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June 11, 2019
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The American Automobile Association, commonly known as AAA, is a nationwide group of automobile associations that offer roadside assistance to members. AAA is a nonprofit organization, but its membership fee costs between $40 and $165 per person annually.1

Depending on your level of coverage, you can expect AAA’s help booking tow trucks, fixing flat tires, refueling, and arranging car rentals if you ever get stranded. This emergency assistance makes AAA invaluable to millions of car owners across the country.

As a cherry atop this sundae of services, AAA members get exclusive discounts from hundreds of companies, including hotels, insurance providers, restaurants, and—our favorite—moving companies.

AAA partners with local companies as well as national brands to provide these discounts, so members in different regions may get unique benefits.

Keep reading to learn how a AAA membership could make your expensive move more affordable.

How to find AAA discounts in your region

To help you find the discounts available to you (and convince you to become a member), AAA lists all the companies that offer deals to members on its website. Discounts vary depending on where you live, so you can enter your ZIP code to ensure you see only the discounts for your region.

Once you land on the AAA website for your region, click the “Discounts” tab (called “Discounts & Rewards” in some regions) near the top of the page.

This will lead you to the complete list of AAA discounts for your area. The site layout varies by region, but somewhere on the discounts page, you’ll find a “Moving and Storage” tab where you can see all the AAA discounts for moving and storage services.

Keep in mind

You typically can’t use a AAA discount with another promotion. For example, if the moving company you’re working with is offering a 30% discount to commemorate its tenth anniversary, you probably can’t stack your AAA discount on top of the already discounted price. That being said, it never hurts to ask.

Common AAA moving discounts

Though AAA members get different benefits depending on where they live, we found a handful of moving and storage discounts that are offered across the board. We’ve outlined them below to give you a quick idea of how a AAA membership can make your move cheaper.

For a more comprehensive list of moving discounts in your area, be sure to check out AAA’s site.

Penske truck rental and moving supply discounts

Penske is AAA’s exclusive truck rental partner. This partnership can save AAA members money in two ways:

  • Up to a 12% discount on the daily rate for Penske truck rentals
  • Discounts on moving and packing supplies

Even without these discounts, Penske is a budget-friendly company, and it’s one of our favorite places to rent a moving truck.

One of Penske’s best features is that it offers free, unlimited mileage for one-way truck rentals, so you don’t need to pay for every mile you drive. If you’re moving to a different state, this perk can save you hundreds of dollars you’d spend with almost any other moving company.

For a more detailed overview of everything Penske offers, you can read our review of Penske.

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Atlas Van Lines discounts for full-service moves

Atlas Van Lines is a full-service mover, meaning that it takes care of the loading, unloading, and driving for your move. Moving with a full-service company is much more convenient than renting a van and doing all the heavy lifting yourself, but it can also be a lot more expensive.

Luckily, Atlas provides $100,000 of full-value protection (FVP) free of charge to AAA members on all interstate moves. FVP is a type of coverage that protects your belongings if they get lost or damaged during your move. To learn more about different moving coverage options, read our guide to moving insurance.

The bottom line: this discount can save you up to $600 on your interstate move.

Atlas also handles local and international relocations, and AAA members in some regions can get extra discounts on these services. To learn more about what Atlas Van Lines has to offer, check out our review.

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SpareFoot discounts for self-storage

SpareFoot isn’t actually a storage company, and it doesn’t own any lots or storage units. Instead, it’s an online marketplace where customers can compare storage companies and book storage services. SpareFoot also reviews storage companies and makes recommendations.

When AAA members book self-storage through SpareFoot, they get their first month of storage free. This discount can save you a hundred dollars or more—and you’ll get a $20 Amazon gift card to sweeten the deal.

Since SpareFoot isn’t a moving and storage company, we haven’t written a review of its site or services, but you can compare SpareFoot’s recommendations to ours by visiting our list of the best self-storage companies.

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Are moving discounts worth a AAA membership?

Some of these discounts can save you hundreds of dollars, but we recommend thinking of them as icing on the cake instead of the whole cake. AAA’s most valuable benefit is its roadside assistance. If you’re not interested in roadside assistance, then a membership might not be worth the cost for you (even with the tempting discounts).

In theory, you could save money on your move by buying a AAA membership, taking advantage of its moving discounts, and then cancelling your membership before it’s time to renew, but we don’t think the hassle would be worth the money you would save doing so.

These discounts are nice perks for members—and they might be deciding factors if you’re on the fence about joining AAA—but on their own they’re probably not worth the price of a membership.

Want to give AAA a shot?
If you want to see what AAA offers to members in your area, check out its website.

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