Interstate Moving & Relocation Group Review 2021

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a moving and relocation company that can bring a wealth of experience to your interstate move, check out Interstate Moving & Relocation Group’s brokerage services. Your price will vary depending on which carrier you’re assigned, but we think they’re competitive with standard industry rates.
Interstate Moving & Relocation Group
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Published on September 14, 2021
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Pro Bullet Nationwide availability
Pro Bullet High customer ratings
Pro Bullet Prescreened moving partners
Pro Bullet Online quotes
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Con Bullet Limited information on website
Con Bullet No AMSA accreditation
Con Bullet Lengthy quoting process
Con Bullet No local moves

With nationwide availability and a moving resume that’s twenty-five years long, IMRG knows how to make a difficult move convenient and painless. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about moving with Interstate Moving & Relocation Group.

Compare Interstate Moving & Relocation Group to our favorite moving companies.

Interstate Moving & Relocation Group’s features

The first thing you should know about IMRG is that it doesn’t handle local moves; it accepts only customers moving from one state to another. If you’re looking for a company to take care of your in-state move, we recommend reading our list of the best local movers.

You should also know that IMRG is a brokerage, not a van line. This means that IMRG doesn’t own its own vans or hire its own moving staff. Instead, the company works as a middleman between you and the companies that will pack and transport your belongings.

Brokerages manage most of the complex planning that goes into an interstate move, so working with a brokerage makes the process much easier for customers. In fact, some of our favorite interstate moving companies are brokerages.

IMRG also prides itself on being better than your average brokerage. According to the company’s website, it advocates for its customers to ensure they get the best prices and services. IMRG also screens the carriers it works with so that customers are never left at the mercy of a bad company.

Still, when moving with any brokerage (even good ones like IMRG) you should ask which carrier your move is being brokered to and then look up customer reviews of that company. If you find something troubling, ask an IMRG representative if there’s another company that can complete your move.

IMRG’s status as a brokerage is important, but it’s not the only thing you should know about the company. We’ve outlined IMRG’s services and prices to show what the company can do for you.

IMRG’s special features

  1. Its car shipping services
  2. Its military moving services

IMRG’s services

  • Long-distance moves
  • Relocation for corporations
  • Packing services
  • Basic liability coverage
  • Full-value protection
  • Furniture assembly and disassembly
Prefer a van line?

While working with a brokerage is convenient, we understand if you prefer to work directly with the company that will handle your furniture and belongings. Check out our list of the best moving van lines to pick the right company for your needs.

Interstate Moving & Relocation Group’s moving costs

We received three different estimates from IMRG, and we’ve broken them down in the table below so you can get an idea of what moving with IMRG will cost. When compared to prices from other giants in the moving industry, these prices are both fair and competitive.

IMRG moving estimates

Home size
Shipment weight (lbs.)
Distance (miles)


3-bedroom house





2-bedroom house





1-bedroom apartment




Data as of 6/27/2019

Keep in mind that since IMRG brokers every move out to another moving company, your price will depend on which partner you’re assigned to. So even if your move is similar to one we’ve listed, your price will probably be different.

IMRG’s moving prices are based mainly on weight, but they can also be affected by other services you can choose to add to your move:

  • Door-to-door service
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Protective furniture wrapping
  • Loading and unloading
  • All transportation fees
  • Basic liability protection
  • Packing tape and moving pads

Liability coverage

With IMRG—and any other reputable moving company—you are entitled to basic liability coverage for your move without any additional charges. This coverage protects your items at $0.60 per pound up to $10,000. If your shipment weighs 13,661 pounds (like the first move we outlined above), it’s covered for roughly $8,196.

Note that this coverage doesn’t protect each item for its full replacement cost. If a 60-pound bookshelf is lost or damaged during your move, it would be covered for only $36 ($0.60 per pound x 60 pounds), likely just a fraction of what it’s actually worth.

Basic liability coverage is fine for budget movers, but if you want to protect valuable items like handmade rugs and musical instruments, you should purchase full-value protection (FVP). This second coverage option protects your belongings for their full replacement cost.

You can add full valuation coverage to your IMRG move, but it will actually be provided through the carrier that IMRG uses to complete your shipment. Because of this, prices vary—know that FVP can be pretty expensive.

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Moving insurance is always a good idea

Most moving companies offer transit coverage in case your belongings are damaged during the move process. The two most popular choices are full-value protection or released value protection. However, you may also need to supplement these options with third-party moving insurance if you have items that your moving company won’t cover. See what’s the best fit for your move.

Getting a quote

Unlike many companies of its size, IMRG allows you to get an estimate online, so you can get your free estimate without leaving the comfort of your couch.

Here’s what you need to provide to get started:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • The zip code you’re moving from
  • The zip code you’re moving to

Next, you’ll fill out an itemized inventory. This part isn’t quick or pretty, but it’s designed to make your quote as accurate as possible. IMRG’s inventory form lists typical household items (sofas, bookshelves, wine racks, etc.) arranged in alphabetical order. Beside each is a blank box where you can enter how many of that item you have.

If you own something that isn’t on the list—such as a solid gold dog bed for your poodle—there is also a spot to add items.

After you fill out the inventory, you’ll get your estimate via email. The company will then barrage you with text messages, phone calls, and additional emails, which can be a little annoying, but it’s worth the rare convenience of an online estimate. The carrier that IMRG contracts for your move will contact you as well.

After you get your estimate, you can sign a contract with the mover and schedule your move.

Be accurate on your inventory

To avoid unpleasant surprises on your bill, it’s important to fill out the inventory form accurately. If the movers show up on moving day and your shipment is larger than you said it was, you’ll be charged extra.

About the cancellation policy

Some customers complain about IMRG’s cancellation policy, which allows you to get your deposit back if you cancel within 72 hours of signing. However, the cancellation also has to occur 30 days before your scheduled moving day.

These two policies can conflict if you aren’t careful. Some people end up canceling within 72 hours of signing, but they don’t get their full deposit back because their move is scheduled less than 30 days in advance. Keep this in mind while you’re scheduling your move—and make sure IMRG is the right company for you.

Ready to see what IMRG can offer you?
If you’re eager to get an estimate for your move, start the process with your itemized inventory.

IMRG’s standout features

Now that we’ve talked about pricing and standard services, let’s dig into what makes IMRG special.

IMRG’s car shipment services

Do you have more cars in your garage than drivers in your household? If so, there’s no need to hire an auto transport company to ship your extra vehicles to your new home. Instead, you can add car shipment to your move with IMRG and avoid the hassle of working with yet another company.

IMRG’s inventory form (the one we described above) includes a section at the bottom where you can list any cars you need transported. You provide the make, model, and year of each car you want to ship, and the company adds that service to your estimate.

IMRG uses only reputable car shippers to ensure that its customers’ vehicles always arrive safely at their destination.

IMRG’s car shipping prices

On the inventory form, we requested to ship a 2015 Toyota Camry 1,182 miles. The company quoted us $1,150, which is about average for this car size and shipment distance.

IMRG’s auto transport rates depend on which carrier it contracts to ship your car, so your price will probably differ from the one we got. After you get your estimate, you can compare it to the averages in our guide to car shipping prices.

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Is your car a classic?

Standard car shipping is fine for commuter vehicles, but if you own a classic Ferrari or a collectible Ford, you may want to give it special treatment. To find a company that will treat your favorite car right, check out our list of transport companies for classic cars.

IMRG’s military moving services

If you’re an active duty military member, IMRG can help you relocate. To ensure all of its military customers are treated properly, IMRG screens its movers and uses only those that can provide the confidentiality and care that a Permanent Change of Station requires.

Additionally, IMRG offers discounts for military members, but rates vary based on location and which companies IMRG uses to facilitate military moves.

IMRG’s estimate request form doesn’t ask if you’re in the military, so make sure you mention this to one of the company’s friendly customer service representatives.

What we think of IMRG

When you’re moving to another state, you need to know you can trust the company you’re working with. IMRG’s decades of experience, excellent customer reviews, and competitive prices prove it’s both reliable and fair to its customers. And with special services for auto transport and military members, the company is well positioned to help with almost any interstate move.

Let’s get this show on the road!
Even if you’re on the fence about moving with IMRG, it never hurts to get a free quote to see what the company can offer you.

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