Nationwide United Auto Transport 2024 Review collected 14 quotes and posed as customers to evaluate Nationwide United Auto Transportation's car shipping services.
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Kurt Manwaring
Feb 16, 2023
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Bottom Line: Nationwide United Auto Transport is a good option for customers with big vehicles (e.g., boats, campers, RVs)—and big wallets.

When we compared Nationwide United Auto Transport's prices to other top car shippers, we found that Nationwide United's services cost several hundred dollars more. That said, the company ships vehicles others might not, and customers generally praise Nationwide United for its professionalism.

pro Expedited shipping
pro Transport to and from Hawaii
pro Recreational vehicle expertise
pro State-by-state transport guides
con Super expensive
con No instant quotes
con Sketchy discounts

See how Nationwide United Auto Transport compares to our best car shipping companies.

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How much does Nationwide United Auto Transport cost?

Nationwide United Auto Transport isn’t cheap. Our research shows you could pay about 45% more than you would with another car shipping company. Nationwide United Auto Transport quoted us $950 to ship a car via open transport from San Francisco, CA, to Phoenix, AZ, while competitors averaged about $651.

Nationwide United Auto Transport pricing

Cost info
Nationwide United Auto Transport
Competitor average

Total cost



Cash discount or rebate



Cost per pound



Cost per mile



*Data as of 1/8/2020. Competitor average determined using 14 quotes from five different auto transport companies.

We went shopping with our best car shipping companies and got 14 quotes to ship a 2018 Toyota Camry from San Francisco, CA, to Phoenix, AZ. In each case, Nationwide United Auto Transport was more expensive than the competition by hundreds of dollars.

In this scenario, booking with Nationwide United Auto Transport would cost 46% more on average than another auto transport company.

To put that in perspective, imagine Nationwide United Auto Transport sold movie tickets instead of car shipping services. If you normally pay $9.00 for a movie ticket, Nationwide United Auto Transport would charge $13.14.

That’s a big difference.

Of course, there are tons of factors that could influence your price, and some car shippers will quote you less up front than what you’ll actually pay for your service. Until you get your final bill, an estimate is just that: an estimate.

If you’re shipping an RV on a different route, for example, Nationwide United Auto Transport’s prices may not be as far out of line. That’s why we always recommend getting multiple quotes so you can compare your options.

Badge Definition
What are auto driveaway services?

Car shipping terminology can be tricky. “Auto driveaway” sometimes means your vehicle is transported on a truck—and sometimes it means a 48-year-old trucker could be spitting out sunflower seed shells in your car the whole way to your destination.

It’s like Uber, but you don’t come along for the ride. Be sure to clarify what service is being performed when you book your auto transport.

Nationwide United Auto Transport cost factors

Several factors affect the cost of shipping your car with Nationwide United Auto Transport. Some things are in your control—but some aren’t.


The more miles you need to travel, the more expensive your final bill may be. For example, a trip from San Francisco, CA, to Phoenix, AZ, will cost less than a move from San Francisco, CA, to New York, NY.

Vehicle size

SUVs don’t just cost more at the gas pump. Size matters. Your shipping cost is higher if your vehicle is bigger.

Vehicle condition

You’ll pay less if you have a reliable car in working condition. Auto transport companies charge extra if they can’t drive your vehicle onto their carriers. So your 2018 Toyota Camry will be more affordable to ship than the 1982 Chevy Malibu that hasn’t worked since Friends went off the air.

Type of transport

Are you comfortable exposing your car to the elements during transit (open transport)? Or do you want it surrounded by four walls for the entire trip (enclosed transport)?

It’s like paying for an umbrella when it’s raining. But this extra protection for your car costs hundreds of dollars more.

Get your car squeaky clean

Cars get dirty on open transport trailers. It’s the nature of the business.

Sherpa Auto Transport offers you a $20 credit for a car wash after your vehicle has been delivered. No one else in the industry has anything like it.


Some routes are more expensive than others for a variety of reasons. For example, construction on a major freeway makes it harder for drivers, and they pass those costs down to you. If a transport quote seems high, see if another route makes it cheaper. It never hurts to ask.


The auto transport industry is a supply and demand business. You can snag a lower rate if you ship your car outside peak car shipping season—June, July, and August—when drivers are easy to find.

Expedited shipping

Premium services are almost always available—for a premium price. Nationwide United Auto Transport will speed up your delivery for an additional fee.

A rep told us it would cost $1,550 to get a car from Utah to New Jersey in 6–8 days, but the price would be $3,450 to get it there one day faster.

That’s a difference of nearly $2,000!

You can find companies with expedited shipping rates that apply across the board, but they’re still pricey (hundreds of dollars).

The gist? Expedited shipping is available, but it’s super expensive.


If you’re in the military, Nationwide United Auto Transport will shave $50 off the cost of your move—or so it says.

This discount isn’t listed on the company’s website, and the representative we spoke with wouldn’t tell us what the discount was unless we committed to getting a car shipping quote. We were able to get an answer about the discount only by speaking with a supervisor.

So, military folks: be sure to ask about this deal if you contact Nationwide United.

Hurray for discounts!

Moving industry discounts aren’t limited to auto transport. Depending on the company and the type of moving service you need, there are discounts available for older adults, students, law enforcement officers—and more. Check out some of our favorite moving discounts.

Nationwide United Auto Transport coverage options

Nationwide United Auto Transport includes coverage of up to $75,000 for vehicles shipped via open transport and $250,000 for those that go via enclosed transport. This will kick in to cover damage caused if Nationwide United Auto Transport is negligent or if its equipment fails during transport.

Anything beyond that, such as third-party insurance, is entirely up to you.

If you’re transporting grandpa’s sentimental first car or a pricey Porsche, it might be worth it to buy extra coverage through another company.

Nationwide United Auto Transport shipping services

Nationwide United Auto Transport offers most of your standard car shipping services, but it also handles some unusual situations:

  • Bus hauling
  • Camper trailer and RV transport
  • Classic car transport
  • Enclosed transport
  • Expedited transport
  • Flatbed trucking
  • Heavy equipment hauling
  • Inoperable vehicle transport
  • Motor home driveaway services
  • Motor home hauling
  • Open transport
  • Oversized vehicle transport
  • Transport to and from Hawaii

Things to know about Nationwide United Auto Transport

Nationwide United Auto Transport has several things going for it—and a few against it.

Here’s what you should know before you book.

It has expertise with large vehicles

One of the things we love about Nationwide United Auto Transport is its expertise with big vehicles. The company has loads of experience shipping large vehicles, boats, yachts, campers, and RVs—a service not all of the industry offers.

It even has people who can drive your motor home to its new location.

Not sure what type of transport services you need for these odd-shaped vehicles? Don’t worry. Nationwide United Auto Transport reps can walk you through all of your options, and the company lists a lot of helpful resources on its website.

Ready to transport your boat or RV?

It offers state-by-state auto transport guides

Nationwide United Auto Transport is available in 49 states (sorry, Alaska), and the company provides an auto transport guide specific to each state. Head on over to the company’s website to find in-depth information about rules, regulations, and recommendations specific to where you’re shipping your vehicle to and from.

Shipping a car to or from New Jersey? Nationwide United Auto Transport recommends you use open transport unless you have a luxury car.

Going to Arizona? Great! Nationwide United Auto lets you know it does daily routes there. While that’s a good thing for your final bill, it could also make it harder to book, so the company alerts Arizona customers to make early reservations.

Nationwide United Auto Transport also mixes in general moving tips such as how to prepare your car for transit.

We love this attention to detail. The company makes an effort to understand the unique needs of its customers across the country.

Info Box
Nationwide United Auto Transport hours

Nationwide United Auto Transport is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (PST) Monday through Friday and from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturday. The company is closed on Sundays.

It has expensive rates

As we’ve mentioned, Nationwide United Auto Transport is pricey. We gathered 14 quotes from other companies for the sake of comparison, and Nationwide United Auto Transport was hundreds of dollars more expensive than all of them.

It has a lot of positive reviews

Nationwide United Auto Transport really shines in customer reviews. We searched high and low to see what customers think about the car transportation service company, and the results are overwhelmingly positive.

Customers repeatedly praise Nationwide United Auto Transport’s professionalism. This includes customer service interactions with the company on the phone and with the drivers.

Customers also repeatedly state that Nationwide United Auto Transport makes them feel safe leaving their car with the company. Shipping a car can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if it’s your first time—so that’s a big deal.

Nationwide United Auto Transport BBB reviews

If you’re searching for Nationwide United Auto Transport reviews via the Better Business Bureau, you won’t find them. The company technically has an A+ rating, but as of publishing time, no one has left a review—positive or negative.

Our recommendation

Nationwide United Auto Transport could be a good option if you need to ship an entertainment vehicle like a boat, camper, or RV. The company has proven expertise in this area—and it’s a feature not all auto transportation services offer. Just be aware that its car shipping prices are on the high end.

Ready to ship your vehicle?

Other car shipping picks

If you need to ship your car but aren’t sold on Nationwide United Auto Transport, here are some other options:

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