OH 54.26 35.2 132 23 104 Yes Yes No
Columbus, OH 53.79 35.2 138 19 113 Yes Yes No
Greensboro, NC 53.23 18.4 116 34 81 Yes Yes No
Baton Rouge, LA 53.23 24.3 113 89 20 Yes Yes No
Lexington, KY 53.15 22.7 133 24 93 Yes Yes No
Raleigh, NC 52.78 18.4 113 44 73 Yes Yes No
Miami, FL 52.77 27.9 133 68 0 Yes Yes No
Cleveland, OH 52.67 35.2 156 13 119 Yes Yes No
San Francisco, CA 52.11 21.3 67 2 0 Yes Yes Yes
Louisville, KY 51.87 22.7 124 38 84 Yes Yes No
Philadelphia, PA 51.71 29.5 118 25 88 Yes Yes No
St. Louis, MO 51.41 22.6 110 45 95 Yes Yes No
San Antonio, TX 51.22 12.9 81 116 20 Yes Yes No
Kansas City, MO 51.17 22.6 104 37 108 Yes Yes No
Long Beach, CA 50.51 21.3 34 21 1 Yes Yes Yes
Los Angeles, CA 50.49 21.3 35 21 0 Yes Yes Yes
Denver, CO 50.48 33.9 87 36 155 Yes Yes No
Pittsburgh, PA 50.19 29.5 154 9 118 Yes Yes No
Seattle, WA 50.14 31.2 156 3 32 Yes Yes No
Nashville, TN 49.51 24.7 120 52 73 Yes Yes No
Charlotte, NC 49.49 18.4 112 46 63 Yes Yes No
Austin, TX 47.24 12.9 84 114 17 Yes Yes No
Dallas, TX 46.67 12.9 79 103 31 Yes Yes No
Atlanta, GA 45.83 19.6 115 44 44 Yes Yes No
Detroit, MI 44.66 25.9 135 12 129 Yes Yes No
Baltimore, MD 44.31 19.5 116 31 94 Yes No No
Boston, MA 42.94 24.6 127 13 97 Yes Yes No
Houston, TX 42.87 12.9 103 104 15 Yes Yes No
Buffalo, NY 42.44 19.8 167 4 130 Yes Yes No
Chicago, IL 39.59 26.1 126 17 128 No Yes No
New York, NY 38.65 19.8 121 15 82 Yes Yes No
Newark, NJ 35.75 17 122 23 92 Yes Yes No
Washington, DC 29.99 6.2 114 36 67 Yes Yes No


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Joe Roberts also contributed to this article.

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  • Mario D Crim

    Hello Julia,
    Haulbikes does ship to all 50 states but doesn’t go to NYC or the Florida Keys, Also we do provide online quotes. We own all of our equipment and are not a broker service like Uship. All of our drivers are Bikers and fully understand how to move bikes. Thank You

  • Bill Titley

    Not sure how Haulbikes is included in a “best bike haulers” list. Too bad there isnt a “no star” option.

    Their cheap price sucked me in and since signing the contract they have continued to suck.
    Multiple emailed and phone message questions went unanswered once they had my money.

    The day before the pick up window the driver reached out to my seller. He was sick and didn’t get the call until the next day (First day of pickup window). He immediately called and left a voice mail. They charged me 50% extra on price of shipping for an attempt fee.

    When I called to ask about the extra charge, I was told since we were given a pick up window I was responsible for the driver having to sit around a whole day.

    When I inquired why the driver couldn’t have called me, I was told he didn’t have time.

    Now that my account is on “hold” I have to await finding another contract driver which will start the entire waiting process over again.

    Tell me there is another, less crappy bike shipper out there. Please.