2022 Neighbor.com Storage Review

Move.org assessed trends among 135,000 customer reviews and analyzed 3,500 quotes to pick Neighbor as a user-driven platform and legitimate alternative to traditional storage.
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4.2 out of 5 stars
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    Low rates
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    Legitimate alternative to traditional self-storage
  • con
    Novice hosts and varied levels of security
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Frank Lanigan
Nov 10, 2022
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Bottom line: Neighbor.com provides a flexible, user-friendly online storage marketplace unlike traditional storage companies. Through its app or desktop website, Neighbor.com connects users with storage hosts who advertise free space in their house, driveway, or elsewhere on their property.

pro User-friendly website and mobile app
pro Peer-to-peer exchange
pro Host transparency
pro Storage options in all 50 states
pro Low prices
con Novice storage hosts
con Varied security features

See where Neighbor.com ranks on our list of the best self-storage companies.


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Neighbor.com compared to other companies

While its Move.org rating is lower than other companies, Neighbor.com has very low prices that are on par with other top storage destinations. With availability in all 50 states, there's a good chance that you'll find the space you'll need.

Move.org rating
Avg. price
Total square feet
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4.8 out of 5 stars
$160150 million
4.6 out of 5 stars
$210180 million
4.2 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
$16040 million
3.6 out of 5 stars
$23070 million

Pricing and approximate square footage as of October 2022. Prices may vary by location and are subject to change.

How much does Neighbor.com cost?

Based on data from Neighbor.com, renting a storage space through their site storage space costs about $160 a month on average. Additionally, there's a 15% monthly service fee that Neighbor charges on top of every rental. It’s about $20 below the industry average.

Keep in mind that with Neighbor, there's many more options to choose from in terms of sizes and locations. Prices are going to vary based on location, size, and what your host chooses to charge for the space. To give you an idea of pricing, we've gathered advertised cost data from different areas in the United States.

Neighbor.com list price samples

Rental size
Monthly cost
Salt Lake City, Utah10 ft. x 8 ft. attic$55
Salt Lake City, Utah13 ft. x 7 ft. garage$85
San Francisco, California15 ft. x 18 ft. attic$141
San Francisco, California20 ft. x 10 ft. garage$250
Columbus, Ohio10 ft. x 10 ft. basement$58
Columbus, Ohio20 ft. x 20 ft. garage$139
New York City, New York30 ft. x 15 ft. bedroom$414
New York City, New York7 ft. x 10 ft. storage unit$80

Data as of October 19, 2022. Prices from Neighbor.com listings for storage spaces. Size ranges, offers, and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

What about cancellations and refunds?

If you change your mind about needing storage, you can cancel your booking up to four days before your first rental day for a full refund. Up to three days before your reservation, you can cancel for an 80% refund on your rental price, but you won’t get your service fee back. If you cancel after the start date, you won’t be refunded at all for that month. 

Why we recommend Neighbor.com

Neighbor.com takes your comfort and safety seriously

While Neighbor.com is a legitimate and safe company, leaving your precious things in a stranger’s home can be nerve-wracking. To make the experience feel safe and comfortable, Neighbor takes several important steps to protect you and your belongings. Multi-stage host identification is required by Neighbor.com before a host can begin posting their rental space, so you know you aren't getting scammed.

Host transparency

The biggest hurdle for most potential customers is putting their trust in hosts to safely store their items. Luckily, Neighbor.com provides a transparent rating system for each host in addition to reviews by past renters. If you see consistently poor reviews for a host, you can look around for a higher rated host with similar offerings in your area.

Neighbor has some of the lowest prices around

It's likely that you you won't find a lower price for legitimate self-storage than with Neighbor.com. At around $30 less than the industry average, you can get a similar deal  as you would with traditional self-storage leaders like Extra Space and CubeSmart.

You can rent out your own space on Neighbor.com

If you have an empty shed or large driveway, you can turn that unused space into a source of passive income by listing it on Neighbor.com. The only charge to Neighbor is a 4.9% cut of the monthly rate and a $.30 fee for each reservation you book. For example, if you list your spare bedroom for $100 a month, Neighbor will take $5.20 out of the money your renter pays you, so you net $94.80 before taxes.

Heads Up
Does Neighbor.com protect its hosts too?

Yes, Neighbor also takes measures to protect hosts from renters who breach the terms of their rental agreement. These measures include a $1,000,000 liability protection plan for hosts and guaranteed payouts from Neighbor if a renter abandons their things and stops paying. 

Neighbor.com’s features and services

Because Neighbor.com’s services and features depend on its hosts, the accommodations of a Neighbor storage space are incredibly varied. However, there are some features that apply to all hosts and renters:

  • Insurance coverage: Neighbor makes a concentrated effort to keep hosts and renters safe—advertising $1 million host liability protection and up to 90% market value reimbursement for any stolen or damaged items for renters who purchase a Protection Plan.
  • First month discount: For many storage listings on Neighbor.com, you'll get your first month 50% off—a great value for short-term renters. However, keep in mind that you need to store for more than a month to secure this discount
  • Secure payments: Auto-pay is available for all renters and if the renter is late or doesn't pay, the host will receive guaranteed payouts for as long as the space is occupied.

Other features will vary based on your host. Here’s a list of services you can find on Neighbor:

  • Climate-controlled storage
  • Smoke detectors
  • Non-smoking storage
  • Vehicle storage
  • RV and boat storage
  • Locked areas
  • Security cameras
  • Pet-free storage
  • Storage for businesses
  • Private entrances

This variety means that some Neighbor storage spaces don’t have services you might consider essential—security cameras, for example. However, the online listing for any storage space will tell you what is included with that space, so you can find exactly what you need quickly.

Neighbor.com at a glance

DescriptionCompany information
Move.org rating (out of 5)4.2
# of locationsVaries
# of states50 (plus Washington D.C.)
Average customer review score (out of 5)4.6
Average cost$160
# of common storage unit sizesVaries
Climate-controlled storage
Icon Yes  DarkYes
Vehicle storage
Icon Yes  DarkYes

Neighbor.com long-term review

Neighbor.com has stayed consistent in its low prices and strong customer ratings over the past year. Our Move.org rating for Neighbor.com is 4.2.

  • Same low prices: With a $160 nationwide average for storage, we've found Neighbor to be neck and neck with traditional storage companies like Extra Space Storage and CubeSmart. The more expensive listing by hosts are large storage spaces in densely populated areas.
  • Continued availability: With hosts in every US, state, it's tough to find a medium or large-sized city without Neighbor.com listings. The continued issue is availability in more rural areas, where you may have to travel much farther to find a host.
  • Strong customer ratings: The customer reviews for Neighbor.com are mostly positive. Note that there can be reporting issues with customer reviews. Sometimes, a customer review can be critical of a host instead of Neighbor.com as a company, but that can still be reported as a negative review of Neighbor.com on websites like Yelp or Google Reviews.

Our recommendation

While Neighbor.com is not a traditional self-storage company, there's a few reasons why the online marketplace makes our list of best self-storage companies. Its services might seem a little more amateur and casual than you’d get from a traditional self-storage company, and to be fair, they often are. Many Neighbor rentals are just extra spaces in regular people’s homes.

However, Neighbor’s protection policies paired with its helpful website and app make it a great way to find storage for your belongings. And to top it all off, Neighbor’s rates are cheaper than the industry average. All of this together makes Neighbor one of the best self-storage options in the business.

Looking for low-cost storage options?

FAQs about Neighbor.com

How do I use the Neighbor app?

Both Neighbor.com and the Neighbor app allow renters and hosts to easily navigate the site, create listings, and choose self storage. Once you make a profile and add a payment method, you'll be free to use the app. For hosts, there's a more rigorous identification process before you can start advertising storage space.

Is Neighbor.com safe and legitimate?

Yes, Neighbor.com takes great care in keeping both hosts and renters safe with its safety and protection plans. While there are policies in place for protection, keep in mind that you aren't going to be dealing with rental space hosts, not professionals at self-storage companies.

Does Neighbor.com prohibit me from storing some items?

Yes. As with any self-storage company, Neighbor.com has a list of items and materials it won’t allow renters to store on their hosts’ property, including explosives, firearms, and perishables, among others. Trying to store these prohibited items on the sly can result in rental cancellation, loss of protection coverage, and even legal action.

Can I take advantage of Neighbor’s half-price discount if I’m only storing my stuff for one month?

No, you can only get half-off your first month’s rent for participating Neighbor rentals if you book for more than one month. If you book your rental for one month, or you book for two months and cancel after just one, you’ll pay full price for that first month’s rent.

Can I access my stuff while it’s in a Neighbor storage space?

Yes, you can access your Neighbor storage space to retrieve your stuff, store different items (as long as you disclose them properly), or just check on everything whenever you want. Neighbor requires that you contact your host 24 hours before accessing the unit so they know to be ready for you.

How much can hosts make on Neighbor.com?

Neighbor.com pays its hosts monthly for every month its storage units are rented. Depending on the size of your listing and your price, hosts can make anywhere from about $50-$600 per month. Neighbor sends payment via direct deposit using a PCI-compliant payment platform.

Joe Roberts contributed to this article.

Methodology (H2)

Move.org calculates industry averages and identifies pricing trends by following a fivefold research approach:

  1. Compare quotes. We collected more than 3,500 quotes from 9 different companies in 5 cities. We analyzed prices with and without climate control for more than a dozen storage unit sizes.
  2. Analyze reviews. We looked for patterns among storage companies’ customer reviews to ensure our analysis considers what customers think.
  3. Mystery shopping. We called companies posing as customers and visited select storage facilities in person.
  4. Research. We researched industry features, services, and requirements such as storage unit insurance, company discounts, climate control specifications, and security details.
  5. Annual calendar. We repeat this process every year and save our data so that we can compare trends over time.

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