2021 CubeSmart Review

We gathered nearly 500 quotes from CubeSmart and analyzed its services, availability, and storage unit sizes to see how the company performs.
Our Rating
4 out of 5 stars
Avg. cost:
Pro Bullet Low prices
Pro Bullet Lots of storage unit sizes
Con Bullet Below average security
Con Bullet Few units without costly climate control
Kurt Manwaring
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Published on August 23, 2021
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Bottom line

CubeSmart has low prices, lots of sizes, and the best discounts in the business. It also has loads of perks like free Wi-Fi and fresh coffee. You can even pay extra to customize your unit with things like shelves and automatic door openers. On the downside, CubeSmart skimps a bit on security (we couldn’t verify that its units have alarms)—and it’s tough to find a unit without pricey climate control. But overall, CubeSmart is one of Move.org’s best self-storage companies.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Low prices
Pro Bullet Incredible discounts
Pro Bullet Lots of sizes
Pro Bullet Tons of perks
Con Heading
Con Bullet Below-average security
Con Bullet Few traditional units

CubeSmart is available in 38 states and the District of Columbia.

Compare CubeSmart storage unit sizes

Storage unit size
Max sq. ft.
What fits
Visit Website
Locker25Boxes and small items
Small75Up to 1-room apartment
Medium150Up to 3-room house
Large300Up to 5-room house
Parking300Up to Class A recreational vehicles, long boats, or trailers

Why we recommend CubeSmart

From low price and big discounts to a wide range of storage unit sizes, there’s a lot to love about CubeSmart.

Low prices—and lots of discounts

CubeSmart is very affordable. We compared nearly 500 CubeSmart quotes with 2,000 quotes from other storage unit companies and found that CubeSmart is typically about 10% cheaper than the industry average.

Chances are you can save even more by taking advantage of CubeSmart’s discounts. The company has a wide range of deals that range from on-site truck rentals to referral discounts:

  • Military discounts. CubeSmart’s discounts apply only to new customers and can’t be combined with other deals—except for the military discount. If you’re an active member of the military, you get a price cut on top of your regular deal. Contact your local CubeSmart for more details.
  • College student discounts. CubeSmart often has special deals on storage units located near college campuses. It’s a great way to store your stuff if you get into a study abroad program or go back home for the summer.
  • Referral discounts. You can get up to one free month’s rental if you refer a friend. Hey, if you have a good experience, why not share it with others?
  • Rental trucks. CubeSmart has free moving trucks if you need them for less than two hours. It’s a great perk if you live nearby and have only a few things to move. And if you need the truck for longer than two hours, CubeSmart has special Penske Truck Rental deals.
Room for growth

A lot of companies offer the same security features (like alarms) or talk about security on their websites. CubeSmart does not. While CubeSmart may offer many of these same things, we think it goes the extra mile when a company emphasizes the efforts they put into securing customers' belongings.

Lots of sizes

It’s rare for a storage unit company to offer more than 8 sizes, but CubeSmart has up to 13 options ranging from small lockers to massive 300-square foot units. CubeSmart even has parking lots if you need a place for your motorcycle, car, or RV.

Since sizing options vary by location, we’ve boiled these options down to five main categories: lockers, small units, medium units, and large units, and parking lots. We suggest you call your local CubeSmart to verify what storage sizes are available in your area.

CubeSmart storage unit sizes

No. of sizes
Max sq. ft.
What fits
LockerVaries25Boxes and small items
Small375Up to 1-room apartment
Medium2150Up to 3-room house
Large3300Up to 5-room house
Parking4300Up to Class A recreational vehicles, long boats, or trailers

Data as of 10/14/2020. Offers and availability may vary and are subject to change. Individuals should review their rental contract—including addendums—for a complete description of the policy's terms, conditions, and exclusions.

Tons of perks

CubeSmart has more perks than any other self-storage company we’ve seen. In addition to the free services mentioned above, CubeSmart has a list of things you can do to customize your storage space. Pricing and availability vary by location, but you can often spice up your storage experience with everything from shelving to video monitoring:

  • Automatic door openers
  • Full-service moving
  • Individual lighting and electricity
  • Moving and labor assistance
  • Organizational supplies
  • Professional organizer
  • Professional shredding
  • Remote-controlled access
  • Shelving options
  • Truck rentals (more than 2 hours)
  • Video monitoring

How does CubeSmart compare to other self-storage companies?

Self-storage company
Avg. quote
Avg. customer rating
Number of locations
Visit Website
3.4/5 stars1,350+
4.3/5 stars1,850+
3.5/5 stars2,000+
2.9/5 stars2,000+

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How much does CubeSmart cost?

CubeSmart costs approximately $160 per month. Move.org analyzed nearly 500 CubeSmart quotes and found that its costs typically range from around $90 for a small climate-controlled unit to about $270 for a large one (we couldn’t find any storage units without climate control). CubeSmart vehicle units generally set you back about $200 per month.

Note: Prices vary widely by availability and online sales, so we recommend you contact a nearby CubeSmart for a quote.

CubeSmart prices

Storage unit size
Standard storage unit
Climate-controlled storage unit
Small (5 x 5–5 x 10 ft.)NA$90
Medium (5 x 15–10 x 10 ft.)NA$160
Large (10 x 15–10 x 30 ft.)NA$270

Data as of 2/23/21. Prices include online estimates for storage unit costs, insurance, and taxes. Size ranges, offers, and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

CubeSmart cost factors

Several things affect your CubeSmart storage unit costs:

●     Online sales. It’s more expensive to reserve a storage unit in the store. Our research suggests you can save approximately $50 per month by ordering online. Purchase a unit for two months, and you’d save enough to get a rental truck.

●     Availability. Prices are higher when storage units are in demand. They’re usually cheaper when you can find a CubeSmart location with lots of available storage spaces.

●     Insurance. Coverage starts at $12 per month. Not only does CubeSmart require insurance, but it’s also an affordable way to protect valuable belongings like furniture, electronics, and books.

●     Fees. CubeSmart charges a one-time $24 administrative fee when you first rent the unit.

●     Premium services. Perks are nice, but not all of them are free. Expect to pay more for things like video monitors, shelves, and automatic door openers.

●     Discounts. CubeSmart is one of the few companies with a web page devoted to discounts, including deals for military members, college students, and more. You can even snag some savings by referring a friend.  

CubeSmart coverage options

You must have insurance to store your belongings at a CubeSmart facility. CubeSmart’s coverage options range from a $2,000 to $5,000 policy amount, with monthly costs ranging from $12 to $27. For coverage amounts higher than $5,000, you need to talk with a CubeSmart employee. So while it's affordable to get coverage for basic household items like furniture and books, expect to pay more for collectible items valued well above $5,000.

Insurance doesn’t cover items damaged by floods, surface water, or what CubeSmart calls “mysterious disappearance.” (Your policy includes burglary, though, so you’re probably covered if you see security cam footage on a Dateline episode of someone wheeling out your stuff.)

CubeSmart insurance prices

Policy amount
Monthly cost
More than $5,000See store manager

Data as of 10/14/2020. Offers and availability may vary and are subject to change. Individuals should review their rental contract—including addendums—for a complete description of the policy's terms, conditions, and exclusions.

CubeSmart is one of Move.org’s top-rated storage unit companies.

CubeSmart features and services

From storing boats and RVs to offering free (local) moving truck rentals, CubeSmart has a lot to offer beyond basic self-storage.

CubeSmart self-storage

CubeSmart provides basic storage options that cover everything from office files to large vehicles:

  • Boat storage
  • Business storage
  • Household and personal storage
  • Military storage
  • Motorcycle storage
  • Moving services (moving trucks, professional drivers)
  • Organizational services (professional organizers, charity donation drop offs, etc.)
  • RV storage
  • Vehicle and car storage
Junk removal services

Trying to squeeze everything into a smaller storage unit? One of our top junk removal companies can help you get rid of unwanted items.

CubeSmart free perks

Many CubeSmart locations offer a load of free services:

  • Package receipts
  • Item storage and retrieval (by CubeSmart employees)
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Printing, copying, and faxing
  • Work stations
  • Lounge area
  • Fresh coffee
  • Free local moving truck (anything over two hours costs extra)
  • Flexible lease terms (month-to-month storage leases)

Our recommendation

CubeSmart is easily one of our best storage unit companies. You can find it in more than 1,000 locations across the country and save about $20 per month compared to its competitors. The company has more unit sizes than anyone we’ve seen, and they even let you customize your unit with things like shelving, remote-controlled access, and video monitoring (for a cost).

CubeSmart’s drawbacks? It’s not quite up to par when it comes to security, and we’ve also never been able to find a unit without climate control (which costs more than a traditional unit).

Want low prices and tons of perks?

Have you moved with Budget? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below!

FAQs about CubeSmart

Where can I buy CubeSmart boxes?

You can buy CubeSmart boxes at a CubeSmart location, with the CubeSmart app, or on the CubeSmart website. The company also sells other packing supplies like packing tape, carton markers, and dust covers.

Does CubeSmart have parking spaces?

Yes, CubeSmart has parking spaces—although availability varies by location. The lots fit vehicles ranging from small motorcycles to Class A recreational vehicles like motorhomes with heavy-duty frames similar to 18-wheeler trucks.

CubeSmart parking space sizes

Recommended vehicles
10 x 15 ft.Compact vehicles, ATVs, motorcycles
10 x 20 ft.SUVs, pickup trucks, classic cars
10 x 26 ft.Class B recreational vehicles
10 x 30 ft.Class A recreational vehicles, long boats, or trailers

Data as of 10/12/2020. Sizes are estimates. Customers should contact a CubeSmart facility for specific size recommendations.

Does CubeSmart have shipping supplies?

Yes, CubeSmart has shipping supplies. The self-storage company sells everything from moving boxes to packing tape. Customers can make purchases on the CubeSmart app or website or by visiting a CubeSmart rental office.

Does CubeSmart have many perks?

Yes, CubeSmart has many perks. The self-storage company has free benefits ranging from fresh coffee to two-hour Penske truck rentals at select locations. Premium perks cost extra, but include services such as automatic door openers, storage unit shelves, and professional organizers.

What do customers say in CubeSmart reviews?

Customers say that CubeSmart is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional in CubeSmart reviews. Move.org also likes the company’s low prices and nationwide availability.

Does CubeSmart have affordable self-storage?

Yes, CubeSmart has affordable self-storage. The company’s storage units typically cost about 10% less than the industry average—a savings of more than $200 per year.

Which storage unit company has the best customer service?

Life Storage is the storage unit company with the best customer service, according to Move.org. Extra Space Storage is a close second place. Both companies are known for friendly and professional customer service.

How long is CubeSmart’s late fee grace period?

CubeSmart’s late fee grace period is 10 days. The company charges a late fee of $15 on the 11th day after your rent is due. If you still haven’t paid by 25 days, CubeSmart charges a second late fee of $25.

What are the phone numbers for CubeSmart?

You can reach CubeSmart at these phone numbers:

  • 855-535-5785 (English)
  • 844-123-4147 (Spanish)

Does CubeSmart accept online payments?

Yes, CubeSmart accepts online payments. You can also set up automatic withdrawals once you become a CubeSmart customer.

Does CubeSmart have vehicle storage units?

Yes, CubeSmart has vehicle storage units. Sizes vary from small units ideal for compact cars to large units designed for RVs, but these storage spaces typically cost about $200 per month.

How much is CubeSmart self-storage?

CubeSmart self-storage is approximately $160 per month—or about 10% below the industry average. The company also has discounts that can lower your price even more, according to Move.org.


We gathered nearly 500 quotes from CubeSmart to analyze their pricing across multiple unit sizes and locations. We called CubeSmart posing as customers to give their customer service a test drive. And we dug into their features and services, insurance coverage, storage unit sizes,  and discounts to give you an in-depth view of the company. 

Kurt Manwaring
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Kurt Manwaring
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