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Living in Westpointe, Salt Lake City

Between the horses and the single stoplight, those looking to live the rural lifestyle while staying near the city can find everything they need in Westpointe.

Living in the Liberty Wells Neighborhood in Salt Lake City

Want to live somewhere with a rich and detailed history? As one of Salt Lake City's older neighborhoods, Liberty Wells is a great choice for those looking for the cultural identity that comes from a location rooted in history.

Liberty Wells cropped up in the 1890s as part of the Big Field Project when early Mormon pioneers plotted and tended fields that ranged between 5 and 80 acres. The area eventually became more residential, turning into one of the first suburbs of Salt Lake City when the streetcar system expanded its routes nearby. In […]

Living in East Central, Salt Lake City

Want to live in East Central? Great pick! You’ll be living in one of the most colorful neighborhoods in Salt Lake City. There’s a little bit of everything here, from the small boutiques at 9th and 9th to the locally grown organic food at Liberty Heights Fresh. No two houses look alike, giving the area even more character.