Purple Heart Moving Group Review

Bottom line: Purple Heart Moving Group is a family-owned moving brokerage that offers basic professional moving services without the hefty price tag of many of its competitors.

Overall rating

3.7 / 5

What is Purple Heart?

If you’re looking for a standard moving experience and want a full-service brokerage company that finds you middle-of-the-road prices, say hello to Purple Heart Moving Group.

Purple Heart Moving Group is a no-frills, family-owned and family-operated brokerage moving company based in Florida. As a brokerage company, it’ll find you moving companies that get the job done without trying to upsell you pricey carriers.

Read on to hear everything we have to say on the matter in our Purple Heart Moving Group Review.


  • Moderate prices
  • 30-day free storage
  • Select packing materials with every move
  • Disassembly/reassembly of furniture


  • Partnerships with standard (vs. top rated) moving companies
  • Limitations on 30-day storage
  • Over-the-phone estimates only (no in-home option)

Things we like

Purple Heart appeals to movers who want a standard, simple move and who don’t care to pay a ton to get there.

Here are the features we like best about Purple Heart Moving Group:

  • Budget-minded prices
  • Disassembly and reassembly of any standard piece of furniture
  • 30 days of free storage

We’ll get into these details below, but let’s talk about which services are included in the price of the move and which are extra.

Included vs. paid services

Storage *
Full-service packing
Packing materials **
Disassembly/reassembly of furniture
Basic valuation protection
Full-value protection
Full-service packing
Packing materials
Disassembly/reassembly of furniture
Basic valuation protection
Full-value protection
Included Extra

*30 days of free storage is offered depending on the size of load, time of year, and availability of storage units.
**Bubble wrap, shrink wrap, and a moving blanket are included in every move—additional materials cost extra.


Just so you know

Just so you know

Supplies like large boxes for TVs are extra, but Purple Heart puts on seasonal specials for free moving supplies—so be sure to ask about that.

Standout feature #1: Middle-of-the-road prices

Purple Heart gets that not every mover wants carte blanche—or to pay for it. Because of this, unlike other brokerage companies, Purple Heart won’t seek out moving companies with specialty services and sky-high prices, which is ideal for the budget-minded mover.

Instead, Purple Heart Moving company will go to bat to book you fair prices on standard moves. In pairing you with solid companies that make fair offers, Purple Heart is able to help movers who have tighter budgets or less specific moving needs.

Standout feature #2: 30 days free storage

Purple Heart provides thirty days of free storage on most moves, which is a rarity in the moving industry. The only caveat here is that it offers it on most moves—not all.

Essentially, if Purple Heart has a storage unit available, it’ll give you thirty days of storage. Whether or not it has a storage unit available all depends on the time of year (i.e., how busy it is) and the size of your inventory.

Standout feature #3: Furniture setup and take-down

Purple Heart will do the drudgery of assembly and disassembly of any standard piece of furniture for you.

Not all moving companies offer this perk in their moves, so take note if your IKEA dresser was a pain to build the first go-round. Purple Heart will do the work for you—both times.

How is the cost determined?

No matter which company you end up going with—whether that’s Purple Heart’s Moving Group in Florida or another moving company it assigns you—your overall cost will depend on the following factors:

  • Moving distance
  • Time of year (summer being the busiest and most expensive season)
  • Location
  • Shipment volume (in non-summer months this is around $3.98 per cu. ft.)
  • Level of moving insurance
  • Storage fees
  • Moving/packing materials
  • Transport, taxes, tolls, mileage, labor, field surcharges

Because you’ll be using a brokerage company, you’ll pay your overall cost to Purple Heart, which will be split into three payments.

  1. Initial deposit
  2. Pickup day payment
  3. Delivery day payment
Little pin

No date change penalties

No date change penalties

As long as you give 24 hours notice prior to your scheduled move date, you can change your date as many times as you’d like within that year and still receive a full refund.

Additional fees and services

Some services, like storage, will cost extra depending on availability. Others are extra depending on where you’re moving to/from and how much you’re moving.

Here are the fees and services that would fall into this camp:

  • Long-carry fee: If they have to park the moving truck more than 75 feet from your front door, you’ll pay extra by about $1.00 a foot. (Cost will increase in the summer.)
  • Access fees: A $50.00 fee per floor incurs if a stairway is more than ten steps. For instance, if you live on the eighth floor of an apartment complex, the move will cost more than a first-floor move of a rambler home.
  • Specialty packing: For fragile items or things that require individualized crafting, like a chandelier, for example, you’ll be charged extra.
    Bulky item moves: You’ll have to pay extra to move unwieldy, hard-to-move objects like playsets and pianos.
  • Shuttle service: If the semi-trailer can’t get close enough to the building you’re moving into or out of, Purple Heart will call in a shuttle service, costing a minimum $0.50 per cubic foot.
  • Full-value replacement: Every move comes with basic valuation—$0.06 coverage per pound—but you can opt for full-value replacement, which replaces any items broken, damaged, or lost during the move.
Get money

A word about fees

A word about fees

Like many moving companies, Purple Heart divides its yearly fees into summer months and non-summer months. Fees typically spike on almost all services during summer months—since that’s the industry’s busiest season.


To get a quote all you have to do is fill out some basic information on Purple Heart’s website. Heads up, though: Purple Heart’s website gets the job done but is hard to navigate.

To get a quote you’ll need to provide the following information online:

  • ZIP codes of where you’re moving to and from
  • Move size (number of bedrooms)
  • Cubic weight of inventory
  • Date of move

After you’ve received a ballpark estimate, Purple Heart will have you fill out an itemized inventory of everything you’re moving. Purple Heart doesn’t offer in-home estimates, which means you’ll need to inventory everything yourself—but it also means you don’t have to schedule one more meeting when getting ready for your move.

Plus, if you book a week in advance of your desired move date, someone from Purple Heart can walk you through your inventory over the phone and remind you of things you might forget.

With most moving companies, your quoted price will increase on moving day since most people forget to include things like rugs in their initial inventory. If you underestimate, this can cause problems on moving day, since Purple Heart will send you a truck based on the number of cubic feet you estimated for.

To combat this, Purple Heart cushions its quotes by 15–20%—so you can plan for the worst-case scenario price-wise.

This means Purple Heart will quote you higher than what you’ll pay, which we prefer to low-balled estimates. With low-balled quotes, you run the risk of getting hit with hidden fees and spending more than you budgeted for. But with Purple Heart, your quote is likely to be higher than your final price—and you’ll know every fee upfront.




Purple Heart could do better on the customer service front. Each time we’ve called, it’s either been a hit or a miss.

Other important things to ask

Because the process of using a brokerage company varies from using an independent full-service moving company, we broke down each step so you can see the difference.

Step 1: To start, enter general info about your move online (such as ZIP codes and move dates) to get a quote.

Step 2: From there, Purple Heart will request a full inventory of each item that needs to be moved. You’ll go through and complete this inventory, including every item you need moved.

If you request a move at least seven days in advance, a quality assurance representative will call you two to five days before your move date to clarify your inventory and talk you through anything you may have missed.

Step 3: Purple Heart will assign you a moving company. It’s a good idea to research this company, as your moving experience will depend on this company.

Step 4: Your mover will come on moving day and take its own itemized inventory of the items you’re moving, revising the inventory you filled out earlier, if necessary.

Step 5: Purple Heart will coordinate the wrapping of any furniture, specialty wrapping, and the disassembly of standard pieces of furniture.

Step 6: The movers will load all your belongings into the moving truck.

Step 7: Your Purple Heart representative will be in constant communication with you throughout the move, updating you by phone and email, though you’ll also have the personal phone number of the truck driver.

Step 8: Once at the destination, movers will unload your belongings, go through the inventory again, and reassemble any items they disassembled.

Why should I use a broker?

Purple Heart will handle the logistics and negotiation required of booking a move by acting as a go-between for moving companies and you.

Combining its understanding of your needs and its rapport with moving companies, Purple Heart makes this process easier by vetting your options for you and then booking the movers. Plus, throughout the process, Purple Heart will facilitate communication between you and your truck driver.

For instance, if it’s difficult for you to get in contact with your truck driver, Purple Heart can step in and use its relationship with the carrier to get you the information you need.

Our opinion

If you take away anything from this Purple Heart Moving review, remember: its rates aren’t overpriced but they don’t seem too good to be true either—they’re a reasonable, happy medium.

So if you’re a mover looking to do a standard move that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, we recommend Purple Heart. And keep in mind, when working with a brokerage company, your experience largely depends on the mover Purple Heart books you with.

Not done researching? Read up on our Best Interstate Moving Companies review.

About Julia Campbell

Julia Campbell
Julia Campbell is a full-time writer who knows the tricks of the trade when it comes to planning a hassle-free move. Having moved seven times in the past five years, she draws from her own experience and industry expertise to help you avoid her biggest mistakes (like that time she thought she could get away with packing her dishes without wrapping them first).
  • Rebecca Reid

    I did a lot of research before stumbling upon Purple Heart Moving. I put in a list of my things online along with some other information online and started receiving a lot of phone calls. I probably got 30 within the first 12 hours. This was quite overwhelming at my age.
    However, I received a call from a family friend who found out I was moving and recommended this company. I got in touch with a lovely young gentleman who stayed on the phone with me and walked me through how to research some other companies, as well as Purple Heart. I was able to receive a discount since my deceased husband was in the military for over 20 years.
    I was very flexible on the time frame of the move, this made it easy for myself and the company to set it up. I decided to pack myself, and though this was a tough decision, I needed to save money where I could. I set the move up for two months out which gave my ample time to pack properly.
    What really solidified the fact that I made the correct decision was, the gentleman I was speaking to helped me order all different kinds of boxes off online before we got off the phone. They were delivered right to my door a few days later. I didn’t have to stress about going to the store and making sure I was purchasing enough. It was such a blessing.
    When the movers arrived I had everything packed and labeled. They moved the big items, like the beds and couches for me. They also supplied blankets to protect all of my china cabinets and antique dressers.
    They were in and out faster than I expected. The whole three bedroom house took them less than 4 hours to wrap and pack up everything in the truck. I was completely in awe.
    The whole move took about two weeks, which I knew ahead of time. The customer service department was able to give me updates when I relentlessly called. I had arrangements to stay with my sister while the move was taking place.
    The delivery went just as smoothly as the pick up. I had no errors and I am pleased to say that I went with Purple Heart Moving Group. They did an amazing job and I am cordially writing this to recommend them to others.

  • Kondor Osdol

    I booked with this company because I was referred by a fellow colleague. The process was very simple and easy. I was able to do it over the phone and it took less than an hour to set up. The lady I spoke to gave me a lot of information and walked me through the whole process.
    Since this was a business move, I needed very specific dates and times. They were able to accommodate. So many other places were not. I did have to pay additional for a specific date of pick up, but they were able to offer it and follow through. I also needed an fast delivery.
    The moving people showed up, did their job and delivered great service.

  • Lemly Mott

    I needed to move closer to my family in Dallas and get out of the cold weather. I was able to set up a move six months out and save a bit of money. I had to move in the summer and was told by many companies that this would result in a heftier price.
    Though I did not have an option to move at a different time of year, I was able to receive some discounts through Purple Heart, which made things easier.
    All the people I spoke to there were so kind. This made the moving transition a great deal easier.
    My son and his wife were the ones that were at the pick up. They said everything went flawlessly. I was at my children’s house about a week and half before the delivery. I was given this information prior, so I was prepared. Smooth delivery as well.

  • Seawood Soaski

    Was pleased with the work that this company put in to make my move go smoothly. I had to fix my inventory listed a few days before pick up. Purple Heart let me fix it with them and my price decreased substantially. I had a small budget that was being pushed, so I had decided to have a large ‘yard-sale’ prior to my move.
    I have read a lot of reviews during my research about prices increasing on pick up. This did not happen to me. My price remained the same after the adjustment was made prior to pick up. I have recommended them and would do it again.

  • Vel P

    I am old and live alone and needed someone to pack everything for me. I was not able to get my son out to help me in time. I was, unfortunately, not given a lot of time to move. This company helped me within hours set everything up. The packing started not even a week after I called and took a whole day. They put everything in the truck the following day.
    All in all, it was a very excellent experience.

  • Vernon Esp

    I was picked up and dropped off in a weeks span. This was my only major request for my move. I needed enough time to drive from California to New York, but did not want to stay in hotels after arriving to NYC. The people who showed up were great. I don’t have anything bad to say about Purple Heart. Their hard work and notice to detail are very much appreciated.

  • Chuck M

    Overall pleased with the services I received. I do not have any major complaints. The movers were a little late showing up. I waited for about an hour longer than expected. Nothing serious, but my time is very valuable. Everything else went flawlessly. I would use them again if they are more accurate with arrival times. Though, I have dealt with this before with maintenance for home appliances. Maybe it is a trucking thing that I have not been aware of. I would use them again for business moves.

  • Cantino Bucci

    Great service provided. The only complaint I had was that I called customer service line and was put on hold for about 15 minutes. The lady who finally answered did explain the situation to me. I guess their power had gone down for the morning, so they had an overload of calls. Regardless, I was happy with everything else. The movers were good and nothing was broken.

  • Gretchen Rach

    Generally pleased with the service that I was given. Everyone I spoke to was nice. The supervisor named Mykeena was helpful everytime I spoke to her. She went out of her way to get updates for me since I was constantly stressed. It is things like that that set companies apart. I move a lot for my company, this one seemed to be more stressful for no fauly but my own. I will be using them again.

  • Mac Vigil

    I moved from Las Vegas to DC. Was never expecting it to be an easy move. Ive lived in Las Vegas for over 30 years. My cousin used this company for a small move about a year ago and said I should check them out. I knew it wasn’t going to be a cheap move. It’s a long move and I have A LOT of stuff. The whole move cost be about $8000, just under. It took 7 hours for everything to be packed and put on the truck. It took 2 weeks for delivery. It took 5 hours for the unloading part. Everything went as expected. Don’t have any negative comments at this time.

    • Darwin Dobson

      Remember that Purple Heart is a Broker, not the mover. Any props for the actual move do not go out to Purple Heart. You happened to get a good mover and are lucky that there were no issues with the quote process or you would have been out of luck. Please send your positive comments to the movers themselves and not Purple Heart.

  • Nick

    Moved twice with them in the last year and a half and figured I would let people know. I have not had issues with them. Everyone I speak to has been nice and gone out of their way to help me and my grandmother. Everything seems to be taken care of a little extra. Delivery has taken a little longer than expected, but in the grand scheme of things, it is not that big of a deal. We still have our health and our love and our lives. Overall, we surely like them and have told our fam about them!

  • Shelby Nelson

    I moved not long ago to Georgia and needed to find a mover quick that was not going to break my bank. I also loved the fact that if need be they offered free storage just in case. Never heard of a company doing that, and we moved a lot with the military. They really do treat your stuff as their own. They are great when it comes to communication, as they return calls promptly and their staff is very kind and knowledgeable. They take that extra time with customers and treat them very well. Would highly recommend their services to anyone who needs a mover in the near future.

    • Darwin Dobson

      Remember that Purple Heart is a Broker, not the mover. Any props for the actual move do not go out to Purple Heart. You are lucky that there were no issues with the quote process or you would have been out of luck. Please send your positive comments to the movers themselves and not Purple Heart.

  • Cathy

    Purple Heart was recommended to me by a friend who had used them for making the exact same move that I was making (for work) from Tennessee to Florida. Just the idea of all my stuff traveling that distance without me was making me freak out. I contacted Purple Heart and had a professional and informative conversation about my move. When the movers arrived, they were efficient and quick. I have had moves in the past where the movers seemed to struggle with my stuff to the point where I thought I was going to have let them lie down, but none of those kind of histrionics with these guys. They packed my apartment within a 5-hour window. I was supposed to receive my things within 14 days and I got them in 10. Everything was in good shape.

    • Darwin Dobson

      Remember that Purple Heart is a Broker, not the mover. Any props for the actual move do not go out to Purple Heart. You happened to get a good mover and are lucky that there were no issues with the quote process or you would have been out of luck. Please send your positive comments to the movers themselves and not Purple Heart.

  • A Z

    Just a friendly reminder on how horrible this company is. Hired a 3rd party from hackensack nj “fragile moving” you would think that they would cater to packing fragile items properly. NOPE majority of my fragile items where broken. They charged me $2500 more than signed and agreed, after they took my things and held them for randsom. Yup, told me $2500, we signed papers, they took my stuff to a storage unit and said if i want my things delivered its $2500 more, “we made a mathmatical error” i told them to forget it, just bring my things back, ill find another company, they told me they would, but they would have to charge me for that as well. The packers not only asked me for tips before even finishing the job, but also asked me for things they noticed not getting packed. (I was packing up my mothers house, she passed away that week, and they knew this). They took advantage of my hardship, knowing that shipment was sentimental. It gets better, i pay them, they inform me ill will recieve 24 hour notice of delivery. The driver calls me sunday about 2pm asking what time monday i will be available… I said 1 maybe 2pm (24hrs) he says “oh no im busy, ill be there at 8am if you are not there we will have to store your stuff and cant make it back to you for at least 2 weeks and you will have to pay storage fees” so much for 24 hours. I had to leave my job early i work weekend 2.5 hours away… so i left at 5am to meet these guys, who broke a bunch of my stuff. I left some poor reviews, the company contacted me and offered me $300 to sign a waiver stating i would no longer speak poorly on their behalf. I said give me my $2500 you stole and we have a deal. Never heard back, wonder how many others they paid to remove their negative reviews? Explains why they have such a good rating. I personally cant be bought out, I prefer justice. Heres the texts i got, can you say UNPROFESSIONAL https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7064fb70c4ba00bfd46086151b6f20880ca5fd232283f3a99b5093516ac43034.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f359e90afd92708f4ece38380f280d3853a7301e59a111b107b6ed2043e306dd.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c3a0c9b45b0167d781b098a09cf7adaa56eeb294e54309ba8a671f1cdc9b8b03.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ad3678a3fc20a352e655acbc3eee4cd592d726cbd5179987997deda520bffca7.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4eed7eb64d505cc80f81efbf9ddc733071548a6010721951b8e9b0646bd652b1.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1f3e8f8cb6546defe97534b7be48f52923f3ae84fa9b15c2b88935d893f9ce93.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1642b4ec0f64928b7776d7572722a724dd6ddb12fddf5bf188ae9d9347c7ce47.jpg /images/ec77e37daea3cb26579cf96b5d0aba74a1e97a2d202fa252f3be91bf088b1837.png

    • Sree Sudha

      Totally agree with you. Had a very horrible experience with this company.

  • Sree Sudha

    Horrible experience. I wish I had a chance to read through the reviews earlier. The exact same thing happened to me. The initial quote provided for them was $1576 for a 1-bed condo and I was given an inventory list to be filled in. Once I filled the list the cubic feet measurement was provided but again a new estimate was given for the exact same furniture and just for a mere increase of 26 cf, I was charged an extra $500 and my total moving cost went up to $2100. While sending the second estimate, I was told the amount would be less based on the actual measurements during the move and that never happened. Their customer service was horrible and the lady who spoke on the call was very rude and she was kind of mocking us for not knowing the whole move process procedures. ( we are not professionals who do moves all the time and obviously wouldnt know the tactics behind they inventory estimates). As I am reading through the below reviews, I agree that this company is just a borker company and the actual movers are different. My move was from St.Louis to Plano and was actually done by 5 star moving company. Purple Hearts was just a broker between us and 5-star. The original movers, 5-start moving company was very professional and they helped the move process smoothly. Their staff was very courteous and helpful.

    But please never ever chose Purple Heart company for your moving needs. I am 100% confident you would be surprised with their initial estimates and your final moving bill. Very disappointed to deal with this company.

  • Sara

    Do not use Purple Heart! This company contracts out to terrible carriers who are unprofessional, negligent and even criminal. We had numerous delivery times given with no shows, damaged and missing items, and the movers were kicking and throwing boxes. Many boxes were left out in the rain, we have 1/2 a bed, a missing video game console, etc. We now have to go through insurance claims to sort it all out.

    Purple Heart takes your money and then pretends they’ll guide the whole move but basically leave you hanging. They tried to make us sign an NDA in exchange for a small discount so not to write this review. AVOID! I recommend Wheaton 🙂

  • Maddy blask

    My overall experience with this company was very positive and coordinated with professionalism . My quote was accurate, the crews were respectful and hardworking. Their customer service was impeccable, they were very communicative with everyone from the carrier to their operations team and the driver. The only complaint i have was my shipment arriving 1 day before I was ready for it . However, Purple Heart managed to work everything out with the carrier l and keep the truck in Chicago an extra day and compensated me fairly for the error their dispatch made. I would recommend this company to anyone and they will be handling any of my moves in the future

  • Sherri Thompson

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! I used this company to move in January. They contracted out to a company to contracted to another. I paid for an expedited delivery which I never received and I did not receive the refund promised. There estimate was wrong and they charged me more at pick up. I have many broken items. No one ever contacted me after the move was completed. I have called the company and been assured someone would reach out to me but it has been over a month with no word. I will make sure no one within my company uses them in the future. This is my 5th move in 5 years and it is the worst experience I have ever had with any company.

  • http://www.augustamovers.ca/ Robert Laurent

    It seems that customer in needs can get whole the services that he or she is looking after. One thing is that services are changed on reasonable basis of amount. Any clients wanting any services can contact the agency by visiting its official site and filling the service registration form.Visit us @

  • Carin Savel

    BUYER BEWARE!! This is a broker, not a mover. I received a binding estimate for $3589. I scheduled the move and paid the deposit $973. Less than a week out, they called and added items they forgot to add, like 3 flat screen TVs (1 already boxed), 5 lamps and 5 rugs. They then sent me a revised binding estimate of $6181– nearly double– and demanded an additional $500 deposit. This was a classic bait and switch and I cancelled. They then sent a 3rd binding estimate for $4350. This is one shady company. I cancelled the move within immediately. They refused to refund my deposit. When I told them I was starting a bank discharge, they said they would refund half my deposit. My bank gave me a full credit and we opened a dispute. What a slimy company.

  • Jason Price

    I agree with all of the negative comments posted previously. I thought this was one of the top rated moving companies in the country, and only discovered on the day of our move that it is simply a booking company. I have already reviewed the moving company elsewhere, providing a very poor review. All Purple Heart did was pass me along to different people, each time stating that the person will work with me for the duration of the move. In the process I received misinformation constantly. Two examples include, being called on Saturday night and told that the movers would be there the following day when it was actually scheduled for Monday, and being given the wrong name of the moving company. My best advice is find a reputable moving company and deal with them directly.

  • Jungyeon Park

    Horrible company to use. 1) the estimated time doesn’t mean anything. It was arranged as 10am in the morning and the movers came after 5pm. 2) the estimated cost doesn’t mean anything either. My estimated cost was about $1600 and after they pack everything I was told that I need to pay $2800. 3) the estimated delivery day? of course, it’s not correct. When I booked the moving by phone, it’s going to be delivered within 3-10 business days. But when I asked the movers, they said it will be within 30 days and I have to pay extra if I want it to be delivered sooner.

  • Deanna Shuman-Good

    Stay away! They tell you its an out the door quote, then let their sub contractors rape and extort you. The moving co they hired were late, unprepared, unprofessional, damaged over 40K worth of my belongings, raised the price 60% over the Purple Heart Contract, once they have your money, they are done with you. Total move cost me $13,000 CASH, because their shady subs know what they are doing is illegal.

  • Joshua Skinner

    I’m sorry to see that other people didn’t have a great experience here because I absolutely loved working with Purple Heart. These guys were full service and the scheduling was very easy. My quote was super accurate and nothing I owned was damaged in the slightest. I’m not planning to move again any time soon but if I have to I will definitely be using these guys again

  • Michael A. Pabón

    I will never do business with Purple Heart again. I specifically asked the customer service representative how many days it would take my things to arrive, and they said 5-10 days. No hesitation. No additional comments. 5-10 days he assured me. He even added, “that’s a good route for us, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets there early”. This was not the case. My things arrived almost 20 days later. 1 week living in an empty apartment. 2 days before starting my new job.

    The day they were supposed to pick up my things, I called them 3 times and left 2 voicemails as I had some questions. I never heard from them again until I called a week later to ask them how things were going. They didn’t know anything about where my things were or how long they would take to arrive. I called again several times and they finally sent me an email as a reply. Terrible communication. I never received an apology or an explanation for the delay.

    Furthermore, the excuse that they gave was that the estimated delivery time started after the “first available delivery date (FADD)” that I specified. How does that make sense? It is called the first available DELIVERY date. If you estimate that the delivery will take 5-10 days, then you cannot start counting from the FADD, as it will never be the delivery date. Does that mean that my things were never shipped and were just sitting in storage from the day they were picked up until the FADD 10 days later? This was a cheap excuse.

    The subcontracted companies who picked up and delivered my things were very nice and professional. However, additional surprises (extra charges) kept popping up every time we spoke. They also almost left with my TV. Thankfully I had a list that I reviewed very quickly as they were about to drive off.

  • Evelyn Wilson

    I had such a great experience hiring this company. From my first call to the moment they were driving away with an empty van they were great. Their office staff is so sweet and will answer any questions you have. Their movers work quickly and don’t stop until the job is done. They had a positive attitude through the whole day. I would definitely recommend them. The whole thing was great.

  • Martha Michaels

    I had so much piece of mind when I chose to work with Purple Heart Moving Group. They really took their time to discuss with me everything I needed to know when I called them to schedule my move. They gave me a detailed cost estimate that they stuck to and didn’t charge extra on. They did an excellent job and communicated clearly through everything. They were prompt, professional, and very friendly. I’m so happy I decided to use them for my move.

  • Megan

    This moving destroyed or damaged most of my stuff and were rude and unresponsive. My furniture was thrown into the truck in pieces without padding or packaging and my mattress arrived filthy and had to be thrown away. Claims has been a horrible process. I will literally have to buy most of my belongings again.

  • Theresa Smith

    We hired Purple Heart Moving for a last minute move and they were on top of everything. They has a great response time and were able to give us a quote and their availability on the spot. Their pricing was very clear and they didn’t charge us anything extra at the end of our move. They were also really affordable. They showed up on time and got our house loaded up super fast! The guys were also very nice and very helpful. I would highly recommend them and will be using them again if we need to move. Great service!

  • Leah Perez

    I have used Purple Heart twice now and from beginning to end they were efficient and careful. The first move was local and the second was cross country. Both were handled with exactly the professionalism and courtesy that I expected. Both hiring them and working with them was a very easy process for me. They even helped load my car with a few items that I was taking with me personally. I appreciate their service and attention to detail. I highly recommend them and am glad to have found their services.

  • lisa lockwood

    Used purple heart movers and it was the worst experience ever. learn from my mistake, choose someone else. they didnt come within the three day time frame I gave them. they sourced out my move to another company who lost, broke things and threatened me many times. they didn’t answer phones, they didn’t respond to issues. awful! awful!