United Routes 2024 Review

Bottom line: With average rates and a few deluxe services, United Routes is a solid auto shipping option for both budget-conscious customers and big spenders.
Joe Roberts
Feb 16, 2023
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United Routes is an auto transport broker that can ship cars throughout the US. Overall, United Routes’ rates track very closely with industry averages, though it can be cheaper than other companies for open auto transport.

If you’re looking for deluxe services and you have plenty of money, United Routes can also help you there. The company offers things like enclosed transport and express shipping to make shipping your car safer or faster, though they are more expensive than standard services.

Keep reading to learn more about United Routes and what it can do for you.

pro Binding quotes
pro Background-checked drivers
pro Nationwide availability
pro Damage-free guarantee
pro Clean car guarantee
con No instant online quotes
con No price matching
con No terminal-to-terminal transport

How United Routes compares to the car shipping industry

See how United Routes compares to our favorite auto transport companies.

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How much does United Routes cost?

United Routes’ prices are about average compared to the rest of the car shipping industry. The company charges roughly $88 for 100 miles of open transport and $171 for 100 miles of enclosed transport.

This puts United Routes’ prices for open transport around $20 below the industry average ($106 per 100 miles) and its prices for enclosed transport just a few bucks above average ($171 per 100 miles).

United Routes open transport prices

2008 Dodge Charger
2012 Chevrolet Silverado
2011 Toyota Highlander









Data as of 4/29/2020. Offers and availability may vary and are subject to change. Average cost calculated by comparing shipping costs across five distances.

We calculated these averages from several United Routes quotes for moves ranging between 154 and 2,734 miles.

Because these are averages, they aren’t meant to predict your United Routes price—which will depend on the specifics of your booking. Instead, you should think of them as ballpark estimates that can help you begin budgeting before you get your quote.

How United Routes’ pricing compares

United Routes’ prices for open transport are often below industry averages, though in some instances, we’ve seen the company charge above average.

This means that if you’re shipping your car on an open transport trailer, United Routes can be a budget-friendly option. However, United Routes doesn’t always have the lowest price, so you should get quotes from several other companies before you make a decision.

Below, we’ve included the prices United Routes gave us to ship three different cars several distances. We’ve also included the industry averages so you can compare prices yourself.

United Routes open transport prices

Vehicle type
Distance (miles)

2008 Dodge Charger



2008 Dodge Charger



2012 Chevrolet Silverado



2012 Chevrolet Silverado



2011 Toyota Highlander



2011 Toyota Highlander



Data as of 4/29/2020. Offers and availability may vary and are subject to change.

To reiterate: auto transport rates are constantly fluctuating, and your price will depend on the exact make/model of your car, how far you’re shipping, and what time of year you book. This makes it impossible to predict exactly what your price will be.

United Routes gives binding quotes

United Routes doesn’t give instant online quotes. To get a quote, you first have to fill out a form on its website with your personal information and a few details about your move. Afterward, a customer service representative will call you with your quote.

This makes United Routes’ quoting process a little less convenient than how other companies do it, but there is an upside. After your phone call, the customer service representative will email you the details of your quote. This is your written quote, and it’s binding—as long as you confirm within a certain time frame (contact the company for more details).

This means that your price will not change as long as you don’t change anything about your shipment—distance, vehicle, pickup/drop-off locations, pickup date, etc.

Ready to get your quote?

Getting your binding quote is the only way to know exactly what United Routes will charge to ship your car.

In the military?

If you are an active-duty service member, United Routes will knock $50 off your price. Unfortunately, this is the only year-round discount the company offers.

United Routes at a glance

Company information

MC #




Broker or carrier?


Carries basic insurance

✔ Yes

Average customer service rating?


Years in business


Data as of 2/16/2024.

Here’s the complete list of services United Routes and its carriers can provide:

  • Interstate and intrastate moves
  • International moves (limited number of countries)
  • Government and military moves
  • Expedited shipping
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Open and enclosed transport
  • Specialty vehicle/boat transport
  • Short- and long-term vehicle storage

Why we recommend United Routes

Now that we’ve talked about what United Routes offers and how much it charges, let’s zero in on some things the company does really well.

It specializes in enclosed transport

If your car is classic or exotic, enclosed transport is the only way to go. With enclosed transport, your car travels inside a shipping trailer with walls and a ceiling instead of stacked on an open trailer with dozens of other cars.

While open transport is much faster and more affordable, enclosed transport is the best way to guarantee your car arrives at your destination without weather damage, highway grime, or rock chips.

Almost every auto transport company offers enclosed transport, but United Routes specializes in this service. The company’s enclosed trailers are specifically designed for loading and freighting vehicles with low ground clearance, a category that many classic and exotic cars fall into.

After loading your car into the trailer, the United Routes driver then secures it with soft wheel straps to prevent it from shifting en route. Since your car is only ever secured by its wheels, you don’t need to worry about straps scratching the paint or rubbing the chassis the wrong way.

Like we said earlier, United Routes’ rates for enclosed transport are usually a little higher than average. If you’re going to be paying for enclosed shipping anyway, though, you might as well go with the specialists.

It offers priority express shipping

When you book your car shipment with most carriers, you reserve a spot on a truck that’s already scheduled to drive along your route. This truck will probably be shipping at least a handful of other people’s cars as well, so there are a lot of variables that can delay your pickup and delivery times.

This usually isn’t a problem if you’re not in a hurry. However, if you need your car picked up or delivered ASAP, it obviously isn’t ideal.

Luckily, United Routes offers express shipping options. Express shipping usually means your car is shipped by itself or with just one other car, but it can also mean the company will use rare shipping methods like air freight.

All express shipping methods have one thing in common: they’re much more expensive than standard shipping methods.

Exactly how much express shipping costs depends on what method you choose, how far you’re shipping, and how quickly you need your car. This variability makes it impossible to predict how much more expensive it is, but we can almost guarantee it’s not worth it if you’re on a tight budget.

That said, it is nice to have it as an option if time is more valuable than money.

It offers GPS tracking

Your car is probably one of the most expensive things you own, so sending it across the country on its own can be nerve-wracking. To help you rest easy while your car is out of sight, United Routes has GPS tracking on its trucks so you can always find out exactly where your car is.

You just need to call United Routes’ customer service to get a real-time update.

FAQ about United Routes

Does United Routes offer price matching?

No. United Routes does not offer price matching. However, the company’s rates are often on the cheaper end, so you might not need it. If you’re looking for a few companies that do offer price matching, here are some of our favorites:

What is terminal-to-terminal transport?

Terminal-to-terminal transport is an alternative way to ship your car. Essentially, the shipping company picks your car up at a trucking terminal near your old home and then delivers it to a terminal near your new home. You have to drive it to and from these terminals yourself, though.

Terminal-to-terminal transport is often cheaper than door-to-door transport, but since you have to do some (sometimes a lot) of the driving yourself, it is far less convenient. Trucking terminals also charge fees for holding your car.

United Routes does not offer terminal-to-terminal transport.

Where can United Routes ship my car?

United Routes can pick up and deliver cars anywhere in the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska.

Our recommendation

United Routes’ services and pricing are about average, so the company doesn’t stand out from many of its competitors. However, its nationwide availability means that no matter where you are, you can get good service for a fair price. And if you’re looking for deluxe services that cost extra but make shipping your car more convenient, United Routes can handle that as well.

Ready to take the next step?

Now that you know all about United Routes’ services and average prices, the next thing to do is get your quote.

If you want to see how United Routes compares to our favorite auto transport companies, check out our list of the best auto shippers.

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