American Van Lines Review 2024

We analyzed nearly 30 moving quotes and over 10,000 customer reviews to select American Van Lines as one of the best moving companies.
Best premium long-distance moving services
4.5 out of 5 stars
  • pro
    Wide variety of services
  • pro
    Moves high-value items
  • con
    Limited customer service hours
Kurt Manwaring
Feb 08, 2023
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Bottom line: American Van Lines is one of our favorite moving companies. The company’s flat rate fee makes moving simpler, and it has half a century of experience moving big-ticket items like pianos, artwork, and heirlooms.

pro Wide variety of moving services
pro Moves high-value items
pro Flat rates
pro Background-checked movers
pro Uniformed drivers
con No shipment tracking
con Limited customer service hours

See where American Van Lines ranks on our list of the best moving companies.

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American Van Lines compared to other companies

American Van Lines is one of our top interstate moving companies. Its upfront deposit can range anywhere from 10%–50%. AVL’s flat rate fees also mean that the company doesn’t need special discounts to save you money:

Company rating
Deposit amount
Learn more
4.5 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
25%Military, seniors
4.8 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
35%Disabled persons, military, seniors
3.6 out of 5 stars
33% or lessCollege students, military, seniors

American Van Lines plans and pricing

The average cost of 28 sample moves posted on AVL’s website is approximately $3,820.1 Our research suggests that it’s likely lower than most customers will pay. You can call an American Van Lines representative to discuss the specifics of your move. Moving expenses range widely based on the size of your home, the distance of your move, and even the time of year. American Van Lines requires an upfront deposit of 10%–50% depending on the specifics of your move.

Heads Up
Want more savings?

American Van Lines trims your costs even more by using a large fleet of fuel-efficient moving trucks.

Why we recommend American Van Lines

Flat rates

AVL’s flat rates are one of the moving company’s best features. To understand why it’s important, you need to know how pricing typically works. For example, let’s say you need to move your belongings across the country, including a grand piano. Most companies will charge you a base rate but then tack on extra fees for things like bulky items, piano moving, and packing materials.

None of those things cost extra with American Van Lines. You pay a flat rate—and then get access to everything the company offers. Is your new apartment on the third floor? AVL doesn’t charge an additional elevator fee. Need storage? Your first month is free.

The savings can quickly add up to thousands of dollars. Plus, your bill is simple to understand. It’s one of the moving industry’s best one-two combos.

Want a no-hassle flat rate fee?

Experience with high-value items

American Van Lines has a half-century of experience moving valuable items. AVL knows how to safely transport your valuables from collectible art and fine china to family heirlooms and grand pianos. Its packing experts even use specialized crates and boxes for easily-damaged items like odd-shaped mirrors.

Moving at the last minute? No problem.

American Van Lines can accommodate last-minute moves for no extra fee.

Real professionals

American Van Lines feels like a professional outfit from the get-go. You don’t need to worry if you hired cheap labor or workers the company hasn’t properly vetted. Movers undergo prescreening and drug testing as part of the hiring process and participate in the company’s innovative training program. And these typically aren’t newbies. American Van Lines says that its average mover has a decade of experience.

Put it all together, and you can see why customers often praise the company’s professionalism.

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Need moving tips?

American Van Lines has an online blog with many tips, including suggestions for getting the most out of packing materials and moving boxes.2

Features and services

American Van Lines offers a variety of features and services for local, long-distance, and military customers:

  • Antique moving
  • Commercial moving
  • Corporate relocations
  • Crating services
  • Last-minute moves
  • Moving and storage
  • Nationwide locations
  • Packing services
  • Piano moving
  • Seven days/week delivery
  • Shuttle service
  • Transparent rates

American Van Lines at a glance

DescriptionAmerican Van Lines information
MC #
Moving broker or carrierCarrier
Average customer service rating (out of 5)
3.9 out of 5 stars
Years in business55
GPS tracking
Icon No  DarkNo
Local and long-distance moving services
Icon Yes  DarkYes

American Van Lines international services

American Van Lines can technically move you anywhere you want to go in North America—or the world. However, the company doesn’t widely advertise its international moves (which technically include Alaska and Hawaii), so you’ll want to ask an AVL rep for more information about your specific needs.

American Van Lines long-term review

American Van Lines has been in business for 55 years. Since opening its first location in Florida in 1967, AVL has expanded its service area to cover North America and more than 100 countries worldwide.

American Van Lines hasn’t significantly changed its moving services in the last several years. As a result, the company remains one of the highest-rating options in the moving industry. Its flat-rate pricing edges out many competitors and focuses on premium services like piano moving. In addition, AVL has received fewer complaints from the Federal Motor Carrier Services Administration (FMCSA) in the last two years than many companies receive in two months. The company’s stability may partly stem from having the same president, Anthony DiSorbo, for more than two decades.

Info Box
Get ready for moving day

Our moving checklist tells you everything you need to know. That includes steps people often forget, like creating a moving binder and reserving a storage unit.

Our recommendation

American Van Lines is one of’s best long-distance moving companies. Its standout feature is flat rate pricing. You know your final bill from day one—and often save money compared to other companies that jack up their rates for extra services like piano moving. AVL doesn’t have shipment tracking and you can’t reach customer service reps 24/7, but the company otherwise stands out in remarkable ways. We especially like how American Van Lines trains its staff to ensure you work with the moving industry’s best professionals.

Want simple flat rate pricing?

American Van Lines FAQ

Is American Van Lines legit?

American Van Lines is a legit company. It’s been around for half a century, puts its employees through a rigorous screening process, and treats customers to flat rate pricing.

Is American Van Lines a carrier or broker?

American Van Lines is a carrier. That means you’ll work directly with the company’s movers rather than an intermediary that partners with other companies.

What services are offered by American Van Lines?

American Van Lines offers packing, moving, and storage services for your interstate move. The company goes to all 50 states and charges a flat fee no matter how many services you need.

What forms of payment are accepted at American Van Lines?

American Van Lines accepts payment through credit card, cash, money order, traveler’s check, or cashier’s check.

Where does American Van Lines provide local moves?

American Van Lines’ local movers go everywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Costs depend primarily upon your home size and move distance.


We conducted intensive research to identify the best moving companies for long-distance moves and local moves, in addition to container moves, truck rentals, and hourly moving labor:

  • Compare pricing transparency. We gather quotes, check for binding estimates, and read customer reviews about pricing to ensure each moving company’s prices are trustworthy.

  • Review accreditation. We check every company’s records in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s database to confirm companies are properly authorized to transport household goods.

  • Mystery shopping. We review every company’s website, pose as customers in calls to companies, and read customer reviews to analyze every company’s moving services, transit protection, and customer service. We also interview actual customers to learn how their moves went from start to finish.

  • Site visits. We invite moving companies to our headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT, to share data and expertise. We verify the information they provide by comparing it to data gathered through independent research and interviews with other movers.

  • Regular review. We routinely repeat this process to update our recommendations to reflect current data and trends. We also revise each review annually and make updates throughout the year.

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