TaskRabbit Moving 2023 Review

Move.org analyzed nearly 1,400 quotes from 5 different companies to learn that TaskRabbit has the lowest average prices for hourly moving labor.
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Julia Campbell
Dec 20, 2022
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Bottom line: TaskRabbit has the lowest prices of any moving labor company we’ve seen. The company serves as an online marketplace where you can find independent contractors called “taskers” to help you with chores ranging from furniture assembly to cleaning. The company can connect you with same-day workers, has a secure payment process, and even lets you review satisfaction ratings. Put it all together, and TaskRabbit is one of Move.org’s Best Moving Labor Companies.

pro Individually priced services
pro Marketplace to compare tasker rates and reviews
pro Secure payment process
pro Same-day service available
con Inconsistent service quality
con No insurance coverage
con Limited locations (61 cities)

How much does TaskRabbit cost?

TaskRabbit costs range from $17 to $80 per hour. Taskers set their own prices, but the average rate for moving-related services is $35 per hour. Be aware that prices vary depending on tasker availability and quotes.

If you want to handle the heavy lifting but could use an extra set of hands for a few hours, going through TaskRabbit is far cheaper than hiring a full-service moving company—especially if you shop around for the lowest hourly rates.

Pay when the work is done

Payment isn’t due until your service is complete. Taskers accept payment directly through the TaskRabbit app, by check, or via PayPal. Our research indicates the company’s payment process is secure—not only is all your personal information encrypted by TaskRabbit, the company also won’t share the information with third parties without your consent.

Prices for moving services

We shopped for TaskRabbit moving services in Houston, Texas and were quoted between $26 and $45 per hour depending on the task.

Each task was estimated at two to three hours, and we told the taskers we needed the work done within one week (the less notice you give, the higher the price).

TaskRabbit’s average moving service rates

TaskRabbit moving service
Hourly rate*



Furniture removal


Furniture assembly (IKEA and non-IKEA)


Mounting and installation


Packing and unpacking


Heavy lifting


*Data as of 12/20/2022. Hourly rates represent the average of all bids to the nearest dollar for services offered in Houston, Texas. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

** We requested the tasker provide a pickup truck as part of this estimate.

Cost factors

Aside from the slight variance in what individual taskers charge for their services, there are a few other factors that affect your price.

  • Tasks requested: Certain tasks (such as hauling and furniture assembly) are cheaper than others (such as packing and moving help).
  • Tips: We recommend paying $20 cash for a half day of help and $40 for the entire day.
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Create a moving checklist

There is more to the moving process than loading and unloading boxes. Whether you choose TaskRabbit or another service, check out our handy step-by-step guide to the entire moving process.

From filling your prescriptions and shutting off your utilities to changing your locks and setting up your new home’s security, we’ve got you covered.

Coverage options

We did find one significant downside: TaskRabbit does not offer insurance coverage for its taskers’ work, meaning you’re largely out of luck if your stuff goes missing or gets damaged.1 You do have the option of filing a homeowners insurance claim, but it may be tough to find a policy that covers accidental damage.

So if your tasker drops that full-length Pottery Barn mirror you love, expect to pay cash for a replacement—on top of your seven years of bad luck.

TaskRabbit does have what it calls a “Happiness Pledge” that serves as an informal insurance policy. If you are unable to resolve a problem directly with your tasker, TaskRabbit says it “may” offer reimbursement, but you have to submit a claim to your personal insurance first and file your complaint with TaskRabbit within 30 days.

TaskRabbit features and services

With TaskRabbit, you pick the moving services you need at the prices you want. Here are some of the services you may need during your move:

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Heavy lifting
  • Moving and hauling
  • Couch removal
  • Furniture assembly
  • Furniture rearrangement
  • Furniture shopping
  • Furniture disposal services
  • Furniture delivery
  • TV mounting
  • Cleaning
  • Donation drop-off

Why we like TaskRabbit

It lets you compare options

TaskRabbit allows you to compare services and prices for multiple taskers. Unlike the challenge of getting estimates for full-service moves, TaskRabbit gives you all the information in one place and even lets you read tasker reviews.

It’s hard to overstate how helpful it is to see a list of all your bids at once. You say what you want done and then pick a price from the bids you receive. It’s that simple.

There are four steps to soliciting bids:

1. List your current address. 

  • If you’re moving, there’s also an option to include your new address.

2. Specify the size of your task.

  • Small load: An hour or less
  • Medium-sized load: Two to three hours
  • Large load: At least four hours

3. Select your tasker vehicle requirements.

  • Not required
  • Task requires a car
  • Task requires a pickup truck

4. Detail the specifics of your move.

  • For example, “I need help moving my studio across town.”

Once you’ve entered your responses, you’ll get a list of taskers in your area. If you click on the individual tasker profiles, TaskRabbit shows you the following information:

  • Profile pic
  • Bio
  • Tenure as a tasker
  • Availability
  • Reviews
  • Hourly rate
  • Features and additional services (e.g., if they offer next-day help)
  • Type of vehicle

Note: Top-rated taskers appear first in the order of search results, so you can vet your options top-down based on who has the best customer reviews.

We recommend you read tasker reviews closely and pay attention to their rankings. If a tasker is highly rated and has done quite a few jobs, the odds are pretty high that you’ll have a good experience.

Info Box
Pro tip

Look for the teal “Great Value” button on a tasker’s profile. This indicates the tasker has a lot of solid reviews.

The tasker profile also shows whether they’re an “Elite Tasker,” meaning they get good reviews AND fulfill a high number of jobs.

It vets its taskers

TaskRabbit vets all prospective taskers much like a full-service moving company examines its employees, including putting each tasker through an identity check and a background check.2 The process is similar to the one used by on-demand services like Uber and Lyft—but TaskRabbit takes it a step further and interviews each candidate.

If a tasker makes the cut, their status on the site is then dependent on user reviews. Taskers need a combination of experience and good reviews to remain on TaskRabbit. When the experience or quality drops, so does their ranking on the site. Over time, they rise to the top or can completely fall off the list.

By the time a tasker responds to your bid, you know they’ve been vetted by both TaskRabbit and the people who hired them.

Of course, no matter how high a tasker is ranked, problems can creep in. Taskers could potentially show up late, fail to provide the promised services, or even be unprofessional. These are risks that come with hiring taskers by the job instead of full-service movers.

Your risk can’t be entirely eliminated, but TaskRabbit goes to impressive lengths to give you as much information as possible.

Professional IKEA furniture assembly

Have you ever found yourself sitting in the middle of your living room surrounded by rogue IKEA furniture parts? Us too. That’s why we appreciate TaskRabbit’s IKEA furniture assembly services.

Thanks to a direct partnership with IKEA, you can book taskers to assemble your furniture when you make a purchase online or in an IKEA store. If the hardest part of buying furniture is putting it together when you get home, outsource that process to TaskRabbit.

IKEA furniture assembly services start at $31 per item and rises based on the difficulty of assembly.

TaskRabbit IKEA furniture assembly costs

IKEA furniture item
TaskRabbit assembly cost

Chest with drawers






Bed frame


Data as of 12/20/2022. Hourly rates represent the average of all bids to the nearest dollar for services offered in Houston, Texas. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

TaskRabbit offers furniture assembly regardless of the brand, but you can expect to pay more for the same work if the furniture doesn’t say IKEA on the box.

Same-day option

As great as it is to plan ahead, sometimes circumstances—your friends bail or you run out of time to clean—don’t leave you that option. TaskRabbit is a great fit for last-minute help thanks to its same-day service.

Once you choose a task, TaskRabbit will ask you for your timeline (basically, when you need your task completed) and give you an option for same-day service. Just put down the time you need help and wait for the bids from same-day taskers to come rolling in.

Expect to pay more for faster service, but know it’s available if needed.

TaskRabbit locations

TaskRabbit’s services are available in 61 metro areas from Portland and San Diego to Miami and New York City. Business is booming, though, and TaskRabbit has plans to branch out to more major cities—and some smaller towns—in the next few years.3

Our recommendation

TaskRabbit is one of our favorite moving labor companies. It's a great choice if you’re looking for help with specific parts of your move. The prices represent a middle ground between doing everything yourself and hiring everything out—and the option to read reviews from past customers ensures you’ll get the best tasker for your job.

TaskRabbit also offers help for things that often fall between the cracks during a move, such as putting your bed frame back together or assembling new furniture. And while we hope you won’t need it, TaskRabbit has a same-day option that can be a lifesaver in tough situations.

Looking for low prices and same-day service?

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