Lowe’s Pickup Truck Rental Review 2021

Bottom line: Sometimes you just need a pickup truck. With Lowe’s rental service, you can get a dependable truck for a rate that fits your budget. If a store near you offers the service, that is.
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Published on December 18, 2020
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Whether you’re picking up a new swing set for the kids, emptying out an old storage unit, or moving a sofa across town, there’s no substitute for a reliable pickup truck. That’s why Lowe’s offers pickup truck rentals at select locations.

Lowe’s pickup trucks aren’t the best option for most moves, and they won’t work for long-distance moves at all. But they’re great for DIY projects around the house, spring cleaning, and small local moves.

Keep reading to learn all about Lowe’s pickup truck rentals.

Pro Heading
Pro Bullet Roadside assistance
Pro Bullet Unlimited mileage
Pro Bullet 8-ft. bed
Con Heading
Con Bullet Limited availability
Con Bullet No tie-down rental
Con Bullet No trailer hitch included

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How much does Lowe’s truck rental cost?

Lowe’s lets you rent its trucks for two different rates. A 90-minute rental costs $19 plus $5 for every additional 15 minutes. An all-day rental costs only $89, and you don’t need to return the truck until your local Lowe’s closes for the day. Not too shabby.

Lowe’s truck rental prices

Rental time
90 minutes
All day


$19 (+$5 for every additional 15 minutes)


Data as of 12/8/2020.

Lowe’s flexible prices work for your job and your budget. If you need the truck for only about two hours, it’s cheaper to just go with the 90-minute rental and pay $10 for the additional half hour. These $5 charges will quickly add up if you keep the truck too long, though.

If you need the truck for more than five hours, the all-day rental costs less. And with the all-day option, you can avoid stressing about returning the truck in the nick of time.

The best part? Lowe’s truck rentals always come with unlimited mileage, so there’s no need to watch the odometer all day when you’re driving back and forth across town with load after load. Some other rental companies (like U-Haul) give you only a certain amount of miles with their rentals, then charge you for every extra mile.

Just make sure you refill the gas tank before you return the truck.

Light Bulb
Plan your trip wisely

However long you have the truck, Lowe’s requires that you return your truck to the same store you got it from. This means you can’t use it for one-way moves.

Lowe’s rental trucks at a glance

Truck make/model
Chevy Silverado 1500

Truck bed size

8 ft.

Weight capacity

1 ton

Data as of 12/8/2020.

The size and weight capacity of Lowe’s pickup trucks make them ideal for just about any job you could possibly have around your home (unless you moonlight as an elephant tamer).

The bed can easily fit most furniture, yard appliances, and disassembled yard structures (like swingsets and awnings). It’s also great for hauling renovation debris, busted rocks, and other junk you might need to take to the dump.

You don’t even need to wash the truck afterward, though you probably should if you’re hauling muddy sod or dusty concrete chunks. It’s just the right thing to do.

Other tools and equipment

Unfortunately, the trucks don’t come with tie-downs, trailer hitches, straps, or other must-have equipment for heavy-duty jobs. Luckily, you’ll already be stopping by Lowe’s, where you can easily pick these necessities up.

Lowe’s doesn’t rent this type of equipment, so you’ll have to pay full price for it, but it beats not having it at all.

What to know about Lowe’s pickup truck rental

It’s easy to rent a Lowe’s pickup truck

All you need to rent a truck from Lowe’s is your driver’s license, your proof of insurance, and your credit card. That’s really it. Bring all these documents in with you, and you’ll be out the door in a Chevy pickup in no time.

You can’t make reservations

Lowe’s rents out its trucks on a first-come, first-served basis. This policy means that you can’t make a reservation online or over the phone. While you should call ahead to make sure your local Lowe’s has trucks for rent, there’s no guarantee there will still be one waiting for you when you show up.

That said, if you get to the store and no trucks are available, one may get returned later that day. However, since the company lets customers rent out its trucks for all-day jobs, there’s no guarantee.

It isn’t available everywhere

Not every Lowe’s location offers pickup truck rentals. In fact, there are whole states (like Utah) where this service isn’t available. Unfortunately, Lowe’s doesn’t have a list of store locations where you can rent a truck, so you’ll know if your local Lowe’s rents out trucks only if you call ahead.

If you find out that there are no Lowe’s locations with rental trucks near you, you can also try your luck with Home Depot, U-Haul, or Enterprise.

FAQ about Lowe’s pickup truck rentals

Does Lowe’s have moving trucks for rent?

No. While you can rent a Lowe’s pickup truck for your move, the company doesn’t rent out any box trucks—the type of truck you probably think of when you envision a moving truck.

Lowe’s pickup trucks are smaller than typical moving trucks, and they don’t have enclosed spaces. For this reason, they aren’t the best vehicle for moving a full home’s worth of stuff.

That said, they are far cheaper than standard moving trucks, so if you have only a few pieces of furniture to move and you’re on a tight budget, a Lowe’s pickup truck might be ideal for your local move.

What if my Lowe’s rental truck breaks down?

Every Lowe’s pickup truck comes with roadside assistance. If you catch a flat or the truck breaks down while you’re using it, you just have to call the Lowe’s store where you picked it up and they’ll send roadside assistance to come help you out.

Our recommendation

Lowe’s pickup trucks aren’t the ideal vehicle for moving, and since they need to be returned to the location you rent them from, they can’t really be used for long-distance moves at all. That said, they’re great for moving small loads short distances on a shoe-string budget, and they’re perfect for DIY renovation, construction, and cleanup jobs.

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