2021 AmeriFreight Car Shipping Review

Bottom line: While AmeriFreight’s base prices run a bit high, the company’s services and protection plans make it a first-rate auto transport company. AmeriFreight also offers price matching and a boatload of discounts to lower your final price.
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AmeriFreight Car Shipping
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Published on July 02, 2021
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AmeriFreight is an auto transport broker that provides a full menu of car shipping services in all 50 states.

AmeriFreight may be a bit more expensive than most other auto transport companies, but its full catalog of services and excellent customer service make it well worth its higher-than-average rates.

The company also offers price matching and plenty of discounts, so even if its base rates won’t fit within your budget, you can score a manageable price while also getting AmeriFreight’s top-notch service.

Keep reading to learn more about AmeriFreight and see why we recommend it for your car shipping needs.

How AmeriFreight compares to the car shipping industry

Industry average
Company price (out of 5) $$$$ $$$
Age of company (years) 1717
Vehicles shipped in 2019 10,00020,400

See where AmeriFreight ranks on our list of the best car shipping companies.

How much does AmeriFreight cost?

Shipping a car with AmeriFreight costs roughly $141 per 100 miles if you go with open transport. For enclosed transport, the company charges about $252 per 100 miles. For comparison, the industry averages are about $106 per 100 miles for open transport and $169 for enclosed.

Keep in mind that these are just averages. Auto transportation rates fluctuate daily, and your price depends on how large your car is, how far you’re shipping, and what time of year you’re moving. These variables make it impossible to accurately predict your price with any company.

The only way to know for sure what your price will be is to get a quote of your own.

Average AmeriFreight pricing

2008 Dodge Charger
2011 Toyota Highlander
2012 Chevrolet Silverado
Open $704 $754 $879
Enclosed$1,267 $1,357$1,382

Data as of 4/29/2020. Average costs calculated across five distances. Offers and availability may vary and are subject to change.

For every vehicle listed above, we requested multiple quotes for moves ranging between 154 miles and 2,734 miles. The prices above are averages for all of these quotes.

This means that if you’re moving only a couple hundred miles, your price will probably be a little lower. If you’re moving from coast to coast, your price will probably be significantly higher.

How AmeriFreight’s pricing compares

AmeriFreight’s prices tend to run higher than the rest of the industry, but the company does offer discounts and price matching to help you save money.

Below is a sample of AmeriFreight’s prices. Unlike the other prices we listed so far, the prices in this table aren’t averages. They’re the pre-discount base prices AmeriFreight quoted for these moves.

We’ve also listed the industry averages for these moves so you can compare them yourself.

AmeriFreight open transport prices

Vevicle make/model
Industry average
2008 Dodge Charger1,001 miles$879$810.60
2008 Dodge Charger154 miles$511 $325.50
2012 Chevrolet Silverado1,001 miles$1,054$1,019.70
2012 Chevrolet Silverado154 miles$686 $400.50
2011 Toyota Highlander1,001 miles$929$877.90
2011 Toyota Highlander154 miles$561 $356.00

Data as 4/29/2020. Offers and availability may vary and are subject to change.

Reminder: your price will be specific to your shipment. The make/model of your car, the distance you’re shipping, the route AmeriFreight’s carriers use, and the time of year will all affect your price.

Ready to see your unique price?

The only way to know how much your AmeriFreight auto shipment will cost is to get your own quote.

AmeriFreight’s coverage

Auto transport is one of the safest and most convenient ways to get your car to its new home, but it isn’t without risks. It can expose your vehicle to accidental dings, dents, and scrapes, especially if you go with open transport. In extreme cases, accidental damage like this can ruin your vehicle.

To make sure your car is safe during shipment, AmeriFreight only works with properly insured carriers that will cover repair costs for damage they cause during shipment.

This insurance doesn’t cover everything, though. If the damage to your vehicle wasn’t the carrier’s fault (rock chips, for example), you might be left footing the bill yourself.

That’s why we really like that AmeriFreight provides additional gap coverage to its customers. Gap coverage is basically an additional protection plan that covers the cost of repairs to your vehicle, even when your carrier won’t.

AmeriFreight at a glance

Company information
MC #
Broker or Carrier?
Carries basic insurance
Icon Yes  DarkYes
Average customer service rating?
Years in business
Cars shipped in 2019

Data as of 5/20/2020.

AmeriFreight features and services

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Refunds if you cancel your booking
Pro Bullet Discounts to reduce costs
Pro Bullet Price matching
Pro Bullet Availability in every state
Con Heading
Con Bullet No GPS tracking for auto shipments
Con Bullet No instant online quotes

AmeriFreight works with a huge network of auto transport carriers, so it offers just about every auto transportation service you could want:

  • Open and enclosed car shipping
  • Interstate car shipping
  • Government and military moves
  • Specialty vehicle and boat transport
  • Short- and long-term vehicle storage
  • Shipping for ATVs, RVs, and golf carts
  • Door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal shipping

Why we recommend AmeriFreight

Now that we’ve gone over AmeriFreight’s services and pricing, let’s focus on a few things that make the company an industry frontrunner.

It offers plenty of discounts

We’ve talked a lot about how high AmeriFreight’s prices are, but so far we’ve only mentioned the company’s pre-discount rates. To keep its prices competitive, AmeriFreight offers one of the longest lists of discounts in the business.

AmeriFreight’s discounts

Who the discount is for
How much it can save you
Military members$35
First responders $35
Early birds (customers who book within 48 hours of getting a quote)$35
Return customers$50
Customers shipping multiple vehicles$50 (per vehicle)

Data as 11/27/2020. Offers and availability may vary and are subject to change.

Some of these discounts—the senior, military, and student discounts specifically—are fairly standard, and you’ll get them with other car shippers.

AmeriFreight’s early bird discount is a little less common, and anyone can take advantage of it. All you have to do is book your service within 48 hours of getting your quote. The early bird discount can also be paired up with one other discount to further lower your price.

Lastly, the discount for shipping multiple vehicles makes AmeriFreight a solid option for anyone who has to ship more than one car.

AmeriFreight's price-matching policy

Even with these discounts, AmeriFreight’s prices might run higher than your plan B company. If that’s the case, show your written quote from the other company to your AmeriFreight representative.

If the other company is reputable and trustworthy, AmeriFreight will lower its price to match or beat the cheaper rate, meaning you’ll save big while still getting AmeriFreight’s first-class service.

It goes the extra mile to protect your vehicle

AmeriFreight brokers jobs out to fully licensed and insured carriers only. This means that if your car gets damaged in transit because of something the carrier did wrong, the carrier will cover the repair costs.

Carriers won’t cover damage that isn’t their fault, though. For example, most carriers don’t cover rock chips or weather damage. So what happens if your car gets damaged and the carrier won’t cover it? With a lot of other brokers, you’d have to pay for the repairs yourself.

AmeriFreight does it differently.

AmeriFreight offers optional AF Total Assurance (AFta) plans that act as barriers between a carrier’s insurance exclusions and your wallet. If your carrier won’t pay for repairs, the AFta plan steps in to cover the costs. This type of damage protection is sometimes referred to as gap coverage.

If you sign up for AmeriFreight’s AFta plan, you can customize how much it costs and what exactly it covers. Depending on how much you spend, your AFta coverage can protect you in several ways.

AmeriFreight’s AFta plans

What it covers


$600 for minor damage (rock chips, small scrapes)
Standard$78 $2,000 for major damage, $800 for minor damage, $300 for lost or stolen keys
Comprehensive$98Standard plan + cancellation coverage

Data as 4/29/2020. Offers and availability may vary and are subject to change.

We like that AmeriFreight allows you to choose the coverage level that’s best for you. Want to save some money? Go with a cheaper option! Want all the bells and whistles plus the ability to cancel without paying a fee? Get the maximum coverage!

It offers a quick rate calculator

While AmeriFreight doesn’t do instant online quotes, it does the next best thing. It offers a handy rate calculator that makes budgeting quick and easy.

To see your ballpark AmeriFreight estimate, you need to enter the following information into the rate calculator:

  • Your car’s pickup and delivery location
  • The earliest date it’s available for pickup
  • The vehicle type (small sedan, full-size pickup truck, boat, RV, etc.)
  • Whether or not it’s in running condition
  • Whether you prefer an open or enclosed carrier

Once you submit your info, AmeriFreight gives you a rough cost estimate and asks if you’d like to provide additional information to receive a formal quote.

What we like is that you need only to add the state-to-state information and leave all the other default info—unless you aren't shipping a regular sedan. You don't need any personal info (like your name, email, and phone number). Once your submit your info, AmeriFreight gives you a rough cost estimate and asks if you'd like to provide additional information to receive a formal quote.

Keep in mind that AmeriFreight still has to pitch your quote to its carriers—so any price you get through the rate calculator is likely to change at least a little.


Should I go with door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal auto transport?

With door-to-door shipping, you get the convenience of having your vehicle picked up at your old house and brought directly to your new house.

With terminal-to-terminal shipping, you drive your car to whichever auto transport terminal is closest to your old home. Your carrier picks it up here and delivers it to the shipping terminal closest to your new home.

Shipping terminals are centralized shipping hubs that trucks pass through when they’re driving along major routes. They’re usually located outside of large cities, so if you’re moving to or from a small town, your nearest shipping terminal might be hundreds of miles away.

While terminal-to-terminal is far less convenient, it’s also much cheaper since the carrier doesn’t have to travel as far.

Choose terminal-to-terminal shipping if you want to save as much money as possible. If the convenience is more important than a low price, go with door-to-door shipping.

For more money-saving tips, check out our guide to affordably shipping your car.

Should I use open or enclosed transport?

Open transport is always much cheaper than enclosed transport, but it exposes your car to rock chips, weather, and any trash that might be flying around on the road. Enclosed transport usually costs a couple hundred bucks more, but it keeps your car completely safe from these hazards.

Most people choose open transport, and since auto transport companies send their trucks only when they have multiple cars to ship, you’ll probably get your car delivered faster if you go with open transport.

If the safety (and beauty) of your car is your number one concern, choose enclosed transport. If budget or speed are more important, then open transport is right for you.

To learn more, read our guide to the differences between open and enclosed auto transport.

Our recommendation

If you want to ship your car with one of the best auto transportation brokers in the industry, then AmeriFreight should at least make your shortlist of options. The company’s long catalog of services, exceptional protection plans, and nationwide availability are worth its relatively high prices.

AmeriFreight also gives you several ways to negotiate a more affordable rate if money is the only thing holding you back.

Ready to get your quote?

Now that you know all about AmeriFreight’s services and features, it’s time to take the next step. Get your quote to learn what AmeriFreight can offer you.

If you want to see where AmeriFreight ranks among its competitors, read our list of the best car shipping companies.

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