Helpful Specialty Services for Your Long Distance Move

Asha Kennedy
Aug 04, 2022
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Hiring a professional moving company to handle your move can be a huge time-saver and stress reliever—especially if you can find one that offers an array of specialized moving services…and the best ones do. We’ve talked a bit about additional moving services that moving companies can offer, but there are a few more that we’d like to highlight:

Please keep in mind that the availability and cost of these services will vary from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand—depending on the mover you choose. So it’s best to ask before signing on the dotted line if you need them.

Custom crating

A long-distance move can be a dangerous journey for fragile and expensive possessions, and one way the pros combat this is by offering custom crating services. Trained professionals can build personalized wooden crates to house the things you hold dearest—from expensive artwork and statues to grandfather clocks and light fixtures. If it can’t fit into a moving box or survive a long trip with a simple blanket wrap, crating is probably the best option.

Exercise equipment and pianos

If you’ve got an extensive home gym (or home studio), you may wonder how you’ll handle getting equipment from A to B. Some professional movers have crews trained to handle and disassemble exercise equipment, furniture, and even pianos and billiard tables. Once movers disassemble these items, they will have an easier (and safer) time transporting them and reassembling them in your new home.

Hot tubs and large appliances

You may already know that professional movers can disconnect and reconnect most common household appliances like refrigerators and washing machines. But if you’re concerned about larger appliances like hot tubs, spas, a tanning bed, or a sauna, don’t worry; some movers can handle them.

Picture and mirror hanging

This one sounds pretty straightforward, and it is—but it’s not a service that movers always offer, so you’ll want to double-check with your mover. It’s a great choice if you’ve got large, heavy wall hangings that you’re not confident you can hang yourself. Your mover can have the pros handle it for you, so you know they’ll hang in your new home safely.

Wine transportation

Avid wine collectors, this one’s for you! Suppose you’ve spent years, even decades, collecting an extensive wine collection. In that case, you might be very concerned about getting them to your new home—particularly if you are traveling a great distance. Fortunately, there are a few movers out there that will be able to make sure your wine is in good hands in transit, providing special crating and climate-controlled trucks to ensure your wine makes it in perfect condition.

Pet relocation

Moving a household comes with many moving parts, and pets can easily get lost in the shuffle, especially with quarantine and government requirements. There are movers that can help you manage your pets’ relocation along with your own so you can breathe a bit easier during the move. A moving company with this expertise understands the regulations around pet transportation. It will move your pets in safe, climate-controlled vehicles (where they’re likely to be much more comfortable than in the back of your SUV).

Safe transit

Moving that big ol’ safe in the back of your closet may be the last thing on your mind, but it’s definitely not the last thing you want to tell your movers about. A decent-sized safe can weigh anywhere from 300–500 pounds, so you’ll want help moving it across the country during a long-distance move. Professional movers have the equipment (and the training) to carefully load, transport, and deliver your safe to your new home.

Other household items

We understand this may not be a comprehensive list of specialty services a moving company may offer or even a list of services you might need. So it’s a good idea to shop around and find a mover who can handle each aspect of your move—especially if you need help with any of the following:

  • Playground equipment (swings and jungle gyms)
  • Automobiles and boats
  • Home theater systems
  • Smart beds and mattresses
  • Organization services
  • Powersports equipment

What services should be included in my move?

After reading a long list of extra charges, you may wonder what movers will cover during your move. Well, don’t worry; there are still plenty of services you will usually receive if you hire a seasoned moving company:

  • Disassembly and reassembly of furniture
  • Removal of packing materials (also called “debris”)
  • Wrapping or protecting large furniture
  • Floor coverings (for moving crews)
  • Delivery of boxes and furniture to preferred rooms
  • Access to recycled moving boxes (usually free!)

Bottom line

Specialty services are a great way to add value to your full-service move because they make the move process even more hands-off. And leaving more to the moving professionals increases the likelihood that your move will go as smoothly as possible. Just remember that specialty services range from mover to mover, both in cost and availability.

Asha Kennedy
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Asha Kennedy
Asha Kennedy is a researcher and content writer who brings almost 5 years of experience working directly with multiple carriers as a Move Coordinator, including Mayflower, United, and Allied International. During her career, she has successfully partnered with diverse clientele to coordinate Military, International, Interstate and Corporate relocations—and uses this experience to create meaningful and educational content for future movers! Asha graduated from Hampton University with honors in English. Asha enjoys being in nature, reading books, and learning new things.