2021 International Van Lines Review

Bottom line: International Van Lines’ comprehensive list of moving services, worldwide availability, and unparalleled customer service make it one of the best options for any move. In fact, it beat all its competition to become our very favorite full-service moving company.

Overall rating

4.8 / 5

International Van Lines operates as both a carrier and moving broker for local, long-distance, and international moves.

With its large truck inventory, relationships with international carriers, and experience transporting home goods around the globe, IVL is a moving master—and an especially wise choice if you’re relocating across the country or abroad.

Continue reading to learn more about the pros and cons of using International Van Lines for your next move.


  • Worldwide availability
  • Discounts on moving services
  • Optional (and often included) storage
  • Award-winning customer service


  • Moves outsourced to other carriers
  • 25% deposit required at booking

International Van Lines is our choice for the best overall long-distance mover. Find out why it stands out in our Best Long-Distance Moving Companies list.




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How much does International Van Lines cost?

International Van Lines’ summer prices range from $2,000 to move a one-bedroom apartment less than 200 miles to a little over $10,000 to move a four-bedroom home around 1,000 miles. In the winter, IVL’s rates can drop by up to $1,000.

These prices are right on par with standard industry rates. When you consider the top-notch service that IVL provides (more on that later), it’s actually surprising that the company’s prices aren’t a little higher.

International Van Lines moving rates

Home sizeShipment weightPrice to move 140 miles Price to move 546 milesPrice to move 1,011 milesPrice to move 1,174 miles
4-bedroom home8,731 lbs.$9,680.00$9,680.00$10,393.00$10,393.00
1-bedroom apartment2,151 lbs.$2,104.00$2,104.00$2,598.75$2,598.75
Home size
4-bedroom home
1-bedroom apartment
Shipment weight Price to move 140 miles Price to move 546 miles Price to move 1,011 miles Price to move 1,174 miles
8,731 lbs. $9,680.00 $9,680.00 $10,393.00 $10,393.00
2,151 lbs. $2,104.00 $2,104.00 $2,598.75 $2,598.75

Data as of 4/16/2020. 1,174-mile move estimates based on moves from Los Angeles, CA, to Denver, CO. 1,011-mile move estimates based on moves from Omaha, NE, to Buffalo, NY. 546-mile move estimates based on moves from Memphis, TN, to Chicago, IL. 140-mile move estimates based on moves from Washington, DC, to Philadelphia, PA.

You may notice that the two longer moves have the same price in both home size categories and that the same is true for the two shorter moves. This is the way IVL gave us these prices because they’re just ballpark estimates, not quotes for real moves.

As always, you’ll only know exactly what your move will cost after getting your own estimate. If you first want to see more rates from IVL, check out our full IVL pricing data (PDF).

Getting your IVL estimate

Obtaining an accurate quote is one of the most difficult aspects of working with International Van Lines, as you have to provide a full inventory of what you’re moving, when, and where. You’ll also need to submit your full name, address, and phone number.

That said, IVL’s thorough online and over-the-phone quote process is far more accurate than instant quote generators used by other companies. You’ll fill out an entire inventory of how many beds, dressers, couches, tables, and even unusual items (like canoes) you’re moving so you can ballpark the price of your truckload.

What’s included in every International Van Lines move

  • Basic furniture assembly and disassembly
  • Loading and unloading
  • Use of pads, blankets, ties, and straps for furniture protection
  • Moving items up or down one flight of stairs
  • All tolls, mileage, fuel, and taxes (unless otherwise listed)
  • Liability protection ($0.60 per lb. per article, only up to $10,000)

IVL also offers full-value protection—which covers damage to your belongings at a higher rate per item—at an additional cost. If you’re moving abroad, you can also purchase marine insurance for your shipment.

International Van Lines moving fees

Depending on the logistics of your move, you may have to pay extra fees. Use this summary to better estimate your overall cost.

IVL fee categories

Fee typeAmountDetails
Elevator$75One-time charge
Stairs$75 per additional flightFirst flight (10 steps) is free
Long carry$75 per additional 75 ft.Charged if truck must park more than 75 ft. from your door
Packing materialsVariesBubble wrap, boxes, tape, mattress covers, and crates available for purchase
Shuttle service$0.75 per cu. ft. ($350 minimum)Charged if an 18-wheeler cannot reach your location
Bulky item$150 per itemTreadmills, canoes, etc.
Piano handling$150–$350Varies with piano type
Motorcycle handling$350Does not include packing or weight of bike
Storage$0.50 per cu. ft. per monthCalculated starting on day of pickup
Fee type
Long carry
Packing materials
Shuttle service
Bulky item
Piano handling
Motorcycle handling
Amount Details
$75 One-time charge
$75 per additional flight First flight (10 steps) is free
$75 per additional 75 ft. Charged if truck must park more than 75 ft. from your door
Varies Bubble wrap, boxes, tape, mattress covers, and crates available for purchase
$0.75 per cu. ft. ($350 minimum) Charged if an 18-wheeler cannot reach your location
$150 per item Treadmills, canoes, etc.
$150–$350 Varies with piano type
$350 Does not include packing or weight of bike
$0.50 per cu. ft. per month Calculated starting on day of pickup

Pricing on long-distance moves

A deposit is required for all long-distance and international moves—typically 25% of your overall quote. The deposit reserves the date that your carrier will pick up your belongings, but it is fully refundable for moves canceled up to 48 hours prior to the pickup date. The deposit can be placed on a credit card and will be deducted from your total balance.

The remainder of what you owe is split into two payments: half is charged upon pickup, and the other half upon delivery. You must pay the balance by cashier’s check, cash, or money order.

Get money



For the most accurate quote on a long-distance move, skip the lengthy phone call and opt for a free in-home estimate. This helps you cover your bases and avoid unexpected charges tacked onto your total.

Pricing on local moves

International Van Lines does not fulfill local moves itself. Once you submit a quote request, it will provide a list of vetted companies that offer door-to-door service in your area.

Local moves are priced by the hour instead of by weight. These hourly rates vary based on a few factors:

  • How many movers you need
  • The time and date of your move
  • The size of your home
  • The number of bulky, heavy items

Request a free moving quote via the IVL website or by telephone, and be sure to ask about available promotions to secure the best rate.

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As much as people dream about big moves, most folks stay close to home. Just 34% of American movers relocate to a different county or state, and just 4% come from abroad.2 If you’re from one of these adventurous groups, International Van Lines is an excellent choice for relocating over long distances.

What services does International Van Lines offer?

International Van Lines launched in 2000 and has a competitive edge in domestic and international moving. Its global reach and breadth of services offered make it a winner for complicated moves across the country or around the world.

International Van Lines’s standout features

  1. It provides an array of moving services.
  2. Its services are available worldwide.
  3. It offers optional temporary storage.

International Van Lines’s services

  • Free online and over-the-phone quotes
  • Local moves
  • Long-distance moves
  • International moves
  • Online rental discounts
  • Online reservations
  • Packing, assembly, and disassembly services
  • Moving advice
  • Moving forms
  • Optional temporary storage
  • Auto transport services
  • Military moves
  • Small moves
  • Corporate moves
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Door-to-door and port-to-port service

International Van Lines’s long-distance moving services cover any location within the United States. And, thanks to partnerships in over 180 countries,1 IVL services worldwide moves.

While International Van Lines focuses on long-distance and international moves, it can also assist with your local move in select locations.

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Take Note

Take Note

International Van Lines operates as a moving carrier and broker, meaning IVL may outsource the transport of your belongings to other companies.

International Van Lines offers specialty moving services

If your household goods go beyond the usual boxes, dishes, furniture, and useless knickknacks found in practically everyone’s home, you’ll love IVL’s array of moving services.

Need a crane to lift your hot tub off of your porch? Or an extra set of hands to haul a baby grand piano from your living room? Check and check. Trained staff arrive ready to safely pack and haul nearly anything you request.

International Van Lines offers the following specialty moving services:

  • Full-service packing
  • Short or long-term storage
  • Specialty crating
  • Large and heavy item moves
  • Crane service
  • Piano transport
  • Complex furniture assembly and disassembly
  • Motorcycle handling
International Van Lines moving truck

International Van Lines has moving services worldwide

The best part of International Van Lines’s moving services is that they’re available anywhere around the globe. Whether you’re relocating from Botswana or Boston, you’ll find a bevy of vetted door-to-door and port-to-port moving options.

(All are way safer than hiring a stranger off Craigslist.)

Plus, International Van Lines has moving coordinators to help guide you through the global moving process: they can explain customs inspections, international transit times, and additional charges for cross-border moves.

These added charges will vary based on your move, but expect increased costs if you request door-to-port service, which requires you to pay port and terminal handling charges (THC) at the destination port.3

Get more information on these costs from your destination country, customs departments, the local consulate, or your moving coordinator so you can know what to expect.




International transit times are unpredictable and can take much longer than moves within the United States. Expect 6–10 weeks to get your goods to your new home—ask your moving coordinator for a specific timeline based on your destination.

International Van Lines provides optional temporary storage

Whether you’re a military member shopping around for a new home after a Permanent Change of Station or a civilian waiting on a sale to finalize before moving in, you may need a place to temporarily store your belongings.

Thankfully, International Van Lines offers a variety of storage services. Customers report that they’ve received a month of free storage with moving packages. Choose warehouse or portable storage to safely stow your home goods until you need them.

Warehouse storage

With thousands of partner facilities around the globe, International Van Lines can offer customers storage in (almost) any country or state. IVL monitors facilities to ensure all are safe and secure for stashing cargo until you’re ready to move in.

Portable storage

If you need a few extra days to pack—or if you just want everything stowed in a single container in your driveway—try IVL’s portable storage. You’ll pack your belongings in weather-resistant cubes, and International Van Lines will transport them to a warehouse facility until your new home is ready.

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You must notify IVL if you wish to cancel storage 10 days before your contract expires or you’ll owe the next month’s entire fee.

What we think

For global, long-distance, and local moves, International Van Lines is an experienced carrier and broker that gets the job done. Its availability in all 50 states and around the world and its professional drivers mean your stuff is in good hands from Toledo to Tahiti.

Our one caution for moving with International Van Lines: The quote process is not instant and requires a full inventory of your home, which means rates can vary depending on the information you provide. For the most accurate pricing, try in-home estimates—you should also request a list of any extra fees when confirming the cost.

Time to pack up?

Get an idea of how much moving with International Van Lines might cost you with a free quote.

Get a Quote

Are you an International Van Lines customer? Share your experience in the comments below. If you’re still not sure whether International Van Lines is right for you, check out our Best Interstate Moving Companies list to find other movers we recommend.


  1. International Van Lines, “International Movers
  2. Move.org, “The State of the American Mover: Stats and Facts
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Joe Roberts also contributed to this article.

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  • Mark Decker

    I recently hired IVL for a long distance move and was pleased with the outcome. Minus a slight delay everything else went to perfection and I would use them again. This is the 6th time I had to hire a moving company and was one of the better experiences.

  • LisaA

    Our domestic household move with International Van Lines ended up taking 31 days, 7 to 8 truck loads, and cost almost twice the original estimate, when you add in the three-week forced hotel stay while our goods were held hostage in an undisclosed storage facility, after we had sold our house. It was a nightmare from start to finish. Our belongings were three times held hostage while demands for more money (sometimes cash only) were made. Our things were damaged, and some are missing. There was no inventory control–we even ended up with someone else’s belongings, and nothing was done about that, though IVL was informed. The promises and guarantees made my IVL when we hired them were all broken. Our move was supposed to involve one truck and one trip across the country. That turned out to be a joke, but not a funny one. Communication was horrible—inefficient, rude, and unprofessional–throughout. Before the nightmare was even over, they first offered us money to be quiet, then threatened to sue us if we spoke out about our experiences. Such behavior certainly explains their good online reviews. By the way, we have all this in writing. I’ve never experienced such deceptive and/or incompetent business practices in my life.This company isn’t even really a moving company–they just broker other people’s trucks–even short-term rentals–and then maintain no control over what happens next. Read more about what happened to us, as well as other honest reviews of this company, at our information site: internationalvanlines.info.

    • Lisa Butterfield

      I had the same experience with IVL. I am now posting my similar experience. DO NOT USE INTERNATIONAL VAN LINES.

    • Gary Ciccati

      I had the same experience. WORST ever!! Original quote for a two house move was $8,800…. when the small truck showed up I immediately said that the truck was way too small for a two house move. Ended up costing me $24,000…. THREE TIMES THE ORIGINAL QUOTE!!!! They don’t have their own trucks and don’t pay the workers very much for really working hard. I heard it’s run by Russians and they’re just a scam, criminal organization. LISTEN TO THE NEGATIVE REPORTS!!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY…. YOU WILL BE SORRY!!!

  • Paul Crane

    Several consumer groups suggested IVL as one of the best moving companies. I chose them because the sales rep Alex was great at explaining the details of how things work, and he was straight forward. My move was for a 3 bedroom house from NY to LA. Movers were on-time, packed well and I didnt deal with any surprises. Based on previous experiences I had with other mover, IVL did a fantastic job. I would use them again and refer them to anyone looking for a mover.

  • Ann H

    With all of the moves I have done I was sick at the thought of dealing with a moving company. I have not had much luck in the past.International Van Lines changed my frame of mind and will be highly recommended by me. The packing was done professionally by the move team who also did a great job wrapping / protecting my furniture. The movers were courteous and knowledgeable. Delivered in the time frame my rep gave me. Maggie was the reason I chose this company and she kept her word.

  • Mike Beck

    International Van Lines was great, thank you for the recommendation. Being a military brat i’m no stranger to working with movers. It’s never been a fun experience. There is a lot to think about, it’s stressful and the last thing anyone wants to deal with is a shady mover. My sales rep Justin was great! He did not pressure me, but instead told me worst case scenario which I like. I’m a realist so I know things can go wrong when it comes to moving. Anyhow, my move was from Houston, Texas to Los Angeles, CA. Everything arrived with no damage, hidden charges and the crews were polite. I would use them again in a heartbeat.

  • Kyle Burgess

    My move to Nevada went well. I had no damage, loss, or additional charges. I’ve used them once before and had a good experience, so I gave them a second move. Moving is stressful, so I was thrilled to come across International Van Lines. I would recommend them to anyone planning a long-distance move.

  • Stephanie Kimball

    Finding a quality moving company was challenging. The internet has thousands of topics about moving, moving scams, and complaints. The moving industry seems a bit shady, so I was glad to have come across International Van Lines. My move was only a 2 bedroom, but it’s everything I own, and I was on a tight budget. Their movers were on-time, prompt, and very efficient. It took about 4 hours to get everything done and my delivery to Las Vegas took 48 hours. The experience went better than expected and I would use them again.

  • Elizabeth O’Connor

    I recently moved from Houston, TX, to Cambridge, MA. IVL was our first choice because of its reputation. My moving experience was beyond what I expected in the right way. The packing was done efficiently, and everything was received with no damage. As many of you know, moving is very stressful, so it was a breath of fresh air to deal with a quality company. I had zero damage, hidden charges, or problems for that matter. I want to thank my sales rep, Alex C., who did a great job working with me and meeting my deadlines.

  • Ivy Powers

    International Van Lines recently delivered my stuff. After inspection, I had no damage or loss, which is excellent. I moved from Atlanta, GA, to Medford, MA, and it was a 4 bedroom house. They did all the packing and loading. The staff that came out were polite, and actually very funny. They worked their butts off and got the job done on time. The outcome for me was excellent and I would plan on working with them again if needed. On a side note my rep Justin was very informative and made me feel very comfortable.

  • Jennifer Draper

    International Van Lines did a fantastic job with my move. I don’t often leave reviews, but in this case, it’s worth it because the moving industry is shotty. I picked them based on their reviews and my sales rep, Justin. Justin was very attentive and made sure all my questions were answered. Unlike other companies, they didn’t make me feel pressured to book my move. Their movers showed up as planned and packed to perfection. Everything was delivered with no damage, so I was a happy camper. I would use them again if I were ever to move.

    • Jennifer Draper

      This is not a real review, this was purchased to be posted by Jessica Scott and the company

  • Momo Kai

    IVL relocated my family to Worcester, MA from Boston.
    It was a smaller local move, but it’s everything I own. Even though IVL
    was a bit more expensive than others, I didn’t mind paying because of
    their reputation. I’ve hired a moving company before based on price,
    which ended up costing me way more than hiring a quality company. My
    sales rep Brian made things very easy for me. He managed the move from
    start to finish and literally called me after delivery to make sure I
    was pleased with the outcome. I wanted to take the time and leave them 5
    stars because of the job well done.

  • Fred slim

    Moving is always stressful, regardless of where or how much stuff you have. I’ve hired a mover on 5 different occasions, so I’m a bit of a vet. The main reason we decided on International Van Lines was due to their online reputation and referrals we received. My move was to LA for a 3 bedroom home which required full packing, loading, crating, etc. My company paid for the move, so I did not want to spare any expense. They sent a 5 man crew who did an excellent job packing. The team was on time and very professional the whole way through. Everything arrived at my new home with no damage or loss. My company also did not have to pay a penny more than what was quoted. I was delighted with my experience with IVL and would use them again. I would also refer them to anyone making a cross country move.

  • Melissa Nash

    I chose International Van Lines based on their reviews and ratings. They made my move from New York to Arlington, NJ. It was for a 2 bedroom apartment which included full packing, loading, and storage for a month. My rep, Justin was great at getting everything organized and answering all my questions. Their crew showed up as planned and did what they said. I felt comfortable the whole time and was pleased with the outcome of my move. I would use them again if needed.

  • LisaA

    My friends, if you’re thinking of hiring IVL based on their online reviews, please think again. It’s a total scam. They pay for reviews, they pay to have negative reviews removed, and they pay people to be silent when things go bad. Don’t stop with the positive reviews. They are there to mask the real, negative feedback from all the people who have been deeply, seriously burned by this company. IVL will tell you anything when you call them, but they will keep none of their commitments. They will put your belongings on any truck that happens to be in the area at that time (and not their own trucks or employees, mind you–they are only online brokers), and whatever happens to it, happens, and they simply don’t care. Your things will likely be broken or stolen or held up somewhere in some undisclosed location, or delivered to someone else, and you will have no idea when, or if, you will ever see them again, all the while having more cash demanded from you to get back any of your belongings. They have a B- rating on the Better Business Bureau with 105 complaints; they have a 100% “F” rating on Angie’s List; they have a 2.5 star rating on Yelp. Learn more at Internationalvanlines.info.

    • Gary Ciccati


      • Gary Ciccati

        LISTEN TO THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS!!!!!!!! THIS COMPANY IS ONE HUGE HORRIBLE SCAM!!!! I was quoted $8,800 for a two house move by this Alex asshole and when they showed up they said it would be $24,000!!!!! Three times the original estimate!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY….. YOU COULD BE VERY, VERY SORRY….. Everything is in cash, too. You have no recourse and they have your money.

  • Jasmin Wiley

    I was in charge of finding a moving company for my parents. They moved a 2 bedroom condo from Florida to Los Angeles, and we hired International Van Lines. I did a lot of research on moving companies. My parents are both seniors living on a budget, so I had no room for error. With so many horror stories on the internet, it’s hard to weed through what’s real and not true. One thing I know is all moving companies have some bad reviews here and there which I think is just part of the business. IVL maintains an excellent reputation, and my sales rep Alex was accommodating. He wasn’t pushy like the other companies that called and gave me a fair price. The guys did a great job, and most importantly, there was no damage or additional charges my parent had to pay. I would highly recommend them.

  • Colin Ross

    I had a good experience with International Van Lines. My family hired them for our move from Boston, MA, to NY. The guys showed up and worked their buts off. They were on time, polite and did a great job packing our 3 bedroom house. IVL also moved 2 of our cars which also went well. I want to shout out to my sales rep, Alex, for doing a great job overseeing the process. Moving is stressful, so we’re happy we came across a good company like IVL. Would use them again if needed.

    • Gary Ciccati

      A shout out to Alex???? This guy quoted me $8,800 for a two house move and the total came in at $24,000!!! This guy is a slime ball con man working for a gangster company. Run by Russian thieves. Worst… WORST experience of my life!!!

  • Keddy Taylor

    I wanted to take a minute and write a review for International Van Lines. I’ve hired movers on several different occasions, and working with IVL was a breath of fresh air, starting with my relocation coordinator Justin. My move was from California to IL for a four-bedroom house, car, and two motorcycles. As you can imagine, I was very nervous about the process considering the value of my things and complexities. The foreman Dario and his crew did a fantastic job organizing my stuff in a way where it fits in the truck like a puzzle. They sent a different vehicle for the automobiles and motorcycle. It was a two-day move, but things got done right. It was a straight delivery to my residence, so I received everything in 3 days. I ended up with no damage or added charges, which was a lot different than my last experience. Working with International Van Lines was great and needless to say I would call them if I needed another moving company.

  • Demoy Rhymer

    I’ve worked with a couple of movers in the past. I had some good and bad experiences. I needed to find a mover for my parent who moved their 3 bedrooms home from Chicago to Houston. I went with IVL based on their reviews, and the rep (Justin) I dealt with was straight forward and honest about the moving process. The move went well minus a couple of small scratches on furniture, but IVL dealt with it, and all ended up well. I was pleased with their professionalism and would work with them again if needed.

  • Matthew Maddox

    International Van Lines made a local move for my family and me. It was a 2 bedroom home from Hallandale to Hollywood, FL. They sent out a great crew who managed to get the job done in one day. Having moved before in the past, I can say based on this experience with International Van Lines that it’s worth the money. I got everything in the new residence with no damage, added charges, or issues. God forbid I need to move again, but if I needed to I’d call International Van Lines.

  • Bakhita Steel

    My move to Boston went well. The crew was on time and did everything as promised. My move was just not complex, but just like anybody else, I wanted a smooth experience. IVL did a great job throughout the entire moving process. I hope NEVER move again, but if I do, I’ll choose IVL for the my move.

  • Martini Dog

    Got a quote on an initial call to International Van Lines for ~$3500 based on my guess of how much I had to move. Told them I will need to do a more detail assessment. They never sent someone out to see what I had to move. Other companies came over the do a true estimate. The sales person was so good at telling me the estimate would be very close to actual. After the truck was filled, I was told the total amount was $6500 and pay in cash to get my belongings delivered.

    After waiting 2 weeks after they were to deliver my belongings, one man in a old truck with no ramps to unload. Every single box was smashed. I had to help the guy unload. I now need to rent another storage place for enough room to open every box and identify all of the damaged goods. They lost a rug and other things.

    Run away from these guys. I have a feeling all of the 4 star reviews are fake.

    • Gary Ciccati

      My experience EXACTLY!!! I’m still driving across country and they call me today to pay half of the remaining bill, even though I was told that it would be due on delivery. I was told $8800 for two houses….ended up over $24,000!!!

  • Martini Dog

    I have feeling the majority of the comments are “PAID” comments and reviews. This company is scam, bait and switch pricing, sub-contractor moving companies, all shady.

    • Gary Ciccati

      Yep. I got quoted $8,800 for a two house move on the phone….. they show up with a small truck and it ended up costing $24,000. THREE TIMES the original estimate. I can’t even explain how horrible the experience was…. they delivered today and I had to pay the remaining $14,500 in cash to the driver. They were rude on the phone when I complained about the lowball estimate and they basically made it sound like it’s all my fault. DO NOT USE THIS VAN LINE!!!! They hire contractors and then pay the workers peanuts while pocketing huge chunks of your dough. This qualifies as one of the top five WORST experiences of my life. Don’t pay attention to the positive reviews…. I’m sure some may be legit but I really think most of the positive reviews are just fake. They don’t have their own trucks or anything…. they hire everything out so they don’t have to pay benefits…. just pay the workers small wages and then pocket the rest of the money. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! I don’t do reviews unless the service is really good or really bad….. and this was REALLY bad!!! You will be sorry.

  • Sandra Carbon

    International Van Lines came recommended by Consumer Report. I’ve moved several times and had a horrible experience. This time around, I did my research and found IVL based on referrals. With all the garbage on the net, I was able to narrow down my pick to 3 stable companies. The main reason I went with IVL was because of my rep, Brian. They were a bit more expensive than others, but he made me feel comfortable, and he wasn’t pushy like the others. Their moving guys showed up as planned and went to work right away. Everything was packed and loaded promptly. Unlike my previous experiences, I had no damages, overcharging or having to deal with rude movers. The experience was A+, so they get 5 stars from me. I will refer them and use them again if I ever need a moving company.

  • Dee

    I hired IVL for a move to New York to Detroit. The guys did a fantastic job. The crew showed up on time, packed well, and I got everything with no damage. I would use them again if needed.

  • Barb

    I’ve worked with a few movers in the past. I had some good and some bad experiences. I needed a small local move done in LA and tried my hand with IVL based on their reviews and recommendations. The move was small, but they did a great job and managed to finish it quick. I had zero damages. I also didn’t have to deal with added charges or rude movers, which were excellent for a change. All in all, my experience was a 5 star and I would happily recommend them to anyone moving.

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    Great Article! International Van Lines is one of the most seen brokers online.
    Dedicated Van Lines supports all companies doing their best.

  • Gary Ciccati

    I read reviews for IVL and called them for a move from CA to Ohio. My friend is also moving so we are putting all our stuff on one truck to get a discount because it’s going to the same place. I call these people and I talk to a guy who asks me to go through and tell him what I have to move. I say it’s a 3,350 sq. ft. house…4 bedrooms plus an office. While on the call I go from room to room in my mind and make a list of what I have. I’m not thinking it’s going to be a final list…just sort of an estimate type thing. So, he asks me how big the other house is that we’re moving. Even though it’s much smaller, I tell him just to double my house. He quotes me $8,700 for BOTH houses. I think that’s a really good price and he sends me a contract. I’m still expecting someone to come out and actually take a more detailed inventory of both houses. In fact, he tells me that there should be a phone call and person to come out a week ahead of the move. Well, the day of the move, a truck pulls up that is half the size of a semi. I instantly say, “That truck is way too small!!” We have a conference call and they tell me that I signed off on the amount of ‘stuff’. The mover guy showed me the contract… for TWO houses that I said were 3,350 sq. ft. these idiots had put down a total of 30 boxes!! I had over 60 just with my kitchen stuff. The totally underestimated and then the mover head guy redoes the estimate and shows me a bill for over $28,000 for both houses!!! That’s $20,000 more than the original estimate. What can I do now? The workers are starting to wrap furniture and move boxes out. And now I have to wire another $5,000+ to the company or else I guess they just take off….who knows? So, my remaining balance is $14,500 which the mover guy says I pay when the furniture is delivered in Ohio. So, my friend and I take off driving to Ohio….. three days out, I get a call from these crooks saying I need to pay them half of the $14,500. I tell them I’m in Oklahoma and I can’t do that. So, I got angry at the lady on the phone and just hung up. I’m in Memphis now and have no idea if and when my stuff will show up. I”m now going to call a lawyer when I get to Ohio and see what I can do. Also, they don’t have their own trucks….. there were two different trucks over the two days…the small one and then a larger semi to pick up my friend’s stuff. I guess they have to unload my stuff and reload it into the larger truck. This has been a nightmare. It’s beyond ridiculous. I would have been better off to just sell my stuff and buy all new things once we got to Ohio. IVL may have some good reviews but this is beyond the worst scenario I could have ever imagined. They should have had someone come out to both our houses and look at everything and then give us an accurate estimate. Any lawyers out there want to look at this and tell me if I have a case? Also, I was never told anything about if they had an option to have someone come out and do a more accurate estimate. And, that should be something they do automatically so this doesn’t happen.

  • Shelly Greer

    Quality experience with IVL. The guys did what they said they would. I was pleased with the outcome and would use them again if needed.

  • Taylor Smith

    I move from TX to GA with IVL. They did a great job! I would 100% work with them again if needed. https://internationalvanlines.com/

  • Carla H

    Move size – 3 bedroom From: Nashville, TN to: St. Louis, MO Quality: 5 stars International Van Lines handled my move and did well. As a veteran I’ve moved all over the world and 7 times in the sates alone. I’ve worked with every major van lines and moving company nationally. I found IVL online after doing a month of research. Their cost seemed reasonable and the sales rep Justin was knowledgeable, so I booked with them. The whole way through I didnt feel any unease, in fact they stayed on top of everything and made sure it went smooth. I was pleased with the overall outcome and will use them again for my next move.

  • vinnie charles

    Call Dedicated Van Lines For a No Hassle Moving quote. Dedicatedvanlines.com