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How to Find Free Packing Supplies

From oversized cardboard boxes to bubble wrap, you can find several resources for free packing supplies right in your neighborhood. Here’s how to get some of your moving and packing supplies without paying a cent.

When to Use Styrofoam, Packing Peanuts, Newspaper, or Bubble Wrap for Packing

Boxes with lots of empty spaces? One of the worst things that can happen on your moving journey. Whether you're packing dishes or home decor, you need to make sure all of the items you place in a box have no chance of shifting or moving en route. It's likely that many boxes will be [...]

How to Pack Toys

With this simple guide, you’ll save yourself from the emotional turmoil of opening boxes of damaged toys at your new home by using the right packing techniques and supplies to protect those smaller items.

The “Easy Button” Method for Moving Furniture

Now that you’ve settled on a move-in date and are getting everything organized for the big day, make sure you’re not overlooking some important steps when moving furniture from your old place to the new. Whether you’re working with professional movers or taking care of moving yourself, you’ll need a plan to coordinate the move. Take steps to protect your belongings as you head to your new destination.

5 Ways to Move on a Budget

When you’re moving on a budget and moving day is a few short months or weeks away, there isn’t much time to save extra money. After taking care of closing costs and furniture purchases for the new home, you’re likely working with a tight budget. The cost of a move doesn’t have to put more strain on your finances if you take advantage of free resources and use the right approach. With a little planning, there are several ways to pare down moving costs and look forward to a smooth transition to the new place. Here are five ways you can move frugally.