What to Expect When You’re Moving with U-Pack—Mandi’s Move

Kurt Manwaring
Apr 30, 2021
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U-Pack is known for its moving containers and portable moving trailers for larger homes. It’s our top-rated moving container company because of its low prices and excellent customer service. We wanted to know what it’s really like to move with U-Pack, so we hired someone to tell us all about their experience.

We helped Mandi move from Utah to Florida in 2020. She loved working with U-Pack reps and got a super low price for her moving trailer. The only real drawback was that U-Pack accidentally tried to deliver her trailer twice (oops)—but even that turned into a positive experience.

Want to know how much a U-Pack moving trailer would cost for your move?

Meet Mandi

Mandi is a Disney nerd who works in marketing. She decided to move when her employer offered to let her work remotely. Mandi and her husband, Adrian, packed up their three rooms, grabbed their dog, Riffle, and moved from Midvale, UT to Celebration, FL—nearly a stone’s throw away from Disneyworld.

A couple posing for a selfie at Epcot theme park.

Shortly after moving to Florida, Mandi and Adrian pay a visit to Epcot theme park.

A white dog sits on the grass

A happy Riffle takes a break at a rest stop on the long trip from Utah to Florida.

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Why Mandi chose U-Pack

Mandi chose U-Pack because it had the lowest prices. She initially found a cheaper local company but discovered that nearly everyone gave it one-star reviews. She went back to the drawing board and started comparing costs. While most companies quoted Mandi about $5,000, U-Pack said it could get the job done for only $4,100—an initial savings of $900.

“They just had the best price,” says Mandi. “And I know they were rated highly on Move.org.”

Mandi’s move at a glance

Moving Company

Move date

November 2020

Service type

Moving trailer

Start location

Midvale, UT

End location

Celebration, FL

Quoted cost


Actual cost


What to expect with U-Pack—Pricing

U-Pack has the best overall pricing of any moving container company. While most places told Mandi that her move would cost around $5,000, U-Pack’s online quote was less than $4,100. The price dropped even more thanks to U-Pack’s pay-for-what-you-use policy. Because Mandi’s stuff didn’t take up as much space in the trailer as she expected, her final bill was only $3,200—a savings of nearly $2,000 compared to other companies.

What to expect with U-Pack—Customer service

Mandi loved working with U-Pack. The telephone reps tailored their questions to her needs and walked her through a step-by-step inventory of her home. Mandi thought she needed a moving container, but the U-Pack agents told her she could save money with a portable trailer. She took them up on the suggestion—and watched her quote drop by $400.

“They could have just charged me more,” Mandi says. “They weren’t out to scam me. I love the trust factor there.

What surprised us about U-Pack

An open U-Pack trailer parked next to a home

U-Pack trailers stand four feet off the ground and have internal dimensions of 324 in. x 96 in. x 108 in.

The good

  • Overall excellence. Okay, so this didn’t really surprise us—but it definitely fits under “the good.” U-Pack is our top-rated moving container company for a reason. It has low prices, excellent customer service, and a lot more. Mandi’s experience backed up our rating in every way.
  • Ahead of schedule. U-Pack gave Mandi the flexibility to move almost one week early. The company initially gave her a five-day window but called when a trailer became available and offered to deliver it the next day. She jumped at the chance. “We ended up getting it like five days ahead of time,” Mandi says. “That was the biggest highlight.”
  • Low-cost trailers. U-Pack’s pay-for-what-you-use policy applies to moving containers and trailers. Each trailer divides into sections that measure how much space you take up—and pay for. Trailers stand four feet off the ground and have internal dimensions of 324 in. x 96 in. x 108 in. Mandi hired All My Sons Moving & Storage workers to load the U-Pack trailer, and they packed everything so neatly that she trimmed $500 from her final bill.
A worker carries a large box up a loading ramp and into a U-Pack trailer

U-Pack charges by each section of trailer space you use. Because Mandi went with professional movers, they were able to load all of her items without using up every section—a $500 save.

The bad

Weekend delivery. U-Pack’s weekend policy is a little unclear. One U-Pack rep told Mandi her trailer would be delivered on a Saturday (it was), while another said U-Pack doesn’t deliver on weekends (but it did). The website doesn’t say those days are off-limits, so Mandi’s experience left us scratching our heads.

Scheduling issues. U-Pack gave Mandi conflicting delivery timelines for her trailer and accidentally tried to deliver it twice. “Someone ended up coming Saturday night to drop off the trailer—and the trailer was already there,” she says. Everything worked out in the end, but the mixup caught her off guard.

Our take on U-Pack

We recommend U-Pack—and so does Mandi. She gave U-Pack 4.5 out of 5 stars and praised its low prices and excellent customer service. Even when U-Pack accidentally showed up with a second trailer, the company fixed its mistake. Mandi got to her destination ahead of schedule and under budget (her final bill was nearly $1,000 lower than her online quote). If price, timeliness, and customer service are important to you, go with U-Pack.

Learn more about what sets U-Pack apart from the competition—and see why it has the top spot on our list of the best moving container companies.

Kurt Manwaring
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Kurt Manwaring
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