Bottom line: TWO MEN AND A TRUCK offers full-service moves, storage options, and hourly labor for an assortment of in-home jobs. The company owns over 300 franchises nationwide, meaning you can hire TWO MEN AND A TRUCK almost anywhere in the US.

Overall rating

3.5 / 5

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s strengths make it a reliable option for most moves, and its excellent customer service ensures you’ll have a convenient move.

That said, the company is not without a few downsides. For example, some of its franchises only facilitate moves within certain distances. We also wish that the company’s pricing was a little more transparent. Lastly, customer reviews are positive on average but vary between different franchises.

Keep reading for our detailed review of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK.


  • Over 300 nationwide franchises
  • Background-checked movers
  • Friendly customer service
  • Relatively positive customer reviews
  • Home staging services


  • Difficult online estimate process
  • Limited service radius at some franchises
  • No price-matching policy

See how TWO MEN AND A TRUCK compares to our favorite local moving companies.


Due to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s franchise model, it’s impossible to get accurate prices for the company’s services. Each franchise sets its own rates, and there is no pricing standardization, which means that your price will vary depending on where you live.

To avoid giving customers incorrect or outdated pricing information, the company forgoes listing rates of any kind on its website. However, we were able to gather some info about how TWO MEN AND A TRUCK calculates its prices so you can get a better sense of what you’ll pay.

Long-distance move pricing

Most TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchises charge by weight and mileage for long-distance moves, so the distance you’re moving and the weight of your shipment are what dictate your price.

According to the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK website, a few additional factors may affect your price:

  • Flights of stairs
  • Distance between the truck and the door at your load and unload locations
  • Time it takes to load and unload
  • Driving time

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK also lets you choose between two long-distance delivery options: expedited shipping and Value Flex®.


With this option, the same team that loads your truck also drives it to your new location and unloads it. Expedited service is much faster and more convenient, but it can also be much more expensive than the Value Flex option.

Value Flex®

This option isn’t as expensive as expedited shipping, but it takes longer and comes with some risks. Instead of being loaded into a truck, your belongings are packed into a large crate that gets shipped (with other people’s crates) on a trailer. When your crate arrives at your destination, a local TWO MEN AND A TRUCK team delivers and unloads it at your new home.

What we think

If your budget allows, we recommend using the expedited service. You will get your furniture and belongings sooner, and the chances of damage and loss are much lower because your stuff won’t be out on the road as long. But if your wallet is too tight for expedited shipping, Value Flex can make a financially difficult move more feasible.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s local move pricing

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK usually bills by the hour for local moves, though the hourly rate varies from franchise to franchise. Like with long-distance moves, a few additional elements impact local move prices:

  • Flights of stairs
  • Distance between the truck and the door at your load and unload locations
  • Time it takes to load and unload
  • Driving time

Unlike the delivery options listed for long-distance moves, there is only one choice for local moves. Luckily, it resembles the expedited shipping option—the same movers who load your belongings into your truck then drive it to your new location and unload it.

Getting a quote

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK allows you to start your quote online, but you don’t actually get your final price until you speak with one of the company’s representatives. To get started, you have to provide your name, email, phone number, and the date of your move.

Next, you’re asked for a detailed inventory of everything in your home. This sounds boring, but the website’s interactive tool makes it pretty fun. You add rooms to your inventory and list which furniture and appliances are in each room. The tool also asks how many boxes you’d need to fully pack up each room.

After you complete this step, someone from the company contacts you to finalize your move and provide your quote.

Let’s get you on your way
If you’re ready to get the ball rolling, head over to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s website to start your quote.

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Get money

Remember to compare prices

Remember to compare prices

After you get your estimate from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, visit our best interstate moving companies guide to see if another mover could make you a better offer.

Unfortunately, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK doesn’t do price matching, so you won’t be able to lower your estimate with an offer from another company. But if budget is a concern, you can just accept the best offer you receive.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s services

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK provides full-service local and long-distance moves for homes of any size, though as we mentioned earlier, some franchises can only handle shorter moves. One franchise we contacted only accepts moves within 800 miles, but we were referred to another nearby franchise that accommodates larger moves, so this shortcoming is easily bypassed in most areas.

If, however, there is only one TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchise in your area—and it doesn’t do long-distance moves—you may need to work with a different company.

With TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, you can also get short- and long-term storage, even if you’re not moving. This is handy if you still need to finalize your move-in date, don’t have enough space for all of your keepsakes and collectibles, or just need to free up a spare bedroom.

While these services are essential, they aren’t unique. Most moving companies can do everything we’ve listed so far, but there are a few features that make TWO MEN AND A TRUCK stand out.

What sets TWO MEN AND A TRUCK apart?

  1. Its in-home moving services
  2. Its community service programs
  3. Its packing supply selection

What else does TWO MEN AND A TRUCK offer?

  • Local and interstate moves
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Storage services
  • Protective wrapping for furniture
  • Piano moving
  • Large appliance moving
  • Corporate moves
  • Moves for specialty items like hot tubs
  • Basic liability coverage
  • Additional valuation coverage
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For apartment owners

For apartment owners

If you’re moving out of or into an apartment, you’re in luck. While there are a lot of factors that make apartments harder for moving (like multiple flights of outdoor stairs), TWO MEN AND A TRUCK specializes in apartment moves, which is why we put them on our Best Apartment Movers list.

Check out everything the company can offer you on its apartment movers info page.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s standout features

Its in-home moving services

On top of its standard moving services, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK can also help you with heavy lifting around your home. Even if you aren’t moving, the company can give you a hand repositioning a bulky sofa, a king-size bed, a large fridge, a priceless piano, or almost anything else.

Instead of straining your back as you haul furniture through your house, up your stairs, or out to the curb, you can enlist professional movers from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK for the job.

This service is particularly handy if you’re staging your home and need to rearrange your furniture. In fact, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s movers are trained to assist with home staging to guarantee your home looks beautiful when you’re trying to sell it.

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Looking for options?

Looking for options?

College Hunks Hauling Junk is another company that offers help with heavy lifting around the house. If you want to compare College Hunks’ services and prices to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s, hop over to our review of College Hunks.

Its community service programs

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK also does a lot of donation drives to help local communities. While these aren’t services that directly benefit you during your move, they caught our eye as a way TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is trying to make the world better. We’ve outlined a few of our favorite programs the company offers.

Movers for Moms®

Around Mother’s Day each year, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK gathers donations for women staying in homeless shelters. The donations can include essentials like soap, shampoo, blankets, and clothing—and TWO MEN AND A TRUCK staff takes them to local shelters the company has partnered with.

Movers for Military

Similar to the Movers for Moms program, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s Movers for Military program partners with shelters, schools, and other organizations to collect donations for military veterans who are living in homeless shelters. The company then delivers these donations on Veteran’s Day to mark this special day of appreciation for vets.

Truckload of Warmth

When the weather turns cold and snow begins to fall, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK gathers warm clothing and blankets to donate to homeless shelters. Since winter is the hardest time for homeless individuals—and a time when shelters are the most overburdened—this is an invaluable service for these communities.

For a full list of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s service programs, check out their community service page.

Its packing supply selection

If you’ve ever moved, then you know that collecting boxes, wrapping paper, and tape is one of the worst parts of the whole process. From asking local restaurants for boxes to searching under your bed for duct tape, it’s nothing but a hassle from beginning to end.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK helps you skip all this trouble by giving you easy access to a laundry list of professional-grade packing supplies:

  • Several sizes of corrugated cardboard boxes
  • Cardboard inserts for safely transporting dishes
  • Specialty boxes for items like TVs and lamps
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape

Of course, these supplies aren’t free, but paying for quality beats packing with old cardboard. As with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s services, the prices for these supplies depend on the franchise you purchase them from. When you’re filling out your quote request online, you can add your desired packing supplies to your order.

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Not sure what you need?

Not sure what you need?

Some packing supplies are absolutely essential, but others you can easily move without. If you’re not sure how to tell the difference, you can refer to our essential packing supplies guide.

What we think

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is well-equipped to help with most moves and heavy lifting around the house, and supporting the company means helping the communities that benefit from its service programs.

But if inconsistent pricing and limited service in some areas make TWO MEN AND A TRUCK the wrong option for your situation, we understand—and we want to help find a company that will work for you.

Still undecided?
If you’re on the fence about working with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, get a quote to see if it helps you decide one way or another.

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About Joe Roberts

Joe Roberts
Joe Roberts is a professional writer with a degree in writing studies and over three years of copywriting experience. He previously worked at Overstock.com, where he wrote about furniture, home decor, and moving. Joe has moved all over Utah, so he knows his way around a moving truck—and he spends his time (and money) expanding his personal library so it will be even heavier next time he moves.
  • Deb Greer

    5 reviews
    1.0 star rating 6/30/2017
    If i could give a minus 10 I would. My items were slowly packed as the movingmen kept disappearing. I found one man doing drugs in my master bathroom. I alerted the manager and she showed up but really did nothing. It took them 8 hours to do a 2 hour job.It took so long I loaded almost my whole garage myself. 3 1/2 years later I am back in town and had my things delivered. I discovered that my things (3 bedroom home with a shed and garage) had been moved from my storage unit in Raleigh to an open dirty warehouse full of other peoples things kept in place by shrink wrap because the Raleigh place closed. It took only 1 1/2 hours to off load my stuff. I realized that all of my items from the shed and gargae such as fishing poles, generator, tiller, grill, lawn mower, hedge trimmers, tools,expensive tiki torches,boating items, etc. were missing, I called the manager and he looked in the warehouse and found my lime green Costco umbrella and a few rakes unsecured and shoved between 2 other peoples shrunk wrapped stuff. That was it! Over $5000 of items are gone!!. However, when my things were being delivered, I had 2 large framed pictures that were smashed that were not mine in addition to 5 large glass shelves, stools and other things that did not belong to me. There was a different lot number on those. Of course I sent them a list of items that I could remember I had in storage. Management denied the claim stating those items were not anywhere on their inventory. I can just imagine the packers the day I complained about them disappearing and doing drugs pulling up to a pawn shop and offloading all those things that were loaded last onto the truck mainly by me. I can image the movers, moving all my items from the Raleigh store and getting them mixed up with another persons belongings and haphazardly stuffed into a dirty, open, unsecured, unmarked warehouse. I doubt they will be in business much longer. Shame on them!!!!

    Add to list Edit

  • Heather Argenti

    Two Men is definitely a big player in the relocation industry, but as with any model – they are not without faults. Just like the agent structure, the franchise structure can be difficult to independently size up a location, when they are all being the corporate ‘veil’.. Choosing a truly local, independent mover you research reviews, BBB, licensing, hiring practices, etc – Dig in to find the best option!

    If you are in Ohio, call us! https://movingaheadservices.com/moving/

  • Peter Tanzy

    The team that helped us move was both personable and professional. They showed up on time, went right to work, and didn’t stop till the job was done. We ran into a problem when we arrived at the Fort Know storage center in Panama City to find it partially demolished. They waited while we finally found our units and got the combinations to the locks (which we thought we would pick up at the center’s office, but couldn’t because the office had been wrecked by Hurricane Michael). They maintained their good humor throughout and quickly unloaded and finished the job. The estimated cost matched our final bill. We’ve used 2 Men before and never regret coming back. We moved 7 rooms of furniture (including a small, upright piano) and filled 2 10×12 storage units. The job took 4.5 hours, including a 1 hour ride from Port St. Joe to Panama City, Florida.

  • Tammy

    I would like to say they will never be used by my family again! The drivers stole some money from my mother and the company did not reimburse her. You would think that a company this size has some kind of insurance to cover their drivers and theft but no offer was made! My mother is on a fixed income and should of been treated way better than she was!

  • Elisa Chiang

    Choose your franchise carefully. Just because some people have a great experience with Two Men and a Truck in one location doesn’t mean you’ll get the same service from a different franchise at a different location..

    I moved from Ohio to Virginia 3 years ago and at that time, I got multiple quotes from movers including Two Men and a Truck. At that time, both Two Men and a Truck and another local moving company quoted me one 26 ft truck to move all my stuff. I ended up going with the local company at that time.
    Fast forward 3 years later and I’m looking at doing the reverse move. I haven’t bought much more stuff and have gotten rid of other things. I get a quote from Two Men and a Truck and again, the person who came out thinks I can fit in a 26 ft truck that is completely packed. Since I had to make other trips to Ohio prior to the big move, I even brought a bunch of stuff on those trips to decrease the amount of stuff in the big move.
    Everything looks good until moving day comes. Two men show up from Two Men and a Truck, calling ahead of time. They look at all the boxes and keep saying something about me having waived a second truck. I’m confused because I never signed anything saying I was waiving a second truck and my paperwork, which I reviewed, also said nothing about waiting a second truck. It does say that the quote is for one fully packed truck.
    Initially, things look good and it looks like everything will fit fine. I don’t have a lot of furniture but I do have a lot of boxes. Then then movers look at my marble coffee table. They tell me the only way to move it is with it standing on it’s four legs and without much weight on top of it. They said if there is weight on top of it, then it will bounce in the truck and crack the table. This coffee table came with me from Ohio to Virginia 3 years prior but I have no idea how it was actually packed into the truck. I have had other moving companies tell me that it should be crated for a move, but multiple other moving companies have said it would be fine without being crated including Two Men and a Truck 3 years ago and the guy who came for the estimate this time. The mover wants me to sign a release of liability if I went then to fully pack the truck, which means going against his advice on the safe way to pack my table and that they would not be responsible for any damage to the table. I refuse to sign the waiver. I already paid the extra money to fully insure my possessions. I’m paying to have a fully loaded truck, and if there is nothing packed above the table, then it’s not fully loaded. Without signing the waiver, they refuse to boxes on the table. The table is not even packed at the back end of the truck so they don’t want to pack up high next to the table since then boxes will fall onto the table. In the end, I have a not fully packed truck and a lot of things that didn’t make it onto the truck. Since this wasn’t anticipated, there are important things that aren’t packed instead of things I could have dealt with not taking with me.
    I’m frantically figuring out what I can do to get the rest of my stuff moved. I emailed the guy who did the original estimate and is my contact person. I drive from Virginia to Ohio so I can be in Ohio for the unloading of the truck. During the drive, I talk to someone from Two Men and a Truck who asks how it’s going. When I express how unhappy I am with all my stuff that get’s left behind, he tells me, “I’ve got another call, maybe we can talk about this later,” and HANGS UP ON ME! Why bother calling me if you don’t have time to talk?
    When the movers come with the truck to unload, I make sure to take video of the truck being opened to show all the empty space in the truck. I also take pictures. The truck gets unloaded and the movers leave.
    The next day, I ended up driving back to Virginia with my husband and renting a Penske truck, loading the truck with the last of our things, and then driving back the next day. That cost about $1000 in truck rental, gas and tolls, plus two more days of time. Does Two Men and a Truck care? Not really. They said they fulfilled their end of the contract of having one truckload of stuff moved. But it wasn’t fully loaded, which was the agreement.
    On top of that, the movers scratched the wood floors both in the house in Virginia and the house in Ohio. The leafs of the dining room table got dinged. One bookshelf was crushed. Overall, they did do a good job wrapping the furniture and most things remained in good condition. The movers were polite and courteous. My husband wonders if they gave the excuse about the table so they could stop loading the truck because they were tired or lazy. Since they kept talking about a “waived second truck” and “so many boxes” and it was hot (moved in June), that is certainly a possibility.
    I reported the damages. The movers also hit a wall with my dresser, causing a ding in the wall and the wood to splinter off the dresser. I didn’t bother to report that since a little would glue would fix the dresser and the wall had several other similar dings already. They said they sent it to the damage department who should “be in touch.” The move was over a month ago and I haven’t heard anything for over two weeks. I doubt I’ll ever hear anything. I was waiting to post this review to see how responsive they were to fixing the damages. At this point, it’s long enough.
    In conclusion, I do not recommend Two Men and a Truck. Two Men and a Truck is a franchised company so it will depend somewhat on who the franchise owner is in your area if you want to work with them. In the future, I would only work with them if I talked to the owner of the franchise and if the owner was the one who came to do the estimate. The guy who came to do the estimate was nice but obviously didn’t do a good job doing the estimate. I specifically showed him the marble coffee table since I had other quotes that talked about crating the table and he said it wasn’t needed. He agreed that the truck could be packed full from top to bottom, having seen the coffee table.
    I like the moving companies where all my stuff goes in one truck and isn’t mixed with other people’s stuff. It makes receiving all the items faster since they movers go direct from one location to the other. I also prefer to pay for volume than for weight, especially since I own a lot of books (one reason for so many boxes.) When I have gotten quotes by weight, the quotes came in much higher than the companies who work by volume.

  • Charles Marmolejo

    Be careful when using them. I was given an estimate of $475. Immediately upon showing up the movers said “whoever completed your estimate had no idea what they were doing.” But of course at that point I was stuck, as I had to move that day. My total ended up being $698.93 a massive difference of $223. I would shy away from using them in Memphis. I understand an estimate is just that, a quote or estimate. But I turned down other offers far cheaper than $698. Upon filing a claim I was called Monday 8/12/19 and told “I will call you back tomorrow.” It is now Friday 8/16/19 and I have still heard nothing. Completely unprofessional. If you’re looking for movers at a reasonable rate that will be honest look elsewhere.

  • Robert Loblaw

    DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE!!!! Bad experience overall. Booked 4 movers as told it would be less expensive. Day of move 3 movers, not 4 as requested as per your advice, showed up an hour late to start. Numerous items damaged during move. Took over the estimated time to move to new location (due to 3 movers) and billed $300 more than estimated! Put claim in and denied. Thought that by not making a big deal of all the missteps that customer service would prevail, but my family and I were wrong. We were wrong to choose this company. We thought you prided yourself on your reviews and customer service. So much for that. Very disappointed.

  • Stephen York

    THIS COMPANY IS JUST AWFUL! DO NOT USE THEM! I booked these people because they told me that they would be able to disassemble my couch, move it to the new apartment, and then reassemble it there. Once the movers got there, I was informed that they would not be able to take the couch apart and instead, referred me to another company to come and do it for me, costing me even more money. I immediately called the 2 Men and a Truck and asked for clarification because I was promised that they would move my couch, included with all of my other belongings. I was quickly connected to the manager with my complaint where I was told that there was a miscommunication on my end and that I did not explain clearly enough when I told them that I had a three seater sofa that was built in my apartment because of the size of it. They made the ASSUMPTION that my couch was a sectional based on that explanation and promised me three times that they would be able to move that for me. I explained to the manager that I was promised that the couch would be moved, and now, the day of the move, I am being told that it is impossible and to spend more money to go and hire another company to come in to disassemble and move the couch. Not only was this incredibly frustrating, but, in my opinion, extremely rude. The manager even said during our time on the phone that if he was the one who took my call when I booked their service, he would have asked to make sure it was a sectional couch and that the fact it wasn’t asked when I called was a “miscommunication”. The manager told me that instead of going back and forth with me, he was going to talk to his manager, and see if there was anything that could be done and that either himself or the person he was going to talk to would get back to me. Now, one week after the move, I am still waiting for that call and am thinking it was just a way to get me to stop complaining. The unprofessionalism regarding this company is astonishing and it should be known that, even though their slogan is “The movers that care”, they quite honestly do NOT care about you at all. They just want to make as much money as they can possibly make, even if it is at the expense of the person moving. And on top of this, if it could not be any worse at all, my phone charger, which was plugged in at the time of the move, was STOLEN. This company is truly awful and I beg of you, do not make the same mistake that I made. Find a different moving company if you ever need to move. If you choose 2 Men and a Truck, you will be left with a headache, a couch, and stolen items.

  • http://DedicatedVanLines.com Dedicated Vanlines

    Be Weary of low cost local movers that only tell you a rate per hour rather then an overall cost. Dedicated Van Lines gives binding OVER estimates that can only go LOWER on local moves…check us out.

    • Lane Wright

      Excuse me but I used to work for one of those VAN LINES they are awful to their employees and money grubbing ways. 99% of the people hired went to work for their first day went to lunch and never came back. I am serious. It was a good experience because it got me to appreciate a good job and good employers it should have been a clue to me when they constantly had help wanted ads.
      Luckily I quit.

      • http://DedicatedVanLines.com Dedicated Vanlines

        yes but DEDICATED VAN LINES isnt just any “van lines”. i AGREE with what you are saying but you are probably referring to an agent of a “major van line” which we have no affiliation.

  • http://DedicatedVanLines.com Dedicated Vanlines

    Dedicated Van Lines also services EVERY state nationwide similar to 2 men and a truck. Although we DO NOT have franchises. We are family owned and operated since 1992. Visit Dedicatedvanlines.com or give us a call directly at 844-368-3560

  • Cito

    I used Two Men and a Truck for my latest move and the service they provided was second to none. The three young men that helped did a fantastic job and were a pleasure to be around throughout the day. I highly recommend Two Men and a Truck and will ask for Jadarious T, Devon R., and Matt L next time I need a move. Thanks again Gents.w

  • Emily Tyler

    We have used Two Man and a Truck twice now and had a great experience both times. Both crews that came out were cheerful and pleasant to work with. They hustled and kept us on our timeline (despite having a snafu with our apartment elevator!) Not planning on a move again, but wouldn’t hesitate to use them again!

  • David Johnson

    ADVICE! DO NOT hire Two Men and a Truck
    as your moving company, due to the fact that the entire company is corrupt and
    incompetent! They may falsely accuse
    your current residence of having a serious issue, such as bed bugs, which is
    FALSE! Employees with the company will
    state that they took pictures with a smart phone of this evidence, although you
    will not be present at the time, which makes the evidence FALSE! The employees, ALSO CANNOT show you evidence
    of an issue with your current residence in person, which makes the issue
    FALSE! Bed bugs are supposed to bite you
    at night when you are sleeping, and leave red marks all over your body. If you do not have these marks, this makes
    the evidence FALSE that the company accused you of having in your
    residence. When you tell the truth in
    regards to the companies horrible customer service, corporate will state that
    they have a 96% referral rate, which is most likely FALSE! If you report the company to the Better
    Business Bureau, they will not respond to the complaint until six days after
    the deadline they are supposed to respond, therefore, what they stated was
    wrong with your previous residence is FALSE, due to the fact that they need
    extra time to respond to a complaint with a good “made up” story. The employees will also charge you $555.00 to
    move eight items from one residence to another residence approximately five
    miles in distance away from each other.
    Your moving assistance from the company will then be canceled. Bed bugs actually tend to “leap” from one
    surface to another, therefore if someone that previously moved with the company
    did indeed have bed bugs and their items were loaded on a moving truck and you
    decide to move with the company, your residence may become invested with bed
    bugs. Once again, DO NOT hire Two Men
    and a Truck to be your moving company!!

  • http://DedicatedVanLines.com Dedicated Vanlines

    dont worry, just call Dedicated Van Lines instead of 2 men and a truck and you wont be one of these AWFUL reviews of clients who paid lots of money for nothing. We are here to help 24/7 with a LiveChat Assistant on call on Dedicatedvanlines.com

  • Levi Dwyer

    This company sucks. The people move fast so you save some money, but they suck at securing and protecting your stuff. They destroyed bookcase, two tables, a dresser and two drawers that go into the dresser. Then when you call them up and tell them that you ain’t happy and want to see some compensation for their mass destruction they just make excuses and try to blame you instead. If your smart you will now let them near your stuff

  • RexRiley

    Be wary with this shop. They’ve give you an ‘estimate’ and happily blow past the top of that estimate. If you reach out to complain you’ll get crickets. So you’ll go into it thinking, “Hey, I’m saving a few hundred bucks.” And you’ll end up losing a few hundred in the process.

  • Chism Mai

    Reading all the reviews and 🤔 I’M SCARED TO DEATH. I think instead of using two-men-and-a-truck, it is going to be

  • John Ross

    Not only will this company never get my business, but I will make it my mission that everyone in my network never does business with them. I had a move scheduled for a Saturday. They convinced me to move it to a mid-day move to save money (which I appreciated). I then took a day off work and rescheduled my life around this. They called me that day to cancel on me, saying they didn’t have time to move me. I think got a call back saying “we’ll move you today, and we have a truck on the way”. I ran back to the house and waited, and waited. After a few hours I called their headquarters, and they told me “Sorry, we’re not able to help you today”. This company will never get my business. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM

  • cliffhartnitt

    This company will suck the life out of you and your items. Just avoid at all costs.
    3 years and thousands of dollars of damage later, I got a whopping $270. AGAIN, it took me THREE years. They do not have a damage control department. I sent hundreds of pictures of damages with not one response. Then, they’ll play the shell game by selling the franchise, changing the Registered Agent whom you need to sue….whatever it takes. AGAIN, PLEASE pay a few extra bucks and use someone else!
    As a further example, they broke the leg off of my computer desk because their truck had a hole in the floor. I obviously listed it on the damage list. Guess what, the mover guys dumped it in a dumpster at a QT gas station near my storage unit so they wouldn’t have to take it back to the shop. It was the one on Division in Arlington. DO NOT USE, PLEASE, I’M BEGGING YOU TO NOT GO THROUGH THE HELL I HAD TO. ALL THE WHILE WITH 2 ILL PARENTS WHO ULTIMATELY PASSED AWAY AND GOING THROUGH A DIVORCE. THESE PEOPLE DON’T CARE ABOUT THEIR GRANDMOTHER’S FURNITURE!!!!