TaskRabbit Moving Review

Bottom line: TaskRabbit can find you decently-priced moving help for a slew of one-time gigs, so you can find budget-friendly moving help on everything from packing a few boxes to hauling heavy pieces of furniture.

Overall rating

3.8 / 5

If you need one-off moving help or just an extra set of hands to assemble that IKEA rocking chair you splurged on, there’s a less-expensive alternative to paying for add-on services through a moving company—especially if you’re moving locally on a tighter budget.

Dubbed the Uber for moving, TaskRabbit is an online marketplace for finding help with home improvement projects, moving, and other short-term gigs. The site links you to thousands of independent contractors—called taskers—who charge by the hour for services ranging from furniture assembly and cleaning to heavy lifting and general handyman work.

Although TaskRabbit doesn’t guarantee five-star service, it offers a rarity in the moving industry: a one-stop shop for booking budget-friendly moving help.


  • Multiple quotes for moving services
  • User-friendly interface
  • Secure payment process


  • Inconsistent service quality
  • Shoddy claims process

What services does TaskRabbit offer?

From furniture assembly and TV mounting to packing and disposal services, TaskRabbit has the answer for any extra moving help you need. So if you’re upgrading that futon you split with your college roommate for a pricier sectional, TaskRabbit can connect you with someone to help dispose of the old couch and assemble the new one.

TaskRabbit’s moving services:

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Heavy lifting
  • Moving and hauling
  • Furniture assembly
  • Furniture rearrangement
  • Furniture shopping
  • Furniture disposal services
  • Furniture delivery
  • TV mounting
  • Cleaning
  • Donation drop-off

How much does TaskRabbit cost?

If you want to handle the heavy lifting but could use an extra set of hands for a few hours, going through TaskRabbit is far cheaper than hiring a full-service moving company—especially if you shop around for taskers with the lowest hourly rates.

TaskRabbit moving costs

TaskRabbit movers set their own prices, which can range anywhere from $17 to $80 per hour. Generally speaking, TaskRabbit’s hourly rates for moving-related services average $35, but know that certain areas—like big cities—are more expensive than others.

TaskRabbit doesn’t make you pay until your service is complete. You can pay your tasker directly through TaskRabbit’s app or via check or PayPal. Based on the reviews we dug up, the company’s payment process is pretty secure.

Our only complaint here is that TaskRabbit doesn’t have its own claims process, which forces you to go through your homeowners insurance instead. However, since most homeowners insurance policies won’t cover accidental damages that occur during a move, you’re likely out of luck if your full-length Pottery Barn mirror shatters while you and your tasker are hauling it.

To give you a sense of what rates to expect when you hire through TaskRabbit, we shopped for local moving services in Denver, Colorado. Each task was based on a medium-sized load requiring a pickup truck. Keep in mind that these rates will fluctuate depending on the hourly wage each tasker sets as well where you are moving to and from.

TaskRabbit’s average moving service rates

TaskRabbit moving serviceHourly rate*Website
Hauling$30–$35Book Now
Furniture assembly$35–$50Book Now
IKEA furniture assembly$30–$40Book Now
Mounting and installation$30–$40 per hourBook Now
Packing and unpacking$40–$50 per hourBook Now
Heavy lifting$35–$50 per hour Book Now
TaskRabbit moving service
Furniture assembly
IKEA furniture assembly
Mounting and installation
Packing and unpacking
Heavy lifting
Hourly rate* Website
$30–$35 Book Now
$35–$50 Book Now
$30–$40 Book Now
$30–$40 per hour Book Now
$40–$50 per hour Book Now
$35–$50 per hour Book Now

*Hourly rates based on services offered in Denver, Colorado.


TaskRabbit Tips

TaskRabbit Tips

There’s no option to tip your tasker when you pay your bill, so make sure you have cash—$20 is proper for local moves. For long-distance moves, scale the tip based on the overall cost of the services provided.

TaskRabbit lets you compare your options

Unlike the process of getting individual estimates for a full-service move, TaskRabbit allows you to compare services and prices for multiple taskers—and read their reviews—all in one place. This saves you the hassle of calling around to different companies and helps you find the right tasker for your needs and budget.

When you’re ready to search for a tasker and see their rates, you’ll enter the basics of your move and specify what kind of help you’re looking for.

TaskRabbit walks you through four steps to narrow down your options

  1. List your current street address. If you’re moving, there’s an option to include your new address as well.
  2. Specify the size of your task.
    • Small load: An hour or less
    • Medium-sized load: Two to three hours
    • Large load: At least four hours
  3. Enter your vehicle requirements (if your tasker needs to have their own).
    • Not required
    • Task requires a car
    • Task requires a pickup truck
  4. Detail the specifics of your move (e.g., I need help moving my studio apartment across town).

Once you’ve entered information about your moving needs, you’ll get a list of taskers in your area, and from there you can click on each individual profile to learn more. Here’s everything a tasker’s profile includes:

  • Profile picture
  • Bio
  • Tenure as a tasker
  • Availability
  • Reviews
  • Hourly rate
  • Features and additional services (e.g., if they offer next-day help)
  • Type of vehicle they drive

Top-rated taskers appear first in search results, so you can vet your options top-down based on who has the best customer reviews.


Pro Tip

Pro Tip

Look for the teal “Great Value” button on a tasker’s profile, which indicates that they have an impressive number of solid reviews. Their profile will also show whether they’re an Elite Tasker, meaning they have high reviews plus a handful of moves under their belt.

TaskRabbit offers IKEA furniture assembly

TaskRabbit partners with IKEA so you can book taskers to assemble your furniture when you make a purchase either online or in stores.

When the worst part of buying furniture is navigating unclear instructions and keeping track of a million small pieces, having someone assembly your furniture for you can take your IKEA experience from stressful and frustrating to something out of a romcom montage (think 500 Days of Summer without the morose bits).

IKEA furniture assembly starts at $36, and each individual item has its own rate, based on how complex it is to assemble. Here’s the breakdown for each type of furniture:

  • Bed frames: $72–$90
  • Couches and sofas: $63–$80
  • Chests with drawers: $27–$80
  • Wardrobes: $36–$350
  • Desks: $45–$90

Shopping at IKEA isn’t the only way to reap the benefits of TaskRabbit’s furniture assembly services, though. TaskRabbit also offers furniture assembly services for any piece you need help setting up. For non-IKEA furniture, there are no set starting rates. Assembly cost varies from piece to piece.

Heads up exclamation

Heads Up

Heads Up

You can’t currently schedule same-day furniture delivery with IKEA furniture assembly, but delivery and assembly services are available to you the following day.

TaskRabbit has a thorough vetting process

Just as moving companies run background checks on their employees, TaskRabbit takes the time to make sure its taskers are cleared to be in your home.

TaskRabbit vets all prospective taskers similar to other on-demand services like Uber and Lyft—but the company takes it a step further and interviews each candidate, too. If a tasker makes the cut, their status on the site relies on positive customer reviews.

Basically, taskers need a combo of good reviews and ratings plus decent task service experience to stay listed as a bidder. And when taskers have low ratings, they’ll sink to the bottom of your search (and potentially be removed from the site if their ratings don’t improve).

Of course, no matter how vetted someone is, taskers can still show up late to the job, be unprofessional, or fail to provide the services they claim to offer—and that’s the caveat with hiring individuals over a larger, reputable company.

Little pin

TaskRabbit Locations

TaskRabbit Locations

TaskRabbit is still a fairly new company, so its services are currently available in forty-three metro areas. Business is booming, though, so TaskRabbit expects to branch out to smaller towns and more major cities within the new few years.

Our recommendation

TaskRabbit makes finding short-term help—be it cleaning, hauling, or even a personal assistant—easy. So if you need some extra help on a one-time moving gig but don’t want to bother your friends for help, TaskRabbit can help you find a tasker to get the job done. Plus, you save big by being able to compare prices versus selecting add-on services a la carte through a moving company.

Just be sure to choose your tasker carefully: Read up on tasker reviews and pay attention to their rankings. If a tasker is highly rated and has a decent amount of jobs to show for, you’ll likely spare your back from overworking and your bank from breaking.

Have you used TaskRabbit before? Tell us about your experience below!

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