2021 Allied Van Lines Review

Bottom line: Allied Van Lines has all the services you need to make your interstate move a breeze. Because it offers a la carte options, it’s also a great fit for DIYers who need a little bit of extra moving help.

Overall rating

4.6 / 5

Is Allied the right moving company for you? Let’s look at its services and give you our take based on our hands-on experience. You can also see where Allied ranks on our list of the best moving companies




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What services does Allied Van Lines offer?

Allied Van Lines offers a full range of services that can benefit anyone, from those who are planning to do a DIY move to those who are looking for a hands-off moving experience.

Services Allied Van Lines offers:

  • Local, national, and international moving services
  • Corporate relocation
  • Full-service packing
  • Fragile-only packing
  • Unpacking and debris removal
  • Boxes and moving supplies
  • Loading and unloading
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Appliance disconnection and reconnection, including hot tubs and pools1
  • Custom crates
  • Storage-in-transit and permanent storage options
  • Shipment tracking
  • Auto and boat transport
  • Shuttle services for homes without easy access
  • Basic liability coverage
  • Full-valuation coverage
  • Online checklists and moving tips

Certain services are included in the price of your move, while others cost a little extra. For instance, services like loading and unloading, furniture disassembly and assembly, shipment tracking, and basic liability coverage are each included at no extra charge.

To help you determine which options you should select for your moving situation, we’ve laid out Allied’s services so you can see how they might affect your overall moving costs. Each of these options is available à la carte—so you can feel free to select the whole kit and caboodle or just a few services to help with your DIY move.

Allied services we recommend for your move

If you want it all
If you need a little help
If you're doing it yourself
Cost range
Full-service packing
✔ Yes
Fragile-only packing
✔ Yes
✔ Yes
Boxes and moving supplies
✔ Yes
✔ Yes
✔ Yes
Unpacking and debris removal
✔ Yes
Appliance disconnection and reconnection
✔ Yes
Furniture disassembly
✔ Yes
✔ Yes
✔ Yes
Custom crates
✔ Yes
Loading and unloading
✔ Yes
✔ Yes
✔ Yes
✔ Yes
Shipment tracking
✔ Yes
✔ Yes
✔ Yes
Auto and boat transport
✔ Yes
Shuttle services for homes without easy access*
✔ Yes
Basic liability coverage
✔ Yes
✔ Yes
✔ Yes
Full-valuation coverage
✔ Yes
✔ Yes
Online checklists and moving tips
✔ Yes
✔ Yes
✔ Yes

*Allied offers a shuttle service to deliver your items from your home to Allied’s moving van if your home is obstructed by a narrow entrance or is in a limited access area.

Heads up exclamation

Allied Van Lines’ response to COVID-19

Allied Van Lines’ response to COVID-19

Allied Van Lines is currently still accepting customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, but to keep its employees and customers safe, the company is implementing several security measures. These measures include monitoring employee health, avoiding physical contact whenever possible, and doing estimates through virtual and video methods instead of conducting typical in-home estimates.

How much does Allied Van Lines cost?

Allied’s moving costs vary on a case-by-case basis. Your costs will depend largely on the services you opt in for, the size and distance of your move, your location, the time of year, and other factors.

If you’re planning a small, in-town move and don’t anticipate using any of Allied’s additional services, you can plan on paying a minimum of roughly $550. Medium-sized households that would like some light packing assistance and are moving a moderate distance should expect to spend a few thousand dollars.

If you are planning a long-distance move with a much larger home and anticipate needing to use all of Allied’s services, your costs can reach several thousand dollars.

For the most part, your costs will fall somewhere in the middle of these scenarios—we simply want to give you a general idea of what you might expect to spend when moving with Allied Van Lines. The best way to get an accurate picture of your specific moving costs is to get an in-home estimate.

What you can expect from an Allied Van Lines move

Moving isn’t a pleasant process, but Allied has a lot to offer to take care of some of the more common pain points. Whether it’s helping with your initial moving plan, packing your boxes, loading the truck, or making sure your belongings will arrive at your new home in one piece, Allied can take care of each of these steps of for you.

Researching local Allied agents

It’s important to point out that Allied Van Lines partners with local moving companies—also known as agents—to help complete your move. Most agents will provide a bulk of the services Allied advertises online, but some may be unable to tackle speciality services and may have to contract these out to third parties. The quality of customer service will also vary from agent to agent, so be sure to check local reviews for your assigned agent to better understand what to expect.

Scheduling your appointment with Allied Moving

After doing your initial online research, the next step in seeing if a moving company is right for you is to schedule an in-home estimate. In fact, most full-service movers require an in-home estimate before they’ll provide a quote for your move. Allied Van Lines makes this process easy by letting you schedule your estimate online or give them a call.

I scheduled my appointment online, and a local representative contacted me the next day. Overall, my scheduling experience was fairly quick and hassle-free. I filled out Allied’s online form mid-afternoon, and I received a call from the local Allied agent the following morning to set up an appointment for my in-home estimate.

If you’re looking for an easy way to kick off the moving process or if you’re hoping to schedule multiple in-home estimates to compare different full-service movers, scheduling online is your best bet. You may not hear back from your local agent until the next day, but it requires very little time and effort up front. Calling Allied to set up your appointment isn’t a bad option either, but you’ll find yourself spending more time on the phone, and you might still have to wait for your local agent to call you back after you submit your information.

Your in-home estimate

During your in-home estimate, a personal relocation assistant will walk through your home with you to visually inspect your belongings and take an inventory of what needs to be moved to your new abode. The total weight of your shipment makes up a major portion of your moving estimate,2 so they will likely ask if you plan on selling anything before moving day or if there’s anything not currently in the house that you’d like to include in your estimate—perhaps your neighbor still has that weed whacker he “borrowed” two summers ago.

The in-home estimate is often the biggest differentiator between full-service moving companies, and my experience with Allied Van Lines was incredibly helpful and informative. My relocation assistant spent 20 to 30 minutes with me answering all of my questions and walked me through each of the options that made the most sense for my move. He even steered me away from certain third-party services he didn’t think were worth the cost for a small move like mine.

Packing Boxes

Packing your belongings

Like many other full-service movers, Allied offers a few different levels of packing to fit your needs and your budget. Its packing services include the following:

  • Full-service packing
  • Fragile-only packing
  • DIY packing

It also offers specialty packing and moving services like building custom crates or disconnecting appliances and reconnecting them in your new home. These come at an additional cost, however.

Full-service packing

Whether you’re looking for a hands-off move or if you simply don’t have the time to pack up your belongings yourself, Allied’s full-service packing may be for you. Allied breaks these costs down by the time it takes to pack and the cost of the boxes used—so your costs will vary depending on the number and types of boxes you’ll need to pack your belongings.

My relocation assistant told me the price of boxes varies based on their purpose, but one of the more expensive boxes he mentioned was the $17 box designed to pack dishes. To get a better idea of how much you would need to spend on boxes and materials, be sure to ask your relocation assistant which boxes they recommend for your move and what the cost per box would be.

The hourly rate to pack your boxes will likely depend on your local Allied Van Lines agent. My relocation assistant quoted me a price of $36 per man-hour to pack my belongings. This isn’t an insignificant cost by any means, especially if you have a large home to move and need several people to assist with packing.

If you’re planning a small move, I don’t think the cost of full-service packing is worth it. Taking a few hours after work and on the weekends to pack up your own things can save you hundreds of dollars on your move. In fact, Allied recognizes this, so it offers options for people with smaller budgets or those who would rather roll up their sleeves and do a lot of the packing themselves. For those who lack the time to do their own packing or would simply like that task taken off their plate, full-service packing is much more worth the investment.

Fragile-only packing

Allied Van Lines offers a fragile-only packing option if you’d like to do the majority of the packing yourself, or if you’d like to save a little money on a professional move, but need assistance with more delicate items like mirrors, fine china, or your painstakingly crafted ship in a bottle.

Fragile-only packing follows the same pricing structure as full-service packing, meaning you’re charged for the time it takes to pack your breakables and the type and number of boxes Allied’s packers use. Since fragile-only packing takes less time and fewer boxes than the full-service option, you’ll save a lot of money on the cost of labor and materials while still getting a bit of professional packing help.

The best part about this option is that you get to pick and choose what you’d like Allied to pack for you while you take care of the rest. Heck, the items you choose don’t even have to be fragile. As long as you need help packing it, Allied seems willing to take care of it for you.

DIY packing

Allied’s full-service and fragile-only packing options both serve their purposes, but they still add a significant cost to your final estimate. If you’re hoping to save some money or you would rather do the packing yourself, Allied offers moving boxes and supplies to all of its clients.

According to my personal relocation assistant, Allied offers those who pack their own home access to the local agent’s supply of used moving boxes while supplies last. He even suggested to check its used stock for dish boxes and TV boxes, as these are some of the more expensive boxes to buy new. He made sure to emphasize that if the agent had it in its used stock, I was free to use it. Your local agent may have a different used-box policy, however, so it’s wise to ask if there are limits to the number of boxes you can use.

Other packing services

While services like furniture disassembly and assembly are included in the cost of your estimate, some of Allied’s other packing services are not. Custom crating for large or bulky items and disconnecting and reconnecting your appliances both come at an additional cost.

Allied Van Lines works with third-party vendors to take care of disconnecting your appliances, so prices will vary, but my relocation assistant strongly advised against using that service. When I asked what it would cost to take care of my washer and dryer, he said the vendor they use charges $150 to disconnect and an additional $150 to reconnect the appliances in your new home. He said this is a pretty easy task for electrical appliances, so you’d be much better off watching a quick YouTube tutorial and doing it yourself.

How much does Allied Van Lines cost?

Calculating the cost of moving with Allied Van Lines

Once your belongings are all packed and your appliances are disconnected, it’s time to load the truck and get you off to your new home. Allied bases the estimate for your transportation costs on the weight and volume of your household items, the distance between your old and new homes, and the time it will take to unload and load the truck.3

My relocation assistant also let me know they charge for a minimum of four hours, including one hour of drive time. Not all full-service movers charge for drive time for close, in-town moves like mine, so take that into consideration during your decision-making process if you’re just planning to move 10–15 minutes down the road.

Allied’s estimate for my transportation costs came out to be $675, with a total estimated weight of 3,045 pounds and an estimated volume of 435 cubic feet. This also included three professional movers, one van, and five hours of labor (including one hour of travel time). My relocation assistant helped me break down the costs to better understand where my money was going.

Here’s what he said:

  • The base rate for two movers and a van is $99 per hour.
  • Each additional mover is $36 per hour.
  • Travel time is charged at the same rate.

My estimate, for example, listed a price of $135 per hour for transportation and travel time based on needing three movers. If my move took any longer than the estimated five hours, knowing the hourly rate would really help me anticipate that extra cost.

Keep in mind, these rates are specific to this particular agent and will vary based on your location, the weight of your belongings, and even the time of year. Seasonality plays a big role in the moving industry’s prices, which tend to increase during the spring and summer when most people relocate.

The volume of your belongings also comes into play when calculating your estimate. Let’s say you moonlight as a large-scale balloon sculpture artist. It’s not the weight of your wonderful creations that will contribute to cost of your move, but the additional space they take up in the truck.

In the end, scheduling your own estimate is the best way to find out what your local Allied Van Lines agent will charge for your move, but these numbers can help give you a general idea of its pricing structure.

Taking inventory

Allied’s movers don’t just load your belongings into the truck—they also take a detailed inventory to ensure everything’s accounted for in case something gets lost or damaged. If you opt for full-service packing, the inventory will list all of the items in each box the movers packed as well as their current condition. If you decide to go the DIY route and pack your own items, they will be labeled as such and the movers won’t necessarily list what’s inside each box or the condition of those belongings (Allied’s movers don’t have x-ray vision, after all).4

As the moving crew unloads your truck, they’ll check all of the items against their inventory to make sure nothing happened to your belongings in transit. This helps both you and Allied’s team better understand if you need to make any damage claims.

Making extra stops

Sometimes people need to pick up or drop off items between their old and new homes, whether it’s at a storage unit or a family member’s house. Allied Van Lines accommodates extra stops by including the cost in your hourly transportation rate. Unlike other full-service movers, no additional fee is required. According to my relocation assistant, you’ll be charged only for the additional time spent on the road and at your extra stop.

Family New Home

Tracking your shipment

Allied also allows you to track your shipment online, so you’ll always know where it is on the way to your new home.5 If you’re planning a long-distance or international move, this is especially useful.

“In the end, scheduling your own estimate is the best way to find out what your local Allied Van Lines agent will charge for your move.”

Protecting your belongings

Moving coverage options offered by Allied Van Lines

Allied says its movers go through extensive training to ensure your belongings are packed securely and arrive safely, but even if they’re careful, things still happen. To protect your belongings against these sort of incidents, Allied offers basic liability coverage at no additional charge or a full-valuation coverage it calls “Extra Care Protection” for an additional fee.

Basic liability coverage is the most economical of the two options since it’s included in the cost of your move, but it offers minimal coverage, and we don’t recommend it if you’re moving higher-value items. It pays $0.60 per pound per item for any loss or damage that occurs to your items during the move.

If you choose basic liability coverage and Allied’s crew damages a 100-pound piece of furniture at some point in the move, you’ll receive only $60—no matter how much you paid for it.

Extra Care Protection (ECP) is a more comprehensive coverage option than Allied’s basic liability coverage. My relocation assistant told me they offer ECP for $0.80 per $100 of coverage with a minimum of $5 of coverage per pound of your estimated shipping weight. This means if you have a 10,000-pound move, you’d need to carry at least $50,000 in coverage (based on $5 per pound), costing you $400.

Unlike basic liability coverage, ECP is not based on a per-item coverage amount—it covers the total value of your belongings, regardless of each individual item’s weight. So if your 100-pound piece of furniture gets damaged and you chose the full-valuation coverage of ECP, Allied Van Lines will pay to repair or replace it—whichever is cheaper—regardless of its current value. It will pay only up to your coverage limit, however.

Let’s say your 100-pound piece of furniture is particularly fancy and costs $51,000, putting it just over the $50,000 standard coverage limit for a 10,000-pound move. If you want your fancy couch covered and want to buy additional coverage for the rest of your belongings, you just pay $0.80 per additional $100 in value you’d like covered.

Whichever coverage option you choose, my personal relocation assistant told me you have up to nine months to make a claim on damaged items. This allows you to take your time to unpack without having to worry about checking every single item for nicks and dings before your moving crew leaves. Ask your local agent how they specifically handle these situations.

Overall, I consider Allied’s Extra Care Protection to be a good investment and would recommend it for most moves. Basic liability coverage is a nice offering because it’s free, but it won’t get you very far if you actually need to make a damage claim. Even for small moves like mine, I think full-value coverage like ECP is a smart purchase, and it won’t set you back nearly as much as what you’d have to pay out of pocket to replace an item yourself.


Allied Van Lines offers short- or long-term storage to help stow things away in case everything won’t fit immediately in your new home. My relocation assistant said they charge for a 1,000-pound minimum, so if you need to store a single piece of furniture, it isn’t worth the cost. For storage needs this small, he recommended looking into a local self-storage business that would cost around $30 per month. Allied is better equipped to store larger quantities of goods though, so if you need to store at least 1,000 pounds of furniture, ask you relocation assistant for specific pricing information.

Do we recommend Allied Van Lines?

After our experience with our Allied agent, we would definitely recommend Allied Van Lines to our readers. Allied is a great option if you’re planning a long-distance move or need a lot of additional services to pack and move your belongings. However, I don’t think you need to take advantage of the full service in order to make using Allied a smart decision.

If you’re moving a smaller household or your budget is tight (but you’d still rather not load and drive the truck yourself), Allied gives you the option to pick and choose how much it helps with your move, which can help keep costs under control.

Overall, your experience will depend largely on your local Allied Van Lines agent, so be sure to read local reviews and schedule an in-home estimate to see how well they can assist you with your move.

Have you used Allied Van Lines for your move before? Be sure to leave a review and let our readers know about your experience in the comments below!


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  • Cutler Dawson

    ALLIED VAN LINES IS THE WORST. I have moved 5 times, the one time I hire Allied I am on day +32 without my household goods being delivered. Customer experience is deplorable. They never call you, never have answers to reasonable questions.

    They take your money and then burn you.

  • Tracey Swartz

    ALLIED VANS and Coleman is HORRIBLE. I had to use them for a corporate-paid move and they not only damaged/destroyed more items than I have ever had damaged in 7 prior moves combined, but also, their follow through on the claim was non-existent. The claims adjuster never sent my information to a furniture company. They will be hearing from my lawyer next. DO NOT USE THEM!!!

    • Eric Reyes

      Has you been able to resolve this issue?…if you paid with a CC can the CC company help?…Thanks

      • Tracey Swartz

        Hi Eric. I did not pay for the move; my employer did. However, I am glad I reviewed the invoice they sent over because they charged for things they should not have (like them packing belonging when I did the packing). I was able to have them correct that before my employer paid. The time it took to get responses to things was significantly lacking and they clearly have claims adjusters who are overworked. That said, the claim is mostly settled (waiting on reimbursement and flooring repair funds). The cost of the claim far exceeded the cost of the move. Using a company like this, who outsources the labor, is not worth any possible cost savings (though when obtaining quotes from them in the past, Allied was always way more than other moving companies).

        • Paula Zilka Colbert

          Similar to my experience!

  • Alicia Henderson

    The absolute worse company you could ever hire!!! They make you believe they are a wholesome, legitimate moving company when they actually rob you blind and then hold your belongings hostage. They hired multiple moving companies to move your things from your space/home to a storage unit, where a third moving company comes to pick up your belongings and deliver them to you. All at an additional cost!!! And they don’t go up stairs, unless you’re willing to pay even more!!!! Once they have you hooked, meaning have your belongings and money, NO ONE IS AVAILABLE TO SPEAK WITH YOU AT ALLIED WHEN THE THIRD PARTY IS CHARGING YOU $2000 MORE THAN THE ACTUAL QUOTE!!! This was the most horrific moving experience ever. Please don’t second guess the reviews like I did! Please look elsewhere and pay the extra money. Do whatever you need to, but please DO NOT USE ALLIED!!!

    • Paula Zilka Colbert

      Agreed, terrible corrupt company from the sales rep to the claims adjuster.

  • Bradley Mull

    I would never use this company again. They damaged multiple items and never delivered another item. And then claimed that since I didn’t flag it when they unloaded, it was my fault. Nothing was unpacked until days later. They also never delivered (stole?) a hand truck so their mover got a free hand truck. They will push you through the unloading process and then claim its your fault because you didn’t inspect the items at delivery. If you do use Allied, make them stay until you inspect and account for every item you have listed.

    • Paula Zilka Colbert

      I also had terrible experience. Have you taken any legal or other actions? My lawyer spoke about a class action suit since he is finding scrupulous actions in many many cases.

  • http://www.augustamovers.ca/ Robert Laurent

    As all have different opininons and thoughts about moving companies it is better to hire trusty worthy movers and left the most delicates items for the moving as they know far better than you how to tackle with the moving just plan your move before few days and make the list and work according to them and it is best to apoint the experience packers and movers as they assist you in a very best manner. https://www.augustamovers.ca/

  • Paula Zilka Colbert

    I used Allied Van Lines out of Chicago (Reebie Moving and Storage) for a move to California. I’ve moved several times across states and twice in state. I always get 100% damage waiver. This company was by far the worst I’ve used. First they told me my expensive furniture (expensive Barbara Barry for Baker Furniture) would stay on the same truck. It did not. It showed up to my home on a smaller truck, with some of the furniture hanging out the back and exposed, being held by straps. They must’ve been in a rush moving bc some of the furniture was not wrapped and lay on the truck without protection, ruining the gold leaf finish on one of my tables not to mention other significant damage.
    It has been almost 4 months since I filed my claim, and the claims adjuster Judy Fischer doesn’t seem to care and is consistently making excuses for why they won’t cover the damage. In addition I have received NO documentation that indicates ‘pre-existing damage’. It has been a nightmare. Usually the restoration company they send does the work and the moving company pays them directly. Which is exactly what I want. I don’t want a check, I want my stuff fixed. Do Not Use Them! You will be promised the world, but that don’t back up those words and you will be left feeling cheated and frustrated.

  • stephanie chick

    Allied Van Line is the worst moving company I have ever had the misfortune of using. And I have moved my entire life. From the owner of the company to practically every employee I have dealt with, they are incompetent and incredibly rude. Multiple pieces of furniture were destroyed…& I was then told their ‘insurance’ I paid substantially more wouldn’t cover anything. Their total lack of respect for their customers was appalling. I have sincerely never dealt with such an awful company and such horrible people. If I could give them less than one star I would. Please do not ever use them…nothing is worth it. (Big Orange Truck Moving Company Aspinwall Moving and Storage…numerous names all for one horrible company)

  • Stephanie Maxwell

    As I suspected, Coleman Allied seems to have removed my review from their site. Don’t believe all the 5 stars! If I could give them ZERO stars, I would. Nothing but miscommunication, delay and damages. I could go into MUCH detail but I’m exhausted after a cross-country move and fighting with them since January. Do yourself a favor, don’t go with the cheapest (they were the cheapest out of 3 estimates I received-however, the estimator was a master and left me feeling the best about Allied Coleman). I’ve moved MULTIPLE times across the country and this move from TN to AZ was the WORST I’ve had. Pick another company or you’ll regret it!

  • ReadingFamily

    My dad just recently had his things held hostage by Allied. It this happens to you, be sure to file a complaint with FCSMA, a government agency that can both investigate and impose up to a $10,000 fine per day because there are laws in place to protect consumers!

    Also check out http://www.moverescue.com/assist.htm. they can help with advice on how to retrieve your items, including some legal advice.

    We will now be pursuing Allied.

    Side note: the BBB has already revoked Allied’s accreditation.

  • David Roff

    Allied Van Lines is just plain crooked. I signed on the dotted line for a “not to exceed” guaranteed price. When they delivered my belongings, they demanded nearly $2000 MORE, saying they would not release my possessions unless the total new amount was paid. Their contractors they source to do the move – a total joke. They loaded hand trucks so high that they couldn’t see over them, repeatedly slammed into stacks they couldn’t see to avoid, causing boxes to tumble and more items to break. Items that were wrapped at the time of pickup were unwrapped at the warehouse with severe damage ensuing, resulting in over $10000 worth of items ruined. Their so-called insurance? They cut me a check for just over $500. Total criminals.

  • Mark Woodland

    On June 8, 2019, at 10:23 a.m., I received a series of phone calls from what my telephone identified only as “Boca Grande FL”. I don’t answer unidentified calls. I pressed the decline button. In about 15 seconds, I got an identical call. I declined again. Over the next two minutes, I received SIX calls, all from the same number: 941-855-6413. Aggravated, I took the last call and demanded to know who was calling me. I did not receive an answer. The only two things the man said during the duration of the call was “Is this Mark?” and “Are you looking for moving services?” I must have asked him ten times who he was, and what organization he was calling from. He NEVER ANSWERED. Finally, I hung up. Six calls in two minutes from someone who won’t even identify himself is HARASSMENT. I called the number back. I reached Allied Van Lines opening directory. Key points: I did not ASK to be called by Allied. I did not WANT to be called by Allied. I never called Allied nor went to their website, and I don’t know how they got my name and number. The bottom line: I’ll never do business with Allied, and I recommend that others do not. Due to their representative’s behavior, I cannot consider Allied to be a reputable organization.

    • 2018

      That number goes to Alliance Van Line not allied.

  • David Dugas

    I would give them a zero if I could. Rudest employee I’ve encountered in years.

    My wife and I scheduled a free in-home estimate. She is 8 months pregnant and we are moving from TX to IA in less than 2 weeks. We scheduled an appointment with Allied and SEVERAL other companies. I was told that the guy was supposed to call to confirm things the day before and he didn’t. He called 30 minutes before the appointment. In a day we found another moving service. We are having to move quick (within 2 weeks to an apartment we don’t even have yet).

    When I said that we had found another service between yesterday and when we were scheduled to have an appointment… Matt got all flustered and told me “Well you should go ahead and call any other moving companies you have estimates with and let them know.” He ended the conversation by screaming “DAMN IT, MAN!” and hanging up. What on earth are you guys trying to pull on people during the most stressful time in their lives?

    Just a heads up for anyone at Allied that has never moved before…
    I’m packing my life up, closing up things at my job, trying to find an apartment, trying to find movers, trying to get utilities, trying to keep my VERY pregnant wife fed, comfortable and happy during one of the craziest times in our lives… I have PLENTY to do. I don’t have time to call all of the moving companies I’ve contacted to get quotes and hold their hand about the appointments they hand out for free. Not only that, but I sure as heck don’t have time for rude people who act like I put them out when the company they work for offers the service for free. Either serve and help people like you mean it or get out of the moving business. I don’t have an obligation to your company and I won’t be guilted by your employees when I choose to do what’s best for my family. Figure things out and get Matt some customer service training.

  • Marta Jurczak Singer


    If you want to have the worst moving experience of your life, go with this company. Otherwise, stay away.

    We were moving from Chicago to NYC with 2 small kids, so I was very thoughtful to choose the right company. The sales person Jennifer Smith was excellent at making me believe that I am in good hands and if anything happens I am purchasing the insurance that will cover it (I spent $500 on it).

    There were some issues already on the way but then the biggest surprise happened when we started unpacking. We were shocked to discover that our wardrobe boxes had been opened and expensive suits of my husband and my work clothes disappeared and boxes were resealed with only a few items left. They must have been very light but none of the movers let us know about it. But then the worst was to deal with the company afterwards- they were disrespectful and unhelpful when we complained sending the pictures of the empty boxes. We called the police, as well as filled in a very long claim report. But the company said that according to the interviews they made with the moving teams nothing was stolen and our insurance is not covering our loss. And our loss was over $10,000 with many receipts for my husband custom made suits provided.

    We are really angry and can’t believe that company like this still operates in the competitive market.

    Don’t get tricked by their sales people as we did!!

  • Cynthia Bordelon

    I have to agree with many of the previous comments and a class action lawsuit would be appropriate. I had an air purifier that was STOLEN and based on reading these reviews, I am grateful that’s all I lost. I recently moved from Chicago to Arizona and used Federal/Whalen Moving & Storage in Waukegan, IL as the local booking agent. The destination agent was McWhite’s North American. The Hauling Agent was TFC, Inc. (afflicted with Federal Peoria) in Overland, MO. I thoroughly inspected my apartment in Chicago after the Whalen packers left and it appeared that everything was packed.

    Due to the small size of my apartment, I did not micromanage the packers to see the level of detail they used when completing the inventory. I instructed them to not deflate my air mattress and provided them with the plugs to keep it inflated. When my goods arrived in AZ, the mattress was deflated and they had a hard time inflating it. The owner/operator who delivered my goods admitted to deflating my air mattress, despite my instructions to Whalen not to do so. He also admitted to OPENING SOME OF MY BOXES to “make room in the truck.” This was apparent when he knew actually what box to open to find dish soap to wash his hands.

    After spending four days unpacking, I was missing an air purifier that Whalen would have had to put in a wardrobe box. I can only conclude that the Whalen packers or the owner/operator who delivered my property stole my air purifier. I filed a claim and the claim adjuster Cindy Oskey informed me via letter that “the carrier has no support on any of the move documents that any items went missing from the shipment based on the signed delivery documents. Therefore, we must decline carrier liability for the claimed missing air purifier. Our records indicate that you opted for a $500 deductible to cover your possessions during your move. As the deductible amount must be met prior to any check issuance, we would have subtracted the $500 from any settlement amount.”

    In addition to the blatant lying and LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY of Whalen and Allied, I see a moral hazard here. My apartment in Chicago was too small for me to watch the packers so I had no way to confirm that they didn’t take something. I also had no way to see that they were accurately listing every item they packed on the inventory. What is to stop Allied packers from not listing an item on the inventory (and many items they tagged were not specifically listed on the inventory) and then steal the item? What is to stop a packer or mover from stealing some items? Does the $500 deductible for my insurance coverage apply to lost or stolen items? If the deductible applies for lost or stolen items, then it’s pretty easy to see how small items could be stolen and then a claim adjuster would say it’s not covered because it’s within the deductible. That would be quite a scam, wouldn’t it?

  • Brittany S.

    I hope by sharing this horrific experience that at least 1 other soul will be spared going through the stress, exhaustion, and depression that I’ve experienced by making one of the most costly mistakes of my life.

    I paid dearly for this interstate move. Both my husband and I are young professionals. When he was relocated for his job, we had to sell our house and move to another state. To save the inconvenience of taking time off work from our demanding jobs, we planned on using a significant portion of the proceeds from our house to pay for professional packers and movers. The price? It wasn’t pretty, but we were spending more for convenience and timeliness. What we got was anything but…

    Upon packing and moving items from our house, which was set to close two days after the movers came to place the items in the truck, Allied had significantly damaged two sections of my hardwood floor. Their movers also punched a hole in the ceiling. This all happened prior to my buyers coming through for their final walkthrough. Unsurprisingly, the buyers were not happy. In addition, despite being on premises during the moving process, the movers never offered a final walk through and just left. I looked around the house to find they had not moved all my items and had to call to have them return.

    I promptly informed Allied of the damages done to the house, which jeopardized the sale of my house (a sale they knew about far in advance), and they proceeded to do nothing. No reliable communication. They didn’t even pass along a claims form until days later. Trying to quickly remediate all the damage the movers did to the house prior to close was stressful, exhausting, and further ate into the proceeds we received, and this was just to keep the sale from falling through.

    Next up, when we filed the claims form information, we didn’t hear anything back for almost a week. And the only reason we heard anything back is because when we received our shipment, the majority of our items had been water damaged. Our couches were so damaged they left them. We only learned about the damage when the truck pulled up to our new, empty house and the movers told us about the damage.

    No one knew how the water damage occurred, as it was not raining on the day of the move. No one knew what kind of water damaged the items or how long the items had been sitting, drenched, in the mystery water. We had a lot of pointing of fingers, but no real answers, and most of our earthly possessions were in a state of disrepair or were destroyed entirely.

    When we called Allied, they did not respond. It took us calling someone involved in their corporate move division to get the ball rolling, and only then did they respond with a lot of incompetence. Incompetence and pure negligence at every turn.

    Almost a month out and we still have no mattresses to sleep on, nowhere to sit, no electronics that work, and most of our clothes and linens are in boxes that continue to mold in my new house. Their solution has been mostly to bring in assessors, which requires more time off work for either my husband or me to deal with, who they promptly ignore.

    I am so weary, depressed, and exhausted. Not to mention that the molding boxes trigger my allergies and cause coughing spells and a sore throat. I am unable to enjoy my new home. I am stressed beyond belief.

    This has been among the worst experiences of my life. I hope this story will spare you the trouble, sadness, stress, and inconvenience that my family has undergone in dealing with this company.

  • Crystal Marie-Upton Booth

    Allied moving company destroyed several of our belongings and refuse to pay for the thousands of dollars in damages done by their movers. I reported several times how their movers had no respect for our belongings and they kept dropping boxes that were clearly marked fragile. Items that can never be replaced. My husband had only had his Traeger grill a month before we moved and they damaged it so bad it caught fire, but they refuse to send even the $700 that the grill cost to be replaced. Cindy Oskey is so damn lucky she wasn’t standing here when she told me that since they didn’t personally pack our boxes they just moved them that even though we bought the extra insurance which don’t do because it’s a joke because she says they won’t cover the damages based on the fact we personally packed our boxes and they only moved them wtf are you serious! We paid over $10,000 for them to move us and got the extra insurance Incase they broke stuff for them to say it’s ok that they broke personal items, it’s ok many of those items can not be replaced I should have had them pack my items and move them then we would have gotten the money for our broken goods. Never once did they say if you pack your own boxes those are excluded from being replaced should they be damaged only if we pack them you’ll get your money back. I hope you think twice before hiring this company or make sure you pay even more for them to pack your boxes that’s the only way you will get items replaced if damaged.