59% of Americans Have Lived with a Ghost

Trevor Wheelwright
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October 23, 2019
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We surveyed 250 Americans aged 18+ about their experiences with haunted houses. Only 45% of our respondents said they believe in ghosts, but those that did gave us some spooktacular stats to look at and some moving questions to think about.

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Post-existential housing crisisPost-existential housing crisis

Of those that believe in ghosts, 59% of Americans say they’ve lived in a haunted house. For most people, it just means strange sounds and nightmarish noises. Nothing some earplugs won’t help with. But, at the end of the day, we know that ghost isn’t paying enough in rent to be slamming doors like that.

Moving onMoving on

When it comes to poltergeist problems, 23% of our ghost-ridden respondents moved because they didn't want to live in a haunted house. We think hosting a spooky spirit and all their sounds isn't worth losing sleep.

Ghostly omissionsGhostly omissions

Only 53% of those who had real-life haunted houses disclosed that fact to their real estate agent or moving company. Turns out that’s a good move. Apparently apparitions don’t sell: 36% of our respondents wouldn't buy a haunted house. Maybe paranormal investigators can team up with home inspectors and make a killing.

Ghost illustrationParanormal premium

A ghost isn't great for most businesses, but some people think you'd pay a premium price for their paranormal pad. Nine of our respondents thought that a ghost would raise a buyer’s perception of their place. Some things (and people) remain unexplainable.

Property to die forProperty to die for

You ever find a bloody great spot just to find out it used to be a bloody, great spot—literally? According to our survey, only 27% of Americans would live in a house where a murder happened. But really—would it kill you to live there?

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Whether you believe in ghosts or not, it’s never fun to be trapped in a terrifying place, especially if you’re paying full price. Our advice: ask your landlord for discounted rent if your house is haunted, or see if they’ll cover the exorcism fees (at least).

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