2019 Executive Auto Shippers Review

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As of 2019, Executive Auto Shippers has ceased all operations and is no longer in the car transport business.

Not to worry, though. Check out our list of the best car shipping companies to find the right fit for your ride.

Bottom line: With thousands of car shipments under its belt and hundreds and hundreds of satisfied customers, Executive Auto Shippers is a trustworthy, seasoned auto transport company worthy of handling your prized ride. We especially love its guaranteed pricing policy.

Overall rating

4.4 / 5

Executive offers all the standard services you’d expect from any decent car shipping company (think open and enclosed transport) plus more niche perks like live GPS tracking.

Executive’s prices are on the mid-range to high side, but its value lies in its high-quality service and guaranteed pricing (which, may we just say—hooray).

Plus, we’ve seen Executive continually improve its services over time, which is always a good indication of a high-quality company.


  • Can transport most inoperable vehicles
  • Offers both soft-sided and hard-sided enclosed carriers
  • Allows 100 lbs. of luggage in the car


  • Responds slowly to quote requests

How much does Executive Auto Shippers cost?

Executive Auto Shippers’ pricing is on par with other top-tier car shipping companies—and past customers have said that with Executive’s services and high-quality customer experience, you get what you pay for and then some.

And there may be truth to that. The company has a reputation for being timely and for providing consistent service across the board. Not all car shipping brokers can say the same.

Executive is also known for keeping cars clean during transit. This may not seem like a big deal, but given your car’s potential to come up against some gnarly highway grime, it’s nice to get your ride back cleaner than you anticipated.

On top of all that, Executive offers a One Price Guarantee, which means the price the company quotes you is the price you’ll pay (save for a few taxes). But don’t worry, we’ll get into all that later.

Executive Auto Shippers pricing

Denver, CO–Aspen, CODenver, CO–Cincinnati, OH
Move distance158 mi.1,192 mi.
Open transport (base rate)$500$800
Enclosed transport$870$1,395
Move distance
Open transport (base rate)
Enclosed transport
Denver, CO–Aspen, CO Denver, CO–Cincinnati, OH
158 mi. 1,192 mi.
$500 $800
$870 $1,395

Data as of 7/15/19. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

We requested this quote for a 2006 Honda Odyssey minivan to give you a sense of mid-range pricing. A minivan is bigger than the average coupe or sedan but smaller than most SUVs and pickup trucks.

If you want to see how your Executive Auto Shippers quote compares, check out our guide to the average cost to transport a vehicle.

Executive Auto Shippers cost factors

Auto transport pricing varies based on the time of year you’re shipping, the make and model of your car, and any add-on features you choose. If you opt for Executive’s live car tracking feature or request a top-load spot for your car, for example, you’ll see an upcharge on your bill.

Here’s a rundown of the other cost factors that go into Executive’s car shipping quotes:

  • Vehicle size and weight
  • Route popularity
  • Vehicle condition (operable vs. inoperable)
  • Open vs. enclosed transport

Generally speaking, every car type fits into a pricing category, and each category has a minimum rate range. Of course, a host of other factors (like the ones listed above) determine your final price, but here are Executive’s ballpark ranges for each car type.

Executive Auto Shippers base rates by car type

Car typeStarting price
Coupe≤ $100
Small sedan≤ $100
Mid-size sedan≤ $100
Small SUV$50–$100
Large sedan$50–$150
Mid-size SUV$50–$150
Large SUV$100–$250
Standard half-ton pickup$100–$350
¾-ton and large pickup$200–$600
Car type
Small sedan
Mid-size sedan
Small SUV
Large sedan
Mid-size SUV
Large SUV
Standard half-ton pickup
¾-ton and large pickup
Starting price
≤ $100
≤ $100
≤ $100

Data as of 7/15/19. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

And keep in mind that if you choose enclosed transport for your vehicle, it’ll cost you 50%–80% more than standard open transport.

Curious how much it would cost to move your wheels?
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A $200 deposit is due once Executive has assigned your ride a carrier. You’ll pay the rest once your car has been delivered safe and sound and you have your keys back in your hands.

Executive Auto Shippers’ cargo insurance policy

Executive Auto Shippers is a broker, which means it’s the responsibility of the carrier you’re assigned to insure your vehicle against damage. Executive simply makes sure your carrier will in fact cover your car.

Executive’s cargo policy generally requires carriers to cover up to $250,000 in damages on any shipment it brokers. And luckily, this comes with zero deductible.

The quote Executive provides you includes this cargo coverage, but the company encourages you to also have coverage through your car insurance policy.

Car accidents, driver error, equipment failure, and basically anything that falls on the driver are covered under Executive’s insurance policy.

FYI, though: this policy doesn’t cover damage due to wind, hail, rock chips, fluid leaks, or other pesky highway debris.

Executive Auto Shippers services and features

  • Open transport
  • Enclosed transport
  • Expedited shipping
  • Military moves
  • Corporate relocation
  • Transport for traveling nurses
  • ATV transport
  • Motorcycle transport
  • Top-load request
  • GPS tracking

Why we love Executive Auto Shippers

It has a One Price Guarantee

Executive will lock in the quote it gives you. The quote will include the total distance, rate to move your vehicle, and any add-ons like enclosed transport.

In its own words, “Whichever price you’re offered, you can be sure that’s what you’ll pay.” So if your quote to ship your car from point A to point B totals $600, it’ll cost that amount (see ya, surcharges and hidden fees). One thing worth noting, though, is that your quote does not include taxes.

Executive’s One Price Guarantee makes budgeting a whole lot easier—and it gives you the reassurance that you’re working with a trustworthy, reliable auto transport company.

Want to see for yourself? We got you. Check out Executive’s own explanation of its One Price Guarantee on its website.

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Executive’s One Price Guarantee doesn’t apply to taxes, and you’ll void the agreement if you don’t follow your contract (e.g., if you pack your car with over 100 lbs. of luggage).

It has a Rental Car Guarantee

With a Rental Car Guarantee, Executive solves for future problems you may run up against with shipping your car. The company will reimburse you for a rental car if it fails to deliver your vehicle by your guaranteed delivery date.

Executive will provide a rental car for as long as you’re without your own (within reason). The company partners with Enterprise, and you can pick any standard class car to zip around in.

Under the Rental Car Guarantee, you’re allotted a set number of days based on how many miles your vehicle traveled. So if your car shipment spanned 2,000 miles, Executive would pay for 10 full days of rental car use.

Here’s the full breakdown.

Executive Rental Car Guarantee terms

Shipment distance (miles)Rental car term (days)
Shipment distance (miles)
Rental car term (days)

Shipments of ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and boats are excluded from the deal, but that’s okay—we’ll take any bit of complimentary service we can get our hands on.

FAQs about Executive Auto Shippers

How do I ship my car cross-country with Executive?

Beyond getting a quote, booking your shipment, and being present at the time of pick up and delivery, Executive’s service is hands-free. Once you give your keys to your carrier, they do all the heavy lifting.

(If you want to save money and meet your truck driver closer to the freeway, though, you may have to do a little bit of driving.)

Here’s a step-by-step guide for shipping your car with Executive Auto Shippers:

  1. Get a quote
  2. Book your move and pay a $200 deposit
  3. Prepare your car for pick-up day (e.g., make sure you don’t pack more than 100 lbs of luggage; if moving terminal-to-terminal, drop off at a terminal, etc.)
  4. Complete a pre-move inspection
  5. Meet your carrier on your delivery date at the designated time and place
  6. Complete a post-move inspection and pay the remaining balance of your bill

How long does it take to ship a car with Executive Auto Shippers?

Your vehicle’s exact transport time depends on how far your car is traveling and how popular your route is, but Executive has ranges for how long it’ll generally take.

Executive Auto Shippers average transport time

Miles shippedDays to delivery
Miles shipped
Days to delivery

Our recommendation

Executive Auto Shippers is a dependable car shipping company—and one we certainly recommend. Depending on what’s important to you, it may make more sense to go with Executive over the cheapest option you see.

For example, if you want virtual eyes on your car at all times with GPS tracking, or if you’d like a rental car safety net in case your delivery is delayed, it’s worth paying a slightly higher price for a reputable car shipping company that offers premium services (in our humble opinion).

Plus, based on the number of Executive Auto Shippers customers who leave happy, we feel pretty confident that you can expect a high level of service.

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