2022 International Van Lines Review

We researched the best-rated professional moving companies' customer reviews, services, and over 1,400 moving quotes to locate the top choice for your move.
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4.8 out of 5 stars
  • Pros
    Worldwide availability
  • Pros
    Discounts on moving services
  • Cons
    Moves outsourced to other carriers
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February 28, 2022
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Bottom line: International Van Lines, which operates as both a carrier and moving broker for local, long-distance, and international moves, takes the number-one spot on our list of best long-distance moving companies. Its comprehensive list of moving services, worldwide availability, and unparalleled customer service make it one of the best options for any move. 

Continue reading to learn the pros and cons of using International Van Lines for your next move.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Worldwide availability
Pro Bullet Discounts on moving services
Pro Bullet Optional (and often included) storage
Pro Bullet Award-winning customer service
Con Heading
Con Bullet Moves outsourced to other carriers
Con Bullet 25% deposit required at booking
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Table of contents

Our top-rated mover

International Van Lines’ comprehensive list of moving services, worldwide availability, and unparalleled customer service make it one of the best options for any move.

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How much does International Van Lines cost?

International Van Lines’ summer prices range from $2,000 to move a one-bedroom apartment less than 200 miles to a little over $10,000 to move a four-bedroom home around 1,000 miles. In the winter, IVL’s rates can drop by up to $1,000.

These prices are right on par with standard industry rates. When you consider the top-notch service that IVL provides (more on that later), it’s actually surprising that the company’s prices aren’t a little higher.

International Van Lines moving rates

Home size
Shipment weight
Price to move 140 miles
Price to move 546 miles
Price to move 1,011 miles
Price to move 1,174 miles
4-bedroom home8,731 lbs.$9,680.00$9,680.00$10,393.00$10,393.00
1-bedroom apartment2,151 lbs.$2,104.00$2,104.00$2,598.75$2,598.75

Data as of 4/16/2020. 1,174-mile move estimates based on moves from Los Angeles, CA, to Denver, CO. 1,011-mile move estimates based on moves from Omaha, NE, to Buffalo, NY. 546-mile move estimates based on moves from Memphis, TN, to Chicago, IL. 140-mile move estimates based on moves from Washington, DC, to Philadelphia, PA.

You may notice that the two longer moves have the same price in both home size categories and that the same is true for the two shorter moves. This is the way IVL gave us these prices because they’re just ballpark estimates, not quotes for real moves.

As always, you’ll only know exactly what your move will cost after getting your own estimate. If you first want to see more rates from IVL, check out our full IVL pricing data (PDF).

Getting your IVL estimate

Obtaining an accurate quote is one of the most difficult aspects of working with International Van Lines, as you have to provide a full inventory of what you’re moving, when, and where. You’ll also need to submit your full name, address, and phone number.

That said, IVL’s thorough online and over-the-phone quote process is far more accurate than instant quote generators used by other companies. You’ll fill out an entire inventory of how many beds, dressers, couches, tables, and even unusual items (like canoes) you’re moving so you can ballpark the price of your truckload.

What’s included in every International Van Lines move

  • Basic furniture assembly and disassembly
  • Loading and unloading
  • Use of pads, blankets, ties, and straps for furniture protection
  • Moving items up or down one flight of stairs
  • All tolls, mileage, fuel, and taxes (unless otherwise listed)
  • Liability protection ($0.60 per lb. per article, only up to $10,000)

IVL also offers full-value protection—which covers damage to your belongings at a higher rate per item—at an additional cost. If you’re moving abroad, you can also purchase marine insurance for your shipment.

Light Bulb
Moving high-value furniture can be risky

Whether you hire a moving company to pack and ship your belongings, or you pack and load your things into a truck yourself, you’re bound to encounter some damages to your furniture. And if you’ve got a lot of expensive or irreplaceable items, you’ll want to be very confident about your company’s coverage options. Learn the differences between full-value protection and released value protection.

International Van Lines moving fees

Depending on the logistics of your move, you may have to pay extra fees. Use this summary to better estimate your overall cost.

IVL fee categories

Fee type
Elevator$75One-time charge
Stairs$75 per additional flightFirst flight (10 steps) is free
Long carry$75 per additional 75 ft.Charged if truck must park more than 75 ft. from your door
Packing materialsVariesBubble wrap, boxes, tape, mattress covers, and crates available for purchase
Shuttle service$0.75 per cu. ft. ($350 minimum)Charged if an 18-wheeler cannot reach your location
Bulky item$150 per itemTreadmills, canoes, etc.
Piano handling$150–$350Varies with piano type
Motorcycle handling$350Does not include packing or weight of bike
Storage $0.50 per cu. ft. per month Calculated starting on day of pickup

Pricing on long-distance moves

A deposit is required for all long-distance and international moves—typically 25% of your overall quote. The deposit reserves the date that your carrier will pick up your belongings, but it is fully refundable for moves canceled up to 48 hours prior to the pickup date. The deposit can be placed on a credit card and will be deducted from your total balance.

The remainder of what you owe is split into two payments: half is charged upon pickup, and the other half upon delivery. You must pay the balance by cashier’s check, cash, or money order.

Pro tip

For the most accurate quote on a long-distance move, skip the lengthy phone call and opt for a free in-home estimate. This helps you cover your bases and avoid unexpected charges tacked onto your total.

Pricing on local moves

International Van Lines does not fulfill local moves itself. Once you submit a quote request, it will provide a list of vetted companies that offer door-to-door service in your area.

Local moves are priced by the hour instead of by weight. These hourly rates vary based on a few factors:

  • How many movers you need
  • The time and date of your move
  • The size of your home
  • The number of bulky, heavy items

Request a free moving quote via the IVL website or by telephone, and be sure to ask about available promotions to secure the best rate.

Light Bulb
Where to?

As much as people dream about big moves, most folks stay close to home. Just 34% of American movers relocate to a different county or state, and just 4% come from abroad.2 If you’re from one of these adventurous groups, International Van Lines is an excellent choice for relocating over long distances.

How does International Van Lines compare to other companies?

Company name
Company type
Local and long-distance moves
Offers auto shipping
internationalvanlinesInternational Van Lines
Carrier and brokerage
Icon Yes  DarkYes
Icon Yes  DarkYes
americanvanlinesAmerican Van Lines
Icon Yes  DarkYes
Icon Yes  DarkYes
northamericanNorth American Van Lines
Carrier and brokerage
Icon Yes  DarkYes
Icon Yes  DarkYes
safewaySafeway Moving Systems
Carrier and brokerage
Interstate only
Icon Yes  DarkYes
imrgInterstate Moving & Relocation Group
Interstate only
Icon Yes  DarkYes

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What services does International Van Lines offer?

International Van Lines launched in 2000 and has a competitive edge in domestic and international moving. Its global reach and breadth of services offered make it a winner for complicated moves across the country or around the world.

International Van Lines’s standout features

  1. It provides an array of moving services.
  2. Its services are available worldwide.
  3. It offers optional temporary storage.

International Van Lines’s services

  • Free online and over-the-phone quotes
  • Local moves
  • Long-distance moves
  • International moves
  • Online rental discounts
  • Online reservations
  • Packing, assembly, and disassembly services
  • Moving advice
  • Moving forms
  • Optional temporary storage
  • Auto transport services
  • Military moves
  • Small moves
  • Corporate moves
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Door-to-door and port-to-port service

International Van Lines’s long-distance moving services cover any location within the United States. And, thanks to partnerships in over 180 countries,1 IVL services worldwide moves.

While International Van Lines focuses on long-distance and international moves, it can also assist with your local move in select locations.

Heads Up
Take note

International Van Lines operates as a moving carrier and broker, meaning IVL may outsource the transport of your belongings to other companies.

International Van Lines offers specialty moving services

If your household goods go beyond the usual boxes, dishes, furniture, and useless knickknacks found in practically everyone’s home, you’ll love IVL’s array of moving services.

Need a crane to lift your hot tub off of your porch? Or an extra set of hands to haul a baby grand piano from your living room? Check and check. Trained staff arrive ready to safely pack and haul nearly anything you request.

International Van Lines offers the following specialty moving services:

  • Full-service packing
  • Short or long-term storage
  • Specialty crating
  • Large and heavy item moves
  • Crane service
  • Piano transport
  • Complex furniture assembly and disassembly
  • Motorcycle handling
International Van Lines moving truck

International Van Lines has moving services worldwide

The best part of International Van Lines’s moving services is that they’re available anywhere around the globe. Whether you’re planning a move from Botswana or Boston, you’ll find a bevy of vetted door-to-door and port-to-port moving options.

(All are way safer than hiring a stranger off Craigslist.)

Plus, International Van Lines has moving coordinators to help guide you through the global moving process: they can explain customs inspections, international transit times, and additional charges for cross-border moves.

These added charges will vary based on your move, but expect increased costs if you request door-to-port service, which requires you to pay port and terminal handling charges (THC) at the destination port.3

Get more information on these costs from your destination country, customs departments, the local consulate, or your moving coordinator so you can know what to expect.

Be aware

International transit times are unpredictable and can take much longer than moves within the United States. Expect 6–10 weeks to get your goods to your new home—ask your moving coordinator for a specific timeline based on your destination.

International Van Lines provides optional temporary storage

Whether you’re a military member shopping around for a new home after a Permanent Change of Station or a civilian waiting on a sale to finalize before moving in, you may need a place to temporarily store your belongings.

Thankfully, International Van Lines offers a variety of storage services. Customers report that they’ve received a month of free storage with moving packages. Choose warehouse or portable storage to safely stow your home goods until you need them.

Warehouse storage

With thousands of partner facilities around the globe, International Van Lines can offer customers storage in (almost) any country or state. IVL monitors facilities to ensure all are safe and secure for stashing cargo until you’re ready to move in.

Portable storage

If you need a few extra days to pack—or if you just want everything stowed in a single container in your driveway—try IVL’s portable storage. You’ll pack your belongings in weather-resistant cubes, and International Van Lines will transport them to a warehouse facility until your new home is ready.

Keep in mind

You must notify IVL if you wish to cancel storage 10 days before your contract expires or you’ll owe the next month’s entire fee.

International Van Lines long-term reviews

Move.org has reviewed International Van Lines each year since the late 2010s. IVL service changes have remained consistent during its 20 years in the business. The company has offered virtually every service you need to move year after year, from local and long-distance moving to storage options. It holds a firm grip on the number one position on Move.org’s list of the best long-distance moving companies.

There has been an industry-wide increase in FMCSA customer complaints in the wake of COVID-19. Our International Van Lines historical review shows that IVL is not exempt from the trend, receiving twice as many Federal Motor Carrier Services Administration (FMCSA) complaints (16) in 2021 as in 2020. Noticeably, the company hasn’t reported a single crash to the FMCSA in the last 24 months.

International Van Lines international services

International Van Lines is one of the best moving companies for moving overseas. The moving company can ship your belongings almost anywhere in the world, and it garners more customer reviews than any other company. We’re especially impressed by its transparent pricing and dedicated account managers:

  • Transparent pricing. International Van Lines is the only company we’ve seen that posts prices online. Publishing rate info is rare because costs can vary by thousands of dollars depending on things like your home size and destination country. Most companies don’t want to give pricing info until they know what’s involved in your specific move. IVL goes the extra mile and gives you the ability to roughly estimate your international moving costs (anywhere from about $5,000–$15,000).
  • Dedicated account managers. IVL simplifies moving to another country by providing personal account managers. It’s like a hotel concierge, except the rep has international moving expertise. International Van Lines’s agent can help you with everything from planning your move to getting oriented once you arrive.

What we think

For global, long-distance, and local moves, International Van Lines is an experienced carrier and broker that gets the job done. Its availability in all 50 states and around the world and its professional drivers mean your stuff is in good hands from Toledo to Tahiti.

Our one caution for moving with International Van Lines: The quote process is not instant and requires a full inventory of your home, which means rates can vary depending on the information you provide. For the most accurate pricing, try in-home estimates—you should also request a list of any extra fees when confirming the cost.

Like what you see from the number-one long-distance moving company?

If you’re still not sure whether International Van Lines is right for you, check out our Best Interstate Moving Companies list to find other movers we recommend.


Move.org evaluates and identifies the moving industry’s best full-service movers using a fivefold research approach:

  • Compare pricing transparency. We gather quotes, check for binding estimates, and read customer reviews about pricing to ensure each moving company’s prices are trustworthy. 
  • Mystery shopping. We review every company’s website, pose as customers in calls to companies, and read customer reviews to analyze every company’s moving services, transit protection, and customer service. We also interview actual customers to learn how their moves went from start to finish.
  • Site visits.  We invite moving companies to our headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT, to share data and expertise. We verify the information they provide by comparing it to data gathered through independent research and interviews with other movers.
  • Regular review. We routinely repeat this process to update our recommendations to reflect current data and trends. We also revise each review annually and make updates throughout the year.

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