Best Cheap Moving Boxes

Most durable
Best value
Home Depot moving box
The Home Depot Medium Moving Box
$1.34 each or $1.24 each for 20 or more
Best all-in-one kit
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Published on December 21, 2020
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Moving is expensive—but packing in sturdy, secure boxes doesn’t have to be.

Instead of dumpster diving or begging your friendly neighborhood businesses for their throwaways, use our guide to find the most durable boxes at the best prices.

Read on to learn the best places to buy cheap moving boxes—and which ones we recommend for your next relocation.

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Our top 3 cheap moving boxes

Product nameBankers Box SmoothMove Classic Moving Kit The Home Depot 18 in. x 18 in. x 16 in. Medium Moving BoxuBoxes 2-Room Economy Moving Kit
Product imageBankers Box Smooth Move Classic Moving KitHome Depot moving boxUbox 2-Room Economy Moving Kit
Price$33.49 ($2.79 per box)$1.34 each or $1.24 each for 20 or more$59.95 ($2.00 per box)
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Current as of 12/9/2020.

Most durable—Bankers Box SmoothMove Classic Moving Kit

While clothing and soft objects are safe in nearly any box, fragile items (like your coffee mugs and porcelain figurine collection) need stronger boxes to keep them from breaking. Choose durable double-walled or heavy-duty boxes to transport your most prized possessions without worry.

Most durable
Bankers Box SmoothMove Classic Moving Kit
Pro Heading
Pro Bullet No tape required
Pro Bullet Easy-carry handles
Pro Bullet Easy-lift lids
Pro Bullet Reusable and recyclable construction
Con Heading
Con Bullet Assembly required
Con Bullet No capability for heavy loads

Each Bankers Box kit contains eight small and four medium boxes. They are tape-free and easy to carry thanks to built-in handles. Plus, pull-off lids make loading everything from antique dishes to leather-bound books a breeze.

Plus, each box’s sturdy double-end, double-bottom construction ensures your boxes hold up in transit.

Durability (and eligibility for Amazon’s free and fast Prime delivery) make these boxes a top choice for movers who need well-constructed boxes in a hurry.

Pro tip: when you’re done moving, save these boxes for storing your holiday decorations, or reuse them for future moves.

Free box calculator

Not sure how many boxes you’ll need to move your three-bedroom home? Use The Home Depot’s moving calculator to accurately estimate based on the size of your home, including the number of bathrooms, whether you have a garage or basement, and your lifestyle (from minimalist to pack rat).

Best value—The Home Depot Medium Moving Box

When you have a whole house to pack up and move, box prices matter—and these strong boxes from Home Depot will hold up in transit without costing you a bundle.

Best value
Home Depot moving box
The Home Depot 18 in. x 18 in. x 16 in. Medium Moving Box
Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Free returns on unused boxes
Pro Bullet Bulk pricing
Pro Bullet Reusable and recyclable construction
Pro Bullet 65 lb. capacity
Con Heading
Con Bullet Assembly required
Con Bullet No heavy-duty shipping capability
Con Bullet Single-wall construction

The Home Depot Medium Moving Box is a basic box built to support and store your heavy, bulky goods—from kitchen items and toys to small appliances, clothing, and much more. Each 18 in. x 18 in. x 16 in. box holds up to 65 pounds. Though plenty sturdy for a moving truck, you’ll want to choose double-walled boxes for shipping (including moving containers).

Thanks to free in-store pickup, you can shop for boxes online and grab them at your local Home Depot when you’re ready to pack.

(Hint: Buy more than twenty at a time to save twelve cents per box.)

If you end up buying more than you need, Home Depot has an uncomplicated return policy. Just bring your receipt and unused boxes to any store for a full refund.

Light Bulb
Go green

Every cardboard box from Home Depot is constructed from 100% recycled materials and can be recycled once you’ve finished moving.

Best all-in-one kit—uBoxes 2-Room Economy Moving Kit

We get it: moving can be chaotic. Skip multiple trips to the store–instead, get your packing supplies in a single, affordable moving box kit.

Best all-in-one kit
Ubox 2-Room Economy Moving Kit
uBoxes 2-Room Economy Moving Kit
Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Two box sizes included
Pro Bullet Packing tape and marker included
Pro Bullet Sturdy cardboard construction
Pro Bullet Free shipping
Con Heading
Con Bullet Assembly required
Con Bullet Box taping required

Whether you’re headed to a new apartment down the street or a new state across the country, the uBoxes Economy Moving Kit saves you the hassle of tracking down moving supplies. Each set contains thirty boxes (ten small boxes and twenty medium boxes), a roll of packing tape, and a permanent marker for labeling.

Walmart also offers free, fast shipping, and you can fill your online cart with anything else you need for the big move.

Plus, stores are open late (and often 24/7)—great for grabbing extra boxes at the last minute or picking up online orders in person.

Share & save

In an effort to keep boxes out of landfills, U-Haul’s Box Exchange® helps customers coordinate buying, selling, or donating used moving boxes and supplies to others. Just enter your location to find a list of customers who have or need boxes.

How to check moving box strength

The strength of your boxes matters, especially if you’re packing them full of first editions or fitness equipment. To prevent collapse, check your box’s max loading weight and Edge Crush Test (ECT) rating.

Simply put, an ECT rating tells you how much weight it would take to crush your box.1 The higher the rating, the more likely your boxes will stay intact.

Industry standards for moving boxes

Box typeStandardHeavy duty Heavy duty & double-walled
Maximum weight capacity40 lbs. 65 lbs 80 lbs.
ECT rating32 44 48

How to pack moving boxes

Choosing the right moving boxes is a good start, but all your hard work goes to waste if you pack them incorrectly.

Follow these packing best practices to assure fragile items like your antique figurine collection, heirloom artwork, and dust-collecting dish set arrive safely at your new home:

  1. Marie Kondo your clutter. Before you start packing, go through everything and get rid of unwanted, unused, and broken belongings.
  2. Make an inventory. Track what you pack and where to make the unpacking process easier.
  3. Keep it together. Group items from the same room in the same box so they’re easy to find and unpack.
  4. Pack consistently. Don’t pack your delicate teacups with your hammers and wrenches. Keep similar items together to prevent breakage.
  5. Stay organized. You don’t want to wonder, “What does this go to?” when you find tiny bolts and bits. Keep accessories taped directly (or in a Ziploc bag) to the items they belong with so you don’t wind up with a junk drawer full of, frankly, junk.
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  1. Add some cushion. Start with a layer of packing peanuts, newspaper, or even old stuffed animals in the bottom of the box. (Heads up: don’t wrap bare items with newspaper as the ink can imprint onto dishware.)
  2. Load it right. Put heavier items at the bottom of the box and lighter ones up top.
  3. Don’t over or under fill. Keep each box’s weight below 30 pounds (unless you’re strong enough to carry more), but fill them up enough to prevent them from collapsing when stacked.
  4. Break out the label maker. Write the contents and destination room on every box to simplify unloading.
  5. Pack an overnight box. Pack anything you’ll need for the first few days in your new home separately and take it along with you. Think towels, washcloths, toiletries, clothing, bed linens, and pillows.
Find your best box

Packing delicate dishes or your collection of authentic German beer steins? Use our guide to the best moving boxes for dishes and glasses to choose the right supplies for packing fragile items.

Our recommendation

We’re all about saving you time and money on your next move.

Whether you’re a military family permanently changing stations or a single professional moving cross country for a big promotion, don’t count on your leftover Amazon Prime boxes. Instead, choose our favorite cheap moving boxes for the best protection in transit at an affordable price.

To recap, here are our top picks:

Most durable Best value Best all-in-one kit
Product nameBankers Box SmoothMove Classic Moving Kit The Home Depot 18 in. x 18 in. x 16 in. Medium Moving BoxuBoxes 2-Room Economy Moving Kit
Product imageBankers Box Smooth Move Classic Moving KitHome Depot moving boxUbox 2-Room Economy Moving Kit
Price$33.49 ($2.79 per box)$1.34 each or $1.24 each for 20 or more$59.95 ($2.00 per box)
Buy now

Need other packing products? Check our guide to moving supplies (and more moving boxes) to be sure you’re covered—before the moving truck arrives.

Where did you find cheap moving boxes? Share in the comments below to help our readers save on their next move.


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