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Kurt Manwaring
Sep 01, 2022
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Membership in the American Automobile Association (AAA) includes access to moving discounts. Unfortunately, it’s tough to find moving bargains on the organization’s website. The real benefits come from individual moving companies that offer discounts for those with AAA membership—but even those are few and far between. We’ll show you how to search for AAA discounts and point you toward moving companies with specific deals. You can also save money by checking out our list of the best moving discounts.

How to find moving discounts on the AAA website

AAA members can access moving discounts on the AAA website. We’ll walk you through the process since the deals vary by location. However, just a quick heads up that there are surprisingly few discounts on the AAA home page. The best way to capitalize on your AAA membership when moving is to check with individual moving companies (see below).

AAA moving discounts instructions

You can find AAA moving discounts on the organization’s website by following a few simple instructions:

  1. Enter your zip code. Type your zip code or postal code into the main search field on the AAA website.
  2. Select “Discounts & Rewards.” Next, select the drop-down menu for “Discounts & Rewards” to see a list of discounts broken down into categories.
  3. Look for “Home & moving.” If there are AAA moving discounts in your area, you’ll encounter a menu on the left side of the screen called “Home & moving.” Click on it, and you’ll find all the moving deals near your location.

The “Home & moving” section of the AAA website shows moving discounts available in your area.

Note: Many cities don’t have a “home and moving” category. So, if you don’t find anything, you can claim one of the discounts below offered directly by the moving company.

AAA moving discounts


Discounts available on the AAA website vary by location. Follow the instructions above to see the options available in your area. Most of the discounts we’ve seen posted by AAA are for rental trucks.

Penske Truck Rental

Penske is at the top of our list of the best moving truck companies. It’s almost impossible to beat its low prices, excellent customer service, and reliable trucks. Penske Truck Rental goes a step further for AAA members by offering two special discounts:

  1. Save 12% or more on truck rentals
  2. Save 12% on supplies

Atlas Van Lines

Atlas Van Lines has a special offer for AAA members that deals with moving insurance. In particular, it offers free moving coverage called “Full Value Protection” (worth about $600).


Sparefoot is your best option if you need a AAA moving discount for storage space. The company has two special offers for AAA customers:

  1. First month of storage free
  2. Free $20 Amazon gift card
Top storage unit companies

Looking for more than discounts? Check out our list of the nation’s best storage unit companies to find low prices, quality service, and nationwide availability.


Are you looking for moving discounts as an AAA member? You can see what’s available in your area by typing your zip code into the company’s website. Alternatively, you can claim discounts for professional movers, truck rentals, and storage from participating companies like Atlas Van Lines, Penske Truck Rental, and Sparefoot. Since there aren’t many AAA moving discounts, we recommend checking out our list of moving deals that includes info on military discounts, AARP discounts, and more.

AAA discounts for moving FAQ

What is AAA discount moving?

AAA discount moving refers to deals offered by moving companies for AAA members. It’s one of the perks enjoyed by 60 million AAA members in the United States and Canada.

Does U-Haul have a AAA discount program?

U-Haul doesn’t have an AAA discount program. The rental truck company is typically conservative regarding discounts but is known for overall low prices (and poor customer service).

How do AARP moving discounts differ from AAA?

AARP moving discounts are for organizational members over the age of 50. AAA discounts are available only for AAA members who pay annual dues.

What moving companies offer AAA discounts?

Penske Truck Rental, Atlas Van Lines, and Sparefoot are three of the only companies that offer moving discounts specifically for AAA members.

Does AAA have discounts for moving trucks?

AAA moving truck discounts depend on your location. You can enter your zip code on the AAA website to see if the company offers Penske Truck Rental deals in your area.

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