2021 Neighbor.com Storage Review

Bottom line: With unparalleled prices and thousands of listings across the country, Neighbor.com is the budget-friendly option for anyone who needs storage space.
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February 24, 2022
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Neighbor.com helps people with extra space in their homes find people who need it. Think of it like the Airbnb of self-storage. Anyone with an empty shed, garage, or attic can be a host for Neighbor and list their unused space for someone else to rent.

The best part? Neighbor is way, way cheaper than conventional storage spaces. And while many storage units on Neighbor don’t provide the safety features you’d get from conventional storage, Neighbor does take great pains to keep its hosts and renters safe.

This security combined with its unbeatably low prices makes Neighbor.com a great choice for anyone who wants to store stuff without breaking the bank.

pro Lowest storage rates in the business
pro User-friendly website and mobile app
pro Climate-controlled storage available
pro Vehicle storage available
pro Storage options in all 50 states1
con Novice storage hosts
con Varied security features

How much does Neighbor.com cost?

On average, a Neighbor.com storage space costs about $140.44 a month. This price includes a 15% service fee that Neighbor charges on top of every rental. This is by far the lowest self-storage price we’ve seen, and it’s about $43 below the industry average.

Neighbor.com list price samples

Rental size
Monthly cost (service fee included)
Salt Lake City, Utah10 ft. x 10 ft.$61.72
Salt Lake City, Utah15 ft. x 10 ft.$105.80
San Francisco, California10 ft. x 10 ft.$143.58
San Francisco, California20 ft. x 12 ft.$192.56
Columbus, Ohio12 ft. x 12 ft.$88.55
Columbus, Ohio20 ft. x 10 ft.$110.91
New York City, New York15 ft. x 10 ft.$165.60
New York City, New York25 ft. x 12 ft.$372.60

Data as of October 28, 2021. Prices from Neighbor.com listings for storage spaces. Size ranges, offers, and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Neighbor.com cost factors

Like any other self-storage company, Neighbor.com’s rates vary greatly depending on several important factors:

  • Host and location. Since Neighbor allows hosts to set their own prices, and most Neighbor storage spaces are just areas inside hosts’ homes, prices can vary greatly depending on your host and where they live. A host in New York who pays a lot of money for their mortgage is likely to charge more than a host living in a rural city.
  • Storage space size. This may seem obvious, but the more space you rent, the more it will cost. As a result, Neighbor’s rates can range from $25 a month for a 4 ft. x 4 ft. cubby to several hundred dollars a month for a whole garage.
  • Monthly service charge. Like we mentioned above, Neighbor charges a 15% service fee every month. Luckily, Neighbor lists the total for this fee on each listing so you don’t have to do the math yourself.
  • First month half-off discount. Many self-storage companies offer hefty discounts for the first month’s rent of their units, and Neighbor is no exception. Many of Neighbor’s rentals come with a half-off discount for the first month of rent. Not all Neighbor listings include this discount, though, and you have to book your storage for several months to take advantage of it. If you only store your stuff for one month, you’ll pay full price for that month.
Listings with prices on Neighbor.com.

Three of these six Neighbor storage listings include the half-off discount for the first month.

Neighbor.com’s Renter Guarantee

Every Neighbor.com rental comes with property protection for up to $25,000 at no additional cost. This means that if your stuff gets damaged or stolen while in your Neighbor rental, Neighbor will cover up to $25,000 of the repair and replacement costs.

Of course, as with any protection plan, there are special limitations and qualifications. For example, if anything you’re storing is worth more than $1,000, you have to disclose that in your rental agreement or the item won’t qualify for full coverage. Also, coverage obviously doesn’t apply to prohibited items like guns and perishables.2

Read Neighbor’s Renter Guarantee to get all the details about this coverage before booking.

What about cancellations and refunds?

If you change your mind about needing storage, you can cancel your booking up to four days before your first rental day for a full refund. Zero to three days before your reservation, you can cancel for an 80% refund on your rental price, but you won’t get your service fee back. If you cancel after the start date, you won’t be refunded at all for that month. 3

Neighbor.com’s features and services

Because Neighbor.com’s services and features depend on its hosts, the accommodations of a Neighbor storage space are incredibly varied. Here’s a list of services you can find on Neighbor, though not every space includes each of these features:

  • Climate-controlled storage
  • Smoke detectors
  • Non-smoking storage
  • Vehicle storage
  • RV and boat storage
  • Locked areas
  • Security cameras
  • Pet-free storage
  • Storage for businesses
  • Private entrances

This variety means that some Neighbor storage spaces don’t have services you might consider essential—security cameras, for example. However, the online listing for any storage space will tell you what is included with that space, so you can find exactly what you need quickly.

Security features noted at the bottom of a Neighbor.com listing.

Why we recommend Neighbor.com

Neighbor.com takes your comfort and safety seriously

Leaving your precious things in a stranger’s home can be nerve-wracking, and Neighbor understands this. To make the experience feel safe and comfortable, the company takes several important steps to protect you and your belongings.

1. Neighbor’s Renter Guarantee

As we said earlier, Neighbor’s $25,000 Renter Guarantee covers your belongings in case of damage or theft while they’re in storage.

2. Host verification

The company requires that each host verify their email address, phone number, and identity before they can list a space for rent. This guarantees that if a host intentionally or accidentally abuses the rental agreement and mistreats a renter, they can be held accountable.4

3. Secure messaging

Neighbor provides a messaging platform on its mobile app and website to allow hosts and renters to communicate without sharing phone numbers or other contact info.

4. Payment schedule

Its payment schedule ensures hosts are not paid until the end of the month, meaning that they have to provide satisfactory service for that month before getting paid. 5

5. Customer service

Neighbor has a dedicated team of customer support specialists—which the company calls its “Customer Success team”—to assist with conflicts, claims, and complaints. These customer service agents can be reached by online chat, email, or phone.

6. Secure payment methods

Neighbor.com uses a secure, PCI-compliant payment platform to ensure that your credit card information doesn’t get leaked and you don’t get robbed. 6

7. Host ratings

Lastly, Neighbor allows renters to rate their hosts and leave reviews. If a host’s rental wasn’t as good as it looked in the pictures or the host let a renter’s stuff get water-damaged, you’d better believe that the tenant will warn others in that host’s reviews. This means you can watch out for bad hosts and only rent from those with positive ratings.

You can learn more about Neighbor’s security measures by checking out the company’s online help center.

Customer reviews of a Neighbor.com host.

Renter reviews left on a host's Neighbor profile.

Heads Up
Does Neighbor.com protect its hosts too?

Yes, Neighbor also takes measures to protect hosts from renters who breach the terms of their rental agreement. These measures include a $1,000,000 liability protection plan for hosts and guaranteed payouts from Neighbor if a renter abandons their things and stops paying. 7

Neighbor.com has thousands of listings

Because Neighbor.com allows hosts to list personal real estate as storage spaces, every home has the potential to hold a Neighbor rental. And while there obviously aren’t Neighbor listings for literally every home in the country, there are still hundreds of listings near most major cities. Across the entire US, this equals a mind-boggling number of total storage listings.

Also, the size of Neighbors’ storage spaces range from vacant parking lots to single shelves in hosts’ pantries (no joke). So whether you need to store Rubbermaids full of holiday decorations, an old sedan on cinder blocks, or a shoebox of Pokemon cards, Neighbor can help you find exactly what you need, especially if you live in a medium-to-large-sized city.

That said, we have found that Neighbor’s pickings are often a little slimmer in smaller towns and rural areas. If you don’t live in a densely populated city, you might need to pick a storage option a few hours away from your home.

You can rent out your own space with Neighbor.com

If you have an empty shed, an unfinished basement, or a spooky attic where you dare not tread, you can turn that unused space into a source of passive income by listing it on Neighbor.com.

Neighbor allows you to list your rental free of charge on its site and determine your own rate. Again, it costs you nothing to list your space on Neighbor.8 You just have to go through the verification process.

Now, once someone decides to rent your space, Neighbor does take a small, 4.9% cut of the monthly rate to cover things like its protection programs. Additionally, it also charges a $0.30 processing fee per payment.9

To illustrate, if you list your spare bedroom for $100 a month, Neighbor will take $5.20 out of the money your renter pays you, so you net $94.80 before taxes. Not too shabby. And this example is actually on the low end of how much money you can make with Neighbor. The Penny Hoarder claims that Neighbor hosts earn an average of $300 by renting out their extra spaces.10

If you want to learn more about becoming a Neighbor host, check out the company’s hosting resources.

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This CNBC report discusses how Neighbor.com works for hosts and renters and how it has disrupted the self-storage market.

FAQs about Neighbor.com

Does Neighbor.com prohibit me from storing some items?

Yes. As with any self-storage company, Neighbor.com has a list of items and materials it won’t allow renters to store on their hosts’ property. Trying to store these prohibited items on the sly can result in rental cancellation, loss of protection coverage, and even legal action.

Prohibited items and materials

  • Explosives
  • Fuel and other flammable materials
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Illegal substances
  • Stolen goods
  • Perishable items
  • Other items the host decides are prohibited11

To see a more complete list of prohibited items and learn more about what might happen if you ignore these prohibitions, look over Neighbor’s terms of service.

Can I take advantage of Neighbor’s half-price discount if I’m only storing my stuff for one month?

No, you can only get half-off your first month’s rent for participating Neighbor rentals if you book for more than one month. If you book your rental for one month, or you book for two months and cancel after just one, you’ll pay full price for that first month’s rent. 12

Can I access my stuff while it’s in a Neighbor storage space?

Yes, you can access your Neighbor storage space to retrieve your stuff, store different items (as long as you disclose them properly), or just check on everything whenever you want.

There is a small caveat, though. Neighbor requires that you contact your host 24 hours before accessing the unit (unless otherwise specified) so they know to be ready for you.13 If your host can accommodate you sooner, all the better.

If your host isn’t available at the time—if they’re on vacation, for example—you’ll need to figure out a different visiting time with them.

How does Neighbor pay its hosts?

Neighbor.com pays its hosts monthly for every month their storage units are rented. Neighbor sends payment via direct deposit using a PCI-compliant payment platform.6

Our recommendation

Neighbor.com’s storage services might seem a little more amateurish than you’d get from a traditional self-storage company, and to be fair, they often are. Many Neighbor rentals are just extra spaces in regular people’s homes.

However, Neighbor’s protection policies paired with its helpful website and app make it a great way to find proper accommodations for belongings you don’t have space for. Whether your stuff needs a garage, a climate-controlled room, or just a regular old shelf in a closet, you can find all of this and more on Neighbor.com.

And to top it all off, Neighbor’s rates are tens if not hundreds of dollars cheaper than conventional storage companies. All of this together makes Neighbor the most budget-friendly self-storage option in the business.

Ready to save big with Neighbor.com?
If you need storage now and you want to find the cheapest options in your area, check out what Neighbor has listed in your zip code!

Want to compare Neighbor.com to its more traditional competitors? Check out our list of the best self-storage companies to see what they have to offer.

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