Montway Auto Transport Review

Bottom line: Montway stands out by offering expedited shipping, excellent customer service, and discounts for its repeat customers.

Overall rating

4.6 / 5

Whether you’re moving to the other side of the country or sending your kid off alone to college, Montway Auto Transport makes car shipping a total breeze. All you have to do is give Montway your keys and it’ll take care of the rest—saving you time, energy, and car mileage.

As a seasoned auto transport company with over twelve years in the business, Montway has a reputation for being one of the best in the biz. It has over 40,000 truck drivers plus an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Read on to see why we give it a gold star in our Montway review.

What is Montway Auto Transport?

Montway is both a moving broker and carrier, meaning it uses its own trucks and warehouses but outsources to car carrier fleets in areas it doesn’t reach. Every hauler it picks is required to meet insurance standards, so you can be sure you’re getting reliable and safe assistance.

Apart from its practice of vetting second-party carriers, here are some noteworthy features Montway auto carriers offers:

  1. Door-to-door transport
  2. Expedited shipping
  3. Transparent customer service

We’ll dig into these special features in a sec, but here’s a full list of Montway’s features and services:

Montway Auto Transport
Does it cost extra?
Open transport
Enclosed transport
Expedited transport
Door-to-door transport
Top load guarantee (meaning no car will be loaded above yours)
Extra luggage allowed (up to 100 lbs.)
Guaranteed pickup
Vintage car transports
Car resellers
Military relocation

*Only if you choose enclosed car transport.

How much you can expect to pay

Unlike other auto transport companies that require a deposit, Montway doesn’t make you pay until you’ve scheduled your pickup. It also scores points for how easily and quickly it generates online quotes. To get one, all you need to do is take fifteen seconds to provide basic information on your travel plans and car.

Your quote will depend on the following factors:

  • Shipping distance
    • This has the greatest pull in determining the total cost of your move. Longer routes will have a higher overall cost but will end up costing less per mile.
  • Year, make, and model of the car
    • Larger, longer, and heavier vehicles will cost more to ship since they’ll take up more space in the truck. Large tires or racks on your car will also increase price.
  • Vehicle condition
    • Costs fluctuate depending on if your car is in running condition or not. Montway gives running cars the best prices, so if your car is inoperable it’ll be more to ship.
  • Type of transport
    • This depends on whether or not you choose open transport or enclosed transport. Most people go with open transport, which we have a whole spiel about down below.
  • Time of year
    • Similar to how moving companies charge more during peak moving season, auto transport companies charge more during snowbird season (a.k.a. the time of year when people move from colder destinations to warmer ones).

Each quote will vary based on these factors, but here are some numbers to put it in perspective. For a 761-mile move of a 2016 Ford Fiesta in running condition from Salt Lake City, UT, to San Diego, CA, Montway quoted us the following prices:

Type of transport
Quoted price
Open transport
Open transport (cash)
Closed transport
Closed transport (cash)
Get money

Discount alert

Discount alert

Truck drivers prefer to be paid in cash upon arrival, so if you opt to pay in Benjamins you’ll snag a 10% discount on your bill. Plus, active military members get shipping discounts.

Location, location, location

Location is huge. Metro areas have lots of trucks which helps lower the cost and increase availability. Montway—like most auto transport companies—has fewer routes in rural areas, making it more expensive and difficult to find a driver near your route whose schedule matches your desired timetable.

Because of this, deadlines aren’t guaranteed unless you request premium service.

That said, if you have a tight schedule and need your car delivered on your timetable, there are some workarounds to cut down the cost. For example, if you live in a more secluded area that’s far away from a main highway, you can meet the driver somewhere closer to them.

When should I book my shipment?

Montway prefers to have a week’s notice prior to your shipment date, but if you end up booking with less advance time, “it shouldn’t be a problem,” according to one Montway representative we spoke with.

Curbside service

Montway offers door-to-door transport, as opposed to terminal-to-terminal shipping, which is slower.

The difference is this: with terminal shipping, you’re responsible for dropping off and picking up your car at a designated location. Door-to-door transport makes it easy for you by picking up your vehicle and dropping it off for you—even if you’re at work, for example.

Ultimately, door-to-door transport is faster because truck drivers can pick up your car en route. With terminal shipping, drivers have to wait until they have enough cars to make a full load before beginning the drive.

See which companies offer door-to-door service in our Best Car Shipping Companies article.


Montway’s got you covered—literally

Montway’s got you covered—literally

From the time you hand off your keys to the trucker to when they hand them back to you, Montway includes bumper-to-bumper insurance with zero deductible in every transport.

Open car and enclosed car transport options

Open car transport

  • Is the most common option for car transport
  • Saves you 35% on your order versus using enclosed car transport
  • Includes insurance in transport

Enclosed car transport

  • Provides extra protection against weather, road debris, and highway grime
  • Is recommended for cars more than $50,000 in value
  • Uses hydraulic lift gates for loading or unloading cars with low ground clearance
  • Is an especially good option for vintage or exotic cars
  • Includes insurance in transport

Prior to hitting the road, Montway lets you choose between open car transport and enclosed car transport. Let’s talk about the difference.

Open car transport is what you see when you’re driving on the highway and there’s a truck hauling anywhere from five to ten cars that strapped in on two-level ramps. This is the fastest, cheapest, and most common option, and it’s usually the one car dealerships go with.

If you’re moving via open car transport and want extra protection, you can make sure no other cars sit above yours by paying to have your car sit on a top loading spot.

On the other hand, enclosed car transport is basically a garage that’s pulled behind a truck. This option offers more protection from road debris and highway grime that can stick to your car in open transport but is 35% more expensive since only 2% of all carriers have enclosed trailers.

Enclosed car transport could be a good option if you’re trying to move an antique car or if you’re stressed about your baby getting a little dirty on the ride.

Little pin



Montway lets you stow a form of luggage in the trunk of your vehicle as long as it doesn’t exceed 100 lbs. or interfere with vehicle transport.

Expedited transport

Think of expedited transport—or premium service—as the Amazon Prime of car shipping. If you’re on a time crunch and have a precise pickup window, expedited transport prioritizes your pickup, guaranteeing that your vehicle will be delivered on time.

You can get premium service on both open and enclosed transport, and you can have your car transported within twenty-four to forty-eight hours of ordering.

Another thing we like about expedited transport is that if you decide you don’t need it before Montway has assigned you a carrier, Montway will completely refund you.

To crunch the numbers on how much expedited transport will increase your bill, you’ll need to get a quote—which takes just a couple of minutes.


Tricks of the trade

Tricks of the trade

Ask about 72-hour shipping—it’ll be quicker than standard service and cost less than 24- to 48-hour shipping.

Montway kills on the customer service front

Montway’s attention to customer service means you’ll get your questions answered and feel prioritized. We spoke with three different representatives and all were equally friendly and helpful—easing the stress and work of searching for answers.

Montway gets the biggest praise, though, for how upfront it is about exact pickup windows. Instead of sugar-coating things or making false promises, Montway gets real about the logistics that go into matching drivers with routes, both on its website and in person.

Between road conditions and varying transport routes, exact dates and times aren’t guaranteed unless you choose premium service—and Montway makes this very clear. And we like how if Montway can’t meet your exact needs itself, it’ll enlist second-party carriers to help.

Plus, Montway’s website is easy to navigate, its instant quotes are actually instant, and its support department is open seven days a week.

How long does it take to ship my car?

This depends on the type of car you’re shipping, the route it’s taking, and where you’re shipping it to. Generally speaking, though, you can gauge the time based on the number of miles the trip will take.

Distance (miles)
Time (days)
2400 and up

The process

Montway’s door-to-door process is straightforward, low-hassle, and smooth—especially in comparison to terminal-to-terminal moves. Here’s the rundown of what you can expect:

  1. Start by getting an online quote.
  2. Book your order online or by speaking with a representative over the phone or live chat. We did the live chat with Morgan the “shipping ninja,” and he was as adept as his title suggests.
  3. Discuss a pickup date, time, and location with the truck driver you’ll be working with. From there, you’ll exchange phone numbers and coordinate the key handoff. If you’re receiving the vehicle from another state, you’ll need to coordinate with someone near the car to do the handoff.
  4. The truck driver will contact you prior to pick up and do a detailed inspection of the car upon arrival.
  5. While on the road, your truck driver will touch base with you by phone and email so you can know when to expect their arrival.
  6. The truck driver will call you once they’re almost at the destination. You’ll meet them there, inspect the vehicle, then sign and accept the delivery before taking your bad boy out for a spin.

Our advice to you

So, do we recommend Montway? The short answer is yes. Here’s who we think will find extra value in booking auto transport with the company:

Those moving on a tight schedule: Montway’s expedited shipping means your car could arrive at your destination as quickly as twenty-four hours from when it’s loaded onto the truck.

Those who want extra protection: If you’ve got a rare, antique, expensive, or otherwise special vehicle, Montway’s extra protection options mean your car can be protected from the elements.

Those who move back and forth a lot: Snowbirds and others who are moving often can benefit from Montway’s return customer discounts.

Regardless of your situation, Montway does customer service right by walking you through every step to get your car to your next destination.

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